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Madame Alexander Hard Plastic Elise Ballerina & Bride, in Original Boxes,
2008, Toy & Advertising Auction, Jan 26 & 27
includes an Elise bridal doll with grey sleep eyes, closed mouth, rooted reddish blonde hair with original wrist tag, outfit including bouquet and box, 17" tall, AND Elise with grey sleep eyes, closed mouth, original printed wrist tag in original pink ballerina outfit in original box.

Both mint in box.
Sold: $60.00
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1980s Fiberglass Coca-Cola Sign,
Lot # 1013 - 1980s Fiberglass Coca-Cola Sign,
hand-painted and made to appear as if made of old wood, ca 1980s and custom-made for theme park concession stand, bottle and red circle logo with steel brackets for hanging, 15.25" wide x 18" high. > Item Details
Fine Group of Die-Cut & Early Valentines,
Lot # 599 - Fine Group of Die-Cut & Early Valentines,
lot of 60. Including some wonderful examples of German chromolithographed die-cut art, including the following three dimensional valentines: one entitled Cupid’s Message, with Cupid pushing a wheel barrel with tissue paper red heart, 2.5" x 8.5" x 4.75" high, PLUS three dimensional piece of child dr... > Item Details
Five Chicken Pip-Squeak Toys,
Lot # 302 - Five Chicken Pip-Squeak Toys,
four are wood with chromolithograph paper, two of these have drawers in bottom, one on wheels, all with feather covered chickens on interiors and bellows, spring-loaded so when door is open chicken pops out and clucks or squeaks from bellows, from 3.75" to 8.5" high, AND a papier-mâché chick on spri... > Item Details
<i>Pittsburg Plate Glass Co.</i> Photogravure Sign with Indian,
Lot # 934 - Pittsburg Plate Glass Co. Photogravure Sign with Indian,
photogravure of American Indian standing by a tree with Pittsburgh Plate Glass Co. Paints, Oils and Glass St. Louis, Mo... in period oak frame, 16" x 19". > Item Details
Cincinnati <i>Sell Brand</i> Horse Racing Gear Wood Display Rack,
Lot # 982 - Cincinnati Sell Brand Horse Racing Gear Wood Display Rack,
made to mount on wall, with hinged center for storage, gold stencil on red ground with The Sell Brand Horse Boots & Racing Specialties G.S. Ellis & Sons, 39 Main St. Cincinnati, Ohio, with 5 steel hooks for hanging product, 38" x 6" high. > Item Details
<i>Kiddy Cyclist</i> Tin Toy,
Lot # 660 - Kiddy Cyclist Tin Toy,
ca 1940-1952, a Unique Art tin windup toy of a Kiddy Cyclist mounted on a tricycle. When engaged, a child with articulated arms and legs moves forward and a bell, that is mounted on the back of tricycle, rings; includes an on/off switch, 9" x 4.25" x 8.25" high. > Item Details
Ten All-Bisque Comic Character Dolls Including Set in Box,
Lot # 70 - Ten All-Bisque Comic Character Dolls Including Set in Box,
includes a boxed set of four in chromolithographed two-piece box with Moon Mullins, Uncle Willie, Kayo & Emmy, all in original polychrome paint and identified in mold on back of each and on box lid under illustration of each. It is a numbered set being No. 35 N12 distributed by N. Shure Co., Chicago... > Item Details
<i>Lehmann Motor Rad Cycle</i> or <i>Anxious Bride</i> Tin Windup Toy,
Lot # 540 - Lehmann Motor Rad Cycle or Anxious Bride Tin Windup Toy,
two-part chromolithographed with brown uniformed rider on tricycle marked Lehmann's Motor Rad-Cycle Mars on top of the spring-driven motor housing and on back of same marked Marke D.R. Engl. Patent Pending D.R. G.M. Made In Germany with Lehmann's press symbol, 3" x 4.75" x 4.8" high and the detachab... > Item Details
<i>Armand Marseille 971</i> Bisque Socket Head Character Toddler,
Lot # 123 - Armand Marseille 971 Bisque Socket Head Character Toddler,
with fixed blue glass eyes, open mouth, original reddish brown wig, marked on back of head Germany/971/A.7M./H.R.G.M. 267/1, on jointed bent limb composition body and in period, possibly original outfit, 17" tall. > Item Details
Uncatalogued Lot: Group of Miniature Baskets & More,
Lot # 241 - Uncatalogued Lot: Group of Miniature Baskets & More,
