NCR Cash Register Crate with Illustrated Paper Label,
2007, Toy & Advertising Sale, Jan 26 & 27
with slant front hinged lid, rope handles at sides, original illustrated paper label on back with view of NCR factory in Dayton, Ohio with extensive printed text, and shipping label at right side, for Poseyville, IN department store, 30.5" x 22" x 27" high.

Est $500 - $800
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Early Dudley Hardy Advertising Lithograph,
Lot # 560 - Early Dudley Hardy Advertising Lithograph,
this chromolithographed miniature poster was produced as one of the series of Masters of The Poster which was the best posters of the Belle Epoque, produced from 1895-1900 by Jules Cheret and printed by Chaix. This 11.25" x 15.5" poster is an exact copy in miniature of the original printed by Waterl... > Item Details
Small Well-Loved Jointed Mohair Teddy Bear & Even Smaller Mohair Bear,
Lot # 187 - Small Well-Loved Jointed Mohair Teddy Bear & Even Smaller Mohair Bear,
a very cute little blonde bear with brown embroidered mouth, yellow embroidered nose and brown blown glass eyes with black pupils, jointed legs and head with felt pads on paws, excelsior-filled, 11" tall, AND a tiny yellowish brown bear with jointed legs, tiny button eyes and nose over a hard frame,... > Item Details
<i>D.T. Blackburn & Son</i> Coffee Tin Store Bin,
Lot # 433 - D.T. Blackburn & Son Coffee Tin Store Bin,
green ground with gold lettering outlined in white reading Imperial Blend on slant front lid and D.T. Blackburn & Son, Fine Roasted Coffees, Rarden, Ohio with ring handle on lid, 14" x 18" x 17.4" high. > Item Details
<i>Santa Claus by Square Chimney</i> Glass Candy Container,
Lot # 144 - Santa Claus by Square Chimney Glass Candy Container,
Eikelberner & Agadjanian #672, var. A, in original polychrome painted finish with replace gold painted aluminum slotted cap, and chimney still full of period candy, 3.75" long and high. > Item Details
<i>Fulper</i> Bisque Socket Head Child Doll,
Lot # 20 - Fulper Bisque Socket Head Child Doll,
with gray glass sleep eyes, open mouth with 2 upper teeth with original? light brown wig, marked on back of head with entwined SM over vertical Fulper in rectangle, on bolt-jointed kid body with bisque lower arms and composition lower legs, in new blue and white striped satin dress with matching bon... > Item Details
Maine <i>C.H. Pendleton Graduate Optician</i> Tin Sign,
Lot # 546 - Maine C.H. Pendleton Graduate Optician Tin Sign,
embossed and illustrated with an eye at left, black text on yellow ground with C.H. Pendleton/Graduate Optician/Consultation Free/Optical Parlors Over Pendleton's Drug Store/Rockland, Maine, with original mounting holes at corners, 5.4" x 20". > Item Details
Exceptional <i>Steiff</i> Nine Inch Jointed Teddy Bear,
Lot # 189 - Exceptional Steiff Nine Inch Jointed Teddy Bear,
ca 1920 with brown blown glass eyes, embroidered mouth, nose and claws, tan felt pads on feet and mohair body, fully jointed with humped back and seam up center of back. > Item Details
<i>Schoenhut</i> Girl Doll,
Lot # 8 - Schoenhut Girl Doll,
15" tall wood with original painted features, blue eyes and brown wig marked with oval decal on back Schoenhut Doll/Pat. Jan. 17 1911/U.S.A., jointed wood body, dressed in newer outfit. > Item Details
Early Coin-Op Locomotive & Tender from Steeplechase, Coney Island,
Lot # 411 - Early Coin-Op Locomotive & Tender from Steeplechase, Coney Island,
all handmade from various wood, both carved, jig-sawn and painted with brass tack decorations, nickel and copper piping, brass chains, brass bell, cast pieces and more. There is a printed paper label under the glass cover likely from its life at Steeplechase that reads Entire Movement of Engine/seen... > Item Details
Six Fishing Tackle Catalogues by <i>Heddon, Wm. Mills & Son, Hildebrandt, Weber</i> & Others,
Lot # 599 - Six Fishing Tackle Catalogues by Heddon, Wm. Mills & Son, Hildebrandt, Weber & Others,
