Lot 263    

CDV of Civil War Era Side Wheel River Boat,
2005, Gallery Sale / November 11
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Sold: $44.00
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Currier <i>The Life of Man</i> Lithograph,
Lot # 570 - Currier The Life of Man Lithograph,
hand-colored, entitled THE LIFE & AGE OF MAN. STAGES OF MAN'S LIFE FROM THE CRADLE TO THE GRAVE. Published by N. Currier. In a modern frame; 9.5" x 13.5" (view), 11.5" x 15.5" (w/frame). > Item Details
Prairie Loom-Beaded Hide Purse,
Lot # 132 - Prairie Loom-Beaded Hide Purse,
beadwork on hide in colors of light blue, cobalt, red, greasy yellow, translucent red, green, and amber against a white ground. Depicting three diamonds and a large snowflake on one side; opposite with nested stars surround by diamonds. Short fringe on sides, opening has metal hinged frame with tw... > Item Details
Lot of Five Townsend Plan Hot Plates,
Lot # 119 - Lot of Five Townsend Plan Hot Plates,
all marked Columbia China Ware, each with polychrome transfer print of Victorian Garden Scene with border text in gold Townsend Plan Employment Security Prosperity, octagonal 6.5" diameter. > Item Details
Maricopa Salt and Pepper Shakers,
Lot # 164 - Maricopa Salt and Pepper Shakers,
burnished red with black decorations of thin lines, crossed arrows, and swirling hooks, height 3.5"; AND 2.75". > Item Details
Group of Early Baseball Items,
Lot # 141 - Group of Early Baseball Items,
lot of 5, a colorful lithographed trade card from Union Clothing Manufacturing Co., Canton, Ohio, depicting a 19th Century baseball game and crossed bats design (2.75" x 4.5"); a 19th Century diecut of an unidentified Baltimore fielder (these diecuts are sometimes referred to as "scrapps") 3" high; ... > Item Details
Plains Catlinite Bowl and Stem,
Lot # 254 - Plains Catlinite Bowl and Stem,
Sioux style, with tall "T" form bowl, length 9.75" x height 5"; AND segmented stem carved with deep concentric grooves on either end and with wooden smoking tube inside, length 18.5". > Item Details
Currier & Ives, General Sheridan,
Lot # 101 - Currier & Ives, General Sheridan,
hand colored bust length uniformed portrait from the Civil War period entitled Phil Sheridan, marked New York Pudb. By Currier & Ives, 152 Nassau St.; 15" x 20". > Item Details
Reproduction Die-Struck Brass New York Militia Hat Shield,
Lot # 138 - Reproduction Die-Struck Brass New York Militia Hat Shield,
Sunburst over cloud background, with eagle clutching Federal shield and arrows with its talons. Background presents a panoply of arms, cannon balls, drum and colors with a scroll below marked with raised lettering E. Pluribus Unum. Beneath the scroll is maker's name Bale on bottom right of shield. ... > Item Details
Unusual Collection of Political and Baseball Charms and More,
Lot # 122 - Unusual Collection of Political and Baseball Charms and More,
on a "manly" charm bracelet... if such a thing could exist! This one is unusual to say the least – a 14" long, heavy chain with nine affixed "charms" including: a 1908 Bryan and Kern jugate, a solid medallion; a billiken charm; three baseball charms – two from Boston, one from St. Louis; two Teddy ... > Item Details
Half Stock Percussion Rifle,
Lot # 129 - Half Stock Percussion Rifle,
marked London Twist on 29.75" long round to octagonal barrel with standing front and rear sights, nicely engraved lock plate and hammer, nickel trigger guard with fine engraving, steel butt plate; walnut half stock with checked throat; total length 45.75". > Item Details
Four Political Pocket Mirrors,
Lot # 121 - Four Political Pocket Mirrors,
group of four campaign pocket mirrors including examples for FDR, Edmund Muskie, Jimmy Carter with running-mate Walter Mondale, along with one for John Lindsay. Albeit a rather odd selection, still quite a nice group. > Item Details
Two Political Paperweights,
Lot # 120 - Two Political Paperweights,
both glass with photographs applied and sealed under base. Includes a square example with bust portrait of McKinley, 3.2" square and a rectangular example with bust of Harding, 2.5" x 4". > Item Details
Pomo Feathered Basket,
Lot # 163 - Pomo Feathered Basket,
finely coiled of willow. Basket is contemporary and very well done, height 2.5" x diameter 4". > Item Details
McKinley Roosevelt Jugate Campaign Pinback,
Lot # 133 - McKinley Roosevelt Jugate Campaign Pinback,
double sided cello with oval portraits of McKinley and Roosevelt on front with gold ground and red, white and blue ribbon bow, on 1.75" diameter cello, reverse with 3 bronzed tobacco leaves on cream ground, hung from red, white and blue flag silk ribbon with cello pinback hanger in scrolled brass mo... > Item Details
Large Tlingit Totem Pole,
Lot # 560 - Large Tlingit Totem Pole,
hand carved from wood with green, red-brown, red, yellow, white, and black paint. Pole depicts bird standing over an unknown creature and two humans, height 96.5". > Item Details
Cleveland and T.R. Ribbon Group,
Lot # 131 - Cleveland and T.R. Ribbon Group,
including a dramatic, 3 x 9" jugate ribbon from 1888 with powerful portraits of Cleveland and Thurman, black on cream silk, manufactured by Burford of Indianapolis. Also, a 2 x 5" ribbon, red, white and blue, with an affixed celluloid portrait of Cleveland. Together with a stunning Stand by the Repu... > Item Details
Teddy Roosevelt Bandana,
Lot # 124 - Teddy Roosevelt Bandana,
marvelous red flag kerchief, 24 x 22” bearing a portrait of Theodore Roosevelt with the slogan: Progressive Battle Flag, Roosevelt 1912. A wonderful political that would display quite well. > Item Details
Two Harrison Jugate Campaign Bandanas,
Lot # 125 - Two Harrison Jugate Campaign Bandanas,
both printed cotton with jugate oval portraits, includes one Harrison & Reid and one Harrison & Morton, 20" square and 17" square. > Item Details
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