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Kellogg Portraits of Presidents PLUS,
2005, Furniture and Decorative Arts / Oct 7 - 8
first is a lithograph with medallion portraits of the first 11 Presidents of the United States in the foreground. Background depicts the signing of the Declaration of Independence, with Roman columns and a panoply of flags and a patriotic eagle and shield. 13" x 9" (w/o frame); 17" x 13" (w/ frame). Second is an engraving of Franklin Pierce Democratic Candidate for the Presidency. Background with Liberty, sword, cannon, laurel wreaths and flags. 13" x 9" (w/o frame); 21.5" x 15.5" (w/ frame).

First with several white blemishes; second with moderate toning and small tear on left side; not removed from frames.
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Japanese Bronze Sculpture of a Prawn,
Lot # 370 - Japanese Bronze Sculpture of a Prawn,
unsigned, portrayed in a defensive stance, and with a rich patina. Approx. 20" long. > Item Details
Gould <i>Phaethornis Guy/Guy's Hermit</i> Hummingbird,
Lot # 587 - Gould Phaethornis Guy/Guy's Hermit Hummingbird,
Plate 26, Phaethornis Guy/Guy's Hermit hummingbird, original lithograph from A Monograph of the Trochilidae, or Family of Hummingbirds, London: John Gould, 1849-1861. Hand-colored and overpainted with transparent oil colors and heightened with gum arabic. Title centered below image. Credits lower le... > Item Details
Hand-Colored Copperplate Engraving of Red Jacket,
Lot # 50 - Hand-Colored Copperplate Engraving of Red Jacket,
subtext reads Red Jacket Chief of the Senecas. S. Eastman U.S. Army Delt. S. Burt Sc. Image of Red Jacket wearing a peace medal seated on a rock holding a pipe with tomahawk resting at his feet. 12.5" x 9.5".Seth Eastman (1808-1875, Washington, DC) was a West Point graduate and later a teacher at th... > Item Details
Fan-Back Windsor Side Chair,
Lot # 526 - Fan-Back Windsor Side Chair,
constructed of mixed woods having seven spindles, yoke-shaped crest rail with volute ends, shield saddle seat and bamboo-turned and splayed legs. In an old refinish, American, probably late 18th; 16.25" seat height x 34" overall height. > Item Details
American Chippendale Splay-Leg Table,
Lot # 519 - American Chippendale Splay-Leg Table,
constructed of walnut, having a deep apron with moulded edges, splayed square legs with beaded corners, rectangular top with 2" overhang. Has been cleaned down to the original red wash, late 18th-early 19th century; 28.5" high x 24" wide x 18" deep. > Item Details
Twenty-Six Pieces of American Sterling Silver Flatware,
Lot # 698 - Twenty-Six Pieces of American Sterling Silver Flatware,
includes a matching serving fork and serving spoon bearing the mark of Gorham (8" and 8.75"); PLUS six 5.25" teaspoons with worn marks; PLUS six 5.25" teaspoons marked with plumed helmets; AND twelve 4.75" demitasse spoons bearing the mark of the Towle Silversmiths. Total weight approx. 17.4 ozt (5... > Item Details
Set of Nine Coin Silver Buttons,
Lot # 702 - Set of Nine Coin Silver Buttons,
unmarked, round with looped shanks. Probably American and 19th century; 0.5" diameter, total weight approx. .2 ozt (5 g). > Item Details
Dancing African-American Toy,
Lot # 467 - Dancing African-American Toy,
jointed wooden dancing figure suspended from looped wire and attached to a flexible base, painted black, red and white, 20th century; 12" high. > Item Details
Quilt Rack in Old Green Paint,
Lot # 905 - Quilt Rack in Old Green Paint,