including Hildebrandt's Hints, Heddon Catalogue, William Mills & Son, Inc., The Webber Lifelike Fly Co., and Prescott Spinner Co.. > Item Details
<i>Cincinnati Water Pump</i> Pencil Sharpener,
Lot # 443 - Cincinnati Water Pump Pencil Sharpener,
a wonderful figural 19th century pencil sharpener in the form of a wooden and iron water pump in original green painted finish with black stenciled name on one side reading Cincinnati/Water Purifier mounted on cast iron base in form of a brick pavement with embossed lettering on edges reading Cin'ti... > Item Details
Lighted <i>American Shuffleboard</i> Wall-Mounted Scoreboard,
Lot # 399 - Lighted American Shuffleboard Wall-Mounted Scoreboard,
wooden arched-top case with lighting white, green and red numbered buttons, marked Distributed By American Shuffleboard Sales Co. of Chicago..., 5.5" x 11.25" x 30.5" high. > Item Details
<i>Meier Horse-Drawn Covered Wagon</i> Tin Penny Toy,
Lot # 259 - Meier Horse-Drawn Covered Wagon Tin Penny Toy,
chromolithographed in red with gray canopy, drawn by single dappled gray horse stamped on underside with Meier's horse-drawn cart symbol and Germany, 1.25" x 4.75" x 1.75" high, (for same wagon see Theriault 2004: 37, fig. 115, which is pulled by an ox). > Item Details
Early French Closed Mouth Socket Head, Shoulder Plate Fashion Doll,
Lot # 83 - Early French Closed Mouth Socket Head, Shoulder Plate Fashion Doll,
with fixed paperweight glass eyes, closed mouth, pierced ears, original brown wig with cork pate, unmarked on kid body with original black satin dress and cotton undergarments, lacks shoes, 16" tall. > Item Details
Uncut Sheet of Tobacco Trade Cards Depicting Sioux Indian Wars,
Lot # 502 - Uncut Sheet of Tobacco Trade Cards Depicting Sioux Indian Wars,
a complete uncut embossed chromolithographed sheet of 8 cards, German marked on reverse Der letzte Kampf der Sioux-Indianer and numbered 1-8, with perforations between cards, 6.6" x 9.5". > Item Details
Four <i>Skookum</i> Indian Dolls,
Lot # 18 - Four Skookum Indian Dolls,
three are all composition with original painted features and black wigs, dressed in original felt and printed cotton outfits, one male with feathered headdress and beaded necklace, 12" tall, one male with wool broad brimmed hat, 13" tall and one female, 14" tall, AND smaller cello head example with ... > Item Details
Two National Cash Register Posters,
Lot # 424 - Two National Cash Register Posters,
both illustrated in black and white, includes one illustrating 16 different models, 17.5" x 22.5", AND second entitled National Cash Registers Benefit Five Classes of People with illustrations of those five and a large NCR register in center, printed coupon in lower right corner, 14" x 22". > Item Details
Two <i>Horse-Drawn Wagon</i> Tin Penny Toys,
Lot # 267 - Two Horse-Drawn Wagon Tin Penny Toys,
both chromolithographed, includes a street sprinkler with blue barrel on 2 wheels with white horse, appears to have never had a driver, 1.75" x 4.75" x 2.35" high, AND a closed sided stake bed yellow cart with 2 red wheels, and dappled gray horse, unmarked, 1.5" x 4.8" x 2" high. > Item Details
Pair of Bent Wood <i>Star Brand Shoes Are Better</i> Store Benches,
Lot # 428 - Pair of Bent Wood Star Brand Shoes Are Better Store Benches,
oak/ash side panels, legs, crest and seat rail with laminated bent wood maple seats/backs, each with pierced lettering in made of closely space circular perforations on backs reading Star/Brand Shoes/Are Better with large 5-pointed star at left, original finish, 48.75" x 36" high. > Item Details
Papier-Mâché Shoulder Plate Doll, with Mary Steuber Patent Legs,
Lot # 36 - Papier-Mâché Shoulder Plate Doll, with Mary Steuber Patent Legs,
with painted blue eyes, closed mouth with molded and painted black hair, unmarked with kid lower arms, cotton body with printed striped stockings and original leather boots, ink stamped on left leg Steuber's/Patent,/?? 25/78, in early 20th century blue jumper with linen blouse with original cotton u... > Item Details
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