Lot 771    

Lot of Six Powder Horns,
2007, Historic Firearms and Early Militaria, May 2
first horn with name James McAffe and dated 1754 on plug. Beveled spout and overall length 15.5". Second is an engraved powder horn with six dogs and one large deer complete with scene of a home. Marked JxVCR. Third horn with stippled engraving Charles Gates BO 1843 with two deer. Fourth horn with engraved image of a woman and image of flag with eagle and a cross. Fifth horn with excellent silver engraved plug with scrollwork. Tip with chain and inscribed spout. Sixth horn is leather-covered and fastened with leather strings by the neck. Staple strap on plug and on the neck near the tip.

Collection of G. Vernon Diab

Second horn with 8" crack along the side. Plug also with cracks. Third and fourth horns have been cleaned. Sixth horn's dried leather has a nice tight, aged look.
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Scarce Civil War Officer's Canteen,
Lot # 795 - Scarce Civil War Officer's Canteen,
blue painted tin canteen with two compartments fastened together with a hook. One spout cap is missing. 8.25" diameter. > Item Details
Lot of Five Bayonets,
Lot # 1104 - Lot of Five Bayonets,
one Winchester Lee bayonet complete with scabbard and marked on the hilt Winchester Repeating Arms Company. Two German military bayonets with the saw-blade teeth on the edge. One has 19" blade, the other has a 14.5" blade. Plus one machete. > Item Details
Winchester Super Speed and Ranger Shotshells Salesman's Sample Box,
Lot # 71 - Winchester Super Speed and Ranger Shotshells Salesman's Sample Box,
in a blue box with yellow label with red and blue lettering. Box is complete and original. > Item Details
German Sword,
Lot # 1167 - German Sword,
32" blade, marked at the ricasso Clauberg Solingen. Seal on the reverse. This is a contract of a non-regulation officer's Civil War sword. Shagreen wrapped handle with brass wire, German silver guard and hilt. > Item Details
T.J. Stafford Single-Shot Derringer,
Lot # 1042 - T.J. Stafford Single-Shot Derringer,
.22 caliber, 3" barrel, serial number 1501. Barrel is nickel plated, brass frame, barrel and engraved frame with pearl grips. > Item Details
Two Boxes of Frankford Arsenal Cartridges,
Lot # 951 - Two Boxes of Frankford Arsenal Cartridges,
12 Revolver Ball Cartridges Calibre .45, Frankford Arsenal, 1878. > Item Details
<i>Lyman</i> Receiver Sight,
*Winchester Model 61 Rifle,
Lot # 548 - *Winchester Model 61 Rifle,
.22 short long, long rifle, 24" barrel, serial number 80570. Winchester markings on the barrel. Walnut buttstock and forearm. > Item Details
* German Waffenbrink Mauser with Original Holster,
Lot # 582 - * German Waffenbrink Mauser with Original Holster,
.765mm caliber, 3 3/8" standard barrel, serial number 23101. One-piece wood grips. > Item Details
Lot of Winchester Brochures,
Lot # 484 - Lot of Winchester Brochures,
three catalogs on the Model 21 Winchester ca 1945-1960. > Item Details
Colt Root Model 2 Revolver,
Lot # 877 - Colt Root Model 2 Revolver,
.28 caliber, 3.5" barrel, serial number 13893. Nickel-plated finish with walnut grips marked on the top of barrel with a hand with finger pointing toward PT 1855 between two crosses. Two-line address and then two-line Hartford address. > Item Details
Lot of Miscellaneous <i>Lyman</i> Gun Compensator's  Parts,
Lot # 211 - Lot of Miscellaneous Lyman Gun Compensator's Parts,
Lyman Cutts Comp in orange and black box with components. Lyman Cutts Compensator 410 Gauge complete with components. Eureka Loading Set Manufactured by Union Hardware Company Torrington, Conn. No 160 20 gauge, one set for Shot Gun Shells complete with components. Box with compensator stamped The Po... > Item Details
Lot of Four Winchester Fishing Reels,
Lot # 219 - Lot of Four Winchester Fishing Reels,
includes Winchester Models 4246, 4340, 4345, 4250. > Item Details
Mark II WWI Cased US Navy Spyglass,
Lot # 1088 - Mark II WWI Cased US Navy Spyglass,
marked Quartermaster Mark II 16 Power Hayward, Los Angeles. In the original wood box in which it was issued. > Item Details
Lot of <i>Savage Arms</i> Brochures,
Lot # 480 - Lot of Savage Arms Brochures,
two are new, the rest are old. Catalogue No. 61 is very colorful with the Indian chief logo on it. > Item Details
Early Soapstone Bullet Mold & Jack Knife,
Lot # 814 - Early Soapstone Bullet Mold & Jack Knife,
lot of 2, includes a 2-piece carved soapstone bullet mold for two .44 caliber round shots with steel pins and corresponding holes in each half, ca 4" long, AND a Mediterranean-style sailor's jack knife with horn grip and single-edged engraved steel blade, 6.25" long open. Both with inked accession m... > Item Details
Lot of Three Horns,
Lot # 1246 - Lot of Three Horns,
one is engraved with a dog, fish and a turket and overall length 12". Second horn is 7.5" and has primitive Arabesque folk carvings and a copper spout. Third horn is 7.5." > Item Details
Colt Model 1877 Lightning Revolver,
Lot # 1028 - Colt Model 1877 Lightning Revolver,
.41 caliber, 4.5" barrel, serial number 61207. Two-line barrel address, three-line patent address left side of barrel with acid etched panel. Complete with caliber markings. Nickel finish and hard rubber grips. > Item Details
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