Lot 443    

Zuni Heartline Deer Olla,
2005, American Indian Auction / Mar 10-11
ca 1880s, red and black-on-white, and heavily potted with rounded body, sharply defined shoulder, gently tapering neck, quick out-turned lip, and indented base. Painted with three horizontal panels of heartline deer separated by a band of water birds. Two vertical panels depict "Grandfather standing," which according to Brunzel, "is a prayer for long life" (1929: 94). Neck is wrapped with a band of heartline, spotted fawns, separating it from body is a double spirit break line, height 10" x diameter 12.5".

Couple small chips in rim, nothing appears under UV light, smoke cloud on one side
Sold: $12,362.50
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Sioux Beaded Hide Tobacco Bag,
Lot # 704 - Sioux Beaded Hide Tobacco Bag,
thread-sewn with beadwork in greasy yellow, blue, white, and green, with clear cane beads and hide fringe at bottom, traces of yellow ocher on hide. Bag lined with black cotton, length (including fringe) 21". > Item Details
Plains Beaded Pouches,
Lot # 237 - Plains Beaded Pouches,
lot of 2, including one thread-sewn and beaded on hide in green, yellow, faceted metal, and blue against a white ground, fringe on sides, drawstring closure, length (excluding fringe) 5"; AND another thread and sinew-sewn with green, red white heart, and cobalt beadwork. With traces of yellow and r... > Item Details
Sioux Man's Fully Beaded Hide Vest,
Lot # 634 - Sioux Man's Fully Beaded Hide Vest,
with sinew-sewn beadwork, fringed bottom, and calico lining. Red white hearts, cobalt, green, greasy yellow, clear gold, and marcasite beads make forked motifs on white beaded background, chest measurement 40". Vest closes with leather ties. > Item Details
Cheyenne Beaded Hide Moccasins,
Lot # 591 - Cheyenne Beaded Hide Moccasins,
sinew-sewn with delicate designs of tipis beaded in red, cobalt, light blue, and corn yellow against a white ground, white edge-beading, beaded tongue, hide ties, length 11.25". > Item Details
Mohawk Carved and Painted Cradle Board,
Lot # 763 - Mohawk Carved and Painted Cradle Board,
carved of basswood, Tilia americana, with steam-bent brow band, scalloped top edge, footrest, and hand-wrought nails. Carved and painted back depicts blue birds flying through a floral fantasyland bringing worms to their young chick, length 31" x width 11". > Item Details
<i>Kowako</i>, Rooster Katsina,
Lot # 511 - Kowako, Rooster Katsina,
hand-carved with cock's comb, flowers on ears, and rooster's beak. Painted body and ceremonial kilt, height w/o Plexiglas stand 12". Katsina retains original label marked, "T. Bahti collection #37" and was also part of Mr. and Mrs. Albert T. Miller's collection. Their katsinas were featured in a ... > Item Details
Athapaskan Doll,
Lot # 390 - Athapaskan Doll,
thread-sewn hide with painted and embroidered hide face, fringed jacket florally beaded in red, green, and iridescent, and with seal fur hood dotted with large red white heart beads. Fringed hide leggings covering cotton legs, and pink and white beaded hide moccasins with blue wool vamps, length 26... > Item Details
Navajo Silver Serving Spoons,
Lot # 167 - Navajo Silver Serving Spoons,
lot of 2. Includes a sterling silver spoon with heavily stamped bowl and scalloped edges. Handle also with stamping and oval turquoise, length 8.75"; AND a sterling silver ladle with stamped handle and a pierced bowl in the form of a rainbow deity, length 6.75". No marks, but great craftsmanship. > Item Details
Sterling Box with Zuni Knife Wing God,
Lot # 560 - Sterling Box with Zuni Knife Wing God,
probably ca 1940. Box is beautifully crafted with exquisite inlay detail in a variety of stones set in saw tooth bezels and with fine stamping around lid, stamped "sterling" and with hallmark of a "thunderbird" with "X" in its center, length 4.5" x width 3.5". > Item Details
