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Winchester Gun Oil Cardboard Display Stand with Six Winchester Oil Cans,
2007, Historic Firearms and Early Militaria, May 2
cardboard display with six cans of oil. Red, yellow and blue in color.

Ex. Clarence R. Hunter

The cardboard container has a slight dirty look that could be cleaned. The six oil cans are in mint condition.
Sold: $977.50
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Lot of Two French Swords,
Lot # 1249 - Lot of Two French Swords,
M1850 Foot Officer's Sword with 30.5" bade with two fullers. Sword is marked 13083 on hilt. European markings on blade at hilt. Brass hilt and pommel. Wood grips and metal scabbard. Second sword with 30.5" blade, single fuller on both sides of blade. Numbered at top of hilt 92469. Wood grips, steel ... > Item Details
Lot of Two Small Revolvers; One is <i>North American Arms Corp.</i> and the Other is <i>Four Aces</i>,
Lot # 1055 - Lot of Two Small Revolvers; One is North American Arms Corp. and the Other is Four Aces,
.22 caliber, 1" barrel, serial number B31272. Barrels are made of stainless steel and marked North American Arms with black plastic grips. The Four Aces is .22 caliber, 1.75" barrel, serial number 3461. Brass frame with steel barrels. > Item Details
Screw Tip Powder Horn,
Lot # 759 - Screw Tip Powder Horn,
plug extends 0.25" beyond the end of horn. Rope pattern in a circle on bottom of butt. Metal chain sections connect to rosette on center with bulbous metal finial and a staple strap on neck with leather strap between the sections. Plug is connected to horn by three brads. Neck of horn with two etche... > Item Details
Pair of English <i>C.B. Fisher  39 Greek Street</i> Boxlock Pistols,
Lot # 1182 - Pair of English C.B. Fisher 39 Greek Street Boxlock Pistols,
ca 1800-1810. .50 caliber, 2.75" barrels with a band of foliage engraved at the end of the muzzle. Rifled barrel with seven land and grooves. Rounded boxlock actions complete with a depiction of a trophy stand of a shield, flags and arms on each side. Locks are further engraved with foliate patterns... > Item Details
Lot of Five Winchester Empty Bricks of Cartridge Boxes,
Lot # 97 - Lot of Five Winchester Empty Bricks of Cartridge Boxes,
including box of fifty .22 short "Lesmok" Rimfire Cartridges with two Winchester rifles depicted on the box, two boxes of 500 .22 long rifle rimfire, .22 long range cartridges, and .22 long rifle match cartridges Staynless EZXS cartridges. > Item Details
Lot of Six Winchester Display Signs,
Lot # 446 - Lot of Six Winchester Display Signs,
used to display a single rifle, with Winchester painted in red letters on wood complete with plastic holders. > Item Details
<i>Tachi</i> Type Short Sword, in <i>Shira Saya</i> (Storage Scabbard) Grip & Military Scabbard,
Lot # 1223 - Tachi Type Short Sword, in Shira Saya (Storage Scabbard) Grip & Military Scabbard,
with 20.5” ? steel blade has a beveled top edge and Sugba-style (straight) Hamon (heat treatment on edge). The Nakago (tang) is signed on left face Hishu Ju Yoshimitsu with single Nakago-ana (mounting hole), total length without mounts, 26.4”. Mounted in a Shira Saya (storage scabbard), with brass ... > Item Details
Peters Ideal Paper Shot Shell Box,
Pair of <i>Remington DuPont Famous for Their Razor Sharp Edges</i> Display Cases,
Lot # 434 - Pair of Remington DuPont Famous for Their Razor Sharp Edges Display Cases,
both wood cases are 19.5" x 14" x 8." One with six shelves, the other with seven. Both cases with functional keys. > Item Details
Lot of Rear Receiver Sights in Original Boxes,
Lot # 388 - Lot of Rear Receiver Sights in Original Boxes,
both front and rear sight parts for Winchesters and Marlin rifles. > Item Details
<i>Edward Barnes & Son's, Old Zack</i> Bowie Knife with Sheath,
Lot # 827 - Edward Barnes & Son's, Old Zack Bowie Knife with Sheath,
with 6.8” single-edged, clipped-end blade stamped on left ricasso Edward/Barnes/& Sons with oval German silver guard and cast German silver grip with embossed scroll and shell design, total length 11.5”. In original red leather sheath with stamped and gilt decoration and nickel throat, gilt half-len... > Item Details
N. Starr H&P 1861 Conversion Musket,
Lot # 913 - N. Starr H&P 1861 Conversion Musket,
.69 caliber, 36" barrel, lockplate marked U.S. N. Starr, Middtn., Conn. dated 1838. Top of barrel further marked with H&P and dated 1861. This is when the barrel was shortened and the restorer rifled and sighted this musket. > Item Details
Frankford Arsenal Cartridges,
Lot # 949 - Frankford Arsenal Cartridges,
12 Revolver Ball Cartridges Calibre .45 Frankford Arsenal, 1877. > Item Details
Daisy <i>Targeteer</i> Automatic Toy Pistol,
Lot # 291 - Daisy Targeteer Automatic Toy Pistol,
top of barrel stamped Daisy No. 118 Target Special Caliber .118 > Item Details
<i>Model 1816 Contract  P. & E.W. Blake</i> Percussion Musket,
Lot # 908 - Model 1816 Contract P. & E.W. Blake Percussion Musket,
.69 caliber, 42" barrel, three barrel bands, and walnut stock. The lock plate is marked E.W. Blake. Converted from flint to percussion. > Item Details
Two English Brass Barreled Percussion Boot Pistols,
Lot # 1192 - Two English Brass Barreled Percussion Boot Pistols,
boxed lock percussion pistols with brass barrels .40 caliber. One with 6" barrel and other with 3" barrel. Both with British proofs. Walnut grips. > Item Details
<i>Moses Little His Horn</i> Engraved Powder Horn Dated <i>1759,</i>
Lot # 618 - Moses Little His Horn Engraved Powder Horn Dated 1759,
14" overall length, 3" diameter. Wood plug with turned spout. Light brown and black in color. Horn is inscribed Moses Little His Horn May 4th Made in the Year 1759. (Swayze, 1978: 70-71, fig 14.) Based on an internet source (http//:gravematter.smugmug.com) this may be the early horn that belonged t... > Item Details
Lot of Six <i>Winchester</i> Wood Crates,
Lot # 425 - Lot of Six Winchester Wood Crates,
all are 12 gauge and stamped Staynless. Three are early with dovetailed composition and with a large red W. The other three crates are stamped Super Speed. > Item Details
* Winchester Model 68 Single-Shot .22 Bolt Action Rifle in Original Cardboard Box,
Lot # 62 - * Winchester Model 68 Single-Shot .22 Bolt Action Rifle in Original Cardboard Box,
.22 short and long long rifle, 27" round barrel. Standard Winchester rear and front sights. Walnut stock. Hard rubber buttplate. Original cardboard box with original Winchester '67 and '68 pamphlets. > Item Details
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