NCR Cash Register Crate with Illustrated Paper Label,
2007, Toy & Advertising Sale, Jan 26 & 27
with slant front hinged lid, rope handles at sides, original illustrated paper label on back with view of NCR factory in Dayton, Ohio with extensive printed text, and shipping label at right side, for Poseyville, IN department store, 30.5" x 22" x 27" high.

Est $500 - $800
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Large Group of Farm-Related Catalogues, Including Feed, Cream Separators & More,
Lot # 597 - Large Group of Farm-Related Catalogues, Including Feed, Cream Separators & More,
a large group of approximately 30 small catalogues and pamphlets, from Pratts, Bluebell and more. > Item Details
Brown's <i>Mule Tin Plug Tobacco</i> Stamp Mold,
Lot # 495 - Brown's Mule Tin Plug Tobacco Stamp Mold,
heavy gauge embossed tin with 6 rows of 4 mules with Brown's above and Mule below, used to stamp embossed plug tobacco, 12" square. > Item Details
Cast Iron Counter Sign for <i>Myers Hay Tools</i>,
Lot # 590 - Cast Iron Counter Sign for Myers Hay Tools,
with embossed lettering on each side as above and threaded mount at base, in original red and silver painted finish, likely made to mount atop floor display, 19.5" x 5.75" high. > Item Details
<i>Christian Diehl</i> Beer Tray, <i>Dawn Of A New Era</i>,
Lot # 565 - Christian Diehl Beer Tray, Dawn Of A New Era,
chromolithographed with scantily clad young lady with arms up-raised towards oversized bottle of product in mountain landscape with text Brewers Of/Quality Beer/Since 1870 and with title as above, rim with company crest and The Christian Diehl Brewing Co. Defiance, Ohio, 12" diameter x 1.5" high. > Item Details
Early <i>Pulver Foxy Grandpa</i> Chocolate Candy Machine,
Lot # 419 - Early Pulver Foxy Grandpa Chocolate Candy Machine,
the earliest type of the metal cased Pulvers, ca 1899, this one has two embossed chromolithographed panels in front at top and bottom with window with the Foxy Grandpa figure behind. Each side has similar chromolithographed and embossed tin panels, 6" x 10.5" x 24" high > Item Details
Coin-Op One Cent Wall/Counter Mount Baseball Pinball Machine,
Lot # 408 - Coin-Op One Cent Wall/Counter Mount Baseball Pinball Machine,
entitled Play Ball with polychrome painted plywood game board face with 10 different slots for results of the 10 balls provided for a penny, printed instructions lower left and coin slot lower center, red painted steel case with glass front, 5" x 12" x 16" high. > Item Details
Two <i>Fire Equipment</i> Tin Penny Toys,
Lot # 266 - Two Fire Equipment Tin Penny Toys,
both chromolithographed, includes a Fischer ladder truck with extending ladder, driver and string operated propulsion system, stamped on base Ges. Gesch., 1.75" x 2.8" x 3.2" when ladder is down and 4" up, (Pressland 1991: 71, fig. 212), AND a Distler fire pumper with single driver and gold toned bo... > Item Details
<i>Daisy Air Rifle</i> Paper Tag & Other Boys' Toys,
Lot # 198 - Daisy Air Rifle Paper Tag & Other Boys' Toys,
lot of 6, includes a polychrome printed card stock string tag from Daisy Air Rifle No. 195 Buzz Barton Special with printed price of $1.95 with young boy holding a rifle, opens to show detailed drawing of the rifle broken down with each part labeled with stock number printed below for ordering repla... > Item Details
1887 <i>Aultman Miller & Co.</i> Farm Machinery Calendar,
Lot # 575 - 1887 Aultman Miller & Co. Farm Machinery Calendar,
small 12mo booklet form with 12 different pages, each with different illustration of machinery, factory or other products from this Akron, Ohio company. > Item Details
Scarce <i>Rolly-Poly Brownie</i> Chromolithographed Tobacco Tin, Mammy,
Lot # 490 - Scarce Rolly-Poly Brownie Chromolithographed Tobacco Tin, Mammy,
for Mayo's Cut Plug. Covered round tobacco tin in the shape of an African American lady wearing white bonnet and bow, red cape, pock-a-dot blouse and apron and red skirt, with corn cob tobacco pipe in mouth and package of Mayo's tobacco in right apron pocket. Depicted on the reverse is an over-sized... > Item Details
