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Eskimo Sealskin Model Kayak
2006, Fall American Indian Arts, September 16th
with hand-carved wooden hunter who wears a cotton coat. Kayak laden with ivory and wood fishing accoutrements: trap, two harpoons, ice pick, and oar. With wooden stand, length 16.25".

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Hidatsa Quilled Horsehair Hair Drop,
Lot # 404 - Hidatsa Quilled Horsehair Hair Drop,
ca 1870, plaited quillwork in colors of red, yellow, and blue on horse hide which is edged with white seed beads. Blond horse hair dyed purple, quill wrapped hide thongs terminating with tin cones and dyed horsehair hang from sides, length (including tail) 30". See A Window on the Past (Painter 2003... > Item Details
Large Navajo Regional Weaving,
Lot # 243 - Large Navajo Regional Weaving,
of hand-spun wool using colors of cream, dark brown, red, and gray, having a serrated and outlined hourglass design with central crosses, all contained within a double-spurred border, 99.5" x 68". > Item Details
Assiniboine Beaded Hide Vest,
Lot # 532 - Assiniboine Beaded Hide Vest,
thread-sewn in panels with red white-heart, greasy yellow, cobalt, and light blue beadwork. Design of pronged stepped diamonds on chest, stepped triangles along sides, and three stacked, stepped diamonds on back. Red wool edging, four button closure, finished with fringe, length 17.25" x chest 32". ... > Item Details
Zia Polychrome Olla,
Lot # 177 - Zia Polychrome Olla,
late 19th century and potted with a globular body, sharply upturned neck, and concave base. Three horizontal friezes consist of split parallelograms, mesmerizing black wave-like band, and undulating red and black foliates finishes the body; height 10.5" x diameter 12". > Item Details
Chippewa Woman's Beaded Hide Dress with Hand-Tinted Photograph,
Lot # 80 - Chippewa Woman's Beaded Hide Dress with Hand-Tinted Photograph,
thread- and sinew-sewn with strands of pea green, dark blue, yellow, rose, light blue, and translucent purple beadwork decorating yoke of dress. Fat fringe hangs from sleeves, side seams, and hem of garment, length (including fringe) 43" x chest 50". Included is a hand-tinted silver gelatin photogra... > Item Details
New Guinea-Style House Post,
Lot # 507 - New Guinea-Style House Post,
carved of wood with stylized human figures, approximate length 100". > Item Details
Group of Salish Imbricated Baskets,
Lot # 21 - Group of Salish Imbricated Baskets,
lot of 5, all coiled and with natural colored designs; some with unusual shapes. Includes an old-fashioned covered butter dish complete with knob on lid and embellished with imbrication on dish and lid, height 4.25" x diameter 7.5"; PLUS an oversized cup with an imbricated surface, height 3.25" x d... > Item Details
Crow Child's Hide Doll Cradle,
Lot # 392 - Crow Child's Hide Doll Cradle,
thread-sewn with couched beadwork decorating upper half of board with central diamond using seed bead colors of light blue, medium blue, green, white, cobalt, red white-heart, and yellow. Three sets of beaded straps tie across body, hood covered with red and brown plain weave wool, and beaded strand... > Item Details
Santa Clara Jar by Terasita and Juan,
Lot # 101 - Santa Clara Jar by Terasita and Juan,
carved redware, with sharp shoulder and gently sloping neck, with a simple scalloped design around opening, signed Terasita & Juan, height 3.25" x diameter 4.25". > Item Details
Pacific Eskimo Model Kayak,
Lot # 5 - Pacific Eskimo Model Kayak,
characteristic of Nunivak Island, with upturned bow and large seat opening. Composed of a wooden frame with sealskin covering. Accouterments such as avataq – seal bladder float, two wooden paddles with red washed blades, oonaq – harpoon with ivory tip and handle, and a baleen rack for the harpoon li... > Item Details
Great Lakes Ball Head Dance Club,
Lot # 470 - Great Lakes Ball Head Dance Club,
carved from maple, with the head of the club rendered into an animal's head, the ball locked in its jaws, blunt iron spike inserted at tip, length 23". > Item Details
Trobriand Islands Splash Board,
Lot # 513 - Trobriand Islands Splash Board,
wood with traditional hand-carved wood curvilinear motifs incorporating a person, a snake, and other anthropomorphic designs. Embellished with red, black, and white pigments and mounted on the front of a canoe, length 17" x 19.25". > Item Details
Sioux Beaded Hide Knife Sheath with Knife,
Lot # 446 - Sioux Beaded Hide Knife Sheath with Knife,
sinew-sewn hide front with lazy-stitched beadwork in colors of red, yellow, light blue, and black against a white ground forming simple geometric designs, rawhide back. Tin cones hang from bottom and sides of opening, length 9". Knife is Green River-style with faint acid-etched oval mark on left f... > Item Details
Deer and Rabbit by Harrison Begay,
Lot # 475 - Deer and Rabbit by Harrison Begay,
acrylic, signed in Navajo Haskay Yah Ne Yah on lower left, and English in lower right. Inscribed on back, Original acrylic colors/ traditional Native American painting/ Spotted youngster and his/ friend the cotton tail rabbit. by/ Harrison Begay/ Navajo Artist, matted length 20" x width 16". Begay ... > Item Details
Southern Cheyenne Child's Beaded Hide Moccasins,
Lot # 290 - Southern Cheyenne Child's Beaded Hide Moccasins,
rubbed with yellow ochre, sinew-sewn, and decorated with a checkerboard pattern using rose, red white-heart, white, cobalt, and greasy yellow. With triangular tongues, upward sloping cuffs, initials on sole C.A.H., and name on inside of cuff C.A. Hogg_, length 9.25". > Item Details
Apache Basket,
Lot # 202 - Apache Basket,
woven with willow and devil's claw to form a centrally blossoming flower, cross motifs are contained within the petals and outlined crosses in negative space, height 3.25" x diameter 11.25". > Item Details
Navajo <i>Yeibichai</i> Case Mask,
Lot # 141 - Navajo Yeibichai Case Mask,
constructed of hide and red dyed wool, with a wooden tube surrounded by tan fur at mouth. Photographed and annotated in In Search of the Wild Indian (Driebe 1997: 333-35), height 14.5" x width 15". An Ohioan by birth, Moon (1879-1948) moved to Albuquerque, New Mexico about 1903 after learning the ar... > Item Details
Pair of Crow Miniature Polychrome Parfleche Envelopes,
Lot # 419 - Pair of Crow Miniature Polychrome Parfleche Envelopes,
painted using vibrant colors of dark blue, red, and yellow with a hint of green outlining the edge, hide thong closing ties, each length 7.75" x width 5". > Item Details
<i>Polik Mana</i>, Butterfly Maiden,
Lot # 128 - Polik Mana, Butterfly Maiden,
with white case mask with painted lines radiating from the mouth to jaw line. Katsina wears an elaborate tableta filled with rain and cloud symbols. Katsina retains old string around neck, height (excluding base) 14.75". > Item Details
Cree Beaded Hide Pad Saddle,
Lot # 453 - Cree Beaded Hide Pad Saddle,
thread-sewn with floral beadwork in each corner depicting ripe berries and verdant flora using colors of pink, light and medium blue, cobalt, orange, translucent green, and rose against a white ground, each edged with wool twill tape. Hanging along sides are beaded hide panels depicting similar flou... > Item Details
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