Lot 489    

American Indian Weekly Ration Ticket,
2007, American Indian and Western Art, March 31
dated 1884 and with Bull 66 written on the reverse. Ticket is punched demonstrating use and is good for 10 people, however ticket does not list Agency, Tribe, or Band, length 3.25" x width 1.25". Paper ticket with green twisted cord through hole. For similar ticket see (Painter 1991:60,610)

expected wear demonstrated by punches, but very good.
Sold: $517.50
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<i>Earth Flowers</i> by R. C. Gorman,
Lot # 367 - Earth Flowers by R. C. Gorman,
acrylic on canvas, signed R.C. Gorman in the lower left. A figural study of two full-bodied Indian women, executed in warm colors. In a contemporary frame; 35" x 48" (w/o frame), 40" x 51" (w/frame).R. C. GORMAN (1932-2005) has often been referred to as the "Indian Picasso." He achieved wide succe... > Item Details
Eskimo Carved Fossilized Ivory Labrets,
Lot # 43 - Eskimo Carved Fossilized Ivory Labrets,
lot of 9, includes six labrets of varying forms, average length 1"; PLUS a bone labret with brown painted surface, length .75", PLUS an ivory and wood float plug, length 2.25", AND an ivory float plug, length 1". > Item Details
<i>Navajo Woman on Horseback</i> by Carl Schmidt,
Lot # 334 - Navajo Woman on Horseback by Carl Schmidt,
oil on canvas, signed Carl Schmidt lower right; 29.5" x 36" (sight), 36.25" x 42" (w/frame).CARL SCHMIDT (1885-1969, California) studied at the Art Institute of Chicago. He is known for landscapes, Indians, still lifes, portraits, religious and historical genre paintings. > Item Details
Cochiti Pitcher,
Lot # 213 - Cochiti Pitcher,
black- and red-on-white, potted with a round body, cylindrical spout, and coil handle. Pitcher depicts 2 birds looking hungrily at berried bush, height 5.5" x 6.75". > Item Details
<i>Last of His People</i> a Scarce Orotone by Carl Moon,
Lot # 144 - Last of His People a Scarce Orotone by Carl Moon,
Hopi, signed in script on glass, C Moon; back with pasted Pasadena, CA label; image size approximately 7.25” x 9.25"; with frame 15" x 17". > Item Details
<i>Big Medicine</i> by Peter Fillerup,
Lot # 370 - Big Medicine by Peter Fillerup,
bronze on wood base measuring 15" in diameter, with sculpture itself 32" high. Plaque on base containing title Big Medicine. Artist's name, date, and numbered on inscription on bronze base Peter M. Fillerup, 1985/ 5/12.Peter M. Fillerup (1953- ), son of noted Western painter Mel Fillerup, was born... > Item Details
<i>Papago Girl</i> by Edward Curtis,
Lot # 143 - Papago Girl by Edward Curtis,
framed and marked at bottom under image From Copyright Photograph 1907 by E. S. Curtis and Photogravure John Andrew V Son and on top of image Plate 48, photograph w/o frame 13.25" x 17.6", photograph w/ frame 22.5" x 26" > Item Details
Lapp Carved Ivory Spoon and Indian Carved Ivory Elephants,
Lot # 588 - Lapp Carved Ivory Spoon and Indian Carved Ivory Elephants,
includes 3 pieces of ivory each with a procession of elephants, 15 elephants in total, lengths, 5.5", 4.75", 4.25"; PLUS a spoon with a scrimshawed caribou in scoop, length 4.5", AND a napkin ring holder with carved flowers, length 2" x diameter 2.25". To be sold at end of auction. This lot will be ... > Item Details
Zuni Jar,
Lot # 209 - Zuni Jar,
black- and red-on-white of globular form, elongated neck, and concave base. Designed with connecting hatched diamonds that turn inward and with a solid black line filling negative space. Double broken spirit line separates body from neck. Neck with similar motif as body, height 9.5" x diameter 11". > Item Details
