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* Winchester Model 1894 Legendary Lawmen in Original Cardboard Box,
2007, Historic Firearms and Early Militaria, May 2
.30-30 caliber, 16" round barrel, serial number LL12176. Silver plated frame. Blued barrel magazine tube. Extra fancy walnut buttstock.

Ex. Clarence R. Hunter

Gun is new and unfired and in original box.
Sold: $690.00
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Lot of Rifle Rear Sights,
Lot # 363 - Lot of Rifle Rear Sights,
assortment of rear barrel sights for Remington, Savage and Winchester rifles. > Item Details
Lot of Thirteen Winchester .22 Short and Long Cartridge Boxes,
Lot # 95 - Lot of Thirteen Winchester .22 Short and Long Cartridge Boxes,
eight boxes of long rifles, five boxes of short rifles. All marked Kopperklad. > Item Details
Miniature Cameronians (Scottish Rifles) Drum,
Lot # 1158 - Miniature Cameronians (Scottish Rifles) Drum,
3" height, 2.75" diameter. Gold banner with inscription The Cameronians Scottish Rifles with twenty-five battles in which they were involved including: Blenheim, Modenarcs, Mandona, Martinique 1809, S. Africa 1846-1847, Glucknow, S. Africa 1877-89, S. Africa 1899--1902, Marne 1914-18, Loos, Ypress 1... > Item Details
Political Campaign Cane with William McKinley Bust Handle,
Lot # 1239 - Political Campaign Cane with William McKinley Bust Handle,
underside of the base of the bust with script Our Next President Hon. Wm. M. McKinley. Overall 34.25". > Item Details
<i>Richards</i> Irish Flintlock Full-Stock Holster Pistol,
Lot # 1185 - Richards Irish Flintlock Full-Stock Holster Pistol,
ca 1765. .64 smoothbore caliber, 9.5" octagonal-to-round barrel, with a banded girdle marked IR and crowned P which is a private Birmingham proof. Top flat of barrel stamped Thomas Richards, Cork. The tang and barrel are line-engraved. The full stock is of English walnut with raised carving around t... > Item Details
WWII Leather Bomber Jacket ID'd to <i>W.M. Heuser</i>,
Lot # 1122 - WWII Leather Bomber Jacket ID'd to W.M. Heuser,
brown leather with two pockets. Army Air Force cloth insignia and octagonal laminated insignia with horse (or mule)-headed human carrying a bomb, and leather name tag. Lining is golden brown glazed cotton. Insignia similar to or variant of 61st Bomber Squadron, 39th BG. This unit spent the first par... > Item Details
Winchester A-5 Rifle Telescope,
Lot # 248 - Winchester A-5 Rifle Telescope,
Winchester markings on scope, rings and mounts. > Item Details
Higgins Model Boat Trophy,
Lot # 1145 - Higgins Model Boat Trophy,
copper figure of a boat, front and back of trophy with various military vessels. Plaque on left side of trophy reads, Presented by Andrew Jackson Higgins, designer of the L.C.V.P. in co-operation with the United States Treasury's War Finance Program to commemorate the Newspaper Boys War Saving Stamp... > Item Details
* Winchester Model 72 Rifle,
Lot # 65 - * Winchester Model 72 Rifle,
.22 short caliber, 25" barrel. Bolt-action, magazine-fed. Barrel address on left side of barrel. Hooded front sight. Rear Model 88 Peep sight. Walnut stock with hard rubber buttplate with Winchester logo. > Item Details
Lot of Three Canes,
Lot # 1238 - Lot of Three Canes,
38" wood cane with carved dog's head with jaws that can be manually opened by lever. Cane is intricately incised with geometric diamond pattern. Initials J.C. carved into the cane. Second cane is 35" with octagonal formed wood with brass tip and base. Third cane is 36.5" with floral patterns and dra... > Item Details
* German P38 Automatic Pistol and Holster,
Lot # 585 - * German P38 Automatic Pistol and Holster,
.9mm caliber, 4.6" barrel, serial number 9435. Left side stamped P38 and CYQ. All numbers matching. Original holster and grips and two clips. > Item Details
<i>John Primble</i> Bowie Knife,
Lot # 836 - John Primble Bowie Knife,
with 6.75” single-edged steel blade with clipped-end and 0.4” choil, acid-etched mark on left face of blade reading English Steel with shield having 4-line acid etched text reading India/Primble/Steel/Wks. followed by Hand Forged, left ricasso stamped John Primble/India/Steel Works and right ricasso... > Item Details
<i>Model 1816 Contract  P. & E.W. Blake</i> Percussion Musket,
Lot # 908 - Model 1816 Contract P. & E.W. Blake Percussion Musket,
.69 caliber, 42" barrel, three barrel bands, and walnut stock. The lock plate is marked E.W. Blake. Converted from flint to percussion. > Item Details
* Colt .25 Automatic Pistol in Original Box,
Lot # 557 - * Colt .25 Automatic Pistol in Original Box,
.25 auto caliber, 2" barrel, serial number 163256. Marked on slide Colt Pt. F. A. Co, Hartford, Conn., USA with patent dates. > Item Details
Mid-Eastern Flintlock Pistol,
Lot # 1189 - Mid-Eastern Flintlock Pistol,
.60 caliber, flared round barrel with some chisel carving rendered near the muzzle. Wood stock is carved with some silver wire inlay. Brass hardware. > Item Details
Gathering of GAR Ribbons for the 1st NY Dragoons,
Lot # 802 - Gathering of GAR Ribbons for the 1st NY Dragoons,
lot of 20, all but one (all silk) with cello photograph medallions, each with different portrait of a veteran of the unit, most with yellow silk ribbons and brass pinbacks with Member on it, dates from 1902 through 1936, from 2.5" x 7" to 1.75" x 3". A list of the persons pictured on these cellos in... > Item Details
Lot of Five Winchester Locks,
Lot # 259 - Lot of Five Winchester Locks,
three are brass and two are steel. With keys. > Item Details
Winchester Paper Lot,
Lot # 490 - Winchester Paper Lot,
Includes Winchester Quality Products catalog from ca 1928. Several Winchester Retail Price List Rifle and Shotgun guides from the 1950's including 1952/1954/1955/1957/1958 and one from 1930. Several Winchester Sales Services Bulletins from the 1920's. > Item Details
* Winchester Model 1894 Carbine,
Lot # 23 - * Winchester Model 1894 Carbine,
.30 WCF, 20" barrel, serial number 1326888. Barrel with standard Winchester markings. Walnut buttstock and forearm with checkering. Checkered steel buttplate. > Item Details
Lot of Two British WWI Helmets,
Lot # 1079 - Lot of Two British WWI Helmets,
first helmet with faint decals on each side. Complete with liner and leather chin strap. Second helmet with grey painted surface and liner with khaki green webbed cotton chin strap. > Item Details
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