Lot 1339    

Pre-WWII Commercial Leather Aviator's Cap and Goggles,
2008, Fall Firearms Sale, Oct 28 & 29
made by Alex Taylor and Co. NY.

Very good.
Sold: $143.75
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Stave-Constructed Artillery Powder Keg,
Lot # 16 - Stave-Constructed Artillery Powder Keg,
with eleven staves and two iron bands. Iron legs and carrying ring. With two spouts. > Item Details
Morro Krisses Knife,
Lot # 1552 - Morro Krisses Knife,
22" curved blade with blood fuller, wood handle with silver mounts. Wood scabbard. > Item Details
* Colt Bisley Engraved Revolver,
Lot # 655 - * Colt Bisley Engraved Revolver,
.41 caliber, 4.75" barrel, serial number 259258. Two-line barrel address, left side of barrel marked Bisley Model and .41 Colt. Two-line patent address on frame. Blued barrel ejector housing, backstrap, triggerguard, hammer, and cylinder. Case colored frame. Non-factory engraving. One-piece ivory gr... > Item Details
Contemporary Percussion Full-Stock Muzzle Loader,+
Lot # 854 - Contemporary Percussion Full-Stock Muzzle Loader,+
.50 caliber, 42" barrel marked W.M. Large, JJJJ, L. Brass patchbox, oval silver inlaid plate featuring a brass border and eagle motif. > Item Details
Colt <i>Blackpowder Series</i> 2nd Model Dragoon,
* Bernardelli Vest Pocket Model Pistol,
Lot # 1128 - * Bernardelli Vest Pocket Model Pistol,
.25 ACP caliber, 2" barrel, serial number 2701. Blue finish and brown plastic grips. > Item Details
* Winchester Model '04 Single-Shot Rifle,
Lot # 910 - * Winchester Model '04 Single-Shot Rifle,
.22 S, L, LR caliber, 21" barrel, no serial number. Blue finish, walnut stock. > Item Details
Half-Stock Percussion Boy's Rifle, by <i>A.J. Slack,</i>
Lot # 557 - Half-Stock Percussion Boy's Rifle, by A.J. Slack,
.36 caliber, 29.5" octagonal barrel, marked Slack Springfield, Ohio. Lock markings are Pennsylvania style and they are hard to read. Brass hardware with a very nice style patchbox and silver oval on cheek piece depicting an eagle. Walnut stock with checkering in the wrist. More than likely a boy's ... > Item Details
Reproduction Hicks Fighting Knife,
German WWII Olympia Typewriter,
Lot # 1418 - German WWII Olympia Typewriter,
wood case measures 14" x 14.5" x 7". White German instructional label attached to inside lid. Number five key with SS insignia. > Item Details
18th Century English Stonebow by <i>Sikes,</i>
Lot # 315 - 18th Century English Stonebow by Sikes,
with a steel bow fitted with a later string with bone spacers. Tang marked Sikes, Sheffield. Highly figured wooden tiller including inlayed silver wire scrolls and inlaid metalwork and sideplate. Folding back sight, two fore-sight folding pillars. Complete with iron mounted buttplate. See Herr/Stock... > Item Details
* Sig Sauer P6 Pistol,
Lot # 1183 - * Sig Sauer P6 Pistol,
.9mm caliber, 3.75" barrel, serial number M517025. Blue finish, alloy frame, plastic grips, original box, AKAH leather holster and magazine pouch, two magazines. > Item Details
Large Unmarked Bowie Knife,
Lot # 2131 - Large Unmarked Bowie Knife,
ca 1890. 11.25" clipped-point plated blade with a fuller in center of blade. Checkered horn handle with a plated quillon. Leather sheath with double loop hanger. > Item Details
36 Star Machine-Sewn and Hand-Sewn National Flag,
Lot # 100 - 36 Star Machine-Sewn and Hand-Sewn National Flag,
54" x 80", wool with canton pattern having six rows of six hand-sewn cotton stars, reverse with cut away and hemmed stars. Stripes and canvas sleeve-type hoist are machine-sewn and retains original hemp rope. > Item Details
Gold and Blue Officer's Bandolier,
Lot # 491 - Gold and Blue Officer's Bandolier,
gold thread, brass buckle and blue backing on belt. > Item Details
* Colt Single-Action Army Revolver,
Lot # 689 - * Colt Single-Action Army Revolver,
38 LC caliber, 4.75" barrel, serial number 279804. Barrel with two-line address. Blued and case colored finish with hard rubber grips. > Item Details
Krag Model 1898 Rifle,
Lot # 181 - Krag Model 1898 Rifle,
.30-40 caliber, 30" barrel, serial number 155772. Receiver marked U.S. Model 1898 Springfield Armory. Walnut buttstock and handguard. > Item Details
M1906 Cavalry Saber,
Lot # 193 - M1906 Cavalry Saber,
35" blade. Marked A.S. & Co. with flaming bomb and dated 1906 at ricasso on right side. Steel knucklebow and pommel. Leather and brass wire wrapped handle. Metal scabbard with two carrying rings. > Item Details
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