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Wickham Model 1816 Flintlock Musket,
2008, Fall Firearms Sale, Oct 28 & 29
.69 caliber, 42" round barrel, lockplate marked in rear Philadelphia 1825 and between hammer and under brass pan US M.T. Wickham. Marked on breach 1825. Double U.S. stamping with P on top of barrel. Three barrel bands. Correct trumpet head ramrod. Walnut stock.

Barrel is grey with lots of brown staining. Bands are grey-to-brown. Lock is a deep mottled grey-to-brown look. Original flint. Buttstock with numerous scratches and dings. Left flat of stock with carved "LG" markings. Legible cartouche.
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Large Grouping of U.S. Army & Ohio Militia Buttons,
Lot # 1302 - Large Grouping of U.S. Army & Ohio Militia Buttons,
lot of 37, all stamped domed brass types, including one Civil War era shield breasted eagle, coat button by Henry V. Allen & Co., 0.8" diameter, PLUS 5 Indian Wars era shield breasted eagle, coat buttons by Waterbury Button Co., 0.9" diameter, PLUS 5 different Indian Wars era shield breasted eagle, ... > Item Details
English Bowie Knife by <i>E. Barnes,</i>
Lot # 2112 - English Bowie Knife by E. Barnes,
8.75" clipped-point blade marked at the ricasso E. Barnes & Sons Sheffield. Further marked V, crown and R. German silver quillon and German silver cutlery handle. Leather sheath. > Item Details
English Bowie Knife,
Lot # 2091 - English Bowie Knife,
6.5" clipped-point unmarked blade with 4.5" false edge. Stag handle with German silver escutcheon, pommel and quillon. Quillon has the face of an animal embossed on it. Leather sheath with German silver tip and throat. > Item Details
Leather Money Belt and Holster,
Lot # 603 - Leather Money Belt and Holster,
38-40 caliber cartridge loops. Holster could fit a 4.75" Colt Single-Action revolver. > Item Details
English Bowie Knife by <i>Pribyl Bros.,</i>
Lot # 2198 - English Bowie Knife by Pribyl Bros.,
6" clipped-point blade, marked on ricasso Pribyl Bros. Sheffield opposite side marked India Steel German silver quillon with stag handles and leather sheath. > Item Details
Silver Hussar Statue,
Lot # 511 - Silver Hussar Statue,
a cast statue of a French Hussar junior officer in "walking out" or "petite tenue" uniform of the 1860-1870 era, with kepi and walking stick. The boldness of his stance testifies to his youth and pride of his station. His coatee with Austrian knots at the cuff, and braids, loops and buttons on his c... > Item Details
Lot of Two Japanese Sword Canes,
Lot # 377 - Lot of Two Japanese Sword Canes,
includes one with a Chisai-Katana type blade, 21" long with single Nakago-ana (mounting hole in tang), with filed brass Habaki. The Tsuka (handle) has a brass and steel Fuchi (front ferrule) with spring loaded steel guards (one mounted on each side) that open when removed from Saya (scabbard). The ... > Item Details
Unmarked Naval Dirk,
Lot # 2122 - Unmarked Naval Dirk,
7.25" spear point blade. Spiral-carved ivory handle with brass quillon and brass sheath. > Item Details
Full-Stock Percussion Kentucky Rifle Belonging to a Harrison Supporter,
Lot # 550 - Full-Stock Percussion Kentucky Rifle Belonging to a Harrison Supporter,
.40 caliber, 46" octagonal barrel. Brass furniture and maple stock. Ramrod missing. Brass toe plate engraved with the slogan Tip & Hardcider May 1840. This engraving refers to the presidential campaign of 1840, when the aging General William Henry Harrison ran as "Old Tip[pecanoe]" referring to his ... > Item Details
* Ruger Model 77/22 Rifle,
Lot # 844 - * Ruger Model 77/22 Rifle,
.22 LR caliber, 20" barrel, serial number 700-23888. Blue finish, wood stock, Leupold M8-4X scope. > Item Details
* Remington Model 03-A3 Rifle,
Lot # 888 - * Remington Model 03-A3 Rifle,
.30-06 caliber, 24" barrel, serial number 4085322. > Item Details
Dutch Army Revolver,
Lot # 1090 - Dutch Army Revolver,
.11mm caliber, 4.5" barrel. Blued finish. Checkered wood grips with lanyard ring. > Item Details
Argentinian Cavalry Sword,
Lot # 1531 - Argentinian Cavalry Sword,
34.5" blade, marked on right side ricasso Weyersberg and Kirschbaum & Co. Soligen underneath. Left side is marked in an oval Sabledecabra and Modelo underneath. Fancy checkered wood handle, steel pommel, steel knuckle bow. With blued metal scabbard numbered A01628. > Item Details
Lot of Four Handguns,
Lot # 1074 - Lot of Four Handguns,
British Bulldog .450 caliber, 2.5" barrel. Double barrel percussion pistol .36 caliber, 3" barrels. Smith & Wesson Single-Action Second Model, .38 caliber, 3.25" barrel. Nickel finish; hard rubber grips. American made spur trigger .38 caliber. Nickel finish with hard rubber grips. > Item Details
English Dagger,
Lot # 2230 - English Dagger,
5" spear point blade, German silver cutlery handle. > Item Details
* Ithaca New Century Trap Shotgun,
Lot # 792 - * Ithaca New Century Trap Shotgun,
12 gauge, 34" barrel, serial number S8800964. Blue barrel, coin silver engraved receiver, wood stocks. > Item Details
Lot of 10 Military Bayonets,
Lot # 1322 - Lot of 10 Military Bayonets,
a nice assortment including U.S., British, French, German, Russian, etc. > Item Details
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