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Surveying Equipment Including Two Early Transits, Chains and Stadia Rod
2008, Fall Firearms Sale, Oct 28 & 29
includes a brass transit with silvered brass 5" dial marked Benj. Pike, Jr. Broadway, New York with two spirit levels, lacking sighting arms, and Jacob staff type mount, 13" long, PLUS an early marked W. & L. E. Gurley/Troy N.Y. transit with 5.25" silvered dial with two spirit levels and folding brass sight arms, with Jacob staff mount, in original mahogany octagonal case, 6.5" x 8", PLUS a set of wrought steel chains with brass handles, 16" long, AND a four-part wood collapsing stadia rod with hash marks, 91" long.

Gurley case missing some edging, else VG.
Sold: $862.50
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One Pair of Grips and Three Magazines,
Lot # 1504 - One Pair of Grips and Three Magazines,
wood grip for a Dan Wesson revolver, one magazine for a Ruger Mini pistol, and two .22 caliber magazines. > Item Details
Colt Single-Action Army Revolver,
Lot # 619 - Colt Single-Action Army Revolver,
.32-20 caliber, 4.75" barrel, serial number 129274. Two-line barrel address with three-line patent markings on frame. Blued and case hardened finish with stag grips. > Item Details
Hex Whitworth Bullet,
Lot # 2062 - Hex Whitworth Bullet,
paper with powder charge and the paper that contained the hex-shaped conical bullet. > Item Details
Nazi Cigarette Case
Lot # 1416 - Nazi Cigarette Case
stamped brass with unmarked 0.800 silver eagle and swastika, Nazi party emblem with scratch engraved escutcheon with initials F.G., push-button release, original elastic bands on interior for holding cigarettes in place. Made for filter-less cigarettes, 2.75" x 3.4". > Item Details
* Remington 1100 Enhanced Semi-Automatic Shotgun,
Lot # 793 - * Remington 1100 Enhanced Semi-Automatic Shotgun,
.410 gauge, 25" barrel, serial number R235574H. Modified choke, engraved receiver, satin finished wood stocks. > Item Details
Large Spanish Folding Knife,
Lot # 2228 - Large Spanish Folding Knife,
10" single lock-back blade, with etching of men on horses and a bull. Stag handles. > Item Details
* Marlin Glenfield Model 60 Rifle,
Lot # 880 - * Marlin Glenfield Model 60 Rifle,
.22 LR caliber, 22" barrel, serial number 71424749. Blue finish, wood stock, Glenfield 4x15 scope. > Item Details
J. Rodgers & Sons Sheffield Bowie Knife with Sheath,
Lot # 597 - J. Rodgers & Sons Sheffield Bowie Knife with Sheath,
7" clip-point blade marked at ricasso J. Rodgers & Sons 6 North Fork St. Sheffield, England. Reverse with Maltese cross and asterisks. German silver guard, stag handle. Leather sheath with German silver tip and German silver throat. > Item Details
Lot of Six Pistols,
Lot # 970 - Lot of Six Pistols,
first pistol is a F&W .32 caliber breaktop, serial number 3121. Nickel plated finish, hard rubber grips with F&W logo. Second pistol is an H&R .32 caliber double-action hammerless revolver, nickel plated with hard rubber grips. Third pistol is an H&A .32 caliber, 4.5" octagonal barrel, nickel finish... > Item Details
M1841 Ames Naval Cutlass,
Lot # 61 - M1841 Ames Naval Cutlass,
stamped on right ricasso N.P. Ames/Springfield, and on left U.S.N./1843/NWP, and stamped on inside of brass guard 414 with inspector's stamp WAJ on quillon, with 21" blade, total length 27". > Item Details
* Colt Targetsman Pistol,
Lot # 1018 - * Colt Targetsman Pistol,
.22 LR caliber, 6" barrel, serial number 098562S. > Item Details
M1841 Mississippi  Saber Bayonet,
Lot # 1237 - M1841 Mississippi Saber Bayonet,
25.5" blade. Brass handle dated at the guard 1862. Leather scabbard. This is the Colt alteration for the Mississippi. > Item Details
Two European Knives/Dirks,
Lot # 2218 - Two European Knives/Dirks,
includes a Civil War-era knife with 10" double-edged steel blade, engraved with vining floral and cross-hatched ricasso, steel S-curve guard, Sheffield-type silver pommel and single-piece antler grip; total length 15.25". Second is a theatrical dirk with 8.7" double-edged tapered steel blade, round ... > Item Details
* Colt Woodsman Pistol,
Lot # 704 - * Colt Woodsman Pistol,
.22 LR caliber, 6" barrel, serial number 084927S. > Item Details
* Smith & Wesson Model 51 Revolver,
Lot # 956 - * Smith & Wesson Model 51 Revolver,
.22 caliber, 3.5" barrel, serial number 56326. Blued finish with target sights and grips. In original box. > Item Details
WWII German Afrika Korps Enlisted Man's Brim Visor Hat,
Lot # 269 - WWII German Afrika Korps Enlisted Man's Brim Visor Hat,
very large sized hat marked 59 1/2. Afrika Korps tan cotton twill. Interior has cotton liner and ID'd to Hermarth Wermer. > Item Details
English Bowie Knife by <i>J. Rodgers,</i>
Lot # 2177 - English Bowie Knife by J. Rodgers,
8" clipped-point blade marked at ricasso V Crown R. Further marked Joseph Rodgers & Sons, 6 Norfolk Street, Sheffield. German silver quillon, stag handle. > Item Details
Coin Silver Engraved 14th Cavalry Cup,
Lot # 1277 - Coin Silver Engraved 14th Cavalry Cup,
ca 2.5ozt, 3.5" high with fine engraved crossed sabers and number 14. > Item Details
Antique French Paul Zollner Rimfire Revolver,
Lot # 1108 - Antique French Paul Zollner Rimfire Revolver,
.22 caliber, 2.375" barrel, no serial number. French proofs. > Item Details
Confederate Bowie Knife,
Lot # 2053 - Confederate Bowie Knife,
10" spear point blade made from a file. Iron quillon with wood handle and brass pommel. > Item Details
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