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* Rare Japanese Type 35 Experimental Rifle,
2008, Spring Firearms & Militaria, Apr 30 - May 2,
7.7mm caliber, 32" barrel, no serial number. Chrysanthemum is intact, no import marks. According to Fred L. Honeycutt, Jr. and F. Patt Anthony, "One variation of the Type 35 rifle has been encountered that appears to have been an original prototype. The arm is composed of Type 30 components on a Type 35 action. The action is obviously a Type 35 experimental as it lacks provisions for a dustcover and does not have a serial number. The action is stamped with the Tokyo Arsenal symbol, and action components are matched by a three digit number located under the receiver. Of particular significance is the lack of a lip at the barrel-receiver interface. The lip was required on Type 35 rifles to retain the special handguard which extended to the receiver location, rather than stopping forward of the rear sight as was done on the Type 30 rifle" (2001: 34).

Ex. Harry B. Andree, Jr.

Sold: $1,610.00
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European Tip-Up Cartridge Pistol,
Lot # 1889 - European Tip-Up Cartridge Pistol,
11mm caliber, 4.75" octagonal-to-round barrel, single-shot. Marked on the left side of frame with crown and NNN. Wood grips. > Item Details
Lot of Five New Stocks and Four New Barrels for Mauser Rifles,
Lot # 1942 - Lot of Five New Stocks and Four New Barrels for Mauser Rifles,
three 7x57, 24" barrels, one .257 Roberts, 21" barrel, and five walnut stocks. > Item Details
Lot of Six New Mauser Replacement Stocks,
Lot # 1945 - Lot of Six New Mauser Replacement Stocks,
two walnut Mannlicher stocks for 98 Mauser, one walnut stock for 1904 Portuguese Mauser, one maple stock for Portuguese 1904, and one walnut Boyd's stock for model 48 Yugoslavian Mauser. > Item Details
Large Lot of Holsters,
Lot # 1779 - Large Lot of Holsters,
U.S. shoulder holsters, and holster for the Model 1911 A-1. > Item Details
* Mauser HSC Semi-Automatic Pistol,
Lot # 465 - * Mauser HSC Semi-Automatic Pistol,
7.65mm caliber, 3.25" barrel, serial number 714809. Mauser markings on left side of slide with a Mauser banner as well as on the clip. Nazi proof on the flat of triggerguard. Blued finish with wood grips. In a modified black leather military holster. > Item Details
* Armi Jager Model Frontier Revolver,
* Turkish Mauser Rifle,
Lot # 1439 - * Turkish Mauser Rifle,
7mm caliber, 25" barrel, serial number 10216. Import marked, matching bolt. > Item Details
* Colt Police Positive Revolver,
Lot # 723 - * Colt Police Positive Revolver,
.22 WRF caliber, 6" barrel, serial number 31451. Blue finish, rubber grips. > Item Details
Bavarian Jager Infantry Raupenhelm,
Lot # 1158 - Bavarian Jager Infantry Raupenhelm,
ca 1870. Model 1868 enlisted man's black leather helmet with dark brown fur comb and brass trim. Obverse has L cypher for Ludwig II and crown front plate. Bavarian cockade and plume holder mounted on the left side. Complete with original leather chin strap. > Item Details
Lot of Eight Bayonets,
Lot # 604 - Lot of Eight Bayonets,
various models for European-style military rifles, all with scabbards. > Item Details
Grain-Painted Civil War Trunk of Major B.B. Hammond, Paymaster, U.S.A.,
Lot # 104 - Grain-Painted Civil War Trunk of Major B.B. Hammond, Paymaster, U.S.A.,
brown and wood color. Marked on the front of chest in painted letters Major B.B. Hammond, Paymaster, 33.5" x 19" x 19". > Item Details
WWII Leather Aviator's Cap,
Lot # 672 - WWII Leather Aviator's Cap,
no maker's label. Size 7 1/8. Complete with A-M 65/30 goggles. > Item Details
* Russian Nagant 91/30 Rifle,
Lot # 1412 - * Russian Nagant 91/30 Rifle,
7.62mm x 54R caliber, 20" barrel with bayonet fixed to barrel, serial number BF 1545. CAI import. > Item Details
Prussian Hussar Busby (Pelzmutze),
Lot # 1184 - Prussian Hussar Busby (Pelzmutze),
of black fur with red wool kolpak. Has nickel silver bandeau, enlisted pattern national cockade, Prussian wool field badge and white cords. Complete with brass chin scales. Interior with wicker frame and leather liner. > Item Details
* Remington Model 41 Rifle,
Lot # 693 - * Remington Model 41 Rifle,
.22 caliber, 27" round barrel, no serial number. Blued finish and walnut stock. > Item Details
* Colt Model 1917 Revolver,
Lot # 310 - * Colt Model 1917 Revolver,
.45 ACP caliber, 5.5" barrel, serial number 187108. Colt markings on the top of barrel. U.S Army markings on the bottom of butt. Wood grips. > Item Details
* Walther Model PP Pistol,
Lot # 1573 - * Walther Model PP Pistol,
7.65mm (.32 ACP) caliber, 3.75" barrel, serial number 433046. Box, two magazines, manual, test target, import marked. > Item Details
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