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Lot of Tobacco Accoutrements,
2009, Shaving Mugs and Medical Antiques, May 16
includes 11 sheets of Yorkshire quality cigarette papers, distributed by Sears, Roebuck and Co.. Each sheet includes 50 strips making 250 cigarettes. PLUS a TOP cigarette tin, reading Top A Perfectly Blended Cigarette Tobacco. This copper-colored tobacco tin also has the roller for rolling the tobacco into the paper. PLUS a Rizla cigarette roller. PLUS an old cigarette roller labeled Made For Use With Brown & Williamson Products. PLUS another small tobacco rolling tin made by The Bond Roller Case Co.. PLUS the Himyar Cigarette Maker in original cardboard box. PLUS two wall trays designed for mounting to wall. One is cast iron, the other is tin and is labeled Compliments of F.H. Johnson Meats and Groceries. PLUS two corncob-style pipes with bamboo shafts, and one cigar holder.

All in very good condition.
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Cork Fitting Devices,
Lot # 392 - Cork Fitting Devices,
lot of three. Includes one hard wood cork driver 12" long. PLUS a set of brass cork bores numbered 1 to 13, varying in size. Set is missing the #2 bore, but includes an extra #5 bore. PLUS a cast iron Fisher Scientific Company cork drill. Drill is 15.25" tall and includes 8 drill fittings of differe... > Item Details
Coal Miner's Occupational Shaving Mug,
Lot # 117 - Coal Miner's Occupational Shaving Mug,
porcelain, with polychrome scene of coal miner's lighted helmet and pick. Gilt name Phos. Richards. > Item Details
Occupational Shaving Mug of Oil Derrick,
Lot # 139 - Occupational Shaving Mug of Oil Derrick,
porcelain, with polychrome painted scene of oil derrick in foreground, with several other oil derricks in the background. Gilt name C.L. Gilson. Marked 5947 on underside of the base. > Item Details
Medical Wallet,
Lot # 397 - Medical Wallet,
leather folding wallet, including forty-five 3.25" glass vials with cork stoppers, labeled by the medical name of contents. Inside of wallet is labeled Boericke & Tafel Pharmacists, 1011 Arch St. and 295 7th St., Philadelphia. Also, pouch inside wallet contains several business cards bearing the nam... > Item Details
Three Brass Mortar and Pestles,
Lot # 271 - Three Brass Mortar and Pestles,
all with handles; ranging in size from 5.5" in height and diameter to 4.25" tall x 4.75" diameter. Mortars include matching brass pestles. > Item Details
Lot of 8 Apothecary Jars,
Lot # 522 - Lot of 8 Apothecary Jars,
late 19th century. Lot of 8 includes applied glass labels with gilt edge and glass stoppers. Jars stand 7.5" tall; cylindrical in shape, and wide at the top opening. Labels are marked PULV: NUC:AREC:, HYDR: OX:RUB:, ACID: CALLIC:, PULV: JALAPAE, PULV: SENNAE, SODAE SALICYL:, and PULV: CINNAM:C:. On... > Item Details
Large Lot of Stoneware and Porcelain Mortars and Pestles,
Lot # 467 - Large Lot of Stoneware and Porcelain Mortars and Pestles,
lot of 7. Includes four Wedgwood and three porcelain mortars and pestles. Mortars range from 4.6" tall and 8.5" in diameter to 1.75" tall and 2.6" in diameter. Some are marked T.M.C. Co. Acid Proof on the underside of base. Each mortar includes a matching pestle. Lot includes 2 additional pestles wi... > Item Details
Shoe Shine Stool,
Lot # 244 - Shoe Shine Stool,
painted black; cast iron shoe shine stool with newer walnut seat. 33" long. > Item Details
Lot of Five Portrait Shaving Mugs,
Lot # 210 - Lot of Five Portrait Shaving Mugs,
porcelain with polychrome painted scenes. First mug is a portrait of a collie with pink wrap along inside of rim. With unknown maker's mark on underside of base. Second mug is a buck's head in a laurel wreath. Third mug is a soldier's profile with blue and pink border design. Fourth mug is another s... > Item Details
