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Daguerreotype of Daniel Spencer, Revolutionary War Veteran,
2003 Americana May 8-9.
quarter plate size in full leather case, with mat stamped "Carden&Co. 293 B.way." A fine image of this aged (and toothless) veteran, accompanied by period manuscript identification and supplemental historical research. Spencer (1759-1854) served as a private in a Connecticut company of Light Dragoons serving under Col. Elisha Sheldon. On July 4, 1853 he was the honored guest of New York City, and dined with the veterans of 1812. Almost certainly this was the occasion for this daguerreotype. Rarely did Rev War vets survive into the daguerreian era.

Brasseur Collection of Cased Images.

Plate with several light rubs, and tiny ding; resealed. Case separated at spine.
Est $450 - $650
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38-Star American Flag,
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Mold Blown Carboy,
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Civil War ID'd VRC Cane,
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Miniature Walnut Blanket Chest,
Lot # 877 - Miniature Walnut Blanket Chest,
dovetailed construction with interior till, cove molding around base, 9.75" w. x 15" deep x 7.2" h. > Item Details
American Whalebone Cane with $5.00 Gold Piece,
Lot # 761 - American Whalebone Cane with $5.00 Gold Piece,
spiral carved one-piece tapered whalebone shaft, turned walrus ivory knob in which is set a U.S. 1886 Liberty Head gold coin. Never had a ferrule, knob 5" high, total length 34.4". > Item Details
Olive Green Demijohn,
Lot # 765 - Olive Green Demijohn,
early 19th century, mold blown with snap pontil. "25" in oval embossed on side, hand tooled lip, pushed up base. 13.5" d. x 22" h. > Item Details
Japanese Aikuchi Type Dagger,
Lot # 626 - Japanese Aikuchi Type Dagger,
has finely carved bone grip of Japanese children playing in garden setting; bone & ivory Tsuba and copper Habaki. Two-piece tropical hardwood scabbard held together with coven cane. Blade length 7.75", total length 13.25". > Item Details
New Haven Banjo Clock,
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Boxed Stereoview Set  of
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Ten Gallon Salt Glazed Cobalt Decorated Jar,
Lot # 981 - Ten Gallon Salt Glazed Cobalt Decorated Jar,
ovoid, two lunate handles, slightly flaring lip. Wonderful flowering and leafing branch painted diagonally across body with incised "X" gallon marking at shoulder. 15" d. x 20" h. > Item Details
Underwood and Underwood Book-Boxed Stereoview Set,
Lot # 84 - Underwood and Underwood Book-Boxed Stereoview Set,
"Africa" (100). Includes wonderful urban scenes of the "modern African city" and exciting images of rural life and traditional practices. > Item Details
Scarce E.S. Curtis Cyanotype,
Lot # 606 - Scarce E.S. Curtis Cyanotype,
5.5 x 7.75". "Mishham-Female Type- Front View". Fine image of an aged Northern California woman wearing basketry cap, with dentalia shell nose plug. In modern exhibition frame and mat. With typed label "E.S. Curtis Cyanotype" on verso. Tribal identification provided by consignor. > Item Details
Gamy Chromos of  Early Airplanes,
Lot # 512 - Gamy Chromos of Early Airplanes,
lot of 2, both 17.75 x 35.5". Includes Louis Bleriot crossing the English Channel, signed Gamy and entitled "Garros gagne le Grand Prix de L'Aero Club sur monoplan Bleriot moteur Gnome magneto Bosch helice Chauviere" and marked "Mabileau & Co. Edit. Paris 1912 Copyright"; AND a second signed Gamy, ... > Item Details
American Hooked Rugs,
Lot # 1108 - American Hooked Rugs,
lot of 4, all probably very late 19th or early 20th century. Includes a polychrome wool in geometric rectangles with triple border, 28" x 53"; PLUS polychrome rag with triple border, 34" x 45"; PLUS a rag with geometric border and polychrome field 29" x 44"; AND an oval with concentric circles in na... > Item Details
Matching Arrowback Windsor Armchairs,
Lot # 1031 - Matching Arrowback Windsor Armchairs,
American, circa 1840's. Pair with poplar plank shaped seats, short rabbit ears, bamboo turned legs, arms and stretchers and arrow spindles. Seat height 17". > Item Details
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