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Two Comic African American Dolls,
2007, Toy & Advertising Sale, Jan 26 & 27
includes a cello baby doll of African descent, with painted black eyes, closed mouth and molded hair, bent string jointed limbs marked on back with floral design with initials on interior and Japan, 3.4" tall, housed in its original chromolithographed 2-part card stock molded watermelon, marked Made In Austria, 3.75" x 2" x 2.25" high, AND is a wooden Mammy Wilson Walkie with turned wooden head, legs and arms, wooden shoes in a heavy card stock, cone-shaped body in cotton gown and printed red bandanna with painted face, 4.5" tall. When set on smooth inclined surface the doll will walk down.

1st doll EXC, watermelon with slight scuffs, VG; 2nd child has written name on front of gown, else EXC.
Sold: $28.75
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Three All-Bisque Kewpie Dolls,
Lot # 61 - Three All-Bisque Kewpie Dolls,
includes a double with two hugging, painted black eyes, closed mouths, molded and painted blonde hair, blue painted wings marked under foot with painted red XI, 3.5" tall, PLUS single lying on its back painted black eyes, closed mouth, molded and painted blonde hair, blue painted wings marked on bac... > Item Details
<i>Ideal</i> Socket Head Composition Doll,
Lot # 12 - Ideal Socket Head Composition Doll,
unmarked all composition, likely Ideal, with green cello sleep eyes, open mouth with 4 upper teeth, original blonde wig with jointed limbs, dressed in purple satin dress with silver canvas shoes, 24" tall. > Item Details
Porcelain Enameled <i>Cincinnati Stout & Cream Ale</i> Ashtray,
Lot # 500 - Porcelain Enameled Cincinnati Stout & Cream Ale Ashtray,
red enameled with black lettering on steel with Cincinnati Stout Cream Lager Ale, clockwise on rim, 5.75" x 6" x .4" high. > Item Details
Maine <i>C.H. Pendleton Graduate Optician</i> Tin Sign,
Lot # 546 - Maine C.H. Pendleton Graduate Optician Tin Sign,
embossed and illustrated with an eye at left, black text on yellow ground with C.H. Pendleton/Graduate Optician/Consultation Free/Optical Parlors Over Pendleton's Drug Store/Rockland, Maine, with original mounting holes at corners, 5.4" x 20". > Item Details
<i>Spark Plug & Barney Google</i> Glass Candy Containers,
Lot # 153 - Spark Plug & Barney Google Glass Candy Containers,
Eikelberner & Agadjanian #699 & 72, includes Barney Google standing atop a barrel with bowling ball in hand, barrel embossed Barney Google and Copyright 1927/King Features Syndicate Inc., clear glass with replaced threaded tin base/lid, 2" diameter x 4" high, AND clear glass Spark Plug in his tradem... > Item Details
Early Miniature Grain-Painted Chest of Drawers,
Lot # 120 - Early Miniature Grain-Painted Chest of Drawers,
ca 1840-60, oxbow front 3-drawer pine chest in original grain-painted finish with painted false inlay on top and drawer fronts, turned bun feet at front and blocked feet in rear, original brass mushroom pulls and keyhole escutcheons, oxbow-shaped top with thumb molded edge, solid ends dovetailed to ... > Item Details
<i>Pumpkin Head Witch</i> Glass Candy Container,
Lot # 157 - Pumpkin Head Witch Glass Candy Container,
Eikelberner & Agadjanian #594, in original polychrome painted finish with original tin threaded base/lid, 2.15" diameter x 4.5" high. > Item Details
Three Small Dolls, Comic, Black & Character,
Lot # 67 - Three Small Dolls, Comic, Black & Character,
includes an all-composition socket head Pixie-like doll with painted blue googly eyes, closed mouth, molded and painted red hair, unmarked on a jointed composition body with molded and painted stockings and shoes, in original ethnic outfit, 7.5" tall, AND a bisque solid dome African baby with fixed ... > Item Details
<i>Armand Marseille</i> Bisque Shoulder Plate Child Doll,
Lot # 103 - Armand Marseille Bisque Shoulder Plate Child Doll,
with fixed brown glass eyes, open mouth with 4 upper teeth, original black wig, marked on back of neck and shoulder plate Armand Marseille/370/A. 3. M./Germany on kid body with bisque lower arms, dressed in black velvet gown with white lace trim and matching hooded cap trimmed in white fur, with ori... > Item Details
<i>Bliss</i> Noah's Ark with Animals,
Lot # 209 - Bliss Noah's Ark with Animals,
