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Great Cdv Album With Charles Darwin,
2002 Americana & Decorative Arts. November 20.
contained in a fine European travel album, filled with 164 cdvs plus 20 more cdv-sized lithographs not mounted on cards. Most are scenic studies, but also include personalities of the mid 1870s. Included among the latter is a scarce cdv of Darwin, the first such we've seen in quite a while, and the first we've offered in our eight years of business! Also Carl Vogt (1817-1895), MD, naturalist, politician, and supporter of Darwin. Interestingly, on the same page are "Robert Moffatt" identified as "Missionary to South Africa," and "Narayan Sheshadri," identified as "Presbyterian minister in Hindostan / Free Church General Assembly." Also included are "Wilhelm, Emperor of Germany," "Johann and Amalie, King and Queen of Saxony," "Saxon Royal Family," "Albert and Carola, King and Queen of Saxony From Oct 29, 1873," "General Tom Thumb, his wife, Commodore Nutt and Miss Minnie Warren," and the Bishops of Moravians (1869). The album contains 108 cdv's of scenic views (including railway trestles in the Alps) and landmarks from Switzerland, Germany, Austria, Italy and the Netherlands. There are 4 cdv's identified as Frlns. Malten, Pichler, Proska, and Speltini. Fraulein Malten (Therese) was a soprano, who made her debut in Dresden in 1873 when this album was being assembled. Possibly the other women are period singers/personalities as well. Another interesting group depicts Salzburg hunters, milkmaid, butter girl, peasant, and others in representative costumes, plus similar from Berchtesgaden, all stereotypical. There are 28 cdv's of friends and family of the original owner of this volume, most unidentified, a few only identified by first name, such as "John" and "Rob."

Most images not removed from pages, but Darwin's slightly trimmed at bottom.
Est $700 - $900
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Wooster Soft Paste Porcelain,
Lot # 564 - Wooster Soft Paste Porcelain,
lot of 3, all with blue underglaze crescent mark of the Wooster factory, 1755-90. Each in Chinese porcelain forms and transfer printed in oriental landscape or floral. Includes a beautiful 9.7" diameter x 3.75" high center bowl; PLUS a handless cup & saucer; AND a 6.3" diameter x 2.8" high bowl. > Item Details
Hoover & Smith Campaign Cello Pamphlet,
Lot # 99 - Hoover & Smith Campaign Cello Pamphlet,
9.25 x 5.5" overall, folded into thirds to 3 x 5.5". The front of the 2 outer flaps has a "?" and "Our Next President / Hoover / Smith." One has green cellophane in an oval, the other red. When the pamphlet is opened, if one puts the red flap over the center, Hoover's face appears in the oval and on... > Item Details
Early Tin Cookie Cutters,
Lot # 646 - Early Tin Cookie Cutters,
lot of 5, early to mid-nineteenth century, includes standing retriever-type dog, horse, pig, and chicken, 3.5" to 4.5" long and a seated frog, 4" long. All with original rear mounted handles. > Item Details
Mumper & Co. & Anthony Civil War Stereoviews,
Lot # 203 - Mumper & Co. & Anthony Civil War Stereoviews,
lot of 3. Includes two with hand stamp from Mumper & Co., labeled #232; PLUS #813 entitled West Side P.R. Lot." showing stone monuments on battlefield AND Anthony No. 3275, "View of Belle Island, from the Petersburgh Railroad, Manchester, Va." > Item Details
Signs of Jim Crow,
Lot # 117 - Signs of Jim Crow,
early 20th century wall mounted wood sign in original stenciled paint that reads "COLORED ENTRANCE". 42" x 15", black lettered on white ground with green trim, painted on three pine boards. From Florida. > Item Details
Large Albumen Photograph of Train Load of Stagecoaches,
Lot # 340 - Large Albumen Photograph of Train Load of Stagecoaches,
with printed title along bottom margin "Photographic View of/Coaches shipped by Abbot, Downing & Co. Concord, N.H. April 15, 1868.". Great image with early wood fired steam engine, pulling cars with 30 stage coaches loaded atop, 17.5" x 10", mounted on larger card stock. > Item Details
Brown Glazed Stoneware,
Lot # 714 - Brown Glazed Stoneware,
lot of 5. Includes a stamped flower pot with flaring sides impressed "E.M. Dunn Fairhaven," 6.25" d. x 4.5" high; PLUS 2 ink bottles, between 4.25" & 5.5" high; PLUS a lidded bean pot with single strap handle, 6.5" d. x 6" high; AND a lidded batter jar with strap handle, 6" d. x 5" high. > Item Details
John Wilkes Booth Theater Broadside,
Lot # 72 - John Wilkes Booth Theater Broadside,