Chippewa Beaded Hide Mittens,
Lot # 518 - Chippewa Beaded Hide Mittens,
thread-sewn and beaded with marcasites and bottle green, white, yellow, cobalt, and medium blue glass seed beads to form stunning bold foliate imagery. Cuffs edged with rabbit fur and fringed along outer edge. Red and black braided yarn decorated with pom-poms, attach mittens together (so you don't... > Item Details
A Fine and Early Tsimshian Carved Wooden <i>Eulachon Oil</i> Ladle,
Lot # 70 - A Fine and Early Tsimshian Carved Wooden Eulachon Oil Ladle,
formed with a flat handle decorated with an early, but non-representational design, and graduating into a shallow elegantly shaped bowl saturated with eulachon oil, syllabics incised on back of handle, length 12". Steve Brown has suggested a date of manufacture of circa 1850 (Personal Communication,... > Item Details
D. F. Barry Cabinet Card of Sioux Warriors,
Lot # 408 - D. F. Barry Cabinet Card of Sioux Warriors,
probably 1870s-80s, shows men in dressed in full regalia. Imprint verso for Barry’s Bismarck, D.T. studio, this image has been cropped by Barry from a larger group portrait. > Item Details
Eskimo Engraved Fossilized Ivory Harpoon Points,
Lot # 48 - Eskimo Engraved Fossilized Ivory Harpoon Points,
lot of 12, includes a long spear point carved from antler; length 13.25"; PLUS a fossil ivory harpoon point, length 7.75"; PLUS another similar harpoon point, length 6.75"; PLUS another barbed harpoon point, length 8.25"; PLUS a toggle point, length 4"; PLUS another point with remnants of metal tip,... > Item Details
<i>To The Right Wind</i> by Frank Howell,
Lot # 364 - To The Right Wind by Frank Howell,
monochrome lithograph on paper, signed and titled in pencil on lower side and numbered 22/75; 15" x 22.5" (sight), 20" x 28" (w/frame).FRANK HOWELL (1937-1997) is often known for his fusion of contemporary abstract features and traditional styles. > Item Details
<I>Indian Fording Stream</i>, by Gerry Metz,
Lot # 351 - Indian Fording Stream, by Gerry Metz,
opaque watercolor on board, signed Gerry Metz lower left corner; 10.5" x 14.5" (sight), 20" x 23.5" (w/frame).GERRY MICHAEL METZ (1943- ) is a sculptor and painter residing in Scottsdale, Arizona. His preferred subject matter is that of the Old West. > Item Details
Plains Catlinite Pipe with Wooden Stem,
Lot # 454 - Plains Catlinite Pipe with Wooden Stem,
bowl with pronounced beveled anterior projection and with squared posterior, length 8.2" x height 3.5" AND stem of highly polished wood, length 24.5". > Item Details
Northern Plains Fleshing Tool,
Lot # 461 - Northern Plains Fleshing Tool,
made from antler and used to remove grease and fat from a hide, length 14.5". > Item Details
Plains Throwing Game Hoop,
Lot # 466 - Plains Throwing Game Hoop,
constructed from wooden ring laced with strips of hide leaving a hole in center for throwing stick, diameter 12.25". > Item Details
Plains Finely Braided and Quilled Leather Quirt,
Lot # 446 - Plains Finely Braided and Quilled Leather Quirt,
with 3 braided whips and hand loop, length of quirt w/o whips or loop 10.5". Braiding may be over metal rod. > Item Details
Lot # 338 - "Indian Rider" by William Meuttman,
oil on canvas, signed W. Meuttman lower right, also with Meutmann inscribed on frame's plaque; 15.5" x 21.5" (sight), 25" x 31" (w/frame).WILLIAM MEUTTMAN (1869-1948) was born to German parents in Cincinnati, Ohio. He trained under Duveneck and was a member of the Cincinnati Art Club. Like his con... > Item Details
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