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Four Skookum Indian Dolls,
2007, Toy & Advertising Sale, Jan 26 & 27
three are all composition with original painted features and black wigs, dressed in original felt and printed cotton outfits, one male with feathered headdress and beaded necklace, 12" tall, one male with wool broad brimmed hat, 13" tall and one female, 14" tall, AND smaller cello head example with black wig, dressed in original felt and printed cotton outfits, 6.5" tall.

All VG to VG+.
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Porcelain Enameled <i>Waitt & Bond Blackstone</i> Tobacco Sign,
Lot # 545 - Porcelain Enameled Waitt & Bond Blackstone Tobacco Sign,
in white and yellow letters on navy blue ground with mounting holes along margin 12" x 35.75". > Item Details
Two Attributed <i>Dayton Friction Toy Works</i> Sheet Steel & Wooden Friction Automobiles,
Lot # 328 - Two Attributed Dayton Friction Toy Works Sheet Steel & Wooden Friction Automobiles,
both likely early products of this company, includes a early-style horseless carriage automobile with passenger carriage in front and driver's seat in back, mounted on roof, wooden floor and sides with light gauge steel roof, back and front, silver painted cast iron spoked wheels with patented fly-w... > Item Details
<i>Buddy L</i> Locomotive,
Lot # 356 - Buddy L Locomotive,
engine #963, old black repaint, steel and brass construction, 25.25" long x 6.5" wide x 9" high. > Item Details
Paint Decorated <i>A&P</i> Coffee Bin,
Lot # 589 - Paint Decorated A&P Coffee Bin,
with original tin liner, slant lid with A&P in circle and same on front with bands of Greek key decoration, 18" x 18" x 30". > Item Details
Cast Iron <i>K Diamond</i> Letter Holder,
Lot # 580 - Cast Iron K Diamond Letter Holder,
with cast iron ends embossed K Diamond and coiled wire holder between with 3 steel rods connecting halves, in worn original black paint, 3.75" long x 3.25" high. > Item Details
<i>Spirit of Goodwill</i> Airplane Glass Candy Container,
Lot # 147 - Spirit of Goodwill Airplane Glass Candy Container,
Eikelberner & Agadjanian #8, var. B, in original polychrome painted finish with tin threaded nose cone cap with tin red propeller, embossed on right side Spirit of Goodwill, marked on under side of right wings U.S.A./3/4 OZ./AVOR5" long x 3.8" wingspan x 3.25" high. > Item Details
Six Fishing Tackle Catalogues by <i>Heddon, Wm. Mills & Son, Hildebrandt, Weber</i> & Others,
Lot # 599 - Six Fishing Tackle Catalogues by Heddon, Wm. Mills & Son, Hildebrandt, Weber & Others,
including Hildebrandt's Hints, Heddon Catalogue, William Mills & Son, Inc., The Webber Lifelike Fly Co., and Prescott Spinner Co.. > Item Details
German Bisque Shoulder Plate Child Doll,
Lot # 45 - German Bisque Shoulder Plate Child Doll,
with blue glass sleep eyes, open mouth with 4 upper teeth, original brown wig, marked on back with impressed 10/Made in Germany on kid body with bisque lower arms, dressed in new printed cotton dress with lace undergarments, woven white stockings and old black oil cloth shoes, 22" tall. > Item Details
Three Pigs & One Elephant Chromolithographed Tinplate Wind-Ups,
Lot # 323 - Three Pigs & One Elephant Chromolithographed Tinplate Wind-Ups,
lot of 4, includes a chromolithographed standing pig decorated with ribbon on which is NWN? and a four-leaf clover on top of head, removable key on right side and marked U.S. Zone Germany on belly. When spring-driven motor is operated, pig dances around and ears move, with key, 4.25" x 2.2" x 2.25" ... > Item Details
<i>Meier Two-Door Open Tourer</i> Automobile Tin Penny Toy,
Lot # 239 - Meier Two-Door Open Tourer Automobile Tin Penny Toy,
chromolithographed in blue with red, yellow and white trim, gray wheels, driver in brown coat and passenger in green, marked in doors with entwined JM, and on rear with black printed horse cart and Ges. Gesch., 1.25" x 3.25" x 2" high, (Pressland, 1991: 46; Christie's S.K. 2004, lot 68). > Item Details
