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Zuni Heartline Deer Olla,
2005, American Indian Auction / Mar 10-11
ca 1880s, red and black-on-white, and heavily potted with rounded body, sharply defined shoulder, gently tapering neck, quick out-turned lip, and indented base. Painted with three horizontal panels of heartline deer separated by a band of water birds. Two vertical panels depict "Grandfather standing," which according to Brunzel, "is a prayer for long life" (1929: 94). Neck is wrapped with a band of heartline, spotted fawns, separating it from body is a double spirit break line, height 10" x diameter 12.5".

Couple small chips in rim, nothing appears under UV light, smoke cloud on one side
Sold: $12,362.50
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Oil on Canvas by J. Yazzie,
Lot # 330 - Oil on Canvas by J. Yazzie,
signed and dated lower left, depicting five Plains men trudging through an empty and lonely earth, all the while with the protection of their ancestors, length 29.5" x width 23.5". > Item Details
Plains Big Horn Sheep Ladle,
Lot # 741 - Plains Big Horn Sheep Ladle,
with large round scoop and tapering handle, incised triangle at junction of handle and scoop, length 23.5". > Item Details
Navajo Regional Weaving,
Lot # 559 - Navajo Regional Weaving,
of hand-spun wool in colors of natural browns, gray, and cream, and aniline red, with central image of two stacked diamonds with terraced edges and central outlined crosses, four whole crosses in corners and two halved crosses on sides, length 57" x width 39". > Item Details
Indian Tribal Police Badge,
Lot # 44 - Indian Tribal Police Badge,
nickel and brass with pin back. Stamped spread-winged eagle surmounted over ribbon banner, 8 over garter with Goshute Tribe and Police in lower bar, scrollwork edging and central five-pointed brass star in circle, length 2.75" x width 1.8". The Goshutes are culturally similar to the Western Shoshon... > Item Details
Northern Plains Parfleche Envelope,
Lot # 727 - Northern Plains Parfleche Envelope,
constructed of folded rawhide and painted in vibrant colors of orange, blue, green, and yellow; parfleche closes with leather thongs, length 27" x width 13.25". > Item Details
<i>Anga</i> Katsina,
Lot # 118 - Anga Katsina,
is a rain god, with long hair and traditional "beard." Hand-carved and painted wearing ceremonial attire, height 10". > Item Details
Plateau Painted Parfleche Envelope,
Lot # 426 - Plateau Painted Parfleche Envelope,
constructed of folded rawhide and painted in green, blue, yellow, and orange; parfleche closes with leather lacings, length 25" x width 15". > Item Details
Sioux Quilled Hide Vest,
Lot # 633 - Sioux Quilled Hide Vest,
ca 1900, thread-sewn. Front quilled into a busy floral design with eye-popping red, orange, purple, fuchsia, green, blue, and yellow. Back quilled with flowering bushes surrounding a galloping elk with sparkling red jeweled eye, lined with red satin and edged with red beads, width (under arms) 22"... > Item Details
Navajo Regional Weaving,
Lot # 143 - Navajo Regional Weaving,
lazy-woven in colors of browns, blue, and beige, with a simple pattern of nested and serrated diamonds, length 71" x width 44". > Item Details
Navajo Double Saddle Blanket,
Lot # 554 - Navajo Double Saddle Blanket,
hand-spun wool woven in cream, brown, and aniline red. With serrated bands alternating in color and central black and white checked band, length 55" x width 33" > Item Details
Unknown 19th Century Katsina,
Lot # 498 - Unknown 19th Century Katsina,
hand-carved and painted with remnants of red, white, and blue paint. Katsina retains tag marked "#133" indicating that it was part of the Mr. and Mrs. Albert T. Miller collection; they owned the Los Angeles gallery, "49 Steps." Their katsinas were featured in a 1967 exhibit, Kachinas, and in the ca... > Item Details
Eskimo Model Kayaks with Hunters,
Lot # 17 - Eskimo Model Kayaks with Hunters,
lot of 2. Both men have carved wooden faces and are fully equipped for the hunt with an assortment of ivory-tipped harpoons, lances, floats, and other tools. Each sits in a seal skin kayak and wears a cotton parka. One with an oar, length 21"; AND other man in white parka, length 22". > Item Details
Northwest Coast Carved and Painted Eagle Stool,
Lot # 377 - Northwest Coast Carved and Painted Eagle Stool,
19th century, carved of cedar with eagle heads at ends. Painted in green, yellow, black, and red, gently curved seat. Legs also carved with geometric designs and inserted into holes at base, length 26" x height 18.5". > Item Details
Mandan/ Hidatsa Quilled Man's Leggings,
Lot # 624 - Mandan/ Hidatsa Quilled Man's Leggings,
sinew-sewn hide with traces of yellow and red ocher. Quilled bison head underscored by bands of red, purple, yellow, blue, and white, fringe along sides, cuff wrapped with hide thong lacing, length 31.25". > Item Details
Pomo Gift Basket Edged with Clam Shell Beads,
Lot # 392 - Pomo Gift Basket Edged with Clam Shell Beads,
finely coiled of willow with eleven clamshell and abalone charms suspended near rim and twenty cornaline d'Aleppo and white glass trade beads hanging around basket, height 3.25" x diameter 8". > Item Details
Cochiti Dough Bowl,
Lot # 76 - Cochiti Dough Bowl,
ca 1950, black-on-cream and created with a deep, spherical body and outturned lip. Spirit broken lines border a repeating motif of rain birds flying towards rain clouds. Negative hourglasses on inner lip and inner bottom with rain clouds and possible rain birds integrated into a whorling log desig... > Item Details
<i>Hololo</i> Katsina,
Lot # 115 - Hololo Katsina,
"J. K." written on feet, possibly for Jim Kewanwytewa. Hand-carved and painted with green case mask, pop eyes, and cheeks painted with small circles, height 7.25" > Item Details
Crow Beaded Wool Leggings,
Lot # 627 - Crow Beaded Wool Leggings,
thread-sewn on blue and red trade cloth. Delicate lanes of beadwork in line green, pale blue, dark blue, white, and opalescent, light blue edge-beading, hide ties along leg, length 32.25". > Item Details
Hopi Dough Bowl PLUS,
Lot # 481 - Hopi Dough Bowl PLUS,
lot of 3, red and black-on-creamy orange. Includes a dough bowl in Sikyatki-style and painted with wing and arrow imagery swirling around inside, height 3.5" x diameter 9.75"; PLUS a small bowl with thick walls and decorated with truncated wings around shoulder and three sets of four dots on rim, h... > Item Details
Pima/ Tohono O'odham Oval Tray,
Lot # 56 - Pima/ Tohono O'odham Oval Tray,
coiled of willow with devil's claw zigzag on bottom and stepped blocks encircling wall, rim wrapped with devil's claw and willow, length 14.25" x height 2.25". > Item Details
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