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Ideal Socket Head Composition Doll,
2007, Toy & Advertising Sale, Jan 26 & 27
unmarked all composition, likely Ideal, with green cello sleep eyes, open mouth with 4 upper teeth, original blonde wig with jointed limbs, dressed in purple satin dress with silver canvas shoes, 24" tall.

Sold: $60.00
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Ten Farming Implement Catalogues,
Lot # 603 - Ten Farming Implement Catalogues,
all 24mo catalogues from distributors such as Weber, McCormick, Deering, Milwaukee, Osborne, Keystone, and Hoosier. > Item Details
<i>Bye Lo</i> Bisque Head Baby,
Lot # 112 - Bye Lo Bisque Head Baby,
14.5" circumference solid dome head with blue sleep eyes, closed mouth, molded and painted brown hair, marked on rear Copyr. By Grace S. Putnam Made in Germany 1373130 on cloth body with cello hands and voice box in back, fully dressed in period outfit, 17" tall. > Item Details
<i>Pilot Life Insurance Co.</i> Advertising Clock,
Lot # 439 - Pilot Life Insurance Co. Advertising Clock,
dome cover glass with reverse-painted polychrome dial with New England Seaman at ship's wheel and Pilot Life Insurance Co./Greensboro, North Carolina, with Arabic numerals on milk glass base, metal square case with original electrical cord, labeled on reverse Pam Illuminated Clock, 15.2" square x 3... > Item Details
Set of Chromolithographed Nesting Wooden Blocks,
Lot # 195 - Set of Chromolithographed Nesting Wooden Blocks,
five blocks/boxes, each with chromolithographed nursery rhymes, and alphabet letters on tops with largest being 5.8" square. > Item Details
German Polychrome Steam Engine Gun Powder Mill, Plus Toy,
Lot # 349 - German Polychrome Steam Engine Gun Powder Mill, Plus Toy,
with four chromolithographed tin parts, mounted on two pine boards, as made, the hand-cranked engine is marked with the letter H with letter J above horizontal bar of H and the letter L below bar of H, board with engine has two other mounted machines, one marked 60 and end one marked 61, this board ... > Item Details
R41 Caramels Gum Dick Tracy Trading Cards,
Lot # 131 - R41 Caramels Gum Dick Tracy Trading Cards,
121-144, lot of 24, issued in 1935 by the Walter H. Johnson Co., Chicago, with artwork by Chester Gould. All 2.5" x 3" with cartoon, number and title on front and text on rear. A large number of these cards, numbers 121-144 were found in the 1980's and while more common than other numbers are still ... > Item Details
Two Miniature <i>Steiff</i> Mohair Teddy Bears,
Lot # 188 - Two Miniature Steiff Mohair Teddy Bears,
both with jointed legs and head, black button eyes, excelsior filled, with stamped tin Steiff button in left ear, one with embroidered black nose and mouth and other in brown, and one with non-original coat, 5.25" & 5" tall. > Item Details
German Chromolithographed Tin Windup <i>Balloon Man with Mickey Mouse</i>,
Lot # 301 - German Chromolithographed Tin Windup Balloon Man with Mickey Mouse,
with moving eyes, arm and rope from which a pair of monkeys hang from his box of toys, his extended right arm holds string from which hang flat chromolithographed Mickey Mouse Doll, Teddy Bear and black cat stuffed animal, 1930's, 6.5" high. > Item Details
Seven Early Cap Pistols, Cast Iron & Sheet Steel,
Lot # 201 - Seven Early Cap Pistols, Cast Iron & Sheet Steel,
includes a pair of chromolithographed stamped steel Western-style revolvers with Red Rider and bust portrait on each frame and marked on left frame Wyandotte Toys Made In U.S.A. Reg. U.S. Pat. Off., 8" long, PLUS a stamped steel marked on left side Buck Rogers 25th Century ray gun, 9.75" long, PLUS ... > Item Details
Two Counter Display Albumen Cigarette Premium Cards,
Lot # 573 - Two Counter Display Albumen Cigarette Premium Cards,
