Lot 10    

Schoenhut Child Doll,
2007, Toy & Advertising Sale, Jan 26 & 27
with wood socket head, molded brown hair and painted blue eyes with closed mouth, unmarked fully jointed body in original paint and in period white dress with lace trim, 16" tall.

Wear to painted finish at high points and joints, else VG.
Sold: $660.00
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Two Miniature <i>Steiff</i> Mohair Teddy Bears,
Lot # 192 - Two Miniature Steiff Mohair Teddy Bears,
both brown with black embroidered mouth and nose, black button eyes, one with jointed legs and head, slightly humped back, excelsior-filled, 3.5" tall, AND 2nd with wires in legs, 3.5" tall. > Item Details
Uncut Sheet of Tobacco Trade Cards Depicting Sioux Indian Wars,
Lot # 502 - Uncut Sheet of Tobacco Trade Cards Depicting Sioux Indian Wars,
a complete uncut embossed chromolithographed sheet of 8 cards, German marked on reverse Der letzte Kampf der Sioux-Indianer and numbered 1-8, with perforations between cards, 6.6" x 9.5". > Item Details
Corona Child's Typewriter with Cute Chromo Animal Key Pads,
Lot # 228 - Corona Child's Typewriter with Cute Chromo Animal Key Pads,
Corona Standard cased portable with all keys having chromolithographed animals on colored grounds with clear cello covers, each animal is different, fitted case is 13.25" square x 6" high with black Bakelite handle.The same model typewriter is on display in the Smithsonian. > Item Details
Folk Art Painted Wooden Rabbit Pull Toy,
Lot # 204 - Folk Art Painted Wooden Rabbit Pull Toy,
likely Eastern Europe, ca 1860-80, carved and polychrome painted figure of a seated rabbit, single piece of wood with ears carved and attached separately, mounted on wooden platform with 4 wooden wheels, 3" x 7.25" x 11" high. > Item Details
Four <i>Skookum</i> Indian Dolls,
Lot # 18 - Four Skookum Indian Dolls,
three are all composition with original painted features and black wigs, dressed in original felt and printed cotton outfits, one male with feathered headdress and beaded necklace, 12" tall, one male with wool broad brimmed hat, 13" tall and one female, 14" tall, AND smaller cello head example with ... > Item Details
<i>Simon & Halbig 158</i> Bisque Socket Head Flirty-Eye Character Child Doll,
Lot # 97 - Simon & Halbig 158 Bisque Socket Head Flirty-Eye Character Child Doll,
with blue glass flirty sleep eyes, open mouth with 2 upper teeth and moving tongue, newer blonde wig, marked on back of head Simon Halbig/Ah/M in circle/Germany/158-10, on ball jointed composition body dressed in older, but not period, outfit with brown and green velvet jumper decorated with flowers... > Item Details
<i>Bliss</i> Santa on Sleigh with Reindeer,
Lot # 210 - Bliss Santa on Sleigh with Reindeer,
wood with applied chromolithographed paper on sides and back and interior, with two independently moving reindeer on rocker bases, scroll-type sleigh with variety of toys displayed, Santa seated in center, back with Bliss mark of U.S. shield with anchor in canton with the letter B entwined with anch... > Item Details
Wonderful Die-Cut Valentine of a Boat,
Lot # 216 - Wonderful Die-Cut Valentine of a Boat,
with red accordion-folded crepe paper decks with five children and a dog on deck and in cabin, hull decorated with rose swags, doves on bow, 5 open port-holes, 3 windows in cabin, and open work railing, entitled on bow To My Valentine and marked Printed in Germany11" x 2" x 6" high. > Item Details
Painted Tin Horse-Drawn Buggy,
Lot # 308 - Painted Tin Horse-Drawn Buggy,
likely J. & E. Stevens with polychrome painted finish with gold-toned stylized floral stencil, 4 cast wheels and single brown horse, with moving buggy hood, 2.25" x 8" x 4.5" high. > Item Details
Two Chromolithographed Premium Kerchiefs, Gypsy or<i> Romany Good Advice & Theater</i>,
Lot # 499 - Two Chromolithographed Premium Kerchiefs, Gypsy or Romany Good Advice & Theater,
