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Cartes De Visite of 19th Century Personalities,
2002 Americana & Decorative Arts. November 20.
lot of 26. Includes 12 from life portraits of Longfellow and his wife; Washington Irving; Alfred Tennyson; Halleck; T.S. Arthur; Park Benjamin; Edgar A. Poe; Nathaniel Hawthorne; Tom Thumb and Lavinia Stratton. Photographers include Anthony, Fredricks, Black and others. Remaining portraits heavily retouched or from engravings.

Most with trimmed corners; engravings heavily trimmed.
Est $150 - $250
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Early American Baskets,
Lot # 651 - Early American Baskets,
lot of 2, both 19th century. Includes a barrel-shaped split hickory storage basket, 15" wide x 18" high with nice old patina; AND a buttocks-shaped hickory basket with fixed handle, weathered patina, 16" long x 15" wide x 14" high. > Item Details
American Spear-Point Bowie Knife,
Lot # 250 - American Spear-Point Bowie Knife,
unmarked, with flattened two piece antler grips, 17" total length. With its original leather sheath, with German silver mount at throat and tip, with leather belt loop. Recently discovered in the basement of a home in Lexington, Kentucky, and probably originally from Bourbon County of that same st... > Item Details
Franklin Roosevelt TLS and More,
Lot # 437 - Franklin Roosevelt TLS and More,
1p, September 10, 1932 on New York Executive Mansion stationary, written to a supporter in Hagerstown, Indiana, thanking him for a gift. Boldy signed. With the original transmittal envelope, plus a copy of the original letter to Roosevelt, and a later 1937 TLS from Paul V. McNutt to the same write... > Item Details
Ohio Pottery Pig Banks,
Lot # 675 - Ohio Pottery Pig Banks,
lot of 2, both with mottled glaze. Includes an example with top 1/2 in cream, green, brown & blue glaze, 4.4" long x 2.4" high; AND a mottled brown glazed example, 5" long x 2.5" high. > Item Details
Chippendale Mirror,
Lot # 584 - Chippendale Mirror,
18th century, mahogany, probably New England, with gesso & gilt paint spread winged eagle on branch, original mirror glass, old, possibly original, finish, unusually simple scrolled ears, circa 1780-90; 15.25" wide x 27.5" high. > Item Details
Grant-Colfax Indiana Handbill,
Lot # 77 - Grant-Colfax Indiana Handbill,
from 1868 campaign, exhorting the reader to "Subscribe for the Indiana Radical!...For the Campaign!" It goes on to say that the paper was previously called the "Indiana True Republican," and that now was the time to plan for the election. The paper offers a short-term subscription for only 50 cents ... > Item Details
Walrus Ivory Eskimo Cribbage Board,
Lot # 659 - Walrus Ivory Eskimo Cribbage Board,
likely a product of the Mission Cooperative of Grenfell in Newfoundland, Labrador. Front with tip carved with seal's head, followed by 2 scrimshaw seal hunting scenes, followed by the cribbage board; reverse with a steam and sailing ship which appears to be the one used by the Grenfell Mission with... > Item Details
Tin & Nickel Molds,
Lot # 642 - Tin & Nickel Molds,
lot of 4. Includes 3 different fish pudding molds, 5.5"- 12.5"; AND a nickel Valentine's Day candy mold with 4 hearts, 3.25 x 12.25", probably German. > Item Details
Exceptional Inscribed 1825 Powder Horn,
Lot # 134 - Exceptional Inscribed 1825 Powder Horn,
9" in length, 3" diameter at the turned wooden plug, with great ring-turning. Entire surface of the horn is decorated, with two bands of text, one reading "Don't Tread on Me" over asinuous diamond-back rattlesnake, the other "Victory and Freedom JR 1825" topped by a decorative panel of masonic symb... > Item Details
American Hooked Rugs,
Lot # 810 - American Hooked Rugs,
