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Early Handmade African American Cloth Doll,
2007, Toy & Advertising Sale, Jan 26 & 27
black cotton and woven polychrome striped stocking fabric with embroidered face, hair and decorations on blouse, all hand sewn, 14" tall.

Very slight wear, VG+.
Sold: $390.00
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Two Hardbound Architectural Hardware Catalogues, <i>Sargent & Russwin</i>,
Lot # 601 - Two Hardbound Architectural Hardware Catalogues, Sargent & Russwin,
lot of two hard bound hardware catalogues, both with gilt pressed letters on the maroon cloth boards. The first is a catalogue from Sargent Hardware, 1911, 912 pp. The second is a massive catalogue of 1,017 pp. from Russwin or Russell & Erwin Manufacturing Co. from 1849, with two screws holding th... > Item Details
Chromolithographed <i>Weber Wagon</i> Sign,
Lot # 511 - Chromolithographed Weber Wagon Sign,
illustrated with side view of green and red farm wagon on yellow ground with The/Weber Wagon above and Chicago below, with blank white oval for local dealer's name, marked lower left Robertson & Smith Printers...Chicago, 22" x 28", in period, likely original, gesso-over-wood frame, 27.5" x 33". > Item Details
First Lady Frances Cleveland Chromolithographed A & P Ad,
Lot # 556 - First Lady Frances Cleveland Chromolithographed A & P Ad,
with three-quarter-length portrait of Mrs. Cleveland in garden setting, reverse with illustrated Atlantic and Pacific Tea Co. ad with list of stores in the U.S., printed on card stock and framed in Victorian cross-cut walnut frame, 15" x 19". "Frank" Folsom Cleveland was the only First Lady to marry... > Item Details
Six Different Glass Candy Containers,
Lot # 171 - Six Different Glass Candy Containers,
Eikelberner & Agadjanian #76, 311, 111, and three clear glass pieces not in Eikelberner & Agadjanian. 1st is polychrome baseball with winged horse (Pegasus) and tiger in red (Detroit Tigers), milk glass ball with blue painted lacing, mounted on black lactic base with coin slot in base, 3" diameter x... > Item Details
German Horseless Carriage Painted & Chromolithographed Tinplate Wind-Up with Black Holding Umbrella,
Lot # 293 - German Horseless Carriage Painted & Chromolithographed Tinplate Wind-Up with Black Holding Umbrella,
both hand-painted and chromolithographed tinplate with a servant of African descent in livery colors in elevated rear seat holding a umbrella over driver. The top of the umbrella is chromolithographed with red and white striped border and blue center with white stars representative of the U.S. flag.... > Item Details
<i>Geo. Kellermann 150</i> Train Tin Penny Toy,
Lot # 249 - Geo. Kellermann 150 Train Tin Penny Toy,
chromolithographed locomotive with attached tender in green and 3 passenger cars, one red and 2 blue, all with 2 pair of wheels, tender and all cars are marked with entwined GK Co. on right sides and 151 on left with tender also marked Germany on left, loco with tender is .6" x 3.75" x 1.2" high, ca... > Item Details
Attributed <i>Dayton Friction Toy Works</i> Sheet Steel & Wooden Friction Fire Engine,
Lot # 327 - Attributed Dayton Friction Toy Works Sheet Steel & Wooden Friction Fire Engine,
with wooden floor, boiler and pressure dome, light gauge steel sides and bumpers with cast iron driver and spoked wheels and patented fly-wheel motor mounted near middle on underside, in original red, white and silver paint, 10" x 3.5" x 8.75" high. Dayton Friction Toy Works of Dayton, Ohio (1909-19... > Item Details
<i>Wolverine Zilotone</i> Musical Toy,
Lot # 331 - Wolverine Zilotone Musical Toy,
chromolithographed sheet steel spring-driven musical toy with six different song disks, marked on front Zilotone with harlequin-type musician holding hammer that strikes steel bars, each lettered with fixed key on right rear and off/on lever beside key. Each 2.5" diameter steel disk is marked No. 48... > Item Details
<i>Pilot Life Insurance Co.</i> Advertising Clock,
Lot # 439 - Pilot Life Insurance Co. Advertising Clock,
dome cover glass with reverse-painted polychrome dial with New England Seaman at ship's wheel and Pilot Life Insurance Co./Greensboro, North Carolina, with Arabic numerals on milk glass base, metal square case with original electrical cord, labeled on reverse Pam Illuminated Clock, 15.2" square x 3... > Item Details
