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Lot of Tobacco Accoutrements,
2009, Shaving Mugs and Medical Antiques, May 16
includes 11 sheets of Yorkshire quality cigarette papers, distributed by Sears, Roebuck and Co.. Each sheet includes 50 strips making 250 cigarettes. PLUS a TOP cigarette tin, reading Top A Perfectly Blended Cigarette Tobacco. This copper-colored tobacco tin also has the roller for rolling the tobacco into the paper. PLUS a Rizla cigarette roller. PLUS an old cigarette roller labeled Made For Use With Brown & Williamson Products. PLUS another small tobacco rolling tin made by The Bond Roller Case Co.. PLUS the Himyar Cigarette Maker in original cardboard box. PLUS two wall trays designed for mounting to wall. One is cast iron, the other is tin and is labeled Compliments of F.H. Johnson Meats and Groceries. PLUS two corncob-style pipes with bamboo shafts, and one cigar holder.

All in very good condition.
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Unique and Rare Gambler's Occupational Shaving Mug,
Lot # 157 - Unique and Rare Gambler's Occupational Shaving Mug,
porcelain, perhaps a professional gambler or a casino employee, mug with dice and dated 1926, maker is Felda China, gilt name Anthony Truatt. > Item Details
Lot of Enamelware,
Lot # 531 - Lot of Enamelware,
lot of twelve white and blue/black rimmed enamelware. Includes one spittoon-shaped bucket with lid; two miniature bed pans or spittoons with hinged lids and handles; one cup with a hinged lid and handle; one urinal; three measuring cups of various sizes; two kidney-shaped trays; and two unusually sh... > Item Details
Cased Stieren Microscope, ca. 1880,
Oak Razor Box with 12 Razors,
Lot # 226 - Oak Razor Box with 12 Razors,
with lock and handle. Opens to reveal slots for 15 razors and 3 pair of scissors. Box includes 13 razors including 7 bone, 4 ivory, and 2 black handled razors plus a pair of scissors. Razors marked Silver Steel Germany, The Herald Bros. Cleveland O., Frederick Reynolds Sheffield England, F.A. Claube... > Item Details
Microscope Slide Preparation Kit,
Lot # 388 - Microscope Slide Preparation Kit,
in a fitted velvet-lined case with a label on the inside that reads Horatio G. Kern, Manufacturer of Surgical and Dental Instruments. Includes one bakelite-handled straight razor with one flat side for scraping, two ebony-handled scalpels, two ebony-handled needle-like devices, 3 pairs of steel scis... > Item Details
<i>Ventouseuse Fireless</i> Cupping Kit,
Lot # 424 - Ventouseuse Fireless Cupping Kit,
early 20th century French bloodletting kit in black case with leather handle. Includes 7 glass blood cups, PLUS one working nickel-plated cylindrical eight-blade scarificator, PLUS one blood extracting pump. Pump reads Ventouseuse Fireless Brevetee S.G.D.G.. "S.G.D.G." (Sans garantie du Gouvernement... > Item Details
Lot of Medical Sterilizers,
Lot # 449 - Lot of Medical Sterilizers,
lot of seven (7) medical sterilizers includes one fine glass sterilizer cabinet, hand-painted label reads Antiseptic Sterilizer, with a red star in the middle. Volume measures 10.5" x 6.5" x 9.75". PLUS three various porcelain electric sterilizers from the American Sundries Co., Brooklyn, N.Y., one ... > Item Details
Sterilizer Case,
Lot # 524 - Sterilizer Case,
a painted pine with latching glass door. Measures 17" tall by 16.25" wide and 8.25" deep. > Item Details
Lot of 7 Hand-Blown Apothecary Jars,
Lot # 521 - Lot of 7 Hand-Blown Apothecary Jars,
all mid- to late 19th century. Three stand 7.5" tall and are labeled CINCHON:, TR: CHIRAT AE, and TR: CANTHAR. One stands 8" tall and reads SPT: CAMPH:. Two stand 9" tall and read ACID: ACET, and TR: AURANT. The last one stands 9.5" tall and reads TR: CINCHON. > Item Details
Shaving Mug with Early Automobile,
Lot # 134 - Shaving Mug with Early Automobile,
porcelain with polychrome painted scene of a man driving an early convertible with a building in the background, with yellow monochrome wrap. Gilt name Michael J. Morizzo, 1924. With Germany marked on underside of base. > Item Details
Iron Puddler Occupational Shaving Mug
Lot # 127 - Iron Puddler Occupational Shaving Mug
porcelain, with polychrome painted scene of an iron pot with crossed iron spoons above. Gilt name W.P. McGimpsey. With Austrian maker's mark on underside of base. > Item Details
Lot of Twelve Floral Shaving Mugs,
Lot # 192 - Lot of Twelve Floral Shaving Mugs,
with gilt names. Includes several with partial wraps and various floral designs, some stylized in gilt, one with vines on border. > Item Details
Six Bell-Form Brass Scale Weights,
Lot # 273 - Six Bell-Form Brass Scale Weights,
probably British, 19th century; ranging from 6.6" to 2.25" in height. Weights from 7 lbs to 4 oz. > Item Details
<i>Warner's Safe Cure</i> Bottles,
Lot # 499 - Warner's Safe Cure Bottles,
lot of four (4) Warner's Safe Cure bottles of various sizes and colors. Includes one olive colored Warner's "Safe" Cure bottle, marked London on front bottom of bottle, with embossed safe, measuring 7.25" in height. PLUS one amber colored Warner's Safe Rheumatic Cure, marked Rochester N.Y., U.S.A. o... > Item Details
Barber's Occupational Shaving Mug,
Lot # 67 - Barber's Occupational Shaving Mug,
porcelain, with polychrome painted scene of several barbers in a barber shop tending to clients while another man waits. Gilt name Geo. Thompson, with Limoges maker's mark. > Item Details
Fruit Wagon Driver's Occupational Shaving Mug,
Lot # 113 - Fruit Wagon Driver's Occupational Shaving Mug,
porcelain with polychrome painted scene of man driving horse-drawn fruit wagon. Gilt name Luigi Marona. Marked Germany on underside of base with Koken, St. Louis decorator's mark. > Item Details
Asthmatic Cigarettes & Pastilles,
Lot # 353 - Asthmatic Cigarettes & Pastilles,
lot includes a pack of Dr. R. Schiffmann's Asthmador Trademark Cigarettes, a pack of Kinsman's Asthmatic Cigarettes, and a box of Samuel Kidder & Co.'s Asthmatic Pastilles. And you thought today's cigarette manufacturers were evil... these were made by doctors and were supposed to alleviate asthmati... > Item Details
Two Quassia Cups,
Lot # 429 - Two Quassia Cups,
late 19th century tulip-shaped quassia cups. Cups of quassia wood were widely used during the 19th century for their medicinal properties. Water left in the cup for even a few minutes leaches a bitter tonic from the fibrous wood. First cup measures 5.8" tall and 2.75" in diameter. Includes torn labe... > Item Details
Lot of <i>Ohio Truss Co.</i> Truss Pads,
Lot # 379 - Lot of Ohio Truss Co. Truss Pads,
lot of 3 hernia truss pads from the Ohio Truss Co. Includes one with leather straps marked The O.T. Co. Pat. 1914. PLUS a plastic and wire truss pad marked The Ohio Truss Co. The Albatross, Patented 1947. PLUS a nylon and leather truss pad in original box marked Single Excelsior Elastic Truss Non-Sk... > Item Details
Shaving Mug with Hanging Flowers and Curtains,
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