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Surveying Equipment Including Two Early Transits, Chains and Stadia Rod
2008, Fall Firearms Sale, Oct 28 & 29
includes a brass transit with silvered brass 5" dial marked Benj. Pike, Jr. Broadway, New York with two spirit levels, lacking sighting arms, and Jacob staff type mount, 13" long, PLUS an early marked W. & L. E. Gurley/Troy N.Y. transit with 5.25" silvered dial with two spirit levels and folding brass sight arms, with Jacob staff mount, in original mahogany octagonal case, 6.5" x 8", PLUS a set of wrought steel chains with brass handles, 16" long, AND a four-part wood collapsing stadia rod with hash marks, 91" long.

Gurley case missing some edging, else VG.
Sold: $862.50
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Imperial German Prussian Infantry Sword,
Lot # 355 - Imperial German Prussian Infantry Sword,
32" blade, deluxe model with highly etched, fire-gilt hilt. Damascus blade with gold inlaid presentation reading Franz Meusrhofer s./l. Karl Obermayer zur Erinnerung. Maker marked W.K. & C.. Leather and brass wire-wrapped handle. Brass pommel, knucklebow, and guard. Metal scabbard. > Item Details
* Winchester Model 1892 Rifle,
Lot # 640 - * Winchester Model 1892 Rifle,
ca 1913. .32 WCF caliber, 24" barrel, serial number 705539. Blue finish, case colored receiver. > Item Details
English Dagger,
Lot # 2121 - English Dagger,
6" curving spear point blade, silver quillon with ebony handle and abalone star inlays. Leather sheath with German silver tip and throat. > Item Details
* Winchester
Lot # 246 - * Winchester "Win-13" M-1 Garand Rifle,
.30-06 caliber, 24" barrel, serial number 1637831. Parkerized finish, walnut stocks. > Item Details
Indian Pata Gauntlet Sword,
Lot # 369 - Indian Pata Gauntlet Sword,
31" double-edged blade. Blade riveted to gauntlet. Gauntlet with designs carved in the metal. > Item Details
Confederate Bowie Knife,
Lot # 2048 - Confederate Bowie Knife,
12" spear point blade made from a file. 1.25" wide blade overall length 17". Iron quillon with a brass ferrule, wood handle, iron pommel. Leather sheath stitched on the outside edge, with copper riveted belt loop. > Item Details
English Boot Knife by <i>J. Rodgers,</i>
Lot # 2176 - English Boot Knife by J. Rodgers,
4.75" spear point blade. Blade marked Joseph Rodgers and Sons/Cutlers to Their Majesties/No. 6 Norfolk Street, Sheffield, England with asterisk and Maltese cross. Wood handle. Leather sheath. > Item Details
Allen &  Wheellock Percussion Revolver,
Lot # 576 - Allen & Wheellock Percussion Revolver,
.31 caliber, 6" barrel, five-shot, with an old original holster. > Item Details
M1892 Hunting Knife,
Lot # 1271 - M1892 Hunting Knife,
metal blade, brass quillon, turned wood handle. No scabbard. > Item Details
Imperial German Uniform,
Lot # 1574 - Imperial German Uniform,
ca 1890-1910. Blue wool body with gold trim. > Item Details
German Police Revolver,
Lot # 1086 - German Police Revolver,
.9mm caliber, 2.25" barrel, serial number 1187. Blued and case hardened finish with checkered horn grips. > Item Details
Lot of Eight WWII Fighting Knives,
Volunteer Militia Artillery Shako with White Plume,
Lot # 13 - Volunteer Militia Artillery Shako with White Plume,
ca 1835-1840. Black painted shako is a commercial variant of the regulation cap issued by the army in 1833. The body of the "stove pipe" helmet is constructed of shaped cardboard and covered with leather. Front planchet with brass starburst pattern and brass visor and brass upper and lower hat bands... > Item Details
* High Standard Supermatic Citation Pistol,
Lot # 856 - * High Standard Supermatic Citation Pistol,
.22 LR caliber, 7.25" fluted barrel, serial number ML45996. > Item Details
* Browning Model 1903 Pistol,
Lot # 247 - * Browning Model 1903 Pistol,
.9 mm caliber, 5" barrel, serial number 44775. Marked on left side of slide Fabrique Nationale D'Armes de Guerre Herstal Belgique Browning's Patent Depose. Belgian firing proofs. Blued engraved finish and gold inlays in an Art Deco style. A set of gold initials that are 1" high and 0.75" wide on top... > Item Details
Indian Scorpio Dagger,
Lot # 381 - Indian Scorpio Dagger,
10" double-edged curved blade. Heavily padded brass loop engraved on the outer surfaced of curved brass loop with decorative edge on both sides. > Item Details
* Colt Single-Action Army 1st Generation Revolver,
Lot # 665 - * Colt Single-Action Army 1st Generation Revolver,
.45 caliber LC, 5.5" barrel, serial number 334231. Nickel finish and stag grips. > Item Details
* Erfurt 1918 German P08 Luger,
WWI U.S. Trench Telescope and Tripod,
Lot # 230 - WWI U.S. Trench Telescope and Tripod,
U.S. Artillery spotters with khaki green camouflage paint. Lens apparatus is 23" x 7" overall. Vertical and horizontal dials to adjust elevation. Leather lens covers are included. Cowan's could not readily ascertain the magnification or the manufacturer's name. > Item Details
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