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Richmond Straight Cut Cigarettes Chromolithographed Sign,
2005, Advertising, Toys & Coin-Ops / Feb 24-25
in original frame and glass cover, card stock with portrait of a young lady with above text and product in lower right, 14" x 17".

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<i>Planters Peanuts</i> Embossed Store Jars,
Lot # 698 - Planters Peanuts Embossed Store Jars,
with original decal label, barrel-form with Mr. Peanut figures on side and peanut finial on lid with embossed lettering, 12.5" high x 8.25" diameter. > Item Details
Men's and Women's  1¢  Coin-Op  Scale,
Lot # 819 - Men's and Women's 1¢ Coin-Op Scale,
includes cast iron pillar with metal planchet with three columns Men, Height, Women and Patented 11-23-30 & 8-23-32 Others Pending. Another planchet with instructions Stand on Platform and Then Drop Coin. Weight registers from 1-280 lbs. 41" high x 21" long x 11" wide. > Item Details
Four Cigar & Other Advertising Pieces,
Lot # 359 - Four Cigar & Other Advertising Pieces,
lot of 4. Includes a triangular ashtray that reads R.G. Sullivan's 7-20-4 Cigar on all three sides. In the center it reads Famous for Quality. It is glass with a felt bottom and measures 8" on all sides. Lot also includes an ashtray that features pictures of the first seventeen presidents. Also incl... > Item Details
Lot of Five Lard Tins,
Lot # 253 - Lot of Five Lard Tins,
lithographed Schroth's 20lbs Open Kettle Rendered Pure Lard Fountain Brand The J. & F. Schroth Packing Co. Cincinnati, Ohio cylindrical tin with friction-fitted lid, white and red, 9" high x 10" diameter; PLUS lithographed Fountain Brand Two Pounds Open Kettle Pure Lard The J. & F. Schroth Packaging... > Item Details
Early China Doll with Original Costume,
Lot # 73 - Early China Doll with Original Costume,
unmarked painted china head with black molded hair and blue eyes on a sewn kid leather body in all period clothing, 23" high. > Item Details
Speer's <i>Conjuring Tricks</i> Boxed Game,
Lot # 42 - Speer's Conjuring Tricks Boxed Game,
with chromolithographed lid and play pieces, instruction books and various tricks. > Item Details
Group of Six Talcum Powder & Other Tins,
Lot # 256 - Group of Six Talcum Powder & Other Tins,
chromolithographed Dactylis Talc Powder Colgate & Co. New York, U.S.A. oval tube-shaped tin with factory-perforated lid, beige, green, gold, and brown, 6.5" high x 2" wide; PLUS chromolithographed A.D.S. Peroxide Talcum oval tube-shaped tin with factory-perforated lid, green, gold and brown, 5" high... > Item Details
<i>Enterprise M'F'G. Co. </i> Coffee Mill
Lot # 805 - Enterprise M'F'G. Co. Coffee Mill
store-type counter top cast iron mill with original red and gold paint with stenciled decorations of the American shield and floral motif patterns throughout. Urn-shaped hopper with pivoting dome lid with porcelain handle. Mill body marked with two faded gold medallions of prior world expositions. M... > Item Details
Lot of Three Bock Beer Advertising Posters,
Lot # 273 - Lot of Three Bock Beer Advertising Posters,
all ca 1912-14, stone lithographs or chromolithograph. Includes Northwestern Litho. Co. Milwaukee with scene of goat head, yellow and green ground flanked by Bock Beer and with hanger ad above, 21.75" x 31.8"; PLUS Philipp-Schulz Litho. Co. Milwaukee in black and white with large goat head with Bock... > Item Details
<i>Penny</i> Gumball Machine,
Lot # 873 - Penny Gumball Machine,
includes chromium-finished body with octagonal globe. Art Deco streamlined and stylized features on a four-sided swiveling base mounted on a stand. Base marked with raised lettering The 4 in 1 and EHL on all four sides. 18" high x 7.5" diameter. Circa 1935. > Item Details
A&M Bisque Doll,
Lot # 72 - A&M Bisque Doll,
with sleep eyes, open mouth and auburn hair wig, jointed composition body, dressed, 20" high. > Item Details
<i>S.A. Smith</i> Signs for Toy Wagons and Pull Toys,
Lot # 512 - S.A. Smith Signs for Toy Wagons and Pull Toys,
lithographs on wood stretchers, each showing variety of either goat wagons or animal pull toys, 21.5" x 29". > Item Details
Early Iron Stenciled Clamp Sewing Machine,
Lot # 168 - Early Iron Stenciled Clamp Sewing Machine,
child's type in original black paint with gold stenciled scrollwork and name of maker, unreadable, 9" high x 8" long x 6" wide. > Item Details
<i>Buddy L</i> Wrecker,
Lot # 121 - Buddy L Wrecker,
ca 1932, in original black and red paint with decals on sides, 26.5" long. > Item Details
Budweiser <i>Introduction of Budweiser to the Gods</i> Sign on Wood,
Lot # 317 - Budweiser Introduction of Budweiser to the Gods Sign on Wood,
oak veneered panel with chromolithographed scene of eagle lifting nude boy with red ribbon, boy holds product text and crest along lower margin. Rear with printed paper care instructions, 20" x 30". > Item Details
<i>French Market Roasted Coffee</i> Tin Store Bin,
Lot # 231 - French Market Roasted Coffee Tin Store Bin,
chromolithographed French Market Roasted Coffee New Orleans Coffee Co. LTD. bin with hinged lid, early image of the French Market market, Mississippi River visible in background with a sailing vessel docked nearby, and horse-drawn wagons and a horse-drawn trolley in the foreground, rendered in orang... > Item Details
<i>Munyon's Homeopathic Home Remedies</i> Display Cabinet,
Lot # 655 - Munyon's Homeopathic Home Remedies Display Cabinet,
chromolithographed tin with labeling on three sides and illustrated lid on wood grained ground, forth side with 10 drawers, on original wood base, 15 x 12.5" x 9.75" high. > Item Details
<i>UMC Shell</i> & Reproduction <i>Peters Cartridge</i> Tin Hangers,
Lot # 439 - UMC Shell & Reproduction Peters Cartridge Tin Hangers,
lot of 2. UMC hanger reads UMC Shot Shells, The Union Metallic Cartridge Co. Depicts game birds amongst brush. 15" x 29". The reoproduction Peters hanger reads The Peters Cartridge Co., Cincinnati, Ohio, U.S.A., Eastern Branch 80 Chambers St. New York. Depicts many hunters and game creatures all ove... > Item Details
<i>DeLaval Cream Separator</i> Chromolithographed Tin  & Oak Cabinet,
Lot # 660 - DeLaval Cream Separator Chromolithographed Tin & Oak Cabinet,
with stamped tin inset in door, original finish on oak, and oak shoe feet, opens to reveal shelves and drawers with a few original parts, 17.6" x 10.5" x 25.8" high. > Item Details
Two Early <i>Kessler's</i> Advertising Paper Signs,
Lot # 372 - Two Early Kessler's Advertising Paper Signs,
both chromolithographed entitled Safe At Home 1878 scene of baseball game, in original frames, 16" x 20". > Item Details
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