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Four Skookum Indian Dolls,
2007, Toy & Advertising Sale, Jan 26 & 27
three are all composition with original painted features and black wigs, dressed in original felt and printed cotton outfits, one male with feathered headdress and beaded necklace, 12" tall, one male with wool broad brimmed hat, 13" tall and one female, 14" tall, AND smaller cello head example with black wig, dressed in original felt and printed cotton outfits, 6.5" tall.

All VG to VG+.
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Scarce <i>Rolly-Poly Brownie</i> Chromolithographed Tobacco Tin, Mammy,
Lot # 490 - Scarce Rolly-Poly Brownie Chromolithographed Tobacco Tin, Mammy,
for Mayo's Cut Plug. Covered round tobacco tin in the shape of an African American lady wearing white bonnet and bow, red cape, pock-a-dot blouse and apron and red skirt, with corn cob tobacco pipe in mouth and package of Mayo's tobacco in right apron pocket. Depicted on the reverse is an over-sized... > Item Details
Three Early Bicycle Catalogues,
Lot # 596 - Three Early Bicycle Catalogues,
lot includes a 1908 Mead Cycles, Chicago, catalogue with gold-embossed cover having color illustrations of their entire product line (9" high x 12" long); 1917 Mead Ranger catalogue with lithographed cover (8.5" x 11") and a 1898 Schlueter Cycle Mfg. Co., Cincinnati, catalogue with ornate comical co... > Item Details
<i>Old Continental Whiskey</i> Racial Advertising Photo Sign,
Lot # 543 - Old Continental Whiskey Racial Advertising Photo Sign,
early silver print, laid on card stock, as issued and in original oak frame with mat, scene of southern African American church wedding with product name on mat below, 21" x 16", framed in original oak, 30.25" x 30.5". > Item Details
<i>Meier Two-Door Open Tourer</i> Automobile Tin Penny Toy,
Lot # 239 - Meier Two-Door Open Tourer Automobile Tin Penny Toy,
chromolithographed in blue with red, yellow and white trim, gray wheels, driver in brown coat and passenger in green, marked in doors with entwined JM, and on rear with black printed horse cart and Ges. Gesch., 1.25" x 3.25" x 2" high, (Pressland, 1991: 46; Christie's S.K. 2004, lot 68). > Item Details
Ten Early Ice Box & Refrigerator Catalogues,
Lot # 608 - Ten Early Ice Box & Refrigerator Catalogues,
including ten approximately 8vo refrigerator catalogues from McCray Refrigerator Co., 4 of which are horizontal. Other catalogues from Cooper Systems (12mo), and one each Monroe Refrigerator Co. (8vo), Opal Refrigerator Co., Henry Vogt Machine Co. (8vo), and Frick Company (8vo), still in its mailin... > Item Details
Three Early Comic Character Dolls,
Lot # 24 - Three Early Comic Character Dolls,
includes Ideal Fanny Bryce composition doll, with molded and painted composition head, marked on back Ideal Doll on turned wood jointed body with steel spring arms and legs and composition hands and wood painted feet in original printed cotton outfit, and original red silk ribbon in hair, 12" tall; ... > Item Details
Two Different Spanish American War U.S. Battleship Pewter Ice Cream Molds,
Lot # 224 - Two Different Spanish American War U.S. Battleship Pewter Ice Cream Molds,
both single-hinged, one with single stack, numbered 512, 6" x 2.25" high, AND one with double stacks, numbered 513, 6" x 2.4" high. > Item Details
<i>Mead Ranger</i> 1925 Bicycle Catalogue,
Lot # 595 - Mead Ranger 1925 Bicycle Catalogue,
lithographed 8.5" x 11" catalogue from The Mead Ranger Co., Chicago, Illinois. Profusely color illustrated and depicting their entire line of bicycles, parts and accessories with prices. > Item Details
Two Chromolithographed Tobacco Pieces, <i>Old & New</i> and <i>Bull Durham</i>,
Lot # 520 - Two Chromolithographed Tobacco Pieces, Old & New and Bull Durham,
includes a window hanger for Old & New, Foree, Omberg & Co. Sunlight Tobacco Works Louisville, Ky. with comic image of and older gentleman and his young bride in parlor with portrait of his scowling former wife on wall. Tin hangers at top and bottom, 11" x 10.75", AND an illustrated card stock Bull ... > Item Details
Two <i>Marian</i> Lady <i>Marion</i> China Head Dolls,
Lot # 59 - Two Marian Lady Marion China Head Dolls,
