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Eskimo Sealskin Model Kayak
2006, Fall American Indian Arts, September 16th
with hand-carved wooden hunter who wears a cotton coat. Kayak laden with ivory and wood fishing accoutrements: trap, two harpoons, ice pick, and oar. With wooden stand, length 16.25".

Sold: $977.50
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Fossilized Ivory Inlay Bracelet and Pendant,
Lot # 9 - Fossilized Ivory Inlay Bracelet and Pendant,
each marked Sterling and hallmarked with a feather. Beautifully crafted with alternating soft hues of inlaid ivory. Includes a heavy sterling bangle with additional signature KRXY on inside, length of bracelet 7" x width .75"; AND a matching oval pendant inlaid in contemporary puzzle motif, length (... > Item Details
Elk Antler Fleshers with Delicate Incised Motifs,
Lot # 442 - Elk Antler Fleshers with Delicate Incised Motifs,
lot of 2. Includes one with a metal scraper attached to tip with leather, length 11.25"; AND another, length 10.3". Each handle incised with tiny dots, one with lines wrapping around handle. > Item Details
Salish Imbricated Basketry Trays,
Lot # 17 - Salish Imbricated Basketry Trays,
lot of 3, all woven of cedar root. Includes a large rectangular tray decorated with a red and black imbricated check pattern, with twisted cedar cord around edge and handles, length 21" x width 12.75"; PLUS a smaller oval tray with red, black, and cream imbricated designs suggesting an avian motif, ... > Item Details
Sioux Beaded and Quilled Hide Strip,
Lot # 372 - Sioux Beaded and Quilled Hide Strip,
thread- and sinew-sewn with two parallel lanes of beadwork in white and red white-heart designed with alternating crosses and vertical stripes. Rows of beadwork alternate with rows of quillwork in colors of red, orange, white, and purple. Quilled rawhide slats hang below repeating the motif exhibite... > Item Details
<i>The Pass Finders – Piegan</i> Photogravure by Roland Reed,
Lot # 83 - The Pass Finders – Piegan Photogravure by Roland Reed,
printed copyright and title line below image, printed at Gravure Eng. Co., Mpls, 18" x 14". > Item Details
Fine Lakota Beaded and Quilled Hide Tobacco Bag,
Lot # 330 - Fine Lakota Beaded and Quilled Hide Tobacco Bag,
sinew-sewn with lanes of beadwork in white, cobalt, greasy yellow, and red white-heart that stretch along the yellow ochred throat. Seven strips of delicately woven quillwork in a primary palette of red, yellow, white, and blue, are appliquéd to the lower portion of bag. A triangular drop with sam... > Item Details
Ute Beaded Hide Tab Pouch,
Lot # 69 - Ute Beaded Hide Tab Pouch,
sinew-sewn with front beaded with triangular geometrics in colors of cobalt and pea green against a white ground, opposite side of pouch with diamonds, squares, and crosses using cobalt, red white-heart, and pink seed beads against a green ground. Two brass bells finish end of tab, brass button clos... > Item Details
Crow Beaded Hide Doll,
Lot # 391 - Crow Beaded Hide Doll,
constructed of sinew-sewn hide coated with red pigment and having beaded facial features in blue and white seed beads. Figure has necklace of red white-heart and dentalia shell, with continuation of beads along legs and fringe on sides providing the appearance of leggings, length 11". > Item Details
Navajo Third Phase Chief's Blanket,
Lot # 240 - Navajo Third Phase Chief's Blanket,
turn-of-the-century, woven of brown, cream, red, and blue dyed wool, with typical whole, halved, and quartered diamonds, central diamonds contain three crosses, all situated among wide bands. With brown spirit line, 65" x 57". > Item Details
Navajo Regional Weaving,
Lot # 251 - Navajo Regional Weaving,
tightly woven of hand-spun wool using colors of dark brown, beige, and cream against a light brown ground. Design consists of interlocking frets zigzagging though center of weaving, connecting squares fill negative space, with central medallion with a solitary red diamond as focal point, 78" x 40.5"... > Item Details
