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Cold Winter Night by Lee K. Parkinson,
2007, American Indian and Western Art, Sept 15
oil on masonite, signed Lee K. Parkinson lower right, with label attached to board's verso containing title and artist. In a carved wood frame; 17.75" x 23.75" (sight), 26.5" x 32.5" (w/frame).

LEE K. PARKINSON (1913-2000) trained at the Chicago Institute of Art and also studied in Los Angeles, spending most of his career in the West, specifically in Utah.

Excellent condition.
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Pair of Later McKenney & Hall Prints,
Lot # 726 - Pair of Later McKenney & Hall Prints,
first of Wa-Pel-La, measuring 10" x 14" (sight) and 16" x 19" (w/frame), and second of Chon-Man-E-Case, painted by C.B. King, measuring 11" x 15" (sight), 24" x 28" (w/frame). > Item Details
Exceptional Apache Figural Tray,
Lot # 188 - Exceptional Apache Figural Tray,
with elaborate devil's claw motifs woven to illustrate seven humans separated by packs of dogs; entire group stands on circle with triangles pointing toward an Apache star, height 4.25" x diameter 19.5". > Item Details
Washo Basket,
Lot # 159 - Washo Basket,
finely coiled and decorated with tight geometric designs of paired pronged devices and stepped parallel bars; height 4.5" x diameter 7.25". Basket rim with area of dark stitches for about 1.25" and two lone dark stitches. > Item Details
Navajo Third Phase Chief Blanket,
Lot # 266 - Navajo Third Phase Chief Blanket,
native hand-spun wool colored with natural and aniline dyes; with band of yellow through center of nine-spot design, 58.25" x 58.25". > Item Details
Eskimo Fossilized Ivory Bow Drill,
Lot # 67 - Eskimo Fossilized Ivory Bow Drill,
fully carved with various aquatic hunting scenes; length 14.75". Leigh Edward and Christine Robinson Collection The following lots (51- 82) were collected by pioneer Alaskan educators LEIGH EDWARD ROBINSON (1882-1960) and CHRISTINE ROBINSON (1883-1965) and have been loving curated by his grandchil... > Item Details
Navajo Hand-Woven Sashes,
Lot # 661 - Navajo Hand-Woven Sashes,
lot of 4. Includes a sash of red, forest green, and cream wool, length w/o fringe 79.5"; PLUS another sash of same colors but readiing primarily cream, length w/o fringe 58"; PLUS a narrower wool sash in colors of sharp green, red, and red-orange, length 50"; AND the last woven of red, forest green... > Item Details
Navajo First Phase Concha Belt,
Lot # 301 - Navajo First Phase Concha Belt,
with super heavy hand-cast and beautifully filed buckle. Six conchas with traditional slot opening with added decoration of a "point" in each corner, buckle length 4.25" x width 3.5"; concha length 4.2" x width 3.3". Commercially tanned leather belt is not punched for a waist size, length 39". > Item Details
Eskimo Carved Fossilized Ivory Figure,
Lot # 6 - Eskimo Carved Fossilized Ivory Figure,
with delicately carved face and slightly hunched body, hands placed at mid-thigh, length 2.5". When a couple has been without children for a long time and desires a baby, the husband may carve a doll which is fed and cared for. Figures are also carved to stand in for people away from the village dur... > Item Details
Indian Encampment Scene by Victor Casenelli,
Lot # 333 - Indian Encampment Scene by Victor Casenelli,
watercolor on paper, signed V. Casenelli lower right. In a carved gilt frame with cloth matting; 7" x 12" (sight), 18" x 22" (w/frame). VICTOR CASENELLI (1867-1961, Michigan) is known for his paintings of Indians, as well as Mediterranean and Michigan landscapes. He was commissioned by William Howa... > Item Details
Colorful Hand-Embroidered Cree Velvet Vest,
Lot # 571 - Colorful Hand-Embroidered Cree Velvet Vest,
with black cotton back and printed cotton lining, chest measurement, 36". Vest closes with brass buttons and hand-worked buttonholes. > Item Details
Athapaskan Beaded Hide Jacket,
Lot # 88 - Athapaskan Beaded Hide Jacket,
thread-sewn using glass bead colors of white, pink, pea green, and medium blue to decorate red and black cotton trim work on cuffs and front; rabbit fur trim on hem and collar, fringe at shoulder seam; length 30.5" x chest 40". AUCTIONEER'S NOTE: Muskrat fur trim at hem and collar not rabbit. > Item Details
Eskimo Bone Snow Goggles,
Lot # 20 - Eskimo Bone Snow Goggles,
with string and sinew bridging nose; length 5.25". > Item Details
Western Great Lakes Steatite Pipe Bowls,
Lot # 521 - Western Great Lakes Steatite Pipe Bowls,
lot of 2, includes one with an acutely angled bowl carved with slight bulge; crest with two apertures, length 5.5"; AND a elbow bowl carved with concentric rings, length 5". > Item Details
Sioux Beaded Hide Moccasins,
Lot # 457 - Sioux Beaded Hide Moccasins,
thread- and sinew-sewn using glass bead colors of pea green, cobalt, red white-heart, white, and marcasite; with bifurcated tongues finishing in tin cones filled with purple-dyed feathers; cuffs edged in cotton; length 10.5" > Item Details
Two San Ildefonso Black-on-Black Plates by Blue Corn,
Lot # 228 - Two San Ildefonso Black-on-Black Plates by Blue Corn,
lot of 2. Both with pleasing geometrics that fill entire center; one diameter 5.25"; AND other 4.75". Each plate signed Blue Corn San Ildefonso Pueblo. During her lifetime Blue Corn (1921-1999) won numerous impressive awards; renown museums have her pieces in their collections. > Item Details
Apache Beaded Hide
Lot # 660 - Apache Beaded Hide "Cactus-Kicker" Moccasins,
thread-sewn with lanes of beadwork in colors of dark blue, white, and black; upturned toes; pinked cuffs, length 10". > Item Details
Navajo Teec Nos Pos Weaving,
Lot # 255 - Navajo Teec Nos Pos Weaving,
native hand-spun rambouillet wool in natural and green, orange, and red aniline dyes; vertical outlined zigzags bordered by connecting tulip shapes; 93.5" x 49". > Item Details
Navajo Tobacco Canteens,
Lot # 312 - Navajo Tobacco Canteens,
lot of 2, includes one hand-wrought of heavy silver and stamped on each side with concha-style image set off with center turquoise, diameter 3"; AND another with two repoussé conchas positioned back to back and upright on a small stand, each concha and top with a turquoise, height 4.5". > Item Details
<i>The Dreamer</i>, Bronze by James Roybal,
Lot # 369 - The Dreamer, Bronze by James Roybal,
cold-painted bronze on wood base, with title and artist on base, and also written Tribe- Gros Ventre Fly Society, 1981, 2/25. This cast was presumably copyrighted by this particular society. The sculpture itself depicts an Indian atop a rocky outcropping, hiding beneath a buffalo hide. A stream o... > Item Details
Bronze <i>Dog Woman</i> by Ace Powell,
Lot # 365 - Bronze Dog Woman by Ace Powell,
brown patinated bronze on wood base, signed Powell with monogram and 20/35; measuring 8" x 10.5" x 13".Ace Powell (1912-1978) was born in New Mexico and raised on a Blackfeet Reservation in Montana. His inspiration was drawn from those experiences as well as his time as a rancher and cowboy. AUCT... > Item Details
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