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Three Skookum Indian Dolls,
2007, Toy & Advertising Sale, Jan 26 & 27
all males with painted features, original black wigs, dressed in original felt and printed cotton outfits, includes one with beaded necklace and painted mocs, 13.5" tall, with printed original label on underside of foot, PLUS second with beaded necklace, and plain mocs, 15.5" tall, AND one with beaded mocs, 14" tall.

All VG.
Sold: $316.25
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Uncatalogued Lot: Cast Aluminum Buggy & Wyandotte Convertible,
Lot # 375 - Uncatalogued Lot: Cast Aluminum Buggy & Wyandotte Convertible,
includes an aluminum two-horse-drawn carriage with driver and female rider, canvas top, in original polychrome paint, 11.6" long AND a chromolithographed Wyandotte Convertible, with working trunk/boot and fold down top, 11" long. No further description of condition will be provided. > Item Details
<i>Humphrey's Specifics</i> Oak & Chromolithographed Tin Medicine Cabinet,
Lot # 577 - Humphrey's Specifics Oak & Chromolithographed Tin Medicine Cabinet,
oak case in original varnish finish with tin lithographed front and door with Humphrey's Specifics and 2 columns of remedy's and prices, interior opens to reveal 34 numbered drawers in 8 rows, 9.75" x 21.75" x 28" high. Most drawers still with original medicines in illustrated paper wraps and boxes.... > Item Details
<i>Armand Marseille 95</i> Bisque Shoulder Plate Child Doll,
Lot # 95 - Armand Marseille 95 Bisque Shoulder Plate Child Doll,
with fixed blue glass eyes, open mouth with 4 upper teeth, replaced brown curly wig, marked on shoulder plate AM 95-5 DEP., on new kid body with bisque lower arms, dressed in white satin blouse, black satin brocade skirt, with matching satin cap with black bead decoration, white cotton undergarments... > Item Details
Tin Head & Ideal Composition Doll,
Lot # 15 - Tin Head & Ideal Composition Doll,
lot of 2, includes 12" tall with solid dome with molded and painted reddish-blonde hair, painted blue eyes with composition body with molded and painted uniform, jointed arms with sergeant stripes and legs, marked on back with Ideal in diamond. This doll was made by the Ideal Novelty & Toy Co., Broo... > Item Details
Chromolithographed Tin <i>Hudepohl Brewing Co.</i> Self-Framed Sign,
Lot # 538 - Chromolithographed Tin Hudepohl Brewing Co. Self-Framed Sign,
single piece of stamped tin with margins in wood grain and The Hudepohl Brewing Co./Cincinnati, Ohio along bottom margin. German tavern scene with a couple seated on patio being served by waitress, two bottles of product in foreground and Hudepohl crest on side of tavern in background, 22.5" x 28.5... > Item Details
<i>Poosh-M-Up Jr.</i> Baseball Pinball Game,
Lot # 130 - Poosh-M-Up Jr. Baseball Pinball Game,
manually operated with maple frame, glass top and chromolithographed game board with tin pins and baskets, spring operated with 10 steel ball bearings, comic and racial figures on printed ball diamond, made by Northwestern Products Co. St. Louis, Mo., 11" x 18" x 1" high. > Item Details
Signed Scottish Lass <i>Lenci</i> Felt Doll,
Lot # 33 - Signed Scottish Lass Lenci Felt Doll,
with molded and painted features, blue eyes, closed mouth and original blonde wig, fully dressed in original Scottish girl outfit with hat and with both woven Rayon and printed paper tags that read Lenci Made In Italy and Bambola Italia Lenci Torino Made in Italy with manuscript pencil on lower marg... > Item Details
German Santa on Sleigh,
Lot # 212 - German Santa on Sleigh,
polychrome painted papier-mâché Santa with felt outfit, seated atop a wooden sleigh with wood shavings in bed, marked Germany on underside, 5" x 2.4" x 4.4" high. > Item Details
Postal Telegraph Unit from 1913,
Lot # 567 - Postal Telegraph Unit from 1913,
lot includes the original transformer in cast iron and brass and the original key pad in steel and brass, both mounted in a mahogany and Plexiglas case, 8.5" x 9.5" x 5" high. > Item Details
Early Dudley Hardy Advertising Lithograph,
Lot # 560 - Early Dudley Hardy Advertising Lithograph,
