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Colt's Model 1863 Civil War Musket,
2005, Historic Americana / Nov 16, 17 & 18
Colt Model 1861 special rifle-musket.

This rifled musket is in mint condition. All metal surfaces are bright and have never been touched, showing only staining in the metal caused from dry grease. The bands show the "US" markings as well as the sub-inspector's marks. The rear sight shows all of its original bright black finish. The percussion nipple complete with its 100% original blue finish. The cartouches and the wood are mint.
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Trapdoor U.S. M1884 Springfield Rifle,
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D Guard Cutlass,
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Frank Fiske Portrait of No Heart, Sioux Medicine Man,
Lot # 898 - Frank Fiske Portrait of No Heart, Sioux Medicine Man,
3.75" x 5.5" with ms. copyright notice, on 7" x 11" mount; ca. 1906. Also known as Medicine Joe; ms. caption verso describes his method of healing. > Item Details
Armed Buffalo Soldier's Photograph,
Lot # 856 - Armed Buffalo Soldier's Photograph,
late 1890s view of six "Buffalo Soldiers" drinking, gambling and brandishing weapons! Obviously a staged photograph, with aces stuck in their leggings, money on the table, a drawn pistol and an open whiskey bottle, all six men are intently watching the "action" on the table. Image and mount measure ... > Item Details
Mounted  Albumen of Brevet Major Gen. Wm. W. Averell,
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as Brigadier General, without imprint. A cdv-sized view of Averell mounted on this 5" x 7" paper, in turn, glued to another 7.5" x 11.25" sheet of paper stock, each highlighted by hand-drawn lined borders in brown ink. Brief notes on Averell's service are penciled on the back. We have not seen this... > Item Details
Mint <i>Ellsworth Memorial</i> Board by Brady,
Lot # 1434 - Mint Ellsworth Memorial Board by Brady,
published by E. Anthony. An 1861 commercial endeavor by Brady/Anthony designed to capitalize on Elmer Ellsworth's momentary fame as the country's first martyr. Mounted on a 13" x 10" cream colored board is a circular-cut albumen of the Marshall House flanked by cdvs of Colonel Elmer Ellsworth, 11t... > Item Details
Sixth Plate Ambrotype of New Hampshire Private,
Lot # 1359 - Sixth Plate Ambrotype of New Hampshire Private,
backed by printed orange advertising card indicating the photographer as “M.S. Lamprey’s” on Elm St. in Manchester. A fine portrait of an elderly private with chin whiskers looking rather elfish underneath the ubiquitous New Hampshire soft-crowned “deerstalker” cap known to have been worn by the st... > Item Details
Lot of Four CDVs of Union Generals,
Lot # 1186 - Lot of Four CDVs of Union Generals,
including Slocum, Birney, and William B. Franklin by Brady, and O.O. Howard by “Wenderoth & Taylor, Philadelphia.” Slocum, Birney, and Howard all commanded at Gettysburg while Franklin was a rising star until Burnside laid the Fredericksburg disaster at his feet. Slocum and Birney (who died of mal... > Item Details
Keystone Colorado Box Set of Stereoviews
CDV of Hannibal Hamlin,
Lot # 1633 - CDV of Hannibal Hamlin,
A great, gold-ruled CDV of an imposing Hannibal Hamlin by Anthony/Brady. A better-than-average photograph of Lincoln's first-term Vice President. > Item Details
Lot of Five CDVs of Civil War Generals,
Lot # 1180 - Lot of Five CDVs of Civil War Generals,
including 2 of Thomas, and 1 each of Hunter, Heintzleman and William F. Smith, all published by Anthony after Brady. Virginia born Thomas emerged to command the western Army of the Cumberland earning the sobriquet "Rock of Chickamauga" and a rightful place among a true handful of Union Generals who ... > Item Details
Revolutionary War British Chief's Grade Trade Musket,
Lot # 34 - Revolutionary War British Chief's Grade Trade Musket,
with 48" round to octagon barrel with bead front sight, marked on left side with crowned V & P in ovals, missing lock and serpent side plate, brass trigger guard with acorn terminal at front, and butt plate both engraved with bow and quiver of arrows, three brass ramrod ferrules, full walnut stock w... > Item Details
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