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Schoenhut Girl Doll,
2007, Toy & Advertising Sale, Jan 26 & 27
19" with wood socket head, painted brown eyes, newer brown wig, open mouth with 4 upper teeth, and jointed wood body, all with original painted surface. Impressed mark on back Schoenhut Doll, Pat. Jan. 17, 11, U.S.A & Foreign Counties.

Slight wear at high spots, VG+.
Sold: $204.00
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Two Miniature Blonde <i>Steiff</i> Mohair Teddy Bears,
Lot # 191 - Two Miniature Blonde Steiff Mohair Teddy Bears,
both blonde with brown embroidered mouth and nose, black button eyes, jointed legs and head, slightly humped back with stamped Steiff tin button in left ear, excelsior-filled, 3.75" & 3.5" tall. > Item Details
Four <i>Rabbit</i> Glass Candy Containers,
Lot # 160 - Four Rabbit Glass Candy Containers,
all clear glass including Eikelberner & Agadjanian two examples of #609, 617 & 618, 1st and 2nd unmarked rabbit standing on hind legs and eating carrot, 2.25" x 4.5" high, PLUS 3rd unmarked seated rabbit, 3.5" x 4.3" high, AND 4th seated rabbit with clover at feet, embossed on base MFG. By J.H. Mill... > Item Details
Two German Bisque Socket Head Child Dolls,
Lot # 105 - Two German Bisque Socket Head Child Dolls,
includes a Armand Marseille shoulder plate with brown glass sleep eyes, open mouth with 4 upper teeth, original brown wig, marked on plate 3200/A.M. 12/0 D.E.P. on kid body with bisque lower arms, dressed in original blue checked cotton dress with lace trim, undergarments, newer leather shoes and pe... > Item Details
Steiff Rolly-Poly Jester Doll,
Lot # 41 - Steiff Rolly-Poly Jester Doll,
push body in red, yellow, green with white buttons, with jointed arms, flesh-tone felt hands and face with blue glass eyes and painted features, blonde mohair wig under red felt conical cap with stamped tin Steiff button in left ear and original printed cloth tag with Steiff Knoff Im Ohr and number ... > Item Details
Seven Framed 1940's Western Full-Sheet Movie Posters,
Lot # 459 - Seven Framed 1940's Western Full-Sheet Movie Posters,
all full-sheet size, ca 27" x 40" with folds as mailed to theaters, includes Roll On Texas Moon starring Roy Rogers, PLUS Sundown On The Prairie starring Tex Ritter, PLUS Son of a Badman PLUS Cheyenne Takes Over both starring Lash La Rue, PLUS The Fighting Frontiersman starring Charles Starrett, PLU... > Item Details
<i>Unique Art</i> Chromolithographed Tin Wind-Up <i>Gertie, The Galloping Goose</i>,
Lot # 295 - Unique Art Chromolithographed Tin Wind-Up Gertie, The Galloping Goose,
with a happy smile on her bill, wearing a colorful shawl on wide webbed feet marked under tail Unique U.S.A./Pats. Pend. with company symbol. Fixed key under breast. When operated she tilts forward and backward and hinged neck causes head to move as well, 9" x 3.75" x 4" high.Unique Art Mfg. Co. New... > Item Details
Kestner  Shoulder Plate French Bisque Head Child Doll Marked <i>E</i>,
Lot # 78 - Kestner Shoulder Plate French Bisque Head Child Doll Marked E,
with bluish gray paperweight glass eyes, closed mouth and worn blonde wig, marked on edge of shoulder plate E, on original kid body dressed with bisque lower arms in period green taffeta and linen dress with white lace trim, original cotton undergarments with lace trim and old, but replaced, black s... > Item Details
Four Different Glass Candy Containers,
Lot # 173 - Four Different Glass Candy Containers,
Eikelberner & Agadjanian #674, 131, 359 and a clock not in Eikelberner & Agadjanian. 1st standing Santa with traces of original polychrome paint on clear glass body and original plastic Santa head, 5.75" high, PLUS 2nd a clear glass military-type cap with embossed eagle buttons on sides, 3.5" x 1.35... > Item Details
<i>#7 Enterprise</i> Countertop Coffee Grinder in Original Painted Finish,
Lot # 430 - #7 Enterprise Countertop Coffee Grinder in Original Painted Finish,
in original paint and decals embossed lettering on wheels and top of base with some nickeled parts and brass eagle finial, porcelain pulls and turned wood handle, 17" diameter wheels, oak drawer front and base, 24" high. > Item Details
<i>Best Hand</i> Tabletop Pinball Machine,
