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American Halberd and Haft, PLUS Relic Spontoon Head,
2007, Historic Firearms and Early Militaria, May 2
ca 1700-1740. Iron cruciform spear point extends 24" from the top layer of the beak and blade. 4" break and 5" crescent-shaped blade. Beak and blade with pierced ornamental designs. Straps attached to shaft via six rivets. Opposite side of strap connected via four rivets. Other pair of straps extends down the shaft ca 24" and with six and eight rivets on opposite sides. Wood shaft with expected worm holes. 105" overall. Relic spontoon head ca 1755-1785 with 11" ridged blade. Conical base. Overall length 19."

Collection of G. Vernon Diab

Straps with small segments of iron missing. Salt and pepper pitting on the spear. Straps with nominal oxidation.
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<i>Edward Barnes & Son's, Old Zack</i> Bowie Knife with Sheath,
Lot # 827 - Edward Barnes & Son's, Old Zack Bowie Knife with Sheath,
with 6.8” single-edged, clipped-end blade stamped on left ricasso Edward/Barnes/& Sons with oval German silver guard and cast German silver grip with embossed scroll and shell design, total length 11.5”. In original red leather sheath with stamped and gilt decoration and nickel throat, gilt half-len... > Item Details
Civil War Archive of James R. Davidson,
Lot # 813 - Civil War Archive of James R. Davidson,
includes an albumen photograph of Davidson in uniform with his Springfield rifle and a Sheffield dirk and bayonet in his belt. 6" x 8" in original oval frame, 10.75" x 12.75", identified on back. Our research found three soldiers with this same name. Two were from Ohio and one was from Pennsylvania.... > Item Details
<i>Goulcher</i> Half-Stock Percussion Rifle,
Lot # 741 - Goulcher Half-Stock Percussion Rifle,
.36 caliber, 42" octagonal barrel. Buckhorn rear sight with Rocky Mountain-style front sight. Walnut stock with cheek piece, brass furniture. > Item Details
American Silver Hilted Hunting Sword,
Lot # 672 - American Silver Hilted Hunting Sword,
ca 1770-1785. 29" blade, spiral ivory grips. Silver cross-guard and double-looped chain guard. Blade marked Clark. Very early pattern of a Philadelphia-made sword. (See Bezdek, 1994: 98) > Item Details
Priming Horn ID'd to <i>Thomas Austin Hicks,</i> and Straight Razor,
Lot # 774 - Priming Horn ID'd to Thomas Austin Hicks, and Straight Razor,
powder horn carved with a buffalo and owner's name Thomas Austin Hicks. Opposite side with (original spelling retained) Stael Not My Horne / My Ame is Troue The straight razor is carved with the same style of engraving. > Item Details
Lot of Five Winchester Cartridge Boxes,
Lot # 115 - Lot of Five Winchester Cartridge Boxes,
one rare Winchester shot box 16 gauge loaded black powder marked NuBlack with picture depicting ducks flying. Box is full and in good condition, sides of the box are soiled. One full box of Winchester Ranger Twelve Gauge Shells. One full box of Winchester Leader 12 Gauge. An empty two-piece box of W... > Item Details
<i>James Kiderget His Horn</i> Powder Horn Dated <i>1780,</i>
Lot # 634 - James Kiderget His Horn Powder Horn Dated 1780,
19.5" length, buttplate with period inscription in ink Holles James Kiderget His Horn Made on December 20, 1780. Lobe with engrailed edges and etched semi-circles encompassing the butt. Butt connected to the horn by 14 brads. Side of horn with small period etched name A. Rideout. Rest of body of ho... > Item Details
Carved Bone Handled Naval Dirk,
Lot # 721 - Carved Bone Handled Naval Dirk,