mixed woods, baluster turned legs with button feet, scalloped crest holding two quilt rails. In an alligatored dark green paint, late 19th-early 20th century; 33.5" high x 26.5" wide x 11" deep. > Item Details
Early Chinese Bronze Tea Kettle,
Lot # 369 - Early Chinese Bronze Tea Kettle,
with swing handle, domed lid, hoof feet, and with elaborate decoration including Chinese characters, and various design motifs, including a dragon spout. 6.5" high (excluding handle). > Item Details
Chippendale Ribbon-Back Side Chair,
Lot # 64 - Chippendale Ribbon-Back Side Chair,
mixed woods, with carved "ribbon" slats and moulded legs. Retains and old, red-washed surface. Attached is an old, typed note indicating that the chair descended in the Safford family. Attributed to New Hampshire, ca 1780; seat height 17", overall height 36". > Item Details
English Sterling Silver Brandy Label,
Lot # 544 - English Sterling Silver Brandy Label,
bearing the marks for London, 1806-7, and the hallmark of Peter and William Bateman. In the neoclassical style, with a stepped edge. 1" x 1.5", approx. .15 ozt (5 g). > Item Details
Old Hickory-Style Footstool,
Lot # 520 - Old Hickory-Style Footstool,
constructed of logs having a dished splint seat. Indiana, early 20th century; 12" high x 16" wide x 11.5" deep. > Item Details
Russian Enameled Silver Ladle,
Lot # 723 - Russian Enameled Silver Ladle,
bearing the mark for 91 zolotniki, an illegible assayer's mark, and what appears to be the Moscow town mark for 1858. A fine example with elaborate enamel and gilt decoration on the handle, and with a gold-washed bowl with a jeweled, enameled, and gilt central medallion. 17.5" long, approx. 18 ozt... > Item Details
Three Early Mixed Twist Wine Glasses,
Lot # 536 - Three Early Mixed Twist Wine Glasses,
lot of three, all 18th century, of free-blown colorless glass, trumpet-shaped bowls, tall, drawn stems with opaque (cotton) and air spirals and applied, slightly domed, disk feet with rough pontils; one is 5.25" high; one 6" high & one 6.25" high. > Item Details
Four Figural Animal Netsuke,
Lot # 383 - Four Figural Animal Netsuke,
includes a rat on a bundle of sticks (1.75" high), 2 dogs on a blanket (signed, 1.75" long), a boar (signed, .75" high), and an unidentified animal and a ball (signed, 1.25" high). > Item Details
Early Brass Sundial Compass,
Lot # 554 - Early Brass Sundial Compass,
marked D.L. SMITH'S PATENT AUG. 23 1870. A brass box containing a sundial/compass with a printed face on the interior. 1.5" diameter. > Item Details
Joe Reinhardt Catawba Valley, North Carolina Face Jug
Lot # 656 - Joe Reinhardt Catawba Valley, North Carolina Face Jug
grotesque face jug in an alkaline glaze bearing signed inscription on base with date 9-1-2004; 9.5" high x 6" diameter. > Item Details
Fort Pitt
Lot # 159 - Fort Pitt "Eagle" & Other Lacy Eagle Cup Plates,
lot of 4, all ca 1830-1850, of colorless flint glass & attributed to Sandwich or one of the Midwestern glass houses. Includes a scarce "Fort Pitt Eagle" with plain cap ring, Lee-Rose 676-C; 3 5/8" diameter; PLUS a Sandwich eagle cup plate with plain cap ring, Lee-Rose 679, (eagle without shield on b... > Item Details
Audubon Amsterdam Edition Print: <i>Red-Shouldered Hawk</i>,
Lot # 565 - Audubon Amsterdam Edition Print: Red-Shouldered Hawk,
one of 250 copies of the "Amsterdam Edition," the first complete full-size facsimile reproduction of John James Audubon's original (1826-1838) work, The Birds of America. Included is Plate LVI, Red-Shouldered Hawk/Falco Lineatus. Plate appears to be untrimmed size 26.5" x 39.5". In modern frame, dou... > Item Details
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