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Three World War I Chromolithographs,
2009, Firearms, Indian Art, & American History, August 27 & 28
including the following titles: a battle scene in Europe entitled "Overthere", featuring United States, British, and French troops charging against the Germans, 15.5 x 19.5" (sight), framed, 21 x 24.5"; a poster titled World's Great War For Democracy, with a portrait of General John J. Pershing at center and a quote from Woodrow Wilson, published by M.A. Stern, Chicago, 15.5 x 19.5" (sight), framed, 21 x 24.5"; and a blank certificate for someone In the Service of the Nation, featuring a patriotic illustration by Dan Smith, 17 x 21" (sight), framed, 21 x 25".

Even toning to prints; nicks in frames.
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Skookum Indian Dolls
Lot # 475 - Skookum Indian Dolls
pair, both with painted composition features and original Skookum Bully Good paper labels on hide painted moccasins; adults with horsehair braids, height of male 16.5"; height of mother and child 15". early 20th century > Item Details
Lot of Two WWII German Reproduction Holsters with Extras,
Lot # 53 - Lot of Two WWII German Reproduction Holsters with Extras,
Firat iS A German Luger holster with a reproduction takedown tool. Second is a Nazi P38 holster with Death's Head stamp and GXY 1944 stamp. Includes an original Nazi marked P38 magazine. > Item Details
Cree/ Athapaskan Beaded Hide Bag
Lot # 277 - Cree/ Athapaskan Beaded Hide Bag
thread-sewn using pink and black faceted beads to create a fluid bursting motif; fringe edges seams; metal clasp, length 11.5" x width 7". > Item Details
Two Presidential Campaign Canes,
Lot # 630 - Two Presidential Campaign Canes,
two political campaign canes, one with a William McKinley bust handle, the underside of the base of the bust with an eagle with shield, and a banner with "Protection"; the other of Theodore Roosevelt; both 35.5" long. > Item Details
Twenty-Two Ohio Regt. GAR Medals & Ribbons,
Lot # 775 - Twenty-Two Ohio Regt. GAR Medals & Ribbons,
lot of 22, including ten OVI, OVVI, and Ohio Brigade ribbons, dating from 1878-1925; four Army of the Tennessee Reunion ribbons, dated 1873 and 1910; three assorted ribbons; three 2-part medals; and two cello pinbacks; some ribbons with illustrations, some with cello pinbacks. > Item Details
<i>The Children of the Battle Field</i> CDV,
Lot # 708 - The Children of the Battle Field CDV,
widely circulated commercial view, this by Wenderoth, Taylor & Brown, Philadelphia with printed information on verso. Copied from the ambrotype found on the body of Sgt. Humiston, 154th N.Y. at Gettysburg, the popular likeness of Frank, Frederick & Alice were sold to benefit the fatherless children ... > Item Details
Chicago Politician TLsS and ALS,
Lot # 813 - Chicago Politician TLsS and ALS,
including ALS by Richard Yates, 1p, 8 x 11" law office letterhead, Jacksonville, IL, 3 Feb., 1892. To Julius Strouse, informing him that he is enclosing a card containing my Father’s autograph. I know he wrote it himself. He also notes that he is running for congress, and requesting support from Mr... > Item Details
Tohono O'odham Olla
Lot # 339 - Tohono O'odham Olla
shaped basket coiled of yucca and decorated with a stepped design of devil's claw, height 11.5" x diameter 9.5", mid 19th century. > Item Details
*Japanese Type 38 Rifle,
Lot # 43 - *Japanese Type 38 Rifle,
6.5 Japanese caliber, 32" barrel, serial number 40500. Matching numbers including dust cover, grounded chrysanthemum. Made at the Kokura arsenal. > Item Details
Group of Northwest Coast and Alaskan Baskets,
Lot # 279 - Group of Northwest Coast and Alaskan Baskets,
lot of 3. Includes a twined Makah basket, height 1.5" x diameter 3.25"; PLUS a lidded Makah basket with canoes on side, height 2" x diameter 2.5"; AND a Tlingit twined basket decorated with false embroidery, height 4" x width 5". > Item Details
Pair of Washington and Lincoln Engravings by Sartain,
Lot # 603 - Pair of Washington and Lincoln Engravings by Sartain,
engraved by William Sartain, depicting Washington and His Family and Lincoln and His Family, respectively. A fine pair, framed as they should be, black walnut with gilt interior lining and freshly matted; each 17.5" x 25" (plate size) and 26" x 33" framed. > Item Details
Indian Ceremonial Bow,
Lot # 22 - Indian Ceremonial Bow,
78" painted bow with red and green arrows. Verso pained 101 in red. Complete with string. > Item Details
* Persian Model 1949 Mauser Carbine,
Early Chromolithograph of George Washington,
Lot # 579 - Early Chromolithograph of George Washington,
a shoulder-length portrait of Washington, 13.5 x 16.5" (sight), framed, 15.5 x 18.5". > Item Details
Santo Domingo Jar,
Two 20th Century Broadsides for Entertainment Venues,
Lot # 844 - Two 20th Century Broadsides for Entertainment Venues,
including one 12 x 17.5" broadside proclaiming that the exhibitor, Charlie Campbell, will give a $500 reward to anyone who proves that the mummy he is exhibiting is not A Genuine Human Body! in a Moral Exhibit for Benefit of Science. Yeah, right! The first column describes "Hazel's" crimes, shooting... > Item Details
1843 <i>Phrenological Chart</i> and Broadside,
Lot # 886 - 1843 Phrenological Chart and Broadside,
12.5" x 15.5" with bold heading as above with two columns of explanatory text on phrenology, with ornamental border, annotated in manuscript blue ink. > Item Details
Tomahawk with Silver Inlays,
Lot # 24 - Tomahawk with Silver Inlays,
13.5" wood haft with lozenge-shaped silver inlays on both sides as well as a silver inlay near the base. 7" head with two silver inlays in the axe head. Central region of metal has perforations of both sides. > Item Details
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