includes one with painted blue eyes, closed mouth with molded and painted blonde hair, shoulder plate with molded blouse top with bow and Marion in gilt embossed lettering, marked on back Pat. Appd. For/Germany, on cloth body with china lower arms, dressed in new gray satin dress with white lace tri... > Item Details
Four Pewter Ice Cream Molds,
Lot # 223 - Four Pewter Ice Cream Molds,
1st is double-hinged, others are all single-hinged, includes 3-handled loving cup with each part numbered 1079, 4.5" diameter x 3" high, PLUS pair of kissing love birds on nest, marked E & Co. 566 on each half, 6" x 3.5", PLUS a sailboat marked Des/Cod'd/1899 and numbered 553, 5.75" x 4" high, AND a... > Item Details
Huge Lot of Early Automotive Promotional Literature, Plus,
Lot # 600 - Huge Lot of Early Automotive Promotional Literature, Plus,
including pamphlets from Rolls Royce Motors, Alfa Romeo, Porsche and other novelty cars, with wonderful color photography, as well as a single silver print photograph of a gentleman beside a Rolls Royce with the engine exposed. Also many other silver prints of Cadillacs and other automobiles. PLUS... > Item Details
German Sheet Steel & Cast Iron Delivery Truck,
Lot # 340 - German Sheet Steel & Cast Iron Delivery Truck,
original blue paint with yellow details and gold wheels, die-cast spoked 2.5" diameter wheels, sheet steel body with tin grille, cast iron driver, string-wound pulley propulsion, 11" x 5" x 7.25" high. > Item Details
Three <i>Goebel Beer</i> Chromolithographed Tip Trays,
Lot # 566 - Three Goebel Beer Chromolithographed Tip Trays,
all matching with 2 Dutch girls with harbor scene in background, rim with Goebel Beer and crest of Goebel beer and vignettes of Dutch cities, 4.4" diameter x .5" high. > Item Details
<i>F.S. Webster Co.</i> Cast Iron Pencil Sharpener,
Lot # 445 - F.S. Webster Co. Cast Iron Pencil Sharpener,
in original black painted finish, unusual form of inverted figure 8 with embossed label F.S. Webster Co. New York, Boston, Chicago on each side highlighted in gold paint and Pat. June 21, 92 on cutter drum housing, enclosed cutter with shaving box in lower half of 8, wood handle, screw-mounted on wo... > Item Details
Six Hard Bound Early 20th Century Plumbing Fixtures & Building Equipment Catalogues,
Lot # 610 - Six Hard Bound Early 20th Century Plumbing Fixtures & Building Equipment Catalogues,
includes and electric supply yearbook from Western Electric Company from 1915, 1,216 pp, extensively illustrated catalogue of electrical supplies. PLUS a catalogue from Glauber Brass Manufacturing Co. from 1911, 246 pp. PLUS a Motts Plumbing catalogue from 1908, 523 pp. PLUS a massive hard bound ... > Item Details
<i>Heubach Kopplesdorf</i> Bisque Socket Head Child Doll, in Dutch Girl Outfit,
Lot # 101 - Heubach Kopplesdorf Bisque Socket Head Child Doll, in Dutch Girl Outfit,
with blue/gray glass sleep eyes, open mouth with 4 upper teeth, replaced blonde wig, marked on back of head Heubach Kopplesdorf/250.0./Germany, on ball jointed composition body in original Dutch Girl outfit, hat and wooden shoes, 19.5" tall. > Item Details
<i>New Bachelor Cigar</i> Chromolithographed Tin Sign,
Lot # 559 - New Bachelor Cigar Chromolithographed Tin Sign,
self-framed in two panels with smaller at left having gentleman playing solitaire and smoking a cigar with box of product on table, dreaming of his lovely young lady, shown in clouds in background, second panel at right with black letters outlined in white on yellow ground reading Yes, You'll like t... > Item Details
1930's Pedal Toy, Sulky Racer,
Lot # 203 - 1930's Pedal Toy, Sulky Racer,
spotted brown and white cow hide-covered wooden pony with horse hair mane & tail, brown blown glass eyes, carved wood hooves, leather ears, with original leather bridle, 37" x 8" x 23" high. This is mounted on a unicycle wheel with rubber tire with steering arm extending through middle of pony's bod... > Item Details
Two Chromolithographed Card Stock Window Hangers For <i>Orphan Boy Tobacco & Dental Sweet Snuff</i>,
Lot # 464 - Two Chromolithographed Card Stock Window Hangers For Orphan Boy Tobacco & Dental Sweet Snuff,
includes a great illustrated card stock hanger in the form of tobacco bag with chromolithograph of a mule in front of a barn and Orphan Boy/Smoking/Tobacco/Fine Carolina/Made By/John Weisert Tob. Co./St. Louis, MO., with brass ring hanger at top, 11.75" x 17.25" high, AND figural card stock window h... > Item Details
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