this chromolithographed miniature poster was produced as one of the series of Masters of The Poster which was the best posters of the Belle Epoque, produced from 1895-1900 by Jules Cheret and printed by Chaix. This 11.25" x 15.5" poster is an exact copy in miniature of the original printed by Waterl... > Item Details
Engraving for <i>Coca-Cola</i> Advertisement,
Lot # 536 - Engraving for Coca-Cola Advertisement,
3-color engraving of a working man getting a can of coke from a machine with his lunch bucket in hand, entitled N.Y.C. Subway Scene-1951 and double signed in ink and pencil Rudyard Kipling and numbered 125/500, 9" x 11.5", matted and framed, 14.25" x 16.75". > Item Details
Two <i>Horse-Drawn Wagon</i> Tin Penny Toys,
Lot # 267 - Two Horse-Drawn Wagon Tin Penny Toys,
both chromolithographed, includes a street sprinkler with blue barrel on 2 wheels with white horse, appears to have never had a driver, 1.75" x 4.75" x 2.35" high, AND a closed sided stake bed yellow cart with 2 red wheels, and dappled gray horse, unmarked, 1.5" x 4.8" x 2" high. > Item Details
Tagged <i>Lenci</i> Ethnic 9
Lot # 114 - Tagged Lenci Ethnic 9" Felt Doll,
Germanic peasant lady in traditional bright colored outfit, including jewelry and leather shoes, molded and painted face with blue eyes and black hair, with both paper and machine-woven cloth tags. > Item Details
Chromolithographed Nifty Toonerville Trolley Tin Wind-Up Toy,
Lot # 294 - Chromolithographed Nifty Toonerville Trolley Tin Wind-Up Toy,
German-made Toonerville Trolley marked Copyright 1922 by Fontaine Fox. Comic character trolley rolls forward with eccentric motion, with fixed key on right side, spring-driven movement with Toonerville Trolley on each side, 5" x 3.75" x 7.5" high. > Item Details
Terra Cotta <i>Merriam Segars</i> Advertising Plate,
Lot # 507 - Terra Cotta Merriam Segars Advertising Plate,
with embossed cubist-style bulldog with Merriam Segars, unmarked, 7.5" diameter. > Item Details
Eleven Early 20th Century Ornamental Iron Works Catalogues,
Lot # 615 - Eleven Early 20th Century Ornamental Iron Works Catalogues,
including two 12mo hard-bound catalogues from the United States Radiator Corporation entitled The Complete Line from 1914 and 1915, respectively; PLUS one 12mo catalogue from Dearborn Foundry Co., Chicago from 1904 in green cloth boards; PLUS one 12mo hard-bound catalogue from Union Radiator Company... > Item Details
<i>Heinrich Handwerck/Simon Halbig</i> Bisque Socket Head Child Doll with Real Eyebrows,
Lot # 38 - Heinrich Handwerck/Simon Halbig Bisque Socket Head Child Doll with Real Eyebrows,
with blue glass fixed eyes, open mouth with 5 upper teeth, pierced ears, original blonde wig and eyebrows, marked on back of head Germany/Heinrich Handwerck/Simon Halbig/5 1/2, dressed in soiled and tattered undergarment, 26" tall. > Item Details
NCR Cash Register Crate with Illustrated Paper Label,
Lot # - NCR Cash Register Crate with Illustrated Paper Label,
with slant front hinged lid, rope handles at sides, original illustrated paper label on back with view of NCR factory in Dayton, Ohio with extensive printed text, and shipping label at right side, for Poseyville, IN department store, 30.5" x 22" x 27" high. > Item Details
<i>Bokuno Tomodahi Japan</i> Spring-Driven Boy Trapeze Toy,
Lot # 357 - Bokuno Tomodahi Japan Spring-Driven Boy Trapeze Toy,
jointed cello figure of small boy in original polychrome decoration, jointed at shoulders and hips, marked on back of neck as above and mounted on steel framed trapeze with fixed key wind, spring-driven movement. When operating, boy does flips and twirls on trapeze, 6" x 8" x 12" high, boy is 5.5" h... > Item Details
Rare Mohair Teddy Bear in Jester Outfit by <i>Willhelm Strunz</i> with Steel Rod & Wire Joints,
Lot # 184 - Rare Mohair Teddy Bear in Jester Outfit by Willhelm Strunz with Steel Rod & Wire Joints,
humped back and jointed at legs and neck, made in Germany ca 1905 with white mohair on feet and head and green on upper legs and torso, with white felt collar and cuffs, tan felt pads on feet, black domed button eyes, (.4" diameter), embroidered nose, mouth (white) and claws (black), excelsior-fille... > Item Details
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