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Eskimo Carved Bone and Ivory Snuff Boxes and Tubes,
2007, American Indian and Western Art, March 31
lot of 5, includes an ivory box with beveled edges decorated with red concentric circles and hatched lines, wooden bottom and lid, leather thong on lid connects a small carved seal toggle, length 2.25" x width 1.25"; PLUS a conical shaped bone box with wooden bottom and opening, length 2.5" x diameter 1.75"; PLUS an oval birch bark box with wooden lid, length 2.5" x width 1.25"; PLUS an ivory and bone snuffer, each with leather thong, length 3.75" and 3.25".

Property of Western Reserve Historical Society

Each with red inked accession number, leather thongs brittle, conical box without lid.
Sold: $747.50
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Tlingit Carved Wooden Feast Ladle,
Lot # 69 - Tlingit Carved Wooden Feast Ladle,
with reddish patina, handle carved with a human face and nested oval formlines along shaft, length 14.5". Steve Brown suggests that this ladle was likely carved as a curio around 1900.(Personal Communication, December 2006) > Item Details
Huron Birchbark Cigar Case with Quilled and Porcupine Embroidery,
Lot # 500 - Huron Birchbark Cigar Case with Quilled and Porcupine Embroidery,
featuring Indians in a canoe while others walk in a forest filled with realistic wildlife, height 5.5" (Painter 2003: 123). > Item Details
Tlingit Basketry Bottle,
Lot # 535 - Tlingit Basketry Bottle,
twined in bands of orange, red, and green against a natural ground and with twined black cap, height 5.5".This lot will be sold AS IS. No condition reports are available. > Item Details
Sioux Beaded Hide War Shirt,
Lot # 482 - Sioux Beaded Hide War Shirt,
thread- and sinew-sewn with broad strips of beadwork along arms, chest, back, and bib using red white-heart, cobalt, greasy yellow, pea green, bottle green, medium blue, and cut marcasites creating images of stacked chevrons topped with forked and pronged devices. Elaborate drops, composed of hide w... > Item Details
<I>Pueblo Harvest Time</I> by Gene Kloss,
Lot # 359 - Pueblo Harvest Time by Gene Kloss,
plus two books about Kloss's work: Gene Kloss: Print Retrospective and Gene Kloss Etchings by Phillips Kloss. This charming etching is listed and described on page 183 of Phillips Kloss's book; 25 were "executed" in 1933, image w/o frame 5.5" x 6", w/ simple oak frame 12" x 15". GENE KLOSS (1903-19... > Item Details
Early Great Lakes Loom Beaded Garter,
Lot # 493 - Early Great Lakes Loom Beaded Garter,
with red yarn warps and cut rose and white pony beads forming nested squares flanked by a serrated border. Garter ends with braided yarn, length w/o braids 11.5". > Item Details
Navajo Pictorial Weaving,
Lot # 256 - Navajo Pictorial Weaving,
of hand-spun wool with feathers nestled in a blocked and serrated double diamond using colors of brown, cream, red, and gray, 8 warp/inch x 30 weft/inch; 60" x 30". > Item Details
Kiowa Beaded Hide Awl Case,
Lot # 392 - Kiowa Beaded Hide Awl Case,
thread-sewn with a spiraling design on case in glass bead colors of light blue, medium blue, dark blue, rose, translucent green, yellow, and white. Long German silver drops and tin cones stream from lid and lower edge of case, total length 14". > Item Details
Apache Beaded Doll Cradleboard with Doll,
Lot # 296 - Apache Beaded Doll Cradleboard with Doll,
thread-sewn on canvas with bentwood outer frame and slat backrest decorated using glass beadwork in colors of cobalt, white, red white-heart, greasy yellow, rose, and translucent green. Cotton doll with triangular head and inked features is tucked inside; old tag on back San Carlos Apache Indians, l... > Item Details
Spectacular Northwest Coast Carving on Model 1894 Winchester,
Lot # 2000 - Spectacular Northwest Coast Carving on Model 1894 Winchester,
.30 caliber, 26" barrel, serial number 529675. Normal Winchester markings on tang and barrel. Rifle forend deeply carved with a bear wearing potlatch rings on its head; stock carved with huge crouching animal, possibly another bear consuming smaller animal, overall gun length 44.5". > Item Details
Navajo Germantown Eye-Dazzler Weaving,
Lot # 226 - Navajo Germantown Eye-Dazzler Weaving,
using colors of bright yellow, red, blue, green, brown, and cream wool to form an all over serrated diamond pattern, corners augmented with red fluffy tassels, 11 warp/inch, 38 weft/inch; 61.5" x 60". > Item Details
Chippewa Beaded Hide Pouch,
Lot # 510 - Chippewa Beaded Hide Pouch,
thread-sewn, with glass seed beads forming an undulating foliate decoration on front in colors of rose, greasy yellow, light, medium, and dark blue, red white-heart, pea green, translucent green, pumpkin, amber, pinks, and white. Inside of pouch lined with patterned cotton and backed with hide, leng... > Item Details
Rio Grande Weaving,
Lot # 260 - Rio Grande Weaving,
tightly woven of commercial wool with wool warps, using colors of black and cream against red ground. With central Penitente-type motif depicting a bow and arrow, Christian cross, and whirling log, all bordered by a Greek key design, 9 warp/inch, 44 weft/inch; length 87" x width 52". > Item Details
Large Tohono O'odham Basket,
Lot # 294 - Large Tohono O'odham Basket,
coiled of willow with a twisting linear design on body, height 11.25" x diameter 18". > Item Details
Sioux Quilled Pipe Stem with Catlinite Pipe Bowl,
Lot # 453 - Sioux Quilled Pipe Stem with Catlinite Pipe Bowl,
flat ash stem wrapped with tightly plaited red, blue, and yellow quillwork; a red, white, and blue ribbon hangs from center, length 21.75"; AND a catlinite bowl with four concentric circles decorating prow of pipe, length 7.25" x height 3.75". > Item Details
Santo Domingo Olla,
Lot # 194 - Santo Domingo Olla,
black-on-white, with globular body, restricted neck, and flared rim. Flowers with split leaves, dotted stem, and curling petals wrap around the vessel, height 11.5" x diameter 11". > Item Details
Mexican Saltillo,
Lot # 262 - Mexican Saltillo,
woven in two parts with cotton warp and wool weft, using colors of red, cream, green, and light blue to form horizontal bands and central diamond, 89" x 41.5". > Item Details
Plateau Beaded Hide Doll  Cradle,
Lot # 142 - Plateau Beaded Hide Doll Cradle,
thread-sewn with keystone-shaped board and beaded with overlay stitch in diamond patterns using colors of rose, cobalt, pea green, and white, and with traces of yellow pigment on hide. Hood beaded with clear seed beads and visor wrapped with opalescent, translucent green, translucent blue seed beads... > Item Details
Eskimo Bone-Handled Copper Snow Knife and Bone Scraper,
Lot # 52 - Eskimo Bone-Handled Copper Snow Knife and Bone Scraper,
lot of 2, includes handsome copper knife with hand-carved bone handle, length 12.75"; AND a bone scraper with lovely all-over incised chevron motif, length 10". > Item Details
Navajo Regional Weaving,
Lot # 235 - Navajo Regional Weaving,
western reservation-style, of hand-spun wool in colors of gray, brown, black, and cream, with saw-tooth border and serrated zigzags flanking a central cross, 11 warp/inch x 40 warp/inch; 72" x 37.5". > Item Details
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