lot of 21 pieces. Includes boat, teapot and baskets carved from peach pits, 10 miniature woven baskets including American Indian, PLUS miniature band box, PLUS miniature dollhouse rug, hand-woven, AND woven textile, sizes from 0.6" to rug which is 4.4" x 8". > Item Details
Early <i>Schoenhut</i> Boy Doll,
Lot # 46 - Early Schoenhut Boy Doll,
socket head with molded and painted features and hair, with decal on back of neck, fully jointed body including wrists and ankles in girl's dress but original undergarments and shoes, 11" tall. > Item Details
Two Cast Iron Overland Circus Wagons,
Lot # 471 - Two Cast Iron Overland Circus Wagons,
ca 1892-1925, a Made In U.S.A. #3314 and #3316 cast iron Overland Circus Wagon with a hinged wagon door, includes a seated driver, two harnessed horses, and a polar bear on an attachable four-wheeled pulley, in original red, blue, yellow, and white finish, 14" x 3.5" x 8" high; PLUS a Made In U.S.A.... > Item Details
<i>Orcico Indian Tobacco</i> Tin,
Lot # 912 - Orcico Indian Tobacco Tin,
chromolithographed Orcico 2 for 5c rectangular tobacco tin with hinged lid, image of Plains Indians with background depicting Indian men hunting and Indian women cooking in front of tipis rendered in blue, white, red, brown, green and grey, 6" x 4" x 5.5" high. > Item Details
Lehmann <i>New Century Cycle</i> Tin Windup Toy,
Lot # 543 - Lehmann New Century Cycle Tin Windup Toy,
three-wheeled in original polychrome paint with gentleman in grey overcoat holding tiller in left hand and top hat in right, while his manservant of African descent in livery outfit holds a red and white striped umbrella with white stars on blue field at center, fixed key on right side that operates... > Item Details
Lot of Tin and Cast Toys,
Lot # 727 - Lot of Tin and Cast Toys,
lot of nine, includes a ca 1959 lithographed tin set of three Raggedy Ann plates and trays, in original finish, 4.75" x 4.75" (trays), three 3.375" diameter (plates); PLUS a ca 1950s-1960s De Lousa chromolithographed windup bus, with original red and yellow finish, and with four bottle-shaped wheels... > Item Details
<i>Columbus Buggy Co.</i> Chromolithographed Advertising Poster,
Lot # 1031 - Columbus Buggy Co. Chromolithographed Advertising Poster,
wonderful lithography showing a couple in carriage pulled by team of ostriches, while transatlantic steamship unloads buggies in background, circular vignettes in lower corners of Australian animals and buggy factory, 25" x 39", matted and in period frame, 27" x 41". Under mat poster was complete wi... > Item Details
Large Lot of Doll Accessories, Clothing, China, Etc,
Lot # 207 - Large Lot of Doll Accessories, Clothing, China, Etc,
this group includes two complete doll china tea sets, one in original box marked Made In Occupied Japan with service for four, pot, cream and sugar and four cups and saucers, 3.75" x 5" fitted box, PLUS set with pot, cream and sugar, six cups and saucers and six plates, plate is 4" diameter, PLUS a ... > Item Details
Two Cast Iron Horse Drawn Wagons, Police & Ice,
Lot # 473 - Two Cast Iron Horse Drawn Wagons, Police & Ice,
ca 1910-1940s, includes an unmarked Police Patrol wagon with spoke wheels, four seated police officers, and a horse harnessed to a pulley, Police Patrol is embossed on either side of cart, in original yellow, blue, black, and red finish, 12" x 2.75" x 6" high; AND an unmarked ice wagon with spoke wh... > Item Details
Cat Collectibles, Bank & Staffordshire Box,
Lot # 782 - Cat Collectibles, Bank & Staffordshire Box,
lot of two, including an American 19th century with mottled two color brown over yelloware body, in form of a cat's head with slot in top, 4.2" high, AND a Staffordshire dresser box, laundry basket form with two cats, relaxing on lid of basket, 4" long x 3.5" high. > Item Details
Seven Later Steel & Tin Automotive Toys,
Lot # 746 - Seven Later Steel & Tin Automotive Toys,
ca 1950s-1980s, includes a Tayo battery-operated yellow Volkswagen Bug made of steel and plastic, with rear lights that turn on and off with switch, 10" long x 3.75" high; a black #52680 Tonka Volkswagen Bug push toy with a steel body and plastic wheels, 8.25" long x 3.25" high; a Japanese tin push ... > Item Details
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