Model Foot and Head Advertisements,
Lot # 378 - Model Foot and Head Advertisements,
lot of three. Includes one Merck Sharp & Dohme plastic foot model advertising the drugs Indocin and Benemid. Model has removable plate to reveal foot bones and muscles. 7" tall and 7" long. PLUS a Merck Sharp & Dohme plastic head model advertising the drug Elavil. Model has removable plate in head t... > Item Details
Lot of  Poison Bottles,
Lot # 483 - Lot of Poison Bottles,
a lot of twenty three (23) rare and unique poison bottles ranging in height from 3.25" to 8". All bottles are labeled Poison or Not To Be Taken and are ribbed to ensure the user would not take the contents if he/she were touching the bottle in the dark. Includes a rare cobalt blue coffin-shaped bott... > Item Details
Assorted Medical Splints,
Lot # 346 - Assorted Medical Splints,
lot of 8 wood and metal splints from Civil War era to early 20th century. Includes three maple wood splints from E.S. Pratt & Son, Bennington VT, two labeled No. 2 and one labeled No. 3. Measures from 13.25" to 15" long. PLUS two DePuy Adjustable Wire splints for the shoulder and the clavicle. Both ... > Item Details
Telegraph Operator's Occupational Shaving Mug,
Lot # 40 - Telegraph Operator's Occupational Shaving Mug,
porcelain, with polychrome painted scene of large telegraph. Gilt name D.W. Clemens. > Item Details
Lot of <i>Ohio Truss Co.</i> Truss Pads,
Lot # 379 - Lot of Ohio Truss Co. Truss Pads,
lot of 3 hernia truss pads from the Ohio Truss Co. Includes one with leather straps marked The O.T. Co. Pat. 1914. PLUS a plastic and wire truss pad marked The Ohio Truss Co. The Albatross, Patented 1947. PLUS a nylon and leather truss pad in original box marked Single Excelsior Elastic Truss Non-Sk... > Item Details
Lot of Figural Bottles,
Lot # 490 - Lot of Figural Bottles,
lot of 9 figural bottles, including an amber fish oil figural bottle, a Mr. Pickwick figural bottle, a reproduction of a Polish water bottle, an L. Rose & Co. bottle with embossed floral design, a small boot-shaped cologne bottle, a six-sided embossed bottle with a glass screw-on stopper, a round gl... > Item Details
Occupational Shaving Mug of Railroadmen on Handcart Signed <i>E.E. Koken</i>,
Lot # 71 - Occupational Shaving Mug of Railroadmen on Handcart Signed E.E. Koken,
porcelain, with polychrome painted scene of two gentleman on handcart marked E.E. Koken, St. Louis, MO. Gilt name H.J. Morris with Limoges maker's mark and Koken St. Louis decorator's mark. > Item Details
Vaginal Speculae,
Lot # 384 - Vaginal Speculae,
lot of 8 includes 3 metal bivalve-style speculae, one bakelite bivalve speculae, and four various steel vaginal depressors. > Item Details
Traction Splint,
Lot # 345 - Traction Splint,
a Civil War era wood traction splint with double screw-thread to footplate, hinged knee, and original canvas straps. Approx 30" long. > Item Details
Large lot of Dental Instruments in Case,
Lot # 342 - Large lot of Dental Instruments in Case,
late 18th to 19th century. Includes a hand-held dental screw with a turned wood knob-shaped handle. Marked Sanderson & Co. PLUS a single clawed tooth key on wood handle measuring 6" long. PLUS one cast iron dental separator/file, measuring 5" long. PLUS one ivory-handled dental separator measuring ... > Item Details
Microscope Slide Preparation Kit,
Lot # 388 - Microscope Slide Preparation Kit,
in a fitted velvet-lined case with a label on the inside that reads Horatio G. Kern, Manufacturer of Surgical and Dental Instruments. Includes one bakelite-handled straight razor with one flat side for scraping, two ebony-handled scalpels, two ebony-handled needle-like devices, 3 pairs of steel scis... > Item Details
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