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Polo Pony by F. Clifton,
2005, Furniture & Decorative Arts / May 27-28
oil on canvas, signed in the lower left. A fine portrayal of a chestnut horse posed in the interior of a barn. The yellow saddle blanket has red trim and a red cipher CA. Top middle of canvas with painted nameplate Delores. In a gesso and gilt frame; 23" x 20" (w/o frame) 33" x 29.5" (w/ frame).

F. Clifton, British (op. 1885-1886) He did several horse portraits, some mare and foal scenes and paintings of hunters in stables.

Ex Collection Celestial Restaurant, Cincinnati, Ohio

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Early Alabama <i>Log Cabin</i> Quilt,
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Two Early Large Tin Cookie Cutters,
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New England Silver Tankard,
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French Porcelain Dresser Box with Courting Scene,
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<i>Home by Sundown</i> by Gene Speck,
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Curly Maple Butter Paddle and Footstool,
Lot # 388 - Curly Maple Butter Paddle and Footstool,
the first hand-carved, the second with turned legs and both with rich, old finishes. American, 19th century; paddle is 9" long, stool is 7.5" high x 11.5" wide x 7" deep. > Item Details
Mead Cobalt-Decorated Ovoid Jug,
Lot # 561 - Mead Cobalt-Decorated Ovoid Jug,
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Holmes County, Ohio Amish Pieced Quilt,
Lot # 702 - Holmes County, Ohio Amish Pieced Quilt,
pieced triangles from solid color fabrics with a beautiful gold colored back. Hand-quilted in outline and chain quilting. Attributed to the Holmes County, Ohio Amish, ca 1930; approx. size 78" x 78". > Item Details
Early Brass Chocolate Pot,
Lot # 718 - Early Brass Chocolate Pot,
bellied form, dovetailed construction, in brass with a wrought iron and turned wood handle. English, Continental, or possibly American, early 18th century; 8.75" high, handle is 8.5" long. > Item Details
Currier Lithograph of Henry Clay,
Lot # 406 - Currier Lithograph of Henry Clay,
hand-colored and titled HENRY CLAY OF KENTUCKY. A full-length portrait of Clay in his library. Published by N. Currier and in a modern frame; 13.25" x 9.5" (view), 21.25" x 16.5" (w/frame). > Item Details
Folk Art Carved Cane,
Lot # 107 - Folk Art Carved Cane,
folksy relief-carved twig cane having animals and The Lord's Prayer in different lettering styles; old worn patina; 34.75" long. > Item Details
Bicentennial Kit Quilt with Eagle,
Lot # 686 - Bicentennial Kit Quilt with Eagle,
beautifully appliqued and quilted from calicos and solid red. Attributed to Tennessee; approx. size 94" x 78". > Item Details
New England Hepplewhite Splay Leg Stand,
Lot # 503 - New England Hepplewhite Splay Leg Stand,
in pine. With a single-board top, beaded skirt, and splayed, square, tapered legs. New England, early 19th century; 28.5" high, top is 16" x 16.5". > Item Details
<i>White's Utica</i> Cobalt-Decorated Jug,
Lot # 557 - White's Utica Cobalt-Decorated Jug,
slip trailed leaf design, impressed Whites Utica, ca 1870-80; 12" high x 7.25" diameter. > Item Details
Three Gaudy Welsh Children's Cans,
Lot # 283 - Three Gaudy Welsh Children's Cans,
lot of 3, all ca 1820-1860 and on pearlware bodies with C-scroll handles, and decorated in polychrome shades of iron red, cobalt, and green with pink luster accents. Includes 1 diminutive example in the Grape pattern, 2" tall; PLUS 1 in the Pansy pattern, 2" tall; AND a larger example in the Asian ... > Item Details
Bank of Pittsburgh Trade Sign,
Lot # 9 - Bank of Pittsburgh Trade Sign,
pine, inset moulded panel painted on both sides in gilt and black, steel swivel hooks for hanging; late 19th-early 20th century; 20" high x 39.5" wide x 2" deep. > Item Details
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