Tin Head & Ideal Composition Doll,
Lot # 15 - Tin Head & Ideal Composition Doll,
lot of 2, includes 12" tall with solid dome with molded and painted reddish-blonde hair, painted blue eyes with composition body with molded and painted uniform, jointed arms with sergeant stripes and legs, marked on back with Ideal in diamond. This doll was made by the Ideal Novelty & Toy Co., Broo... > Item Details
Two Miniature <i>Steiff</i> Mohair Teddy Bears,
Lot # 188 - Two Miniature Steiff Mohair Teddy Bears,
both with jointed legs and head, black button eyes, excelsior filled, with stamped tin Steiff button in left ear, one with embroidered black nose and mouth and other in brown, and one with non-original coat, 5.25" & 5" tall. > Item Details
<i>Floridora</i> Bisque Shoulder Plate Child Doll, & <i>K*R</i> Cello Socket Head Child Doll,
Lot # 108 - Floridora Bisque Shoulder Plate Child Doll, & K*R Cello Socket Head Child Doll,
lot of 2, includes a Armand Marseille with gray glass sleep eyes, open mouth with 4 upper teeth, original red wig, marked on back of plate Floridora/5/0.M. on kid body with bisque lower arms, dressed in new yellow satin dress and under garments, includes original white cotton dress with hoop skirt, ... > Item Details
Two <i>Horse-Drawn Carriages</i> Tin Penny Toys,
Lot # 261 - Two Horse-Drawn Carriages Tin Penny Toys,
both polychrome painted and/or stenciled, including a open 2-wheeled carriage with mounted driver on single white horse in heavy gauge tin plate, with cast iron wheels, 1.75" x 5.2" x 2.3" high, AND a box-like carriage/wagon in metallic blue paint with gold stenciled stylized floral on each side, 2 ... > Item Details
Exceptional <i>Steiff</i> Nine Inch Jointed Teddy Bear,
Lot # 189 - Exceptional Steiff Nine Inch Jointed Teddy Bear,
ca 1920 with brown blown glass eyes, embroidered mouth, nose and claws, tan felt pads on feet and mohair body, fully jointed with humped back and seam up center of back. > Item Details
Three Different Glass Candy Container <i>Tanks</i>,
Lot # 155 - Three Different Glass Candy Container Tanks,
Eikelberner & Agadjanian #722, 723, & 724, 1st with green painted wheels and tread, with printed paper card stock closure on underside with partial text reading Miniature War Tank...Victory Glass Inc...., embossed on each side U.S.A., 4.25" x 2", PLUS 2nd with 2 cannon with printed paper card stock ... > Item Details
Papier-Mâché Shoulder Plate Doll, with Mary Steuber Patent Legs,
Lot # 36 - Papier-Mâché Shoulder Plate Doll, with Mary Steuber Patent Legs,
with painted blue eyes, closed mouth with molded and painted black hair, unmarked with kid lower arms, cotton body with printed striped stockings and original leather boots, ink stamped on left leg Steuber's/Patent,/?? 25/78, in early 20th century blue jumper with linen blouse with original cotton u... > Item Details
Two Chromolithographed Premium Kerchiefs, Gypsy or<i> Romany Good Advice & Theater</i>,
Lot # 499 - Two Chromolithographed Premium Kerchiefs, Gypsy or Romany Good Advice & Theater,
includes a lovely young Gypsy fortune teller seated at table with tarot cards, flanked by an owl right and black cat left with 11 printed cards surround with different fortunes on them and text above and below Romany/Good Advice, all on green ground, 22" square, pressure mounted and framed, 28" squa... > Item Details
<i>Schoenhut</i> Child Doll,
Lot # 10 - Schoenhut Child Doll,
with wood socket head, molded brown hair and painted blue eyes with closed mouth, unmarked fully jointed body in original paint and in period white dress with lace trim, 16" tall. > Item Details
Four Railroad Pewter Ice Cream Molds,
Lot # 225 - Four Railroad Pewter Ice Cream Molds,
all single-hinged, includes a locomotive numbered 417, 5.5" x 2.7" high, PLUS 2 nearly identical tenders, one marked S & Co. 478 and the other only 478, both 4" x 2" high, AND a passenger car numbered 479, 5" x 2.4" high. > Item Details
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