Boston Museum, Jan. 19, 1863. "In Rehearsal -- The Celebrated Opera Bouffe, The Doctor of Alcantara! John Wilkes Booth Will appear on Monday Evening, Jan. 19th." Booth was a well-known actor in his day, and son of an actor, but a Southern sympathizer. He is best-known today, of course, as President ... > Item Details
Curly Maple Traveling Writing Screen,
Lot # 665 - Curly Maple Traveling Writing Screen,
first quarter of the 19th century in Adams style with saber legs. Desk section with two dovetailed drawers below drop front that is only 3.2" thick, opening to reveal fitted interior with paired scalloped edge letter holders above pen tray and ink well compartment. Finely turned bulbous stretcher ... > Item Details
Currier & Ives Lincoln Political Cartoon,
Lot # 68 - Currier & Ives Lincoln Political Cartoon,
medium folio, from the 1860 Presidential campaign, entitled "The Great Exhibition of 1860." This print shows Lincoln riding a rail ("Republican Platform"), with a padlock on his mouth, 3 editors (including Horace Greeley) of various Northern newspapers at each side and Wm. Sumner in background in s... > Item Details
Copy of Early Woodblock Map,
Lot # 326 - Copy of Early Woodblock Map,
early 16th-century woodblock map (circa 1520) was reproduced a number of times, this one probably in the early 19th century. Polar region is labelled "Mare Glaciale Circulus Arcticus," South America is "Terrai Cognita," North America is greatly foreshortened, while Cuba and Japan are huge. East Asia... > Item Details
Chippendale Mirror,
Lot # 584 - Chippendale Mirror,
18th century, mahogany, probably New England, with gesso & gilt paint spread winged eagle on branch, original mirror glass, old, possibly original, finish, unusually simple scrolled ears, circa 1780-90; 15.25" wide x 27.5" high. > Item Details
Early American Split Hickory Seat Armchair,
Lot # 794 - Early American Split Hickory Seat Armchair,
19th century, American, mixed woods. Queen Anne style turnings, worn red wash, wonderfully patinated split hickory seat still quite useable, simple "S" curved arms with baluster turned supports. > Item Details
English and Chinese Willow Ware,
Lot # 566 - English and Chinese Willow Ware,
lot of 4. Includes 3 Chinese export porcelain pieces with gilt trim, a handleless cup & saucer, an 8" plate and a handleless cup; AND an English pearlware openwork fruit basket and under tray, 10.75" long x 9" wide x 3" high, all 1st quarter of the 19th century. > Item Details
I.M. Mead Blue Decorated Salt Glazed Stoneware Jars,
Lot # 690 - I.M. Mead Blue Decorated Salt Glazed Stoneware Jars,
lot of 2, 19th century American. First with markedly ovoid shape with 2 lunate handles with cobalt splashes at handle and over stamped maker's mark of "I.M. Mead & Co.", (Israel M. Mead, Summet Co., Ohio); AND second with cobalt splash where stamp should have been but not stamped, both 9.5" high x 8... > Item Details
Sewing Notions,
Lot # 776 - Sewing Notions,
lot of 2, both 19th century, combination darning eggs and sewing kits. Includes an Anglo-Indian example carved from an exotic nut, 2.5" long with wonderful rich dark polished patina; AND an American light hardwood egg with transfer print of "Bunker Hill Monument 220 Feet High," 2.8" long. > Item Details
Decorative Miniature on Ivory,
Lot # 636 - Decorative Miniature on Ivory,
of a lovely young woman in beautifully detailed Empire waisted dress with pink bow at bosom, ornate rectangular ivory frame holding oval portrait 2.75" x 3.5"; frame 6" x 7.2", rear with newspaper print in Latin and label "Baumann & Cie. Nurnberg". > Item Details
Watercolor of Shawnee Prophet, Tenskwatawa,
Lot # 143 - Watercolor of Shawnee Prophet, Tenskwatawa,
17 x 12.5" on laid paper. A fine portrait of the brother of Tecumseh, after the original portrait published by Thomas McKenney and James Hall in their monumental "History of the Indian Tribes of North America" (1837-1844). The present work of unknown age, though likely 20th century. > Item Details
Beardless Abe Lincoln Photo,
Lot # 70 - Beardless Abe Lincoln Photo,
early 20th century carbon photograph. Rare image, known as "The Giant Killer", taken by T.P. Pearson, at Macomb, Ill. five days after the debate at Ottawa, (O-8), Aug. 26, 1858, 7" x 9.25" in period frame, 12" x 16.75". > Item Details
Irwin Myers - Pastel and Gouache on Paper,
Lot # 487 - Irwin Myers - Pastel and Gouache on Paper,
depicting a 1902 - "Peerless Two Cylinder" on small town street with horse carriage in the other lane, 17.5" x 24.5"; frame 25" x 32.5". > Item Details
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