wood with applied chromolithographed paper sides and ends with animals at windows and names of each above, marked R. Bliss Co. on each side. One side of gabled roof is a hinged lid opening to reveal 17 wooden animals in original painted finishes, including 6 horses, 4 cattle, 5 sheep, 1 pig and 1 an... > Item Details
Two Miniature Blonde <i>Steiff</i> Mohair Teddy Bears,
Lot # 191 - Two Miniature Blonde Steiff Mohair Teddy Bears,
both blonde with brown embroidered mouth and nose, black button eyes, jointed legs and head, slightly humped back with stamped Steiff tin button in left ear, excelsior-filled, 3.75" & 3.5" tall. > Item Details
Three Pigs & One Elephant Chromolithographed Tinplate Wind-Ups,
Lot # 323 - Three Pigs & One Elephant Chromolithographed Tinplate Wind-Ups,
lot of 4, includes a chromolithographed standing pig decorated with ribbon on which is NWN? and a four-leaf clover on top of head, removable key on right side and marked U.S. Zone Germany on belly. When spring-driven motor is operated, pig dances around and ears move, with key, 4.25" x 2.2" x 2.25" ... > Item Details
Mickey Mouse Flexible Flyer Sled,
Lot # 232 - Mickey Mouse Flexible Flyer Sled,
oak with stenciled Mickey Mouse with polychrome stenciled scene of Mickey on sled with Minnie looking on, underside with stenciled label Mickey Mouse/© W.D. ENT./No. 90-J and Made In U.S.A./By/S.L. Allen & Co. Phil. Pa./Manufacturers of/The Flexible Flyer Sled/And Patent/Jr. Farm & Garden Tools, 36... > Item Details
<i>Harold Lloyd Hollywood Hobby Horse</i>,
Lot # 234 - Harold Lloyd Hollywood Hobby Horse,
wood with original polychrome painted finish, rubber ears and foot pads, with rope tail, 20" x 13" x 31". > Item Details
German Polychrome Steam Engine Gun Powder Mill, Plus Toy,
Lot # 349 - German Polychrome Steam Engine Gun Powder Mill, Plus Toy,
with four chromolithographed tin parts, mounted on two pine boards, as made, the hand-cranked engine is marked with the letter H with letter J above horizontal bar of H and the letter L below bar of H, board with engine has two other mounted machines, one marked 60 and end one marked 61, this board ... > Item Details
Three Different Glass Candy Container <i>Locomotives</i>,
Lot # 149 - Three Different Glass Candy Container Locomotives,
all clear glass includes Eikelberner & Agadjanian #493-1, like, 497 & 481 Var. B, 1st with original circular threaded cap at rear, 6.25" x 3.5" high, PLUS 2nd with open back for missing tin lid closure, embossed on underside Net Wt./1 OZ, 4" x 2.75" high, AND 3rd with embossed 888 on cab, with missi... > Item Details
<i>Touring Car & Distler Tanker Truck</i> Tin Penny Toys,
Lot # 286 - Touring Car & Distler Tanker Truck Tin Penny Toys,
lot of 2, both chromolithographed, includes touring car in red, black with yellow trim, unpainted wheels and grill, rear license plate reads M.3.525, possibly Meier, 1.5" x 4" x 1.65" high, AND a Distler tanker truck with open cab with driver in brown coat and hat, white tank marked on left with ent... > Item Details
<i>Simon & Halbig 1039</i> Bisque Socket Head Child Doll,
Lot # 52 - Simon & Halbig 1039 Bisque Socket Head Child Doll,
brown glass sleep eyes, open mouth with 4 upper teeth, pierced ears, replaced blonde wig, marked on back of head 12SH1039/DEP., ball-jointed composition body dressed in yellow satin dress with yellow chiffon cover, period white cotton slip and pink oil cloth shoes, 22" tall. She has pearl and rhines... > Item Details
Two National Cash Register Posters,
Lot # 424 - Two National Cash Register Posters,
both illustrated in black and white, includes one illustrating 16 different models, 17.5" x 22.5", AND second entitled National Cash Registers Benefit Five Classes of People with illustrations of those five and a large NCR register in center, printed coupon in lower right corner, 14" x 22". > Item Details
Five Holiday & Other Pewter Ice Cream Molds,
Lot # 221 - Five Holiday & Other Pewter Ice Cream Molds,
1st is a three-part mold, single hinge with cap in the form of a Victorian lady's shoe, somewhat worn mark with 899A on right side, 570 on cap and left side worn, 6" x 3", remaining are all single-hinged PLUS a Christmas tree marked 1154/8 To Qt./E & Co., 3.5" x 5.5" high, PLUS a Christmas Bell mark... > Item Details
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