includes a lovely young Gypsy fortune teller seated at table with tarot cards, flanked by an owl right and black cat left with 11 printed cards surround with different fortunes on them and text above and below Romany/Good Advice, all on green ground, 22" square, pressure mounted and framed, 28" squa... > Item Details
Large Group of Early 20th Century Livestock Catalogues & Pamphlets,
Lot # 613 - Large Group of Early 20th Century Livestock Catalogues & Pamphlets,
large group of livestock catalogues, many still in mailing packages with most addressed to Cincinnati, Ohio, given Cincinnati's hog and livestock industry. Includes veterinary catalogues and hog feed pamphlets, as well as fowl and cattle catalogues. All range in size from 24mo to 8vo. > Item Details
<i>Schoenhut</i> Girl Doll,
Lot # 8 - Schoenhut Girl Doll,
15" tall wood with original painted features, blue eyes and brown wig marked with oval decal on back Schoenhut Doll/Pat. Jan. 17 1911/U.S.A., jointed wood body, dressed in newer outfit. > Item Details
Uncatalogued Box Lots: Advertising Tins, Boxes & Bottled Products,
<i>Col. Rick Havana Cigars</i> Chromolithograph Half-Sheet Poster,
Lot # 463 - Col. Rick Havana Cigars Chromolithograph Half-Sheet Poster,
with half-length uniformed portrait of the Colonel in dress blues with red printed frame border and text Col. Rick/Havana 10ยข Cigar/Ricksecker Cigar Co./Kansas City, U.S.A., 20" x 26", with printer's marks at margins, matted and framed, 26.5" x 32". There were ca six proofs of this piece made. > Item Details
Rare Thirty-Four Inch Store Display Family of <i>Skookum</i> Indian Dolls,
Lot # 19 - Rare Thirty-Four Inch Store Display Family of Skookum Indian Dolls,
includes a male and a female with child on her back, all with composition faces in original polychrome painted surface with black eyes, closed mouths and black hair in tails, child with printed cotton bandanna over hair. Each is dressed in printed cotton shirt/blouse with printed felt blankets in Na... > Item Details
German 8
Lot # 208 - German 8" Belsnickle with Tree,
with polychrome painted composition face, lower arms and legs also composition with arms in blue molded and painted mittens and legs in red with black boots, real sheep's wool beard and white painted mustache, wearing original red and white felt hooded coat with string belt and holding 3.8" feather ... > Item Details
<i>Armand Marseille 95</i> Bisque Shoulder Plate Child Doll,
Lot # 95 - Armand Marseille 95 Bisque Shoulder Plate Child Doll,
with fixed blue glass eyes, open mouth with 4 upper teeth, replaced brown curly wig, marked on shoulder plate AM 95-5 DEP., on new kid body with bisque lower arms, dressed in white satin blouse, black satin brocade skirt, with matching satin cap with black bead decoration, white cotton undergarments... > Item Details
<i>Jupiter Pencil Point</i> Cast Iron Pencil Sharpener,
Lot # 447 - Jupiter Pencil Point Cast Iron Pencil Sharpener,
cast iron, brass and wood in original black paint with gold stenciled title reading Jupiter Pencil Pointer, elaborate exposed cutting wheel with wood crank handle, unusual sliding feeder bar, all mounted on newer cherry block, 13" x 6.5" x 6" high. > Item Details
<i>Monogram</i> Model Kit <i>G.T. Sport Coupe Jaguar XK-E</i>,
Lot # 235 - Monogram Model Kit G.T. Sport Coupe Jaguar XK-E,
unopened in original illustrated box, red and chromed plastic box with interior cello window intact, box is 26.2" x 14.5" x 4" high. > Item Details
Three Early Bicycle Catalogues,
Lot # 596 - Three Early Bicycle Catalogues,
lot includes a 1908 Mead Cycles, Chicago, catalogue with gold-embossed cover having color illustrations of their entire product line (9" high x 12" long); 1917 Mead Ranger catalogue with lithographed cover (8.5" x 11") and a 1898 Schlueter Cycle Mfg. Co., Cincinnati, catalogue with ornate comical co... > Item Details
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