<i>Schoenhut</i> Wooden Socket Head Child Character Girl Doll with Carved Hair,
Lot # 11 - Schoenhut Wooden Socket Head Child Character Girl Doll with Carved Hair,
painted and carved blue eyes, closed mouth with molded brown hair and blue head band, ball-jointed wooden body marked on back Schoenhut Doll/Pat. Jan. 17, 11,, U.S.A./& Foreign Countries in period, possibly original white cotton dress with blue trim and white cotton undergarments with lace trim, soc... > Item Details
Unusual Early <i>A.B. Dick</i> Cast Iron Pencil Sharpener,
Lot # 446 - Unusual Early A.B. Dick Cast Iron Pencil Sharpener,
cast iron in original black painted finish, with oval brass label reading Planetary Pencil Pointer Made By A.B. Dick Co. Chicago, Ill. with open cutting gears, iron crank handle with wood knob, sliding iron drawer in bottom, mounted on cherry plank, 4.5" x 6.5" x 5" high. > Item Details
Sheet Steel <i>Metalcraft</i> Delivery Truck,
Lot # 339 - Sheet Steel Metalcraft Delivery Truck,
ca 1934 pressed steel Metal Craft on side panels of box, with drop tailgate, and steel wheels, by Metalcraft of St. Louis, Missouri, 11" x 4" x 5" high. > Item Details
Chromolithographed <i>Nicer</i> Ice Cream Tray,
Lot # 563 - Chromolithographed Nicer Ice Cream Tray,
13.5" diameter with image of young boy in sailor suit and girl in white summer dress, seated at a garden table with Nicer ice cream on plates, border with vignettes of fruit and Nicer Ice Cream Always Nicer-All-Ways repeated twice, marked K. & S. Co.. > Item Details
<i>Lehmann Tut Tut No. 490</i> Chromolithographed Tin Wind-Up Automobile,
Lot # 292 - Lehmann Tut Tut No. 490 Chromolithographed Tin Wind-Up Automobile,
hand-painted and tin chromolithographed Lehmann Tut Tut wind-up toy with man driving open automobile while blowing a horn. In original painted and litho finish with Germanic eagle in red on sides, hood with Marke over symbol of tin press with e inside, over Lehmann, truck/boot with Deutch Voran/Lehm... > Item Details
<i>Agnes</i> Lady China Head Doll,
Lot # 70 - Agnes Lady China Head Doll,
with painted blue eyes, closed mouth, molded and painted black hair, molded shoulder plate with top of blouse and Agnes on front in embossed lettering with gilt highlights on cloth body with china lower arms and legs with painted and molded booths, dressed in period-style blue satin dress with lace ... > Item Details
Bisque <i>Bye-Lo</i> Baby Doll,
Lot # 32 - Bisque Bye-Lo Baby Doll,
10.5" circumference solid dome head with blue sleep eyes, closed mouth, molded and painted brown hair, marked on rear Copyr. By Grace S. Putnam Made in Germany 1373130 on cloth body with cello hands and voice box in back, fully dressed in period outfit, 11" tall. > Item Details
German <i>Santa on Log</i> Candy Container,
Lot # 140 - German Santa on Log Candy Container,
polychrome painted papier-mâché and card stock of a Santa in felt outfit seated on a card stock log with his arms folded across chest and snow on log, ends of log have printed wood grain and marked Germany with one end being friction fitted lid, opening for candy storage, 3.2" x 2.75" x 3.8" high. > Item Details
<i>James Fallow, Pa.</i> Jockey on Goat Tin Pull Toy,
Lot # 358 - James Fallow, Pa. Jockey on Goat Tin Pull Toy,
jockey in rust red pants, green jacket, red hat and boots, riding atop an oversized goat in black, gray, yellow and red atop a green platform with 2 pair of cast iron wheels, 3.75" x 9.75" x 9" high. James Fallows & Sons (Philadelphia, PA) originally organized under the name C.B. Porter Company in 1... > Item Details
Three Different Glass Candy Container <i>Locomotives</i>,
Lot # 149 - Three Different Glass Candy Container Locomotives,
all clear glass includes Eikelberner & Agadjanian #493-1, like, 497 & 481 Var. B, 1st with original circular threaded cap at rear, 6.25" x 3.5" high, PLUS 2nd with open back for missing tin lid closure, embossed on underside Net Wt./1 OZ, 4" x 2.75" high, AND 3rd with embossed 888 on cab, with missi... > Item Details
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