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Cold Winter Night by Lee K. Parkinson,
2007, American Indian and Western Art, Sept 15
oil on masonite, signed Lee K. Parkinson lower right, with label attached to board's verso containing title and artist. In a carved wood frame; 17.75" x 23.75" (sight), 26.5" x 32.5" (w/frame).

LEE K. PARKINSON (1913-2000) trained at the Chicago Institute of Art and also studied in Los Angeles, spending most of his career in the West, specifically in Utah.

Excellent condition.
Sold: $960.00
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Bronze <i>Counting Coup</i> by James Roybal,
Lot # 368 - Bronze Counting Coup by James Roybal,
bronze on wood base, measuring 7.5" x 21" x 11", inscribed on base with title, artist and 1975, 15/50. JAMES ROYBAL (1952- ) attended New Mexico University and is best known for his Western subject matter. > Item Details
Paper Machier Indian Figure with Eagle,
Lot # 712 - Paper Machier Indian Figure with Eagle,
illegibly signed lower right, housed in a contemporary frame under plexiglass; 23" x 28" (sight), 29" x 36" (w/frame). > Item Details
Cheyenne Beaded Hide Moccasins,
Lot # 496 - Cheyenne Beaded Hide Moccasins,
sinew-sewn using glass bead colors of rose, orange, cobalt, light blue, on a lime green ground; yellow/ green pigment on cuffs and tongue; length 11". > Item Details
Tlingit Wolf Mask,
Lot # 106 - Tlingit Wolf Mask,
with black, green, and red paint around eyes, forehead and ears; large inset abalone eyes and nostrils, ivory teeth, inset ivory disks of graduating size along edges of mask, and locks of hair at ears, length 14.5" x height 14". > Item Details
Sioux Quilled Hide Vest,
Lot # 620 - Sioux Quilled Hide Vest,
thread-sewn, with green, red, orange, yellow, purple, and blue quillwork; backed with polka-dot patterned cotton and edged with pink satin ribbon, length 21" x chest 36". > Item Details
Gros Ventre Beaded Vest,
Lot # 169 - Gros Ventre Beaded Vest,
thread-sewn using glass bead colors of cobalt, white, bright red white-heart, greasy yellow, and marcasite against a translucent light green ground; lined with a patterned cotton and backed with navy corduroy, length 20" x chest 34". > Item Details
Chippewa Beaded Vest,
Lot # 754 - Chippewa Beaded Vest,
thread-sewn with small (13/0) glass beads in colors of greasy yellow, rose, cut pink, white, cut translucent olive, and medium blue forming floral imagery on black velveteen chest panels, eyehook closure, beige cotton lining, inside breast pocket, and black polished cotton back, length 21" x chest ... > Item Details
Group of Eskimo Baskets,
Lot # 541 - Group of Eskimo Baskets,
lot of 4, all coiled and decorated with aniline-dyed grass. Includes lidded basket, height 14.5" x diameter 13"; PLUS a tall lidded basket with upright block designs, height 12 x diameter 7.5"; PLUS a smaller lidded basket, height 5" x diameter 5.5"; AND a bowl, height 4" x diameter 7.25". Leigh Ed... > Item Details
Navajo Red Mesa Weaving
Lot # 284 - Navajo Red Mesa Weaving
native handspun wool in natural and aniline dye; designed with stepped squash blossoms and interlocking lines forming stacked diamonds, 75" x 51.25". > Item Details
Large Yokuts Figural Basket,
Lot # 131 - Large Yokuts Figural Basket,
coiled with flaring walls and with reddish vertical "rattlesnake" design separated by floating butterflies, height 8.75" x diameter 19.25". > Item Details
Yosemite Paiute Bowl,
Lot # 148 - Yosemite Paiute Bowl,
coiled and edged with super-fine braided rim. Four bold dark decorations resembling little blankets add interest to a well shaped bowl, height 3.25" x diameter 7". Bowl with a negative star-flower in the center bottom. > Item Details
Modoc Basket,
Lot # 591 - Modoc Basket,
twined with full-twist overlay depicting linear motifs of stacked rhomboids further enhanced with a central diamond, height 6.5" x 11". > Item Details
Paiute Water Bottle with Horsehair Handles,
Lot # 638 - Paiute Water Bottle with Horsehair Handles,
coiled and covered with pitch to waterproof it. This one has been rubbed with red ochre first, giving it its warm glow, height 5.75". > Item Details
Washo Basket Bowls,
Lot # 158 - Washo Basket Bowls,
lot of 3, all with simple reddish brown motifs that flow around basket creating geometric bands. Includes a small basket coiled over a single rod, height 3.25" x diameter 5.5"; PLUS a medium sized basket coiled with the gap stitch, height 3.5" x diameter 9"; AND a larger basket coiled with the gap ... > Item Details
Plains Beaded Drop,
Lot # 421 - Plains Beaded Drop,
sinew-sewn on red wool backed with cotton and has glass bead colors of white, greasy yellow, white, light and medium blue, and red white-heart; fringe coated in red pigment and wool tufts finish drop, length 16". > Item Details
Eskimo Wooden Bucket with Ivory Handle,
Lot # 47 - Eskimo Wooden Bucket with Ivory Handle,
with circle and dot motif. Container exterior painted with soft brick-colored pigment which has been abraded away on lower edges. Handle attached with leathers; closure stitched with narrow strips of wood; length 10" x height 6.75". > Item Details
Plateau Beaded Flat Bag,
Lot # 176 - Plateau Beaded Flat Bag,
thread-sewn with pea green, pale pink, yellow, medium blue, striped blue, red, black, amber, translucent orange, blue, and light green, against a light blue glass bead ground to depict the head of an elk surrounded with flowers. Edged and backed with blue wool and lined with blue polished cotton, h... > Item Details
Large Tohono O'odham Basket,
Lot # 197 - Large Tohono O'odham Basket,
coiled of yucca and devil's claw creating an "X" motif with figures of 3 men, 3 men on horseback, 6 women, 9 birds and 3 deer, height 20" x diameter 19". > Item Details
Iroquois Corn Husk Mask,
Lot # 744 - Iroquois Corn Husk Mask,
illustrating a male, but woven by a woman. This coiled mask has a bundle braided foundation and was used in traditional ceremonies, height 11". > Item Details
Navajo Western Reservation Weaving,
Lot # 282 - Navajo Western Reservation Weaving,
native hand-spun wool using natural and aniline dye; with mirrored cross and stepped design, 83" x 57.5" > Item Details
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