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Hand-Colored French Engraved Map of Tennessee,
2005, Furniture and Decorative Arts / Oct 7 - 8
Parisian map colored in pink, light green, dark green and yellow. Mileage scale presented with French notations. Bottom left of map reads Grave par E. Collin bottom right reads Ecrit par Arnoul Rue de Petit-Pont No. 26 a Paris. 11.5" x 18.5" (w/o frame); 17" x 24" (w/ frame).

Some paper damage at center bottom margin, not removed from frame.
Sold: $192.00
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English Georgian-Style Sterling Silver Teapot,
Lot # 714 - English Georgian-Style Sterling Silver Teapot,
bearing the marks for London, 1912-3, and a hallmark with an incuse JHR. In the rococo style with engraved decoration and an ebonized, C-scroll handle. 4.5" high, approx. 12.8 ozt (400 g). > Item Details
Carnival Ball Toss Game with Painted Canvas Targets,
Lot # 32 - Carnival Ball Toss Game with Painted Canvas Targets,
includes 10 stuffed, canvas targets with wool fringe and weighted bottoms and what appears to be an original canvas-wrapped ball. 8 are hand-painted clown figures and 2 are printed figures, including a clown and a bespectacled man. American, first half of the 20th century; 9-12" tall each, ball is... > Item Details
Large Appliquéd <i>Rose of Sharon</i> Quilt,
Lot # 122 - Large Appliquéd Rose of Sharon Quilt,
constructed of solid red with green and pink calico prints on a white ground, green calico binding. Completely hand-sewn, running vine and floral quilting. Attributed to Ohio, fourth quarter 19th century; approx. 80" x 100". > Item Details
Mahogany Barometer with Masonic Dial,
Lot # 557 - Mahogany Barometer with Masonic Dial,
signed J. Di Maria Taunton. In mahogany with 2 dials, a thermometer, a mirror, and a level. With an ebonized broken-arch pediment, string inlay, a brass finial, and with Masonic decoration on the main dial. Likely English and 19th century; 38.5" long > Item Details
Crocheted 48-Star American Flag,
Lot # 799 - Crocheted 48-Star American Flag,
in red, white and blue, 11.5" x 15.5", framed 14.5" x 18.5". > Item Details
Four Gorham Silver Matchsafes,
Lot # 680 - Four Gorham Silver Matchsafes,
all 4 bear Gorham marks, 2 are marked sterling, 2 may be earlier coin. 2 have repoussé decoration, 1 has elaborate engraved decoration, and the last is plain. All between 2.25" and 2.75" long, total weight approx. 2.2 ozt (70 g). > Item Details
1803 Ten Dollar U.S. Gold Eagle Coin,
Lot # 292 - 1803 Ten Dollar U.S. Gold Eagle Coin,
bearing Liberty in a cap surrounded by LIBERTY, 13 stars, and 1803 on the obverse and a shield-breasted eagle surrounded by UNITED STATES OF AMERICA on the reverse. Designed by Robert Scot; 32mm, approx. 17.5 g. > Item Details
Gould <i>Chlorostilbon Portmanni/Poortman's Emerald</i> Hummingbird,
Lot # 595 - Gould Chlorostilbon Portmanni/Poortman's Emerald Hummingbird,
Plate 358, original lithograph of Chlorostilbon Portmanni/Poortman's Emerald Hummingbird, published in 1860, depicts this species from the neighborhood of Bogota, Columbia with the Victoria Regina water lily against a lakeside landscape background. Hand-colored, with gold leaf and transparent oil co... > Item Details
Casas Grande Effigy Snake Bowl,
Lot # 183 - Casas Grande Effigy Snake Bowl,
signed Yalandoa A.L. Quezada, black and red-on-beige and potted with round base and body. Designed with two snakes with incised bodies and heads in relief emerge from body of bowl. Painted with hooked and angular devices, height 7.25" x diameter 10". > Item Details
Genre Painting of a Dentist on Tin,
Lot # 493 - Genre Painting of a Dentist on Tin,
painful image of a dentist holding a tooth that he recently extracted from the bleeding young man. In a gilt frame; 9.5" x 8" (w/o frame), 13.5" x 12 (w/ frame). NOTE: we have recently been informed that this lot is a well-executed copy of The Dentist by Gerard Dou (Dutch, 1613-1675), who was a stu... > Item Details
Fine Currier of <i>The Star-Spangled Banner</i>,
Lot # 38 - Fine Currier of The Star-Spangled Banner,
hand-colored of the above title, matted and framed, 11" x 15" (w/o frame); 16.5" x 20.5" (w/ frame). > Item Details
Four Figural Animal Netsuke,
Lot # 384 - Four Figural Animal Netsuke,
includes a snake on a turtle (signed, 1.25" high), 2 frogs on a turtle (signed, 1.25" high), a rat on a log (signed, 1.25" high), and a snake on a skull (signed, 1.25" high). > Item Details
Wrought Iron Three-Candle Chandelier,
Lot # 920 - Wrought Iron Three-Candle Chandelier,
constructed from wrought and sheet iron, having three candle sockets with drip cups, wrought hanging loop; 19th century; 19" high x 13" wide x 13" deep. > Item Details
Pastoral Landscape with a Lady,
Lot # 494 - Pastoral Landscape with a Lady,
oil on canvas, signed bottom right F. Koch. Impressionistic scene of a lady making a beckoning gesture. 16" x 21.5" (w/o frame); 22" x 28" (w/ frame). Gilded wooden cove mold frame. > Item Details
Pair of Early French Poker Chip Boxes,
Lot # 281 - Pair of Early French Poker Chip Boxes,
with hinged lids and original paint decoration. The lid tops have a spinning wheel with an opening that indicates the number of chips inside. One has a heart and the other has a spade. French and early 19th century; 0.75" high x 3.25" wide x 2.75" deep. > Item Details
Three Figural Netsuke,
Lot # 389 - Three Figural Netsuke,
includes a seated man in a kimono (signed, 1.75" high), a seated, older man with an unusual animal (signed, 2" high), and a laughing man with a child (lacking a himotoshi, 2" high). > Item Details
Two Pieces of English Sterling Silver,
Lot # 683 - Two Pieces of English Sterling Silver,
includes a matchsafe bearing the marks for Birmingham, 1860-1, and the hallmark A&S, with 2 hinged compartments and a chased and engraved exterior, 2" x 1"; AND a rattle bearing the marks for Chester, 1894-5, and the hallmark WHC, with a bear-form rattle and a mother-of-pearl handle, 3" long. Appro... > Item Details
Four Hand Colored Botanical Prints by Jane Webb Louden,
Lot # 603 - Four Hand Colored Botanical Prints by Jane Webb Louden,
lot of 4, all hand colored lithographs from Volume I, "Ornamental Annuals," of The Ladies' Flower Garden of Ornamental bulbous Plants, by Mrs. Jane Webb Loudon, London, 1844. Includes Plate 5, of Poppies; PLUS Plate 19, of Silenaceæ and Saponaria (Soapwort); PLUS Plate 21, of Nasturtiums; AND Plate ... > Item Details
Set of Nine Coin Silver Buttons,
Lot # 702 - Set of Nine Coin Silver Buttons,
unmarked, round with looped shanks. Probably American and 19th century; 0.5" diameter, total weight approx. .2 ozt (5 g). > Item Details
Large American Buttocks Basket,
Lot # 215 - Large American Buttocks Basket,
constructed of wide oak splint, bentwood handle, double wrapped rim, late 19th-early 20th century; 17" high (to handle) x 23" wide x 19" deep. > Item Details
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