Lot 263    

CDV of Civil War Era Side Wheel River Boat,
2005, Gallery Sale / November 11
Full description coming soon
Sold: $44.00
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Remington Nude Figural Pocket Knife,
Lot # 108 - Remington Nude Figural Pocket Knife,
pen type with oval cover plated in polished brass with relief full figure of Diana, goddess of the hunt with flowers in left and quiver of arrows across back, stepping into a stream with forest background; reverse has three lightly clad reclining women, watching four nymphs dancing in circle with hi... > Item Details
7Chimayo Three-Quarter-Length Coat,
Lot # 107 - 7Chimayo Three-Quarter-Length Coat,
woven with star-like geometric designs on sides, arms, cuffs, and back in colors of navy, red, and cream against a gray ground. Pockets with short fringe, wooden square buttons with beveled edges, bodice portion line with pink satin, length 43" x width 22". > Item Details
McKinley Roosevelt Jugate Campaign Pinback,
Lot # 133 - McKinley Roosevelt Jugate Campaign Pinback,
double sided cello with oval portraits of McKinley and Roosevelt on front with gold ground and red, white and blue ribbon bow, on 1.75" diameter cello, reverse with 3 bronzed tobacco leaves on cream ground, hung from red, white and blue flag silk ribbon with cello pinback hanger in scrolled brass mo... > Item Details
Two Harrison Jugate Campaign Bandanas,
Lot # 125 - Two Harrison Jugate Campaign Bandanas,
both printed cotton with jugate oval portraits, includes one Harrison & Reid and one Harrison & Morton, 20" square and 17" square. > Item Details
Cochiti Pueblo Ex-Voto,
Lot # 104 - Cochiti Pueblo Ex-Voto,
printed Madonna and Christ Child holy card laid on embossed card stock with heavy water damage, which was acquired before framing in embossed tin frame with two bird feathers and two pieces of straw, made at the Cochiti Pueblo in 1990 and framed in modern shadow box; 12.5" x 13.75". > Item Details
Presidential Portraits Kellogg Lithograph,
Lot # 118 - Presidential Portraits Kellogg Lithograph,
with hand colored oval portraits of all the presidents from Washington to Pierce entitled The Presidents Of The United States; 11" x 15"; mounted in later frame; 14.5" x 18". > Item Details
Navajo Crystal-Style Double Saddle Blanket,
Lot # 450 - Navajo Crystal-Style Double Saddle Blanket,
woven of hand-spun wool in colors of yellow, gray, and light brown against a cream ground, length 56.5" x width 28" > Item Details
Two Political Paperweights,
Lot # 120 - Two Political Paperweights,
both glass with photographs applied and sealed under base. Includes a square example with bust portrait of McKinley, 3.2" square and a rectangular example with bust of Harding, 2.5" x 4". > Item Details
Group of Early Baseball Items,
Lot # 141 - Group of Early Baseball Items,
lot of 5, a colorful lithographed trade card from Union Clothing Manufacturing Co., Canton, Ohio, depicting a 19th Century baseball game and crossed bats design (2.75" x 4.5"); a 19th Century diecut of an unidentified Baltimore fielder (these diecuts are sometimes referred to as "scrapps") 3" high; ... > Item Details
Kellogg & Comstock Lithograph of General William O. Butler,
Lot # 236 - Kellogg & Comstock Lithograph of General William O. Butler,
hand-colored lithograph entitled GENL WM O. BUTLER. Vice President of the United States. Matted and framed in a period, gilt frame; 12" x 16" (view), 18.5" x 24.5" (w/frame). > Item Details
Manuscript Letter from Theodore Frelinghuysen,
Lot # 526 - Manuscript Letter from Theodore Frelinghuysen,
(1787-1862) Anti-Jacksonian Senator from New Jersey, Henry Clay's 1844 running-mate. ANS, 1p. 4.5 x 7", New Brunswick (NJ), 8 Feb. 1862 (two months before his death), concerning a lost letter. A fine, clean example. > Item Details
Currier <i>The Life of Man</i> Lithograph,
Lot # 570 - Currier The Life of Man Lithograph,
hand-colored, entitled THE LIFE & AGE OF MAN. STAGES OF MAN'S LIFE FROM THE CRADLE TO THE GRAVE. Published by N. Currier. In a modern frame; 9.5" x 13.5" (view), 11.5" x 15.5" (w/frame). > Item Details
Large Tlingit Totem Pole,
Lot # 560 - Large Tlingit Totem Pole,
hand carved from wood with green, red-brown, red, yellow, white, and black paint. Pole depicts bird standing over an unknown creature and two humans, height 96.5". > Item Details
123Racist Ohio Campaign Ballot,
Lot # 123 - 123Racist Ohio Campaign Ballot,
with heading Green Township/White Mans Ticket, listing 8 names in bold type with the offices they were seeking, 3.4” x 5.75”. > Item Details
Pomo Feathered Basket,
Lot # 163 - Pomo Feathered Basket,
finely coiled of willow. Basket is contemporary and very well done, height 2.5" x diameter 4". > Item Details
Kellogg Print of Washington, PLUS,
Lot # 226 - Kellogg Print of Washington, PLUS,
lot of 2 . Includes a hand-colored lithograph by Kellogg entitled Washington's Reception by the Ladies, at Trenton N.J. April 1789 AND a lithograph entitled The Battle of Champion Hill / No. 3 by H.H. Lloyd & Co., 81 John St., New York. Both in a single, modern frame; each 9" x 13" (view), 28.5" x ... > Item Details
Southern Plains Stone Head Clubs,
Lot # 434 - Southern Plains Stone Head Clubs,
lot of 2. Both have wooden hafts and stone heads encased with hide that is sinew-sewn closed. Includes one with horsehair drop, length 13.25"; AND the other 12". > Item Details
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