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Cdv of Circleville, Ohio Marshall,
2002 Americana & Decorative Arts. November 20.
with imprint of M.K. Marshall, Photographer, West Main Street, Circleville. An 1870s image, likely of James K. Bedenheimer, who is listed in the Circleville City directory for 1859-60 as marshall. His large badge prominently displayed.

Just a hint of soiling.
Est $150 - $250
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Early French Automobile Hand-Colored Lithographs by Gamy and Nevil
Lot # 477 - Early French Automobile Hand-Colored Lithographs by Gamy and Nevil
Two hand-colored lithographs matted in a single frame; Each measures 34" x 17". The Nevil, dated 1912, depicts a group of nomadic circus folk, including the monkey, traveling along the Spansih coast at St. Sebastien. The Gamy, dated 1913, depicts a racer making a hard turn at the 1913 Grand Prix de ... > Item Details
Ninth Plate Tintype of Armed Union Cavalryman
Lot # 163 - Ninth Plate Tintype of Armed Union Cavalryman
private recording his mettle before the camera. This unknown horseman wears gauntlets and balances his M1840 ‘wristbreaker’ point down. The early leather cross strap is still in evidence as is the sword knot looped through the cross branches of the hilt. The kepi displays no insignia. Housed in a... > Item Details
USS Saratoga Presentation Photograph Album, 1885,
Lot # 330 - USS Saratoga Presentation Photograph Album, 1885,
"Scenes on Board A Man-of-War." Oblong folio, blue cloth with embossed gilt title and scene of the Saratoga, and "Presented to Miss Ida E. Bishop" in gilt, containing 19 albumen printing out paper images, each 9.25 x 7.25", mounted one to a page, showing the crew, military exercises, the band, the ... > Item Details
Henry Newman 1691 Almanack,
Lot # 296 - Henry Newman 1691 Almanack,
reprinted in 1844 by Ira Webster reprint of the early American Boston Almanack by Henry Newman, Philomath, sold by Benjamin Harris at the London, Coffee-House in Boston. An illustrated 32mo in paper boards with calf spine. This almanac has a reprint of the first primer printed in the colonies ent... > Item Details
Oil Painting of Indian Encampment,
Lot # 732 - Oil Painting of Indian Encampment,
on artist board, signed on rear with stencil "D.J. Kellogg Rochester, N.Y." A naive, American painting of a lake shore with encampment of Native Americans with teepees & birch bark canoes; oval 24" wide x 20" high. Probably mid 19th century. > Item Details
American Painted Firebarrel Sign,
Lot # 615 - American Painted Firebarrel Sign,
pine, with stenciled "FIRE BARREL No. 7". Approx. 95% paint and great old patina; 36" long x 7" high. > Item Details
Sheraton Curly & Birdseye Maple Fancy Chairs,
Lot # 664 - Sheraton Curly & Birdseye Maple Fancy Chairs,
all in original finish, includes 1 arm and 3 side chairs with balloon-shaped paper woven seats, turned legs with ball terminus, 3 slats in back and front stretcher birds-eye, while legs and uprights are curly, some edging in black paint. > Item Details
Confederate Sword (Kenansville Arsenal?)
Lot # 227 - Confederate Sword (Kenansville Arsenal?)
with matching heavy leather scabbard. Hilt of crudely cast brass, with three-branched knucklebow, flattend leather grip topped by a simple brass pommel cap. Blade slightly curved with a stopped 3/4 fuller. The polished leather scabbard with brass mounts, at least one of which appears to be a rewor... > Item Details
Ohio & Austrian Pottery Pig Banks,
Lot # 674 - Ohio & Austrian Pottery Pig Banks,
lot of 2, both with mottled glaze. Includes a 6.75" long x 4" high multi-colored example; AND one marked "Austria" on bottom, 5.75" long x 3.4" high. > Item Details
American Tole Cannisters,
Lot # 727 - American Tole Cannisters,
lot of 2, both floral decorated, early 19th century American, 8 x 7" and 5.75 x 6.25." > Item Details
Fine Kitchen Treenware
Lot # 865 - Fine Kitchen Treenware
American, early 19th century. An assembled group of woodenware including a yarn spool, a handled thread winder, a clip marked Carl Martin W.E., a glove stretcher, a mallet, a large fork, a butter print incised with starburst pattern and a comb with cutout heart on handle; fork lg. 16 in. > Item Details
Rare First Edition of 1875 Hawaiian Guide.
Lot # 309 - Rare First Edition of 1875 Hawaiian Guide.
WHITNEY, Henry M. "The Hawaiian Guide Book for Travelers; Containing a Brief Description of the Hawaiian Islands, Their Harbors, Agricultural Resources, Plantations, Scenery, Volcanoes, Climate, Population and Commerce." Honolulu: Henry M. Whitney, 1875. First edition. Small octavo. [12, ads], 144 p... > Item Details
Early Tin Cookware & Molds,
Lot # 797 - Early Tin Cookware & Molds,
huge lot of 45, including many figural and geometric, various sizes. > Item Details
Sam Houston Autographed Book,
Lot # 423 - Sam Houston Autographed Book,
Fremont, Brevet Captain J.C. "Report of the Exploring Expedition to the Rocky Mountains in the Year 1842, and to Oregon and North California in the Years 1842-43." Original embossed cloth. Washington. 1845. An otherwise unremarkable copy of Fremont's report, lacking the large folding map, but bol... > Item Details
Andrew Jackson Signed  Patent,
Lot # 422 - Andrew Jackson Signed Patent,
partially printed Ds, dated 17 Sept. 1833. The document is for a new "matress [sic] or seaman's bed," which according to the inventor's statement has an India Rubber waterproof cover, shredded cork fill, and compartments to keep the fill from shifting. The added advantages to this sleep system are t... > Item Details
Civil War Era Tin Cups,
Lot # 721 - Civil War Era Tin Cups,
lot of 9, of the type commonly used by enlisted personnel in both the Union & Confederate armies and one tin cup type candle lantern/chamber stick. Three matching with tin ring handle, 3.7" high; 2 others with handle, 3.25" & 5.7" high (chamber stick), 3 matching tumbler type, 2.5" high & one tumb... > Item Details
North American Coin Silver Stuffing Spoon,
Lot # 682 - North American Coin Silver Stuffing Spoon,
with simple design, marked with "G" in circle & "IF" in oval, 12.25" long. > Item Details
American Lap Quilting Board,
Lot # 614 - American Lap Quilting Board,
American, 19th century. An ingenious device of pine with cut-outs for legs and pierced working surface with 19 straight 11" long openings, to allow the quilter to pass a needle through & maintain a straight line; 12.5" wide x 23.5" long with tacked tin wrap at one end for strength. > Item Details
Unusual Butter Working Paddles Plus,
Lot # 813 - Unusual Butter Working Paddles Plus,
lot of 5. American, 19th century. Includes a unusual flat form in figured maple with great old patina; 8" long; PLUS a curly maple example, aslo unusual flat form with sides, great curl; 10" long; PLUS 2 other single piece butter paddles; 8.25" & 9.25" long; AND a long tasting spoon, possibly Nativ... > Item Details
Half Plate Ambrotype of Civil War Naval Officer,
Lot # 170 - Half Plate Ambrotype of Civil War Naval Officer,
with the rank of Master wearing the regulation service dress first prescribed in 1852 and worn until superceded in 1862. His double-breasted frock coat, shoulder straps, and cuff button arrangement are the mark of a sea-going line officer originally known as a Sailing Master and rating just below t... > Item Details
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