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American Halberd and Haft, PLUS Relic Spontoon Head,
2007, Historic Firearms and Early Militaria, May 2
ca 1700-1740. Iron cruciform spear point extends 24" from the top layer of the beak and blade. 4" break and 5" crescent-shaped blade. Beak and blade with pierced ornamental designs. Straps attached to shaft via six rivets. Opposite side of strap connected via four rivets. Other pair of straps extends down the shaft ca 24" and with six and eight rivets on opposite sides. Wood shaft with expected worm holes. 105" overall. Relic spontoon head ca 1755-1785 with 11" ridged blade. Conical base. Overall length 19."

Collection of G. Vernon Diab

Straps with small segments of iron missing. Salt and pepper pitting on the spear. Straps with nominal oxidation.
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Engraved Flattened  Cow Horn Powder Flask For  Musket Dated <i>1604,</i>
Lot # 1146 - Engraved Flattened Cow Horn Powder Flask For Musket Dated 1604,
obverse with engraved image hunting scene complete with village scene and forked-tongued monster. Verso with concentric circles and dated 1604. Original iron spout and buttcap with all parts present and functional. Complete with woven hanging cord. > Item Details
* <i>Weatherby Partician II</i> 12 Gauge Shotgun,
Lot # 601 - * Weatherby Partician II 12 Gauge Shotgun,
12 gauge, 28" barrel, serial number NS14792. Made in Japan. Blackened receiver with blued barrel. Wood stock and forearm with rubber recoil pad. > Item Details
Pair of Silver Scottish Pistols Made by <i>Murdoch,</i>
Lot # 684 - Pair of Silver Scottish Pistols Made by Murdoch,
ca 1750-1775, .62 caliber, 7.75" barrels. The barrels are scroll engraved in four sections, fluted near the breech, a band, an engraved section, and then an octagonal line-engraved flared muzzle. Smooth bore with scroll engraved locks signed T. Murdoch. Engraved stocks, scrolls, and foliage in a con... > Item Details
Lot of Six <i>Winchester</i> Wood Crates,
Lot # 425 - Lot of Six Winchester Wood Crates,
all are 12 gauge and stamped Staynless. Three are early with dovetailed composition and with a large red W. The other three crates are stamped Super Speed. > Item Details
Large Lot of Winchester and Outdoor Life Magazines,
Lot # 497 - Large Lot of Winchester and Outdoor Life Magazines,
magazines and clippings from the 1940's and 1950's on different types of Winchester rifles. > Item Details
Three Winchester Express Rear Barrel Sights,
Lot # 350 - Three Winchester Express Rear Barrel Sights,
complete with rear folding leaves. Three very rare sights. > Item Details
Four WWII Fighting Knives,
Lot # 1141 - Four WWII Fighting Knives,
includes two Kinfolks Inc./U.S.A. marked examples (see Cole 2002, p 90), both type No. 1, with 6” single-edged bright finished steel blades with clipped ends and ovate 2.25” fuller on each face and .5” choil, marked as above on left ricasso, oval steel quillon/guard and pommel with capstan rivets, s... > Item Details
Frankford Arsenal Cartridges,
Lot # 947 - Frankford Arsenal Cartridges,
12 Cartridges for the Colt's and Remington Revolvers Calibre .44 Frankford Arsenal, PA. September, 1872. > Item Details
Collection of Single Cartridges,
Lot # 332 - Collection of Single Cartridges,
a collection of single specimens to show all calibers made by Winchester. Some rimfires, but most are centerfires. > Item Details
Peters Ideal Paper Shot Shell Box,
Colt Single-Action Revolver,
Lot # 1020 - Colt Single-Action Revolver,
.45 CF caliber, 7.5" barrel, serial number 17706. U.S. marked frame, blued finish with case colored frame and hammer. One-piece walnut grips. > Item Details
Six Seamless Skin Cartridges,
Lot # 885 - Six Seamless Skin Cartridges,
.36 caliber with caps by D.C. Sage of Middletown, Conn. > Item Details
Lot of Five <i>Lyman</i> Gun Sights,
Lot # 158 - Lot of Five Lyman Gun Sights,
four with mounts and rings, one is just a tube for parts. Two are a 438-field. Two are unmarked. > Item Details
Flop Head Club,
Lot # 1235 - Flop Head Club,
ca 1920. Rawhide covered ball and shaft with blue, purple and yellow beads complete with horsehair tail. Overall length 49". > Item Details
Whitney .22 Caliber Revolver,
Lot # 276 - Whitney .22 Caliber Revolver,
.22 caliber, 3" barrel, serial number 18794. Steel barrel, cylinder and brass frame. Walnut grips. > Item Details
Three Indian Skinning Knives,
Lot # 745 - Three Indian Skinning Knives,
includes a 5.15” single-edged steel blade with slight clipped end and .2” choil, oval German silver quillon/guard and single-piece butternut grip with .6” inlaid lead collar with saw-tooth end and .6” inlaid lead pommel with attached ring of triangular inlaid designs and brass capstan rivet, all wit... > Item Details
Cased Colt Model 1849 with Accessories,
Lot # 872 - Cased Colt Model 1849 with Accessories,
.31 caliber, 5" barrel, serial number 119704. Barrel with two-line Hartford, Conn address. Patent markings on left side of frame. Stagecoach scene on cylinder. Blued finish with case colored frame, lever and hammer. Walnut grips, silver-plated backstrap and trigger guard. Walnut case contains the fo... > Item Details
Lot of Two Early Gunpowder Tins,
Lot # 1015 - Lot of Two Early Gunpowder Tins,
both are the pound size with one being a Hazard tin with the Kentucky Rifle Gunpowder label. The other is a Curtis tin. > Item Details
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