Lot 443    

Zuni Heartline Deer Olla,
2005, American Indian Auction / Mar 10-11
ca 1880s, red and black-on-white, and heavily potted with rounded body, sharply defined shoulder, gently tapering neck, quick out-turned lip, and indented base. Painted with three horizontal panels of heartline deer separated by a band of water birds. Two vertical panels depict "Grandfather standing," which according to Brunzel, "is a prayer for long life" (1929: 94). Neck is wrapped with a band of heartline, spotted fawns, separating it from body is a double spirit break line, height 10" x diameter 12.5".

Couple small chips in rim, nothing appears under UV light, smoke cloud on one side
Sold: $12,362.50
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Navajo Modified Eyedazzler Weaving,
Lot # 146 - Navajo Modified Eyedazzler Weaving,
hand-spun wool woven with serrated zigzags in colors of tan, cream, gray and brown, length 52" x width 31". > Item Details
Reworked Early Pipe Tomahawk,
Lot # 682 - Reworked Early Pipe Tomahawk,
with tear drop eye and 2.35" x 2.15" blade with steel bit and tally notches along top and bottom edges, bowl has been cut off and ground flush, total length 4.6". Original carved walnut handle with fire-burned banding over much of the lower half, all with fine old patina, total length 21.75" > Item Details
Santo Domingo Vase,
Lot # 449 - Santo Domingo Vase,
black and orange-on-cream, black lip with red internal rim, with tulip-shaped body and slightly indented base. Designed with bold figures of birds with fanned tails and giant flowers, three spirit-broken lines wrap around neck and two at base, height 8.75" x diameter 8". > Item Details
Plains Female Doll with Beaded Hide Garments PLUS
Lot # 229 - Plains Female Doll with Beaded Hide Garments PLUS
lot of 3, handmade to replicate a traditional Plains woman with fringed clothes and metal disc belt, height 8"; PLUS Iroquois corn husk doll who is handmade with penciled features and typical Woodlands velvet and navy wool clothing with beaded trim, leather bandolier and moccasins, and headdress wit... > Item Details
Trade Axe with Figural Wolf Handle,
Lot # 745 - Trade Axe with Figural Wolf Handle,
hand-wrought and filed iron blade with circular eye mounted on a hardwood handle. Handle formed with flattened shaft graduating to a rounded grip, carved with three grooved rings and terminating with a figural image of a baying wolf, wonderful patina, length of handle 21"; blade length 5.5" x width ... > Item Details
Alaskan Basket,
Lot # 3 - Alaskan Basket,
soft, open-twined bag with red and gray-green wool yarn elements decorating body, height 5.5" x diameter approximately 8.5". Basket retains original label. > Item Details
Apache Beaded Pouch,
Lot # 170 - Apache Beaded Pouch,
thread-sewn on soft hide with beadwork in colors of light and dark blue, white, translucent red, yellow, and green. With stepped diamond designs on both sides, multicolored edge-beading, long multicolored fringe at bottom, and blue-edge beading at opening, hide drawstring closure, length 7.25" x wi... > Item Details
Comanche Child's Beaded and Fringed Hide Moccasins,
Lot # 612 - Comanche Child's Beaded and Fringed Hide Moccasins,
sinew-sewn hide coated with red ocher, with two lanes along center of vamps beaded in light and dark blue, rose, and white. Soles of buffalo rawhide. With fringe along outer edge of vamp and on back of heel, hide ties, length 6.5" and 7". > Item Details
Cheyenne Beaded Hide Moccasins,
Lot # 591 - Cheyenne Beaded Hide Moccasins,
sinew-sewn with delicate designs of tipis beaded in red, cobalt, light blue, and corn yellow against a white ground, white edge-beading, beaded tongue, hide ties, length 11.25". > Item Details
Eskimo Sled Runners and Implements,
Lot # 22 - Eskimo Sled Runners and Implements,
lot of 11. Includes a wide variety of objects, all Eskimo worked from fossilized ivory or bone. These items demonstrate Eskimo ingenuity and their amazing ability to adapt to a hostile environment. Two portions of sled runners, length 10.5"; PLUS one with length 2.25"; PLUS a net sinker, length 6... > Item Details
<i>Kakto</i>, Wood Carrying Katsina,
Lot # 517 - Kakto, Wood Carrying Katsina,
hand-caved and painted with simple case mask and log on head, height 8.5". > Item Details
Southern Plains Beaded Hide Moccasins,
Lot # 614 - Southern Plains Beaded Hide Moccasins,
sinew-sewn and rubbed with green or red ochre and beaded in colors of red, blue, and white. Heavy fringe attached to heel, length 10.5". > Item Details
Zuni Inlaid Jewelry,
Lot # 162 - Zuni Inlaid Jewelry,
lot of 6. Includes a sun-face pair of earrings with screw-backs, diameter 1"; PLUS a matching set of one tie-clip and one cuff link with Knife Wing god, height of each 1.25"; PLUS one ring with sun-face, height 9.0" x size approximately 6; AND a pin, signed "M T Panteah Zuni," with central inlaid b... > Item Details
Alaskan Basketry Victorian Oil Lamp,
Lot # 1 - Alaskan Basketry Victorian Oil Lamp,
tour-de-force coiled weaving replicating the lamp to a T. The wool embroidered flowers on the oil container simulate the painted flowers on a glass container, height 13.25". The wick control and clips for the lamp are present; one could almost light the lamp. > Item Details
Nootka Lidded Basket,
Lot # 351 - Nootka Lidded Basket,
exquisite craftsmanship, finely twined with delicate knob on top and delightful berry plants on body and lid, height 2.25" x diameter 3". > Item Details
Sioux Catlinite Pipe Bowls,
Lot # 232 - Sioux Catlinite Pipe Bowls,
lot of 2, both "T-shaped." Includes a faceted example length 4.75" x height 3.2"; AND the second with tapering round profile, length 4.75" x height 2.85". > Item Details
Iroquois Beaded Bag,
Lot # 777 - Iroquois Beaded Bag,
thread-sewn on red wool with beadwork in colors of white, light and dark blue, dark green, black, lime green, and pale yellow creating spoked wheels surrounded by diamonds and forked lines, total length (open) 10" x width 5.75". > Item Details
Métis Embroidered Pillow,
Lot # 200 - Métis Embroidered Pillow,
thread-sewn hide with pinked edges and fringe. With delicate flowers on corners and center executed with ribbon appliqué in soft, feminine colors and backed with pink velveteen, length (excluding fringe) 16". > Item Details
Pueblo Painted Buffalo Hide Shield,
Lot # 576 - Pueblo Painted Buffalo Hide Shield,
slightly convex with front painted in deep red, green, yellow, and blue. With multiple layers of faded images, top layer painted red with large triangle flanked by stars and crosses, hide strap on back, diameter 18.75". > Item Details
Northern Plains Beaded Umbilical Fetish,
Lot # 202 - Northern Plains Beaded Umbilical Fetish,
diamond-shaped and thread-sewn on hide in colors of light blues, pale yellow, red white heart, white, clear, pink, cobalt, deep purple, green, and faceted metal beads with deep purple beaded looped tassels on corners, backside half beaded, length 5" x width 1.75". Muslin cord sewn to fetish and wra... > Item Details
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