<i>Hertel, Schwab</i> & Boy Character Baby Socket Head Dolls,
Lot # 37 - Hertel, Schwab & Boy Character Baby Socket Head Dolls,
lot of 2, includes a solid dome boy doll with painted blue eyes, closed mouth and molded and painted blonde hair, 7" circumference, marked on back of neck 0/Germany with stamped blue number 72, on jointed composition bent limb body, fully dressed in white cotton gown with lace trim, and cotton under... > Item Details
<i>Agnes</i> Lady China Head Doll,
Lot # 70 - Agnes Lady China Head Doll,
with painted blue eyes, closed mouth, molded and painted black hair, molded shoulder plate with top of blouse and Agnes on front in embossed lettering with gilt highlights on cloth body with china lower arms and legs with painted and molded booths, dressed in period-style blue satin dress with lace ... > Item Details
<i>Fulper</i> Bisque Socket Head Child Doll,
Lot # 20 - Fulper Bisque Socket Head Child Doll,
with gray glass sleep eyes, open mouth with 2 upper teeth with original? light brown wig, marked on back of head with entwined SM over vertical Fulper in rectangle, on bolt-jointed kid body with bisque lower arms and composition lower legs, in new blue and white striped satin dress with matching bon... > Item Details
<i>Thurman Scales Columbus Ohio</i> Porcelain Enameled Sign,
Lot # 524 - Thurman Scales Columbus Ohio Porcelain Enameled Sign,
in orange letters on black ground, reading Manufactured By/Thurman Scale Co. Columbus, Ohio/Precision Scales Since 1918 with 3 mounting holes along top edge, 5" high x 60" long. > Item Details
<i>Elaine Coca-Cola</i> Chromolithographed 1916 Tray,
Lot # 591 - Elaine Coca-Cola Chromolithographed 1916 Tray,
the "Girl with Basket of Flowers" serving tray was produced by Stelad Signs Passaic Metalware Co, of Passaic, New Jersey, in 1916. The shape is unique, 1916 being the only year a tray of this shape and size was produced, 8.5" x 19". > Item Details
Eight Confederate Lead Soldiers by Union of South Africa,
Lot # 194 - Eight Confederate Lead Soldiers by Union of South Africa,
all marked on underside of bases and in original polychrome painted surfaces, includes 2 infantrymen with rifles over shoulders, 3 with rifles at the ready, 1 drummer, 1 officer, and a campfire with cooking pot, 1.5" high. > Item Details
Uncatalogued Lot: Group of American Lead & Composition Toy Soldiers,
Lot # 370 - Uncatalogued Lot: Group of American Lead & Composition Toy Soldiers,
21 pieces including boxed WWII landing craft. No further description or condition will be provided. > Item Details
German <i>Merry-Go-Round</i> Tin Penny Toy,
Lot # 281 - German Merry-Go-Round Tin Penny Toy,
chromolithographed with three different riders on ponies on circular base with tapered yellow center column and red and yellow fluted canopy, unmarked 3.5" diameter x 3.75" high, not in Peerless. > Item Details
One Cent <i>Disposition Register</i> Trade Stimulator,
Lot # 404 - One Cent Disposition Register Trade Stimulator,
in maple veneered wood cabinet with polychrome painted crest and game board with 12 different possible Dispositions, each with light at left, which lights to indicate your current disposition, cast grip on front shelf and cast coin drop, operates with penny and battery, 9.5" x 11.5" x 25" high. > Item Details
<i>Gem</i> Roller Organ with Six Rolls,
Lot # 383 - Gem Roller Organ with Six Rolls,
in wood case with original black painted finish with gold stenciled floral decoration and labels reading The Gem/Roller Organ/G.H.W. Bates & Co., steel valve covers, brass and steel cylinder mount and leather bellows, 14.5" x 15" x 8" high. Rolls are 2" diameter x 6.25" long. > Item Details
Four Different Glass Candy Container <i>Automobiles</i>,
Lot # 159 - Four Different Glass Candy Container Automobiles,
all clear glass including Eikelberner & Agadjanian #42 Var. C, 49, 65, & 33, 1st in original green, black and silver painted finish with original tin lid as roof, 4" x 2.5" high, PLUS 2nd marked on rear Pat./Feb. 18 1913, 3.5" x 2.75" high, PLUS 3rd with threaded red plastic cap on back, 5" x 2.25" ... > Item Details
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