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Zuni Heartline Deer Olla,
2005, American Indian Auction / Mar 10-11
ca 1880s, red and black-on-white, and heavily potted with rounded body, sharply defined shoulder, gently tapering neck, quick out-turned lip, and indented base. Painted with three horizontal panels of heartline deer separated by a band of water birds. Two vertical panels depict "Grandfather standing," which according to Brunzel, "is a prayer for long life" (1929: 94). Neck is wrapped with a band of heartline, spotted fawns, separating it from body is a double spirit break line, height 10" x diameter 12.5".

Couple small chips in rim, nothing appears under UV light, smoke cloud on one side
Sold: $12,362.50
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<i>Powamui</i>, Bean Dance Katsina,
Lot # 513 - Powamui, Bean Dance Katsina,
hand-carved and painted in traditional manner, height w/o Plexiglas stand 8.75". Katsina retains tag marked "#28" indicating that it was part of the Mr. and Mrs. Albert T. Miller collection, owners of the Los Angeles gallery, "49 Steps." > Item Details
Eskimo Carvings,
Lot # 12 - Eskimo Carvings,
lot of 49. Includes a group of twenty-two bone pieces, probably game markers, average length 2; PLUS a group of five fishing weights carved to resemble whales, longest length 5"; PLUS ten teeth from various animals, longest length 3"; AND twelve assorted beads, length 1". > Item Details
Indian War Club with Wrought Blade,
Lot # 746 - Indian War Club with Wrought Blade,
ca mid-late 18th century, blade similar to those used in Eastern Woodlands gunstock war clubs (see Peterson 1971: fig. 21). Triangular blade with rectangular notches where tang enters wood haft, set in a burl wood haft, blade length 4.7", total length 11.5". Includes a printed and typed museum tag t... > Item Details
Northeastern California Basket Bowl,
Lot # 403 - Northeastern California Basket Bowl,
twined with full-twist overlay in all-over pattern of twenty-five diamonds with feet, height 5.25" x diameter 9.5". Pattern continues onto under side of basket. > Item Details
Choctaw Square Tray Attributed to Claude Medford,
Lot # 785 - Choctaw Square Tray Attributed to Claude Medford,
twill plaited of river cane in a bold red and black plaid on a natural ground, height 4" x width 14". Medford, a weaver, was a major force in Southeast Indian art. > Item Details
Tohono O'odham Trays,
Lot # 62 - Tohono O'odham Trays,
lot of 3. Includes a tray with a devil's claw eagle motif, diameter 8.5"; PLUS another tray with a devil's claw eagle and a motif of birds surrounding the eagle, diameter 9.25"; AND the last tray with a large star motif with complex outline, diameter 12". All trays retain museum labels. > Item Details
Large Walrus Tusk Cribbage Board,
Lot # 14 - Large Walrus Tusk Cribbage Board,
beautifully engraved with images of a stored umiak, igloo, and meat drying rack on top, resting walrus, seal, polar bear, whale, caribou, and foxes decorate side, and fishing implements such as a bow drill, knives, weights, harpoon points, sealskin bag, and a boat on opposite, with two playing pegs ... > Item Details
Hopi Bowls and Vase,
Lot # 95 - Hopi Bowls and Vase,
lot of 3, includes a black-on-creamy orange bowl with swirling band along rim, height 1.75" x diameter 4.5", PLUS a 1961 stone-polished black bowl created with a notched rim, signed "Polingaysi" and with Museum of Northern Arizona exhibition tag, height 2.5" x diameter 7.5"; AND a 1981 stone-polishe... > Item Details
Kiowa Strike-a-Lite Pouch,
Lot # 720 - Kiowa Strike-a-Lite Pouch,
thread-sewn beadwork in colors of red, sky blue, mustard yellow, white, green and black. Small tin cones hang from lower edge, length 4.6" x width 3.2". > Item Details
Crow Beaded Hide Moccasins,
Lot # 596 - Crow Beaded Hide Moccasins,
sinew-sewn with elongated diamonds on vamps beaded in light blue, cobalt, red white heart, and green, trapezoidal tongues, hide ties, length 9.5". > Item Details
Navajo Two Gray Hills Weaving,
Lot # 536 - Navajo Two Gray Hills Weaving,
ca 1940, handspun wool woven in earth tones of brown, cream, gray, and black. Busy design of hooked prongs and terraced diamonds surround central terraced diamond. Meandering outer border, length 84 x width 55.5". > Item Details
Southern Cheyenne/ Arapaho Beaded Hide Moccasins,
Lot # 194 - Southern Cheyenne/ Arapaho Beaded Hide Moccasins,
thread and sinew-sewn hide with colorful "U-shaped” beadwork on vamps. "Sparking," stepped diamond on ankle in light blue, orange, black, red, corn yellow, and pea green, bifurcated tongue, length 10". > Item Details
Hopi Sikyatki-Style Bowl with Reptile,
Lot # 479 - Hopi Sikyatki-Style Bowl with Reptile,
ca 1920, black and red-on-creamy orange and potted with gently curving sides and sharp in-turned rim. Reptile curves along bottom of bowl, geometric designs along rim, two holes for hanging, height 2" x diameter 7.75". > Item Details
Acoma Stirrup Pitcher,
Lot # 465 - Acoma Stirrup Pitcher,
ca 1920, black and orange-on-white, with indented base. Pitcher is covered with wandering flowers, one "spout" has been formed into the head of a bird, flat handle, height 8.5" x diameter 6". Akron Art collection tag included. > Item Details
Miniature Apache Olla,
Lot # 431 - Miniature Apache Olla,
coiled of willow with checkered devil's claw designs on either side and below a human figure, height 6.5" x diameter 7.25". > Item Details
Eastern Woodlands Maple Dippers,
Lot # 305 - Eastern Woodlands Maple Dippers,
lot of 2. Includes one broad bowled ladle with hook, length 10"; AND another ladle with hook resembling a bird's head tucked against its chest, length 9.25". > Item Details
Plateau  Beaded Women's Leggings,
Lot # 414 - Plateau Beaded Women's Leggings,
thread-sewn and beaded on red wool in colors of translucent light and dark green, rose, light blue, and yellow. Three maple leaves on front and opposite with blooming flowers. Edged with green felt and lined with blue plaid cotton, length 13.25" x width 7". > Item Details
Chippewa Beaded Hide Moccasins,
Lot # 759 - Chippewa Beaded Hide Moccasins,
ca 1890, thread-sewn hide with couched floral beadwork on black velveteen in colors of light blue, light green, corn yellow, and white. Cuffs edged with red calico, length 9.25". > Item Details
Navajo <i>Diyugi-Style</i> Blanket,
Lot # 551 - Navajo Diyugi-Style Blanket,
soft, fluffy hand-spun wool in cream, dark brown, and aniline red decorated with horizontal zigzags outlined by hourglasses and thin bands at edges, length 75" x width 55.5". > Item Details
Navajo Chinle-Style Weaving,
Lot # 134 - Navajo Chinle-Style Weaving,
tightly woven hand-spun wool with black, white, and brown chevrons divided by bands of yellow, black, and gray. Fluffy corner tassels, length 41.5" x width 30". > Item Details
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