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Eskimo Carved Bone and Ivory Snuff Boxes and Tubes,
2007, American Indian and Western Art, March 31
lot of 5, includes an ivory box with beveled edges decorated with red concentric circles and hatched lines, wooden bottom and lid, leather thong on lid connects a small carved seal toggle, length 2.25" x width 1.25"; PLUS a conical shaped bone box with wooden bottom and opening, length 2.5" x diameter 1.75"; PLUS an oval birch bark box with wooden lid, length 2.5" x width 1.25"; PLUS an ivory and bone snuffer, each with leather thong, length 3.75" and 3.25".

Property of Western Reserve Historical Society

Each with red inked accession number, leather thongs brittle, conical box without lid.
Sold: $747.50
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Santa Clara Blackware Bowls,
Lot # 190 - Santa Clara Blackware Bowls,
lot of 2, includes a squat jar depicting a carved Avanyu with a long tongue wrapping around shoulder, signed Rose, height 4" x diameter 7.5"; AND another with a globular shape and carved with a stepped motif on body and triangles radiating from rim, with worn signature, height 5" x diameter 6". > Item Details
San Ildefonso Polychrome Jar,
Lot # 170 - San Ildefonso Polychrome Jar,
with a bulbous body, double shoulder, and restricting neck with slightly flared lip. Lower third of body designed with hatched scallops of which split foliate devices hang; the concave mid-section decorated with repeating triangular devices; and neck of vessel contains images of five different figu... > Item Details
Tohono O'odham Basketry Bowl by Dorothy Lopez,
Lot # 574 - Tohono O'odham Basketry Bowl by Dorothy Lopez,
woven of yucca and devil's claw having a stepped design on body, height 5.75" x diameter 10.5".This lot will be sold AS IS. No condition reports are available. > Item Details
Santo Domingo Jar,
Lot # 201 - Santo Domingo Jar,
with globular body, outward flaired lip, and concave base. Pleasing, bold florals wind around body, spirit-broken line highlights rim, height 9" x diameter 10.5". > Item Details
Cheyenne Beaded Hide Moccasins,
Lot # 471 - Cheyenne Beaded Hide Moccasins,
sinew-sewn and beaded in colors of dark green, rosy red, baby blue, black, and white creating "buffalo tracks" on the vamps and bold hour-glass motifs around sole, length 10.75". > Item Details
Pima and Tohono O'odham Baskets,
Lot # 565 - Pima and Tohono O'odham Baskets,
Pima height 4.5" x diameter 7.5"; AND Tohono O'odham height 3.5" x diameter 8". This lot will be sold AS IS. No condition reports are available. > Item Details
D. F. Barry Cabinet Cards of Indian Woman and Children,
Lot # 406 - D. F. Barry Cabinet Cards of Indian Woman and Children,
lot of 4, includes one with pasted label along lower margin Honest Woman and his Bismarck & Standing Rock, D.T. imprint, PLUS another of Two Bear's Daughter, with his West Superior, Wisconsin imprint, PLUS another with two women and manuscript inscription on rear Winona and Sweet Clover sisters, and... > Item Details
Sioux Catlinite Pipe with Wooden Effigy Stem,
Lot # 451 - Sioux Catlinite Pipe with Wooden Effigy Stem,
with "T" shaped bowl with beveled anterior projection and with round posterior, length 9"; height 5" AND stem with four carved-relief and painted animals (turtle, beaver, big horn sheep, bison or mountain goat) moving along its length and with relief parallel bars on reverse, length 20". > Item Details
Plains Painted Single-Headed Hand Drum,
Lot # 460 - Plains Painted Single-Headed Hand Drum,
with thick hide stretched over wooden frame to which drum head and narrow hide straps have been nailed. The straps cross and form handle at back of drum; straps are wrapped together with strips of muslin. Leather head painted with green triangles alternating with green dots; one red triangle creat... > Item Details
Eskimo Sealskin Kayaks and Wooden Figure,
Lot # 19 - Eskimo Sealskin Kayaks and Wooden Figure,
lot of 3, includes one with hand-carved wooden hunter wearing a gut skin parka trimmed with fur, length 19.5"; PLUS a smaller handmade model, length 16"; AND a hand-carved wooden hunter with fishing rod and line, height 3.6”. > Item Details
Eskimo Ulu with Attached File and Awl,
Lot # 37 - Eskimo Ulu with Attached File and Awl,
ulu with antler handle and central circular decoration, hand-filed steel blade. Steel link chain with leather thong and brass pistol cartridges attaches ulu handle to a heavily used steel file, total length 35", width of ulu blade 3.75", length of file 3.5", AND an awl with Y-shaped antler handle an... > Item Details
Northern California Baskets,
Lot # 538 - Northern California Baskets,
lot of 2. Includes a twined basket height 3" x diameter 5.5"; AND height 3.5" x diameter 6.75". This lot will be sold AS IS. No condition reports are available. > Item Details
Navajo Regional Weaving,
Lot # 251 - Navajo Regional Weaving,
Two Grey Hills, woven in colors of black, cream, and browns, with a central diamond edged with stepped devices and interlocking bands, 8 warp/inch x 40 weft/inch; 47" x 31.5". > Item Details
Rio Grande Weaving,
Lot # 260 - Rio Grande Weaving,
tightly woven of commercial wool with wool warps, using colors of black and cream against red ground. With central Penitente-type motif depicting a bow and arrow, Christian cross, and whirling log, all bordered by a Greek key design, 9 warp/inch, 44 weft/inch; length 87" x width 52". > Item Details
Athapaskan Single Volute-Handled Knife,
Lot # 54 - Athapaskan Single Volute-Handled Knife,
with arched, serrated top curling inward toward a copper rivet, hide-wrapped grip, length 10.75". > Item Details
14K Gold Ring with Mosaic Stones by <i>Charles Loloma</i>,
Lot # 304 - 14K Gold Ring with Mosaic Stones by Charles Loloma,
in a design for which Loloma is most famous. Stones on top are lapis lazuli, coral, turquoise, and sliver of gold; size 10. Signed Loloma and 14K. > Item Details
<i>To The Right Wind</i> by Frank Howell,
Lot # 364 - To The Right Wind by Frank Howell,
monochrome lithograph on paper, signed and titled in pencil on lower side and numbered 22/75; 15" x 22.5" (sight), 20" x 28" (w/frame).FRANK HOWELL (1937-1997) is often known for his fusion of contemporary abstract features and traditional styles. > Item Details
Aleutian Lidded Rye-Grass Basket,
Lot # 56 - Aleutian Lidded Rye-Grass Basket,
finely twined and delicately embroidered with silk in colors of lively yellow, salmon, and cream creating a meandering abstract floral on basket, lid, and knob. Basket further embellished with narrow strips of dark plant fiber, height 8.75" x diameter 8.25". Illustrated in A Window on the Past (Pai... > Item Details
Makah Lidded Trinket Basket,
Lot # 59 - Makah Lidded Trinket Basket,
with closed warp twining and plaited base and with overall motif of swirling elongated arrows punctuated with large orange dot on lid, height 2.5" x diameter 4.5". Illustrated in American Indian Artifacts: The John Painter Collection (Painter 1991: 178). > Item Details
Tufa Cast Silver Buckle by <i>Charles Loloma</i>,
Lot # 305 - Tufa Cast Silver Buckle by Charles Loloma,
with textured surface that contrasts beautifully with smooth edge and single turquoise and coral, signed Loloma, length 2.4" x 1". > Item Details
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