Lot 347    

Richmond Straight Cut Cigarettes Chromolithographed Sign,
2005, Advertising, Toys & Coin-Ops / Feb 24-25
in original frame and glass cover, card stock with portrait of a young lady with above text and product in lower right, 14" x 17".

Sold: $900.00
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<i>Winchester Flashlights</i> Polychrome-Printed Sign,
Lot # 435 - Winchester Flashlights Polychrome-Printed Sign,
printed on heavy card stock with 4 vignettes illustrating uses of product and large image of product in center with surrounding text, 19.5" x 26.5". > Item Details
<i>Donaldson Litho. Co. Newport, Ky.</i> Bock Beer Poster
Lot # 284 - Donaldson Litho. Co. Newport, Ky. Bock Beer Poster
ca 1912-14 stone chromolithograph scene with Goat Driving early single-seat sports car, with Bock on hood and hanger ad above, 19" x 25". > Item Details
Cast Iron Still Bank Mary & Little Lamb,
Lot # 3 - Cast Iron Still Bank Mary & Little Lamb,
Moore 164, American, ca 1900, in original paint, 4.65" high x 4" long. > Item Details
Group of Erotic 50's and 60's Calendars,
Lot # 533 - Group of Erotic 50's and 60's Calendars,
seven Commercial Chemical Co. calendars. Each features a picture of a nude woman. Years are 1953 and 1956-1961. Each 11" x 20.75". > Item Details
<i>The Yankee</i> Cigar Cutter,
Lot # 557 - The Yankee Cigar Cutter,
includes a cast iron bank with original silver paint. American shield marked with raised lettering The Yankee. Side walls with floral scrolled motifs. Base walls with cast triangle pattern. Underside of base marked with raised lettering Pat July. 13.09. 7" high x 8" long. > Item Details
<i>Old Hollander Beer & Ale</i> Crate,
Lot # 271 - Old Hollander Beer & Ale Crate,
rectangular wood crate with hinged lid, The Hamilton Brewing Co. Brewers & Bottlers of Old Hollander Beer & Ale Hamilton, Ohio. stenciled label, 11" high x 19" long x 12" wide. > Item Details
<i>Planters Peanuts</i> Embossed Store Jar,
Lot # 717 - Planters Peanuts Embossed Store Jar,
barrel form with Mr. Peanut figures on side and peanut finial on lid with embossed lettering, 12.5" high x 8.25" diameter. > Item Details
Lot 760a: <i>Great American Jewelry Catalogue 1912</i>,
Lot # 1018 - Lot 760a: Great American Jewelry Catalogue 1912,
4to volume in illustrated paper wraps, fully illustrated 748pp. > Item Details
Two <i>Remington</i> Polychrome Card Stock Signs,
Lot # 444 - Two Remington Polychrome Card Stock Signs,
each with kickstand backs, includes scene of hunter shooting at mallards in flight with Models 1131 and 17 illustrated in lower half, 13" x 20"; and Remington Kleanbore Hi-Speed's with three young boys target shooting at top with variety of varmints and two boxes of shells in lower half, 20" x 13". > Item Details
Boxed Magic Lantern Projector & Slides,
Lot # 60 - Boxed Magic Lantern Projector & Slides,
entitled Laterna Magica, made in Germany, marked with brass tag on door with E.P. under winged wheel and in original marbled paper box with chromolithographed lid and pasted instructions in German, French and English on interior of lid. Tin and brass lantern with removable oil burner, lens and chim... > Item Details
<i>International Harvester</i> Tractor Chromolithographed Sign,
Lot # 471 - International Harvester Tractor Chromolithographed Sign,
paper, entitled Look what Dad bought for you Bill, scene of soldier returning from WWI with new product in field in background, 20" x 29.75", likely in original grained frame. > Item Details
<i>Use Musselman's</i>  Boot Jack,
Lot # 354 - Use Musselman's Boot Jack,
cast iron boot jack marked with raised lettering Use Musselman's Bootjack Plug Tobacco with stylized sun rays and floral motifs. 2" high x 9.5" long. > Item Details
<i>The Micrometer</i> Scale,
Lot # 821 - The Micrometer Scale,
ornately embossed nickeled brass and iron with white marble platform and removable brass pan, 21" x 8" x 16". > Item Details
<i>Old Continental Whiskey</i> Racial Advertising Photo Sign,
Lot # 365 - Old Continental Whiskey Racial Advertising Photo Sign,
early silver print, laid on card stock, as issued and in original oak frame with mat, scene of southern African-American church wedding with product name on mat below, > Item Details
<i>Wells Richardson & Co.'s Improved Butter</i> Chromolithographed Sign,
Lot # 388 - Wells Richardson & Co.'s Improved Butter Chromolithographed Sign,
paper laid on canvas with two young ladies with cows in background, text above and below in original gilt gesso frame, 20" x 29". > Item Details
<i>Northwestern</i> Gumball Machine,
Lot # 937 - Northwestern Gumball Machine,
includes Art Deco-influenced porcelain-enameled body with original blue paint. Glass globe mounted on octagonal base with nickeled flap marked with raised letters Northwestern Morris Illinois. Complete with functional key and lock. Circa 1933. 15.5" high 8" diameter. > Item Details
Tin Lithographed Charlie McCarthy Car by <i>Marx</i>,
Vending Machine Girly Cards & Cover Glass From Machine,
Lot # 940 - Vending Machine Girly Cards & Cover Glass From Machine,
two boxes full of unused cards, most from the late 1940s, early 1950s with photomechanical prints of minimally clad young ladies. Also includes large assortment of movie actresses, nice groups of early U.S. military jet aircraft and a large assortment of humorous cards, likely over 800 in total, in... > Item Details
Group of Seven Coffee Tins,
Lot # 243 - Group of Seven Coffee Tins,
chromolithographed Golden Dream Brand Coffee cylindrical tin with friction-fitted lid, red, yellow, blue, green, and black, 4" high x 5" diameter; PLUS chromolithographed Lipton's Finest Yellow Label Brand Steel Cut Coffee cylindrical tin with friction-fitted lid, yellow, red, white and gold, 6" hig... > Item Details
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