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Photographic Art Studies of the North American Indian Catalogue by Roland Reed
2009, American Indian Art, April 4
narrow 4to in illustrated paper wraps, Ortonville, Minn. 16pp; each page illustrated with four photomechanical prints of Reed's images.

The Kramer Gallery; Estate of Roland Reed

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Inuit Soapstone Sculptures,
Lot # 462 - Inuit Soapstone Sculptures,
mid 20th century lot of 2, including a carved Eskimo by Charlie Kalingoapik Angutigirk (1938- ); with disc number, height 4.5" x length 5"; AND an unsigned walrus, height 4.75" x length 5.75". > Item Details
Cochiti Story Tellers by Cecilia Trujillo,
Lot # 649 - Cochiti Story Tellers by Cecilia Trujillo,
contemporary lot of 2, each with four children and signed on base, heights 5.25" and 4". > Item Details
<i>Me Skookum</i> Bronze After Charles Russell,
Lot # 337 - Me Skookum Bronze After Charles Russell,
unsigned, height 12 13/16", on 4 1/2" base, mounted on walnut block, 14 1/2" total height, probably cast in 1969. depicting a caricature of an Indian illustrating Russell's humor, height w/ base 14.5". The original model for this bronze was found in a second hand store in Los Angeles in 1963 and ... > Item Details
Tlingit Oval Basket,
Lot # 49 - Tlingit Oval Basket,
ca 1900twined with false embroidery designs wrapping around body, length 8.75" x height 3.75". > Item Details
Navajo Western Reservation Weaving,
Lot # 245 - Navajo Western Reservation Weaving,
early 20th century hand-spun wool in red, cream, brown, and beige; full design of stepped diamonds, 64" x 41". > Item Details
Mojave Polychrome Bow,
Lot # 304 - Mojave Polychrome Bow,
early 20th century with blue and red bands and forked devices, length 52". > Item Details
Grouping of Southwestern Pottery,
Lot # 684 - Grouping of Southwestern Pottery,
early - mid 20th century lot of 5, including three Santa Clara blackware bowls: one melon jar, height 3" x diameter 4.5"; PLUS a basketry bowl with flowers on body, height 4" x diameter 4.25"; PLUS a handled tray, height 2.25" x length 6"; PLUS a Santa Clara redware bowl signed Lucaria/ Sta Clara, h... > Item Details
Navajo <i>Yei</i> Weaving,
Lot # 222 - Navajo Yei Weaving,
first quarter 20th century hand-spun wool with nine stacked Yei heads in center field and surrounded by a feather border, 64" x 37". > Item Details
Nootka Clamdigger by Shona Hah,
Lot # 65 - Nootka Clamdigger by Shona Hah,
third quarter 20th century with abalone shell earrings and labret; sea shells held within basket; signed on base, height 9.25". > Item Details
Paiute Water Bottle and Paiute Seed Jar,
Lot # 707 - Paiute Water Bottle and Paiute Seed Jar,
first quarter of the 20th centurylot of 2. Includes the twined seed jar, height 7.5" x diameter 5.5"; AND a container that has been rubbed with red ocher and then covered with the water-proofing pitch. Container with leather handles, height 11" x diameter 7.75". > Item Details
Navajo Sampler with Banded Motifs,
Lot # 624 - Navajo Sampler with Banded Motifs,
second quarter 20th centuryin colors of brown and charcoal on cream, length 37" x width 17.25". > Item Details
Makah Whaler by Shona Hah,
Lot # 63 - Makah Whaler by Shona Hah,
third quarter 20th century with painted hunting hat, wooden spear, and painted float; signed on base, total height 21". > Item Details
Apache Child's Flophead Club,
Lot # 719 - Apache Child's Flophead Club,
ca 1900 wooden handle covered with sinew-sewn hide; blond horsehair finishes club, length 12". > Item Details
Navajo <i>Yei</i> Weaving,
Lot # 633 - Navajo Yei Weaving,
third quarter 20th century with two male figures standing against a light gold ground, 36.5" x 30". > Item Details
<i>Medicine Owl</i>, Blackfeet Chief Platinum Print Photograph by Roland Reed,
Lot # 345 - Medicine Owl, Blackfeet Chief Platinum Print Photograph by Roland Reed,
on woven paper; printed oval mat and housed in original Reed portfolio, size of image 10" x 8", size of portfolio 15" x 11". > Item Details
Navajo Tumbling Block Weaving,
Lot # 628 - Navajo Tumbling Block Weaving,
second quarter 20th century woven in natural colors of black and cream, 46.5" 34". > Item Details
Acoma Jar,
Lot # 660 - Acoma Jar,
mid-late 19th century finely painted with nested and stacked triangles; signed on bottom Acoma with feather hallmark, height 3.5" x diameter 5.5". > Item Details
Southeastern Baskets, Cherokee with <i>Indian Arts and Crafts Board</i> Label
Lot # 454 - Southeastern Baskets, Cherokee with Indian Arts and Crafts Board Label
ca 1935 lot of 2. Includes the river cane Cherokee woven by Lizzie Jackson, height w/ handles 11.25" x length 10"; AND a Choctaw "elbow" basket with hanging handle on one side, 7.75" x length 17.25". > Item Details
Iroquois Carved Wooden Mask,
Lot # 445 - Iroquois Carved Wooden Mask,
late 19th - early 20th century with horsehair attached to each side of head, length 9.5" x width 6.5". Cotton string attached to back side of mask. > Item Details
Sioux Beaded and Quilled Horn Cup,
Lot # 393 - Sioux Beaded and Quilled Horn Cup,
ca 1900 opening surrounded by a band of dark blue, white, and red white-heart glass beads; red, green, purple, and yellow quilled rawhide slats terminating with tin cones and red feathers; quilled hide thong drop at tip, length 13". > Item Details
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