Lot # 403 - Best Hand Tabletop Pinball Machine,
cast metal front in original gold and black painted finish with glass window showing 2 chromolithographed game boards for 5 card stud poker, each player gets 5 balls for 1 cent, cast metal back, 9" x 12.75" x 20.5" high. > Item Details
German <i>Merry-Go-Round</i> Tin Penny Toy,
Lot # 281 - German Merry-Go-Round Tin Penny Toy,
chromolithographed with three different riders on ponies on circular base with tapered yellow center column and red and yellow fluted canopy, unmarked 3.5" diameter x 3.75" high, not in Peerless. > Item Details
Boxed Child's <i>Singer Sewing Machine, No. 20</i>,
Lot # 230 - Boxed Child's Singer Sewing Machine, No. 20,
in original black painted finish on cast iron body with gold decals and chromed steel and brass parts with original cast iron table clamp, illustrated instruction booklet and illustrated 2-part card stock box, machine is 4.7" x 6" x 7" high, box is 6.5" square x 4" high. > Item Details
German Horseless Carriage Painted & Chromolithographed Tinplate Wind-Up with Black Holding Umbrella,
Lot # 293 - German Horseless Carriage Painted & Chromolithographed Tinplate Wind-Up with Black Holding Umbrella,
both hand-painted and chromolithographed tinplate with a servant of African descent in livery colors in elevated rear seat holding a umbrella over driver. The top of the umbrella is chromolithographed with red and white striped border and blue center with white stars representative of the U.S. flag.... > Item Details
Rare Cast Iron Polychrome Painted <i>Dove Ice Cream</i> Sign,
Lot # 526 - Rare Cast Iron Polychrome Painted Dove Ice Cream Sign,
with figural dove perched on rectangular base with CONES/SODA on each side, dove has embossed circle on body with an embossed dove on wire with ribbon in beak and embossed lettering Where Dove Brand Ice Cream is Served in original, gray, black and red painted finish. Made to mount to exterior wall,... > Item Details
Three Bears, Windup & Pull Toy,
Lot # 317 - Three Bears, Windup & Pull Toy,
includes a brown felt-covered bear on all fours with tin plate frame on 4 tin wheels with original varnished paper collar and tiny blown glass eyes with painted mouth and nose, 2" x 4.25" x 3" high, AND a seated blonde mohair bear with muzzle and chain over tin plate frame, removable key on left sid... > Item Details
Two Early Handmade African American Cloth Dolls,
Lot # 2 - Two Early Handmade African American Cloth Dolls,
both hand sewn. Includes one with black satin face with embroidered details, black hair made from old black stockings, woven into pig tails with white silk ribbon ties, printed red bandanna and pearl earrings, black cloth arms with metallic silver paper bracelets, printed blouse and skirt and sewn-o... > Item Details
<i>Wilesco</i> West German Steam Engine with Accessories,
Lot # 345 - Wilesco West German Steam Engine with Accessories,
copper-plated steel boiler building embossed to resemble a brick building with tall brick smoke stack, chromed boiler with glass window in end, steam whistle and fill valve at top of boiler, pan that receives the fuel in underside with bakelite handle, mounted on gray steel rectangular platform on w... > Item Details
German <i>Squirrel in Wheel, Airship & Ferris Wheel Whistles</i> Tin Penny Toys,
Lot # 278 - German Squirrel in Wheel, Airship & Ferris Wheel Whistles Tin Penny Toys,
all chromolithographed, including a brown squirrel in red revolving cage/wheel, on blue posts with gold toned tin whistle tube, which is stamped France/E.G./Depose, wheel revolves when whistle is blown, 1.5" x 4.7" x 2.25" high, PLUS a red lighter than air flying machine (balloon) with gold tone gon... > Item Details
<i>Alt, Beck & Gottschalck 1123</i> Bisque Shoulder Plate Child Doll,
Lot # 53 - Alt, Beck & Gottschalck 1123 Bisque Shoulder Plate Child Doll,
with fixed brown glass eyes, slightly open mouth with 6 upper teeth, replaced brown wig, marked on back of shoulder plate 12/1123 1/2 Germany No.12. Shoulder plate has molded upper arms/shoulders on a cloth lady's body with kid lower arms with individual sewn fingers, cloth legs with lower half pain... > Item Details
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