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Springfield Altered Sharps Model 1870 Type II Rifle,
2009, Spring Firearms Sale, April 29th
.50-70 caliber, 32.5" barrel, serial number 139. 1870 rear rifle sight. Burnished white barrel, bands and buttplate. Case colored frame, breechblock, lever, trigger plate and lever catch. Walnut buttstock and fore end with two barrel bands.

Only 300 of these Type II rifles were produced by Springfield in 1871. The most prominent feature of these rifles is their using the 1874 action instead of that used in Civil War weapons.

Estate of Art Bedner

Metal surfaces retain ca 95% original case colors. The barrel, bands and buttplate are burnished bright. Buttstock and fore end have some crating dings with a mint cartouche and firing proof. On a scale of 1 to 10, this rifle is a 9.8.
Sold: $9,200.00
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Saudi Arabian Jabia with Scabbard and Belt,
Lot # 360 - Saudi Arabian Jabia with Scabbard and Belt,
7" blade. Hilt and scabbard are decorated with sheet and relief silver of geometric forms, flowers and studs. Scabbard is silver mounted with fabric weaving and a fine thread. The suspension belt is woven with a border and has geometric forms. Four ornate buckles. Provision for a small knife on the... > Item Details
Springfield Model 1865 First Allin Rifle,
Lot # 42 - Springfield Model 1865 First Allin Rifle,
.58 RF caliber, 40" barrel, three barrel bands. Blackened breechblock, case colored hammer and lock. Bright barrel, bands, buttplate and triggerguard. Stock with two cartouches, one ESA; the other SWP. Three stock maker's initials behind triggerguard. > Item Details
* Smith & Wesson Model 27 Revolver,
Lot # 254 - * Smith & Wesson Model 27 Revolver,
.357 caliber, 8.375" barrel, serial number S209540. Blue finish, smooth walnut stocks, target trigger, target hammer, white outline rear sight, red ramp front sight, and four screw frame. > Item Details
North Russia <i>Polar Bear </i>339th Infantry Tunic, PLUS,
Lot # 180 - North Russia Polar Bear 339th Infantry Tunic, PLUS,
OD green wool with collar disks for Company A and ubiquitous Polar Bear patch on right sleeve. Marksman's pin above left pocket. PFC stripe, two overseas chevrons with uncommon crossed hammers patch on left sleeve indicating mechanic. Specialty insignia were not introduced until later in 1918 and ... > Item Details
Pair of 1911 Officer's Spurs,
Lot # 452 - Pair of 1911 Officer's Spurs,
German silver, with leather straps and no markings. > Item Details
* Stoeger Luger  Automatic Pistol,
Lot # 167 - * Stoeger Luger Automatic Pistol,
.30 caliber, 4" barrel, serial number 7747. A. F. Stoeger markings on right side of barrel. Blued finish with wood grips. > Item Details
World War I Master Tanker's Tunic,
Lot # 173 - World War I Master Tanker's Tunic,
OD green wool, with rare U.S. and tanker's collar disks. PFC red stripe. Armor unit patch on right sleeve and rare Master Tanker's patch on the left sleeve. A very rare uniform. > Item Details
Original Metcalf Cartridge Block,
Lot # 75 - Original Metcalf Cartridge Block,
completely sealed and full. Marked 8 Rifle Cartridges 75 Grains of Powder, 405 Grain Bullet, Made at Frankford Arsenal and dated on one side January, 1875 and on the other side February 1875. > Item Details
U.S. WWI Victory Medal with Siberia Bar,
Lot # 177 - U.S. WWI Victory Medal with Siberia Bar,
as issued to 27th and 31st U.S Infantries who served in Siberia during WWI. > Item Details
* Winchester Pre-War Model 70 Rifle,
Lot # 270 - * Winchester Pre-War Model 70 Rifle,
ca. 1940. .270 caliber, 25" barrel, serial number 27972. Walnut stock, Weaver scope with thin crosshairs and dot reticle. > Item Details
English Bowie Knife by <i>Manson,</i>
Lot # 590 - English Bowie Knife by Manson,
6.5" spear point blade, marked at ricasso Manson, Sheffield. German silver quillon, brass ferrule and pommel and stag handle. Leather sheath with German silver tip. > Item Details
Russian Military Sword,
Lot # 624 - Russian Military Sword,
34" blade, single fuller, spiral wood handle with brass knuckle bow and pommel. Leather covered wood scabbard with brass fittings. Quillon stamped 1908. > Item Details
Framed Facsimile Custer Letter,
Lot # 409 - Framed Facsimile Custer Letter,
letter reads Headquarters Fort A. Lincoln, August 11th 1875. Mr. John Bunker U.S. Indian Agent Standing Rock. Sir, [?]Sioux scouts who having larger families find it impossible to subsist upon the rations allowed each enlisted scout. If I send a wagon over a month to your agency, will you furnish ea... > Item Details
U.S. Eagle Pommel Militia Sword,
Lot # 10 - U.S. Eagle Pommel Militia Sword,
30.5" blade with single fuller, brass knuckle bow with brass eagle head, brass counterguard with eagle, checkered ivory handle. Brass scabbard with carrying rings. > Item Details
Lot of Two Swords with Mis-Matched Scabbards,
Lot # 378 - Lot of Two Swords with Mis-Matched Scabbards,
One Model 1860 Light Cavalry sword, 35" blade, marked at ricasso with a T with metal scabbard. Second item is a Model 1850 Civil War Naval Cutlass, 30" blade marked at ricasso Horstmann's & Sons. Replaced scabbard is not original. > Item Details
Eagle Pommel Militia Sword,
Lot # 11 - Eagle Pommel Militia Sword,
30" curved blade with single large fuller. Brass knuckle bow with eagle head and fluted ivory handle. Missing scabbard. > Item Details
Hanging Tipi Lamp by Peter M. Fillerup,
Lot # 152 - Hanging Tipi Lamp by Peter M. Fillerup,
20th century, with circular frame of cast metal suspended by arrow-shaped metal arms and decorated with motifs including a bison hunt, a mounted war party and an Indian travois followed by two camp dogs. The frame is centered with a rawhide tipi hand-painted with a wounded bison, with brown and yell... > Item Details
English Dagger by <i>Neesham,</i>
Lot # 591 - English Dagger by Neesham,
6" clipped-point blade marked Neesham, Salisbury. German silver quillon with cutlery handle. > Item Details
Parker Brothers <i>Our Navy</i> Spanish American War Era Game,
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