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* SKB Model 505 Over/Under Sporting Shotgun,
2008, Fall Firearms Sale, Oct 28 & 29
12 gauge, 28" barrels with screw-in chokes (Cyl./Cyl.), serial number NS88934. Blue barrels, coin finished receiver, walnut stocks, single trigger, 14.5" LOP over added Old English pad.

Excellent overall showing almost no wear.
Sold: $632.50
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Colt Single-Action Army Revolver,
Lot # 615 - Colt Single-Action Army Revolver,
.45 caliber, 7.5" barrel, serial number 35433. Single-line barrel address, three-line patent marking on left side of frame, donut head ejector rod. Nickel finish with blued screws. One-piece walnut grips. > Item Details
Colt Single-Action Army Revolver,
Lot # 118 - Colt Single-Action Army Revolver,
.45 caliber LC, 7.5" barrel, serial number 48744. Single-line barrel address. Three-line patent markings on left side of frame with U.S. markings. Henry Nettleton sub-inspector's initials on all parts of revolver. Nickel finish with one-piece wood grips. > Item Details
German Burgonet Helmet,
Lot # 326 - German Burgonet Helmet,
ca 1620-1650. Open face, movable hinge ear pieces. Armorer's touch mark is on front visor LR and next to it is a touch mark with an unknown figure inside. > Item Details
Remington 870 Slug Barrel,
U.S. Cavalry Razor Strap and Sword Hanger,
Large European Knife
Lot # 2165 - Large European Knife
12" spear point blade with single fuller in center of blade; brass handle and quillon. > Item Details
13 Star Naval Jack,
Lot # 492 - 13 Star Naval Jack,
48 x 103", machine-sewn wool with hand-sewn linen stars. Canton pattern has staggered rows of 3-2-3-2-3 stars (13), reverse with matching sewn stars. Hand-sewn canvas hoist with two brass grommets, stamped 9 42. > Item Details
* Japanese Nambu Type 14 Semi-Automatic Pistol,
Lot # 525 - * Japanese Nambu Type 14 Semi-Automatic Pistol,
ca February 1943, 8mm Nambu caliber, 4.625" barrel, serial number 64522. Wood grips. > Item Details
Lot of Five Hats,
Lot # 1429 - Lot of Five Hats,
including VMI shako, Albany, NY Zouave Cadets 1860 shako, a shako with red wool plume, olive campaign hat and a fraternal chapeau. > Item Details
Belgian Military Revolver,
Lot # 399 - Belgian Military Revolver,
.10mm caliber, 5.75" barrel, serial number 774. Marked on left side of frame Brevete Nagant. Blued finish with checkered wood grips and blued finish. > Item Details
German Comb Morion,
Lot # 321 - German Comb Morion,
ca late 16th century or early 17th century. Two-piece skull joined at the comb. The skull is decorated with three raised bands and fleur-de-lis style motif. Brim is down-turned on each side. Complete with plume holder. > Item Details
Lot of Two Pinfire Revolvers,
Lot # 1075 - Lot of Two Pinfire Revolvers,
both .5mm, 3.25" barrels, one has wood grips and the other has checkered ebony grips. Both have ELG proof marks on cylinders. > Item Details
Early 13-Star Hand-Sewn U.S. National Flag,
Lot # 17 - Early 13-Star Hand-Sewn U.S. National Flag,
27" x 46", wool with canton pattern 4-5-4, reverse with matching hand-sewn cotton stars. Canvas hoist with two whip-stitched eyelets. > Item Details
Manhattan Revolver,
Lot # 583 - Manhattan Revolver,
.36 caliber, 5" barrel, no serial number, brass backstrap and triggerguard, wood grips. > Item Details
* Springfield  M1 Garand Rifle,
Lot # 519 - * Springfield M1 Garand Rifle,
.30-06 caliber, 24" barrel, serial number 2244148. > Item Details
* St. Etienne (French) Model 1892 Revolver,
Lot # 1184 - * St. Etienne (French) Model 1892 Revolver,
ca 1901. .8mm caliber, 5" barrel, serial number G74892. > Item Details
* M-1 Carbine,
Lot # 517 - * M-1 Carbine,
.30 caliber, 18" barrel, serial number 200864, back of receiver marked National Postal Meter. Front of receiver marked US Carbine .30 caliber M1. > Item Details
Model 1835/40 Angular Bayonet,
* Bauer Model SS25 Pistol,
Lot # 1118 - * Bauer Model SS25 Pistol,
.25 ACP caliber, 2.125" barrel, serial number 029225. Stainless steel finish, wood grips. > Item Details
Surveying Equipment Including Two Early Transits, Chains and Stadia Rod
Lot # 4 - Surveying Equipment Including Two Early Transits, Chains and Stadia Rod
includes a brass transit with silvered brass 5" dial marked Benj. Pike, Jr. Broadway, New York with two spirit levels, lacking sighting arms, and Jacob staff type mount, 13" long, PLUS an early marked W. & L. E. Gurley/Troy N.Y. transit with 5.25" silvered dial with two spirit levels and folding bra... > Item Details
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