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Surveying Equipment Including Two Early Transits, Chains and Stadia Rod
2008, Fall Firearms Sale, Oct 28 & 29
includes a brass transit with silvered brass 5" dial marked Benj. Pike, Jr. Broadway, New York with two spirit levels, lacking sighting arms, and Jacob staff type mount, 13" long, PLUS an early marked W. & L. E. Gurley/Troy N.Y. transit with 5.25" silvered dial with two spirit levels and folding brass sight arms, with Jacob staff mount, in original mahogany octagonal case, 6.5" x 8", PLUS a set of wrought steel chains with brass handles, 16" long, AND a four-part wood collapsing stadia rod with hash marks, 91" long.

Gurley case missing some edging, else VG.
Sold: $862.50
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English Bowie Knife by <i>M. H. Nicholson,</i>
Lot # 2079 - English Bowie Knife by M. H. Nicholson,
8.25" clipped-point blade with etched panel that reads American Hunting Knife and Eagle. Hilt marked M.H. Nicholson Union Street, Sheffield. German silver cutlery handle and German silver quillon. Suede leather sheath with German silver tip and throat. > Item Details
Fabulous Archive of Corporal C. Gelinsky, WWII B-17 Bomber Group,
Lot # 308 - Fabulous Archive of Corporal C. Gelinsky, WWII B-17 Bomber Group,
this archive includes 3 scrap books with 398 photographs and a folder with an additional 36 photographs total 434 photos). This group includes a photograph of Capt. Clark Gable standing next to the nose art of Delta Rebel No. 2, many other images of this B-17 and crew, PLUS a great image of the Memp... > Item Details
Confederate D-Guard Bowie Knife,
Lot # 2037 - Confederate D-Guard Bowie Knife,
17.25" forged blade with clipped point. Iron D-guard with iron ferrule wood handle. > Item Details
Band of Hope Medal, Rhode Island Pinback Medal,
Lot # 1254 - Band of Hope Medal, Rhode Island Pinback Medal,
jeweler made of nickel, U.S. shield shaped with anchor and crossed banner with Band of Hope, 1.2" x 1.4". > Item Details
English Dirk,
Lot # 2174 - English Dirk,
6.5" blade. Blade with etched panel Never Draw Me Without Reason or Sheath Me Without Honor. German silver quillon and German silver cutlery handle. Leather scabbard with silver throat. Missing tip. > Item Details
Contemporary Percussion Full-Stock Muzzle Loader,+
Lot # 854 - Contemporary Percussion Full-Stock Muzzle Loader,+
.50 caliber, 42" barrel marked W.M. Large, JJJJ, L. Brass patchbox, oval silver inlaid plate featuring a brass border and eagle motif. > Item Details
English Bowie Knife by <i>Manson,</i>
Lot # 2197 - English Bowie Knife by Manson,
6" clipped-point blade, marked at ricasso Manson, Sheffield. Etched panel on blade Original OK Bowie Knife. Bone handle with German silver quillon. Leather sheath with German silver tip and throat. > Item Details
German 14th Kurmark Dragoons Regimental Stein,
Lot # 467 - German 14th Kurmark Dragoons Regimental Stein,
First squadron, Kurmark 14th Dragoon Regiment, Colmar, 1901-1904 to Reservist Fink. Overall height ca 11" and 4.5" wide at its base, hand-painted porcelain, with lithophane. Between bands of oak wrapped with the colors of the empire, a mounted rider in parade dress armed with unpainted lance. Below,... > Item Details
Prussian Hussar Officer's Sash (Offiziers-Scharpe),
Lot # 504 - Prussian Hussar Officer's Sash (Offiziers-Scharpe),
black and silver thread. Worn by 1. and 2. Lieb-Hussar Regiment and HR 3-16. (See Herr, 2006:482) > Item Details
Hammer Shotgun,
Lot # 871 - Hammer Shotgun,
12 gauge double barrels, 30" barrels. Locks marked W. Richards. Bottom of barrel has Belgian proof marks. Barrels are Damascus finish with case colored locks and frame. Checkered walnut buttstock and forearm. > Item Details
Italian Glisenti Army Revolver,
Lot # 1095 - Italian Glisenti Army Revolver,
10.35mm caliber, 6.5" octagonal barrel, serial number NM304. Checkered wood grips with lanyard ring. > Item Details
* Remington Model 51 Semi-Automatic Pistol with Box,
Lot # 827 - * Remington Model 51 Semi-Automatic Pistol with Box,
.380 caliber, 3.5" barrel, serial number PA8934. Blued finish, hard rubber grips with Remington UMC logo. In original cardboard box with instructions, cleaning rod and brush. Leather holster. > Item Details
French Hammerless Revolver,
Lot # 1084 - French Hammerless Revolver,
.44 caliber, 3" barrel. Left side of frame marked Levaux. Checkered wood grips. > Item Details
American Bowie Knife by <i>BGI & Co.,</i>
Lot # 2147 - American Bowie Knife by BGI & Co.,
7.5" clipped-point blade marked at ricasso BGI Bridgeport CT #501. Brass quillon, wood handle and leather sheath. > Item Details
* Colt Junior Pistol,
Lot # 1003 - * Colt Junior Pistol,
.25 ACP caliber, 2.25" barrel, serial number 15720CC. Blue finish, wood checkered grips. > Item Details
Waters Model 1836 Pistol,
Lot # 31 - Waters Model 1836 Pistol,
.54 caliber, 8.5" round barrel, lockplate marked A. Waters, Milsbury, Mass. and dated 1839. Pistol was converted from flint to percussion by the arsenal. Iron furniture, walnut stock. > Item Details
French Pinfire Pepperbox Revolver,
Lot # 408 - French Pinfire Pepperbox Revolver,
.7mm caliber, 2" barrel. Engraved frame. Checkered wood grips. Ejector rod in butt. > Item Details
* Remington Sportsman Model 48 Semi-Auto Shotgun,
Lot # 894 - * Remington Sportsman Model 48 Semi-Auto Shotgun,
12 gauge, 25" vent rib skeet barrel, serial number 3108848. LOP 13.75" over added Remington pad. > Item Details
Lot # 337 - Halberd,
98" overall length. 13.5" ridged spear with tapered two-tiered octagonal base. Spear has vestiges of geometric patterns engraved on the blade. 5.5" straps secured by a rivet on each side. > Item Details
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