oversized, on printed heavy gauge card stock, includes full-length image of Lillian Russel No. 54 dressed in silk sailor's outfit with advertising above Dukes Cameo Cigarettes/A Holder For Each Cigarette and marked along bottom margin Manufactured by/W.Duke, Sons & Co./Durham, N.C., U.S.A., AND 2nd ... > Item Details
Early <i>Weeden</i> Steam Roller & <i>Hoge</i> Fire Chief's Car,
Lot # 337 - Early Weeden Steam Roller & Hoge Fire Chief's Car,
the Weeden is a live-steam-operated roller marked on top of cab Weeden/Trade Mark/Reg. U.S. Pat. Oft., 11" x 4.5" x 8.25" high, AND a key wind spring-driven Hoge coupe fire chief's car with battery operated lights, sheet steel with original red and black painted finish and decal on right door, black... > Item Details
<i>GBN Bavaria</i> Chromolithographed Tin Key Wind Touring Car,
Lot # 312 - GBN Bavaria Chromolithographed Tin Key Wind Touring Car,
olive drab with black trim, driver with flesh-painted face, working passenger doors, tin wheels, removable key wind, spring-driven motor, decal on back as above in triangle, 8" x 3.5" x 5" high. > Item Details
One Cent Pole-Mounted Peanut Vendor,
Lot # 398 - One Cent Pole-Mounted Peanut Vendor,
with clear glass jar in red enameled metal frame with top lock, decal on glass reads You'll Like These Delicious Fresh Salted Peanuts 1¢, trap marked Northwestern, Morris Illinois, on black painted steel pole with round weighted base, 15" diameter x 48" high. > Item Details
Two Framed <i>Player's Navy Cut</i> Tobacco Ads,
Lot # 493 - Two Framed Player's Navy Cut Tobacco Ads,
both chromolithographs with 15th century English scenes, one entitled Cromwell and the Kingship after a painting by A.D. McCormick, second is tavern scene with Captains Middleton, Price and Kent, the first Englishmen to smoke in public, also after a painting by A.D. McCormick. 1st with Player's Navy... > Item Details
<i>Thurman Scales Columbus Ohio</i> Porcelain Enameled Sign,
Lot # 524 - Thurman Scales Columbus Ohio Porcelain Enameled Sign,
in orange letters on black ground, reading Manufactured By/Thurman Scale Co. Columbus, Ohio/Precision Scales Since 1918 with 3 mounting holes along top edge, 5" high x 60" long. > Item Details
<i>JDK 257</i> Bisque Solid Dome Bent Limb Baby Doll,
Lot # 46 - JDK 257 Bisque Solid Dome Bent Limb Baby Doll,
with brown glass sleep eyes, open mouth with 2 upper teeth, replaced brown wig marked on back of head Made in/Germany/J.D.K./257./36. on bent limb composition body dressed in new white cotton gown, trimmed in lace with matching bonnet and white cotton undergarments and woven socks, 14" tall. > Item Details
Rare Mohair Teddy Bear in Jester Outfit by <i>Willhelm Strunz</i> with Steel Rod & Wire Joints,
Lot # 184 - Rare Mohair Teddy Bear in Jester Outfit by Willhelm Strunz with Steel Rod & Wire Joints,
humped back and jointed at legs and neck, made in Germany ca 1905 with white mohair on feet and head and green on upper legs and torso, with white felt collar and cuffs, tan felt pads on feet, black domed button eyes, (.4" diameter), embroidered nose, mouth (white) and claws (black), excelsior-fille... > Item Details
<i>Steiff</i> Mohair Teddy Bear,
Lot # 185 - Steiff Mohair Teddy Bear,
slightly humped back with embroidered brown, nose, mouth and claws, brown blown glass eyes with black pupils, felt pads on paws, jointed legs and head, excelsior-filled, lacks button, with cute woven straw hat, 9" tall. > Item Details
19th Century Composition Horse Pull Toy,
Lot # 205 - 19th Century Composition Horse Pull Toy,
polychrome-painted with wood form under papier-mâché, fur tail. Mounted on red-painted board with tin wheels; 8" long x 2.5" wide x 9" high. > Item Details
<i>Zylonite Celluloid Rolly-Poly</i> Penny Toy,
Lot # 263 - Zylonite Celluloid Rolly-Poly Penny Toy,
tan cello bottom-weighted body with painted blue highlights, .8" diameter x 2.15" high, (see Pressland 1991: 192-194). > Item Details
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