Lot 177    

Colt's Model 1863 Civil War Musket,
2005, Historic Americana / Nov 16, 17 & 18
Colt Model 1861 special rifle-musket.

This rifled musket is in mint condition. All metal surfaces are bright and have never been touched, showing only staining in the metal caused from dry grease. The bands show the "US" markings as well as the sub-inspector's marks. The rear sight shows all of its original bright black finish. The percussion nipple complete with its 100% original blue finish. The cartouches and the wood are mint.
Sold: $4,887.50
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Two Cabinet Cards of Yuma women by Bonine,
Lot # 871 - Two Cabinet Cards of Yuma women by Bonine,
both with #s in negs., 77 and 26, and studio imprint for Elias A. Bonine's studio in Lamanda Park, Los Angeles, verso; 1870s-80s. > Item Details
ALS by General Sherman
Lot # 1451 - ALS by General Sherman
William T. 8pp, 5.5 x 8", St. Louis, MO, 5 Feb. 1885. Letter to a friend that covers topics from social and moral philosophy to the nature of mankind to the state of the nation since Reconstruction to politics and personal issues. In Sherman's not-so-easy-to-read hand. > Item Details
Moravian Style Admiral Dewey Oak Side Chair,
Lot # 527 - Moravian Style Admiral Dewey Oak Side Chair,
with carved and pyro detailed bust portrait of Admiral Dewey on back with grape cluster and Dewey below, back is mortised through dished out plank seat with exposed tendons and keys, turned front legs and pencil post rear legs, original varnish finish, seat height 17", total height 41". > Item Details
Fine CDV of Hannibal Hamlin,
Lot # 1635 - Fine CDV of Hannibal Hamlin,
vignetted portrait of Vice President Hannibal Hamlin on blank mount, nice detail about the visage. > Item Details
Initialed Eighteenth-Century Powder Horn,
Lot # 54 - Initialed Eighteenth-Century Powder Horn,
Revolutionary War period, with ring turned domed plug in walnut with finial for cordage, finely polished and patinated body with ring turned spout and initials carved in body of IG, plug is 3.25" diameter and attached with iron/steel brads, total length 13" > Item Details
CDV of Author Charles Dickens,
Lot # 1546 - CDV of Author Charles Dickens,
by "J. Gurney & Son, N.Y.," dated 1867 with printed copyright information beneath portrait. Noted English author and Victorian social reformer, the prolific Dickens wrote 15 major novels, including the enduring A Christmas Carol in 1844, along with innumerable short stories and articles utilizing th... > Item Details
Two 99th Illinois CDVs,
Lot # 1285 - Two 99th Illinois CDVs,
Sgt. Cyrus McFadden, Co. G. by "E. Washburn, N.O." and identified by an identical carte in a private collection according to notes on verso. McFadden enlisted in August 1862 and mustered out in July 1865. Pvt. Joseph P. VanZant, Co. H, ink signed on verso with imprint of "Reynolds & Rider, Chicago.... > Item Details
Lot of Four  CDVs of  Civil War Generals,
Lot # 1127 - Lot of Four CDVs of Civil War Generals,
Sherman, Grant wearing mourning band, and Thomas, all without back marks. Also, a retouched lithograph of naval hero Captain Worden. The Brady view of Grant is outstanding with exceptional tones and clarity. > Item Details
Civil War .69 Cal. US Cartridge Box,
Lot # 148 - Civil War .69 Cal. US Cartridge Box,
with flaking on outside flap. A wider, shorter box for .69 roundball complete with interior tins and buckles. Loops for both shoulder strap and waist belt on back. Maker's name on inside flap. Sold with a reproduction "US" box plate. > Item Details
Scarce Wyatt Earp/Doc Holliday Books and Pamphlets
Lot # 1056 - Scarce Wyatt Earp/Doc Holliday Books and Pamphlets
lot of 3, includes Wyatt Earp Frontier Marshal by Stuart N. Lake, 1931, Houghton Mifflin Co., Boston & N.Y., 8vo in embossed orange buckram, 392pp with frontis; PLUS Suppressed Murder of Wyatt Earp by Glenn G. Boyer, 1967, The Naylot Co. San Antonio, Tx., 8vo in black buckram with illustrated dj, 13... > Item Details
Truman Autographed Photo & Cover,
Lot # 1690 - Truman Autographed Photo & Cover,
TRUMAN, Harry S. (1884-1972) Thirty-third President 1945-53, taking Office following the death of F.D.R., Missouri Senator, jurist, haberdasher. While the initial “S” did not stand for a specific name, his parents chose it to avoid a display of favoritism -- his paternal grandfather’s name was S... > Item Details
Warner and Swaze Prisoner Binoculars,
Lot # 510 - Warner and Swaze Prisoner Binoculars,
8X, ca. 1902-1904, made in Cleveland, Ohio for the U.S. Navy. Lot with U.S. Navy markings. In original leather case with its original paperback pamphlet. Binoculars with owners ID Charles W Seward, Newark, Ohio. > Item Details
Winchester Model 1866 Musket,
Lot # 395 - Winchester Model 1866 Musket,
44 rimfire caliber, serial number 31589. Barrel length is 27". This is a third model with a brass frame, brass buttplate, walnut stock. Barrel, magazine, tube, loading gate all with blue finish. Hammer, lever and trigger with case hardened finish complete with a Henry rear sight. > Item Details
Ninth Plate Civil War Tintype of a Chasseur,
Lot # 1415 - Ninth Plate Civil War Tintype of a Chasseur,
unidentified private, wearing the dark blue single-breasted uniform coat with yellow over green shoulder epaulettes popularized by the Crimean French light infantry, or chasseurs a’ pied. Note the tall garrison cap with distinctive pointed front, a hold-over from Napoleonic days and still worn by t... > Item Details
Indian War Period US Marine Corps NCO Sword & Scabbard,
Lot # 458 - Indian War Period US Marine Corps NCO Sword & Scabbard,
very similar in design to the M1850 Foot Officer's sword, this type has been offered as a genuine Civil War USMC weapon. In fact, it is post-war. Sword is 30.5" long with single-edged blade bright and shiny, no pitting, no dark spots, and no nicks. Blade is not etched and is unmarked. No EG&A devi... > Item Details
Photograph of  North Dakota Triple Lynching,
Lot # 997 - Photograph of North Dakota Triple Lynching,
silver gelatin print, 5 x 7" on larger, 8 x 10" grey cardstock with period inked identification on verso. A historic North Dakota image of the lynched bodies of Phillip Ireland, Paul Holy Track (an Indian) and Alec Coudette (a "blood" of French and Indian ancestry) strung up on a makeshift gallows i... > Item Details
Wool McKinley Banner,
Lot # 1663 - Wool McKinley Banner,
with machine sewn McKinley in white linen block letters sewn on blue wool ground and bordered top and bottom with a red and white wool strip, pendent form with canvas hoist with brass grommets, 56" x 162". > Item Details
Comprehensive Collection of 83rd N.Y. (9th NYSM) CDVs,
Lot # 1174 - Comprehensive Collection of 83rd N.Y. (9th NYSM) CDVs,
comprising 44 cartes of officers and men belonging to the famous New York City regiment first raised in 1850, all identified in period ink or modern pencil with many wounded or killed. Thirty-two subjects are shown in uniform with twelve more men in civilian attire. The large group was once part o... > Item Details
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