with 4.8” tapered double-edged steel blade with central rib and all over acid etched floral pattern, oval brass quillon/guard with single-piece carved bone grip with shell motif at terminal and .4” brass collar, all with fine old polished patina, total length 8.5”. > Item Details
Colt Single-Action Revolver,
Lot # 972 - Colt Single-Action Revolver,
.45 caliber, 5.5" barrel, serial number 25405. Single-line barrel address. Two-line patent markings. Blued finish with wood grips. > Item Details
Fine Pastel Portrait of General Dwight D. Eisenhower,
Lot # 1111 - Fine Pastel Portrait of General Dwight D. Eisenhower,
paper signed Frank Doran '46 on bottom right. Quarter-length profile of the General in uniform adorned with medals. 19.5" x 15.5" (w/o frame), 26.5" x 22.5" in moulded wood frame. > Item Details
Revolutionary War Era  Short Sword,
Lot # 680 - Revolutionary War Era Short Sword,
24" blade with single fuller, Marked on both sides of blade with a deer with SH in the marking, Spiral solid bass handle with brass knuckle bow and hilt, the hilt is shaped like a heart with markings 2/2 = D then further marked M. Middlesex WR. > Item Details
18th Century Southern Pennsylvania Screw Tip Powder Horn,
Lot # 753 - 18th Century Southern Pennsylvania Screw Tip Powder Horn,
base plug is similar in length (1.2") and styling to York County screw tip horns, but without the rope or chain moldings customarily found in York horns. Horn has decorative 0.2" wide molding at the point of juncture of the horn and base that extends slightly beyond the perimeter of the horn. Plug w... > Item Details
Lot of Five Winchester 22 Caliber Cartridge Boxes,
Lot # 128 - Lot of Five Winchester 22 Caliber Cartridge Boxes,
two red and blue boxes marked Winchester Precision 200. One box with light green Winchester label with yellow label around box. One box with red label and one box with green label. > Item Details
<i>Moses Little His Horn</i> Engraved Powder Horn Dated <i>1759,</i>
Lot # 618 - Moses Little His Horn Engraved Powder Horn Dated 1759,
14" overall length, 3" diameter. Wood plug with turned spout. Light brown and black in color. Horn is inscribed Moses Little His Horn May 4th Made in the Year 1759. (Swayze, 1978: 70-71, fig 14.) Based on an internet source (http//:gravematter.smugmug.com) this may be the early horn that belonged t... > Item Details
Confederate Money,
Lot # 1240 - Confederate Money,
Confederate States of America Loan dated 2d day of March 1863. One 100 dollar denomination and six 4 dollar denominations. All are signed. > Item Details
Second Model LeMat Revolver,
Lot # 901 - Second Model LeMat Revolver,
.42 caliber, with the smoothbore being 63 caliber, 6.75" barrel, serial number 1818 marked on right frame. Marked on top of barrel Systeme LeMat Bte s.g.d.g. Paris. Blued finish with checkered walnut grips. Right side of barrel with serial number 1818 and LM markings. Cylinder also stamped 1818. > Item Details
Lot of Eight Wooden Shot Shell Crates,
Lot # 429 - Lot of Eight Wooden Shot Shell Crates,
eight wooden crates missing their tops, five by Remington, one Peters, one Western and one by Ward's Red Head. > Item Details
Copper Powder Flask,
Lot # 1011 - Copper Powder Flask,
violin-shaped shotgun flask, with floral designs in the body of the flask. > Item Details
Lot of Five Pflueger Fishing Bait Boxes PLUS Pamphlets,
Lot # 233 - Lot of Five Pflueger Fishing Bait Boxes PLUS Pamphlets,
all boxes read Pflueger Famous Bait for Game Fishing. Three boxes are empty. Two boxes contain items such as Pflueger Chum Spoon Diamolite Weedless No. 7142 size 3 and Black Silver Lightning Flash No. 8654 2 1/2. PLUS, Shakespeare Catalog 40-D, South Bend Bait Company Catalog, and Pflueger Fishing/T... > Item Details
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