lot of 2, both cotton on burlap ground. Includes a cute black Scotty dog with pink ribbon around neck on blue central field with stylized floral border on black ground, minor light stains; 22" x 35"; AND a central flower medallion on beige ground with brown scrollwork border, outlined in black; 29" ... > Item Details
Zach Taylor Pocket Mirror,
Lot # 51 - Zach Taylor Pocket Mirror,
stamped with bust portrait of "General Taylor Rough & Ready" with embossed laurel leaf surround. Opens to reveal original 2.5" d. mirror with brass kick stand and hanging ring. Marked on rear "Brevite 1844". Ex. Clark Garrett Collection. > Item Details
Early Hawaiian Grammar,
Lot # 307 - Early Hawaiian Grammar,
Bishop, A., Rev. "Hawaiian Phrase Book." 1871, 2nd ed. Honolulu: Henry M. Whitney, 120pp. 16mo, cloth with leather spine. The Rev. Artemas Bishop arrived in Hawaii (The Sandwich Islands) on the "James" in April of 1823. > Item Details
Cabinet Card of Hunter and His Dog,
Lot # 26 - Cabinet Card of Hunter and His Dog,
with imprint of G.C. Acker, Bedord, Iowa. The hunter armed to the teeth with a double barreled shotgun, a tip-up pistol, a bowie knife, and a .32 cal revolver, his dog sports a comically large collar. > Item Details
Archive of the Painter Family,
Lot # 454 - Archive of the Painter Family,
Milton and Sallie Painter 1783-ca.1860 (bulk: 1850s). ca.275 items. Literate and interesting correspondence from Sallie Hickson and her husband Milton Painter of Owings Mills, Md., and other members of their family, touching on everything from politics to family, farm, friendship, and marriage. T... > Item Details
Grand Tour Letters from 1868,
Lot # 459 - Grand Tour Letters from 1868,
in quarto, pebbled calf with gilt embossed "Family Letters From Europe 1868" cover, comprising 167pp, written between May and December of 1868. A group of anonymous letters written by both a mother and father to their children during their "Grand Tour." The letters are informative, several illustr... > Item Details
Scarce Oregon American Indian Newspaper,
Lot # 382 - Scarce Oregon American Indian Newspaper,
THE INDIAN CITIZEN, Vol. I, No. I, Indian Industrail [sic] School, Forest Grove, Oregon. February 1884. Four pp, printed on a single 10 x 10" sheet, with a central fold. The Indian boarding school at Forest Grove (later Chemawa), Oregon, like its counterpart at Carlisle, Pennsylvania, was an ill-c... > Item Details
American Flint Glass Stemware,
Lot # 534 - American Flint Glass Stemware,
lot of 11. All early 19th century American clear flint glass stemware in thumbprint pattern. Includes five 5.5" high; four 4.75" high & two 4.25" high. > Item Details
First National Confederate Flag,
Lot # 246 - First National Confederate Flag,
handsewn cotton, 40.75" x 71.5." Flag with twelve white cotton five pointed stars appliqued to each side of the canton, arranged in the form of a cross, with three 4.25" stars (measuring point to point) in three arms, two in another and a 7" star in the center. The blue cotton canton has one verti... > Item Details
Ohio & Austrian Pottery Pig Banks,
Lot # 674 - Ohio & Austrian Pottery Pig Banks,
lot of 2, both with mottled glaze. Includes a 6.75" long x 4" high multi-colored example; AND one marked "Austria" on bottom, 5.75" long x 3.4" high. > Item Details
Magnificent Hand-Painted Plaque of Buckskin Charley,
Lot # 373 - Magnificent Hand-Painted Plaque of Buckskin Charley,
porcelain, with "Pouyat Limoges" and "J.P.L. France" on verso Finely executed portrait titled "Buckskin Charles-Sub-Chief of the Utes", with gilt scrollwork border on red band, 16.25" diameter. Likely a painting based on a photograph of this famous Ute, so named for his prowess at supplying meat f... > Item Details
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