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Zuni Heartline Deer Olla,
2005, American Indian Auction / Mar 10-11
ca 1880s, red and black-on-white, and heavily potted with rounded body, sharply defined shoulder, gently tapering neck, quick out-turned lip, and indented base. Painted with three horizontal panels of heartline deer separated by a band of water birds. Two vertical panels depict "Grandfather standing," which according to Brunzel, "is a prayer for long life" (1929: 94). Neck is wrapped with a band of heartline, spotted fawns, separating it from body is a double spirit break line, height 10" x diameter 12.5".

Couple small chips in rim, nothing appears under UV light, smoke cloud on one side
Sold: $12,362.50
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Winnebago Moccasins,
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Kiowa Girl's Hightop Moccasins,
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A Menagerie of Puebloan Animals,
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Hopi Vases,
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Plains Bone Roach Spreader with Incised Outline,
Blackfoot Beaded Hide Moccasins,
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Navajo Bracelets, Link Concha Belt, PLUS,
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Iroquois Beaded Cap,
Lot # 298 - Iroquois Beaded Cap,
of red velveteen with cream-colored cotton band, decorated with clusters of crystal beads in colors of clear, gold, red, green, and blue. Band is bound with green and red cotton. Hat is lined with red cotton and had a top center medallion of clear crystal beads, length of hat band 21". > Item Details
Navajo Teec Nos Pos Saddle Blanket,
Lot # 558 - Navajo Teec Nos Pos Saddle Blanket,
ca 1950s, finely woven with a combination of Germantown wool and synthetic yarn, in colors of brown, yellow, orange, blue, and green. Eye-pleasing outlined, meandering border with central forked and serrated geometrics, poofy augmented corner tassels and poofy, multicolored fringe at bottom, length... > Item Details
Osage Painted Cradleboard with Brass Tacks,
Lot # 780 - Osage Painted Cradleboard with Brass Tacks,
carved of wood, with scored hourglass pattern painted red, jade-green, and yellow. Bentwood brow band attached with brass tacks. Back of board has inset wooden bars near head and foot, length 33.5" x width 9". > Item Details
Sioux Parfleche Flat Case,
Lot # 725 - Sioux Parfleche Flat Case,
constructed of pieces of rawhide laced together with sinew over red wool and painted in colors of red, yellow, green, and blue, length 12.5" x width 10". > Item Details
Navajo Double Saddle Blanket,
Lot # 554 - Navajo Double Saddle Blanket,
hand-spun wool woven in cream, brown, and aniline red. With serrated bands alternating in color and central black and white checked band, length 55" x width 33" > Item Details
San Ildefonso Black-on-Black Ceramics,
Lot # 475 - San Ildefonso Black-on-Black Ceramics,
lot of 3. Includes a small bowl with negative feathers wrapped around shoulder, bottom signed "Carmelita Dunlap/ San Ildefonso," height 2.75" x diameter 4.25"; PLUS a formidable-looking Avanyu breathing fire carved in relief around shoulder of bowl, height 2.5" x diameter 4.5"; AND a "Rain bird" tr... > Item Details
<i>Hon</i>, Bear Katsina,
Lot # 116 - Hon, Bear Katsina,
hand-carved and painted with bear tracks on cheeks and with a ceremonial kilt, height 6.75". > Item Details
Bull Roarer by Harvey Quanimptewa,
Lot # 106 - Bull Roarer by Harvey Quanimptewa,
lot of 2. Includes a miniature hand-carved Polik Mana in proper ceremonial attire, height 3.5"; AND a painted bull roarer with tiny katsina, bird tracks on case mask, attached to roarer. Roarer has one katsina painted on each side. Label from Museum of Northern Arizona Hopi Craftsman exhibition dat... > Item Details
Sioux Woman's Beaded Hide Leggings,
Lot # 195 - Sioux Woman's Beaded Hide Leggings,
thread-sewn with hourglass, crosses, and tipis lazy-stitched in blue, green, yellow, and red white heart, and faceted metal against a white ground. Red white heart edge beading, length 14.75". > Item Details
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