Antler Handled Knife,
Lot # 220 - Antler Handled Knife,
with wrought steel, single-edged expanding blade mounted on antler butt grip with two copper rivets, nut brown patina, blade length 5.9", total length 9.6". > Item Details
Paiute Beaded Hide Cradle with Reed Sun Visor,
Lot # 569 - Paiute Beaded Hide Cradle with Reed Sun Visor,
lovingly made with beaded stars, bentwood frame, reed back, and intricate sun visor. Leather and fringes rubbed with yellow ochre. Brass bells, a brass thimble, and delicate fringe on the visor entertained the infant when awake, length 36". Additional materials include heavy canvas strap and comm... > Item Details
Sioux Beaded Moccasins PLUS,
Lot # 192 - Sioux Beaded Moccasins PLUS,
sinew-sewn with two lanes of beadwork through center of vamp in colors of light blue, cobalt, and white. Cuffs edged in green cotton, length 11.25"; AND beautifully quilled in red, white, and green and tacked to a rawhide band. Thin yellow, red, and white quill wrapped hide terminating in tin cones... > Item Details
Kiowa German Silver Armbands,
Lot # 211 - Kiowa German Silver Armbands,
ca 1930, with bands of scalloped stamping around edges, repeated in center forming scalloped ovals, four holes for adjusting, diameter 4.25". > Item Details
Cheyenne Beaded Hide Paint Bag,
Lot # 234 - Cheyenne Beaded Hide Paint Bag,
with heavy residue of red ochre in bag. Beadwork in colors of white, green, cobalt, and red. Lower edge with fringe, length w/o fringe 5". Bag originally had beaded edge trim. > Item Details
Navajo Regional Weaving,
Lot # 149 - Navajo Regional Weaving,
another woven of natural, mottled browns with an intricate pattern of zigzag bands and terraced fretwork, three bands with a hint of purple, length 68" x width 44". > Item Details
Eskimo Model Kayak,
Lot # 18 - Eskimo Model Kayak,
sinew-sewn seal skin, stretched over wooden frame, with walrus ivory at both prows and ivory rigging, 23" long. Inked museum accession number 541.116.1 on underside. > Item Details
Chippewa Beaded Cloth Shoulder Strap and Panel,
Lot # 767 - Chippewa Beaded Cloth Shoulder Strap and Panel,
in the form of a bandoleer bag, thread-sewn on canvas and backed with blue calico and edged with brown wool tape. Tendrilous flowers and vines creep along shoulder straps and around false pouch in colors of pea green, translucent green, rose, pink, black, yellow, amber, light blue, cobalt, and maroo... > Item Details
Sioux Beaded Hide Awl Case,
Lot # 254 - Sioux Beaded Hide Awl Case,
with salt and pepper beadwork wrapped around case. This alternates with bands of solid color creating a pleasing design. Case further decorated with wrapped quillwork and tin cones stuffed with remnants of dyed red feathers, length of case 8". Two beaded loops allow case to hang from belt. Case s... > Item Details
Iroquois Beaded Pouch and Picture Frame,
Lot # 290 - Iroquois Beaded Pouch and Picture Frame,
lot of 2, including a box beaded in amber, yellow, clear, and red cane beads with "1904" on both sides and "Box" on hinged lid, looped fringe at bottom, length 5"; AND a picture frame with heavy floral beadwork in light blue, red, yellow, and clear, fringe with black and red cane beads at bottom, le... > Item Details
Iroquois Beaded Bag,
Lot # 774 - Iroquois Beaded Bag,
with typical heavy floral beadwork in colors of light and dark blue, white, clear, red white heart, pink, translucent green, amber, and corn yellow. One false flap and one covering a second pocket. Red cotton binding with green ribbon edging and long handles, length 7" x width 7". > Item Details
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