San Ildefonso Plate by Maria Martinez,
Lot # 116 - San Ildefonso Plate by Maria Martinez,
black-on-black, with positive imagery of Avanyu circling around a central sphere, rain and snow clouds are situated in the flexes of serpent’s body, signed Marie, diameter 9.75". Give the Real Americans an American chance in their own America. – Erl Bates ERL AUGUSTUS CAESAR BATES (1889-1973) was... > Item Details
Apache Whetstone Case with Whetstone,
Lot # 72 - Apache Whetstone Case with Whetstone,
sinew-sewn and designed with two rounded tabs at bottom and completely edge-beaded in red white-heart, light blue, white, pink, and dark blue seed beads. Lanes of beadwork outline the central rectangular portion of pouch with seed bead colors of cobalt, white, light blue, pink, and translucent green... > Item Details
Navajo Third Phase Variant Chief's Blanket,
Lot # 259 - Navajo Third Phase Variant Chief's Blanket,
a 20th century variant of this traditional motif, finely woven with terraced diamonds amidst a field of horizontal stripes is woven in colors of dark brown, cream, aniline red, blue-gray wool, and one narrow olive stripe in the center of a dark brown stripe, 47.5" x 52.25". > Item Details
Plains Stone Head Club,
Lot # 345 - Plains Stone Head Club,
double-pointed head with leather-covered wood handle, accession number "73" on leather around stone, length 32.5". Lots 322-350 in this sale were collected by Henry W. Andrews during his tenure with the Bureau of Indian Affairs in the 1870s and 1880s, and later donated to a Western New York Museum ... > Item Details
Silver Gelatin Photographs by F. B. Fiske,
Lot # 319 - Silver Gelatin Photographs by F. B. Fiske,
lot of 2, both printed from original negatives. Each print numbered 179/300 and marked on reverse with a stamp F. B. Fiske and Clifford S. Keller(?). One print depicts three stately tipis, two painted with charging horses involved in a fierce battle between the military and Indians, 6" x 9"; AND one... > Item Details
Iowa Beaded Moccasins,
Lot # 409 - Iowa Beaded Moccasins,
ca 1860, thread-sewn with florally beaded vamps using seed beads colors of rose, pink, translucent dark blue, and pea green. Cuffs are edged with red and blue-green satin tape and edge-beaded with the opposing red and green seed beads, length 9.75". See A Window on the Past (Painter 2003: 28). > Item Details
Pacific Eskimo Model Kayak,
Lot # 5 - Pacific Eskimo Model Kayak,
characteristic of Nunivak Island, with upturned bow and large seat opening. Composed of a wooden frame with sealskin covering. Accouterments such as avataq – seal bladder float, two wooden paddles with red washed blades, oonaq – harpoon with ivory tip and handle, and a baleen rack for the harpoon li... > Item Details
Miniature Apache Olla,
Lot # 208 - Miniature Apache Olla,
coiled of willow and devil's claw forming a lattice design with crosses nestled in the central row of diamonds, height 5.75" x diameter 7.5". > Item Details
Great Lakes Beaded Knife Sheath,
Lot # 462 - Great Lakes Beaded Knife Sheath,
possibly Chippewa, thread-sewn on canvas using seed bead colors of light blue, greasy yellow, cobalt, rose, opalescent, white, pumpkin, and shades of green to form curvilinear floral designs, two beaded drops terminating with blue yarn hang along side, opening wrapped with embroidery thread, backed ... > Item Details
D. F. Barry Cabinet Card of Chief Gall, Hunkpapa Dakota,
Lot # 303 - D. F. Barry Cabinet Card of Chief Gall, Hunkpapa Dakota,
albumen image. With hand-stamped Chief Gall over Barry's West Superior imprint, Chief Gall logo on verso. He wears a fringed buckskin coat with fur cuffs and large trade silver cross around his neck. > Item Details
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