Lot 347    

Richmond Straight Cut Cigarettes Chromolithographed Sign,
2005, Advertising, Toys & Coin-Ops / Feb 24-25
in original frame and glass cover, card stock with portrait of a young lady with above text and product in lower right, 14" x 17".

Sold: $900.00
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<i>Electricity</i> Five Cent Trade Stimulator,
Lot # 888 - Electricity Five Cent Trade Stimulator,
steel case with original red and white paint and decals, chromed parts, 9.25" x 8.25" x 15". > Item Details
<i>Chesterfield</i> Cigarette Canvas Banner,
Lot # 353 - Chesterfield Cigarette Canvas Banner,
chromolithographed with text and pack of product, 43.5" x 91". > Item Details
Chromolithographed <i>Sapolin Enamel</i>  Gilded Frame Sign,
Lot # 326 - Chromolithographed Sapolin Enamel Gilded Frame Sign,
Sapolin Gold Enamel, Mfe'd. by Gerstendorfer Bros., N.Y., U.S.A., framed triple oval portrait of Washington, Lincoln, and T.R. mounted in original frame with gesso Sapolin on frame painted with product, 20.75" x 13.75". > Item Details
<i>Love Meter</i> Trade Stimulator,
Lot # 974 - Love Meter Trade Stimulator,
ornate wood floor-model case with embossed top-mounted sign, original worn paint with row of 12 colored light bulbs on left side interior each accompanied by comic drawing at right from Uncontrollable at top to Cold at base, 21.5" x 17" x 83.5" high. > Item Details
<i>5¢, 10¢ U.S. Postage Stamps</i> Vending Machine,
Lot # 855 - 5¢, 10¢ U.S. Postage Stamps Vending Machine,
brown and white porcelain enameled steel case displaying two- and three-cent stamps, includes key, 6.25" x 6.5" x 14" high. > Item Details
Three Cast Iron Still Banks, Horses & Donkey ,
Lot # 1 - Three Cast Iron Still Banks, Horses & Donkey ,
includes Moore 520 Prancing Horse in original gold paint, PLUS Moore 499 Small Donkey in original gold paint, AND Moore 517 Small Prancing Horse. > Item Details
John Deere Carriage Advertising Sign
Lot # 474 - John Deere Carriage Advertising Sign
chromolithograph scene of a splayed posed deer pulling a buggy with gentleman dressed in a tan overcoat complete with driving gloves and hat. In the background is a factory and pair of steamboats and a train. Bottom right of print is a gold, white and black medallion with inscription John Deere Tra... > Item Details
Advertising Cello Pocket Mirrors,
Lot # 725 - Advertising Cello Pocket Mirrors,
lot of 13, includes the following chromolithographed pieces: Drink Hires Rootbeer with child holding mug, 2.25" diameter; PLUS Aughe Plows, Dayton, O., 2.25" diameter; PLUS two Casahets with cherub on chamber pot, 2.25" diameter; PLUS two Old Reliable Coffee with older Dutch gentleman; PLUS another ... > Item Details
Clark's Oak Spool Cabinet,
Lot # 642 - Clark's Oak Spool Cabinet,
with poplar secondary wood, with paneled ends, molded top and base, and slant-lidded compartment. Has 4 drawers that retain their original pulls. Appears to retain its original varnish finish and painted labels that read, SPOOL COTTON CLARK'S O.N.T. Back side has a painted Clark's trade mark logo. ... > Item Details
<i>White Sewing Machines</i> Stamped Tin Sign,
Lot # 489 - White Sewing Machines Stamped Tin Sign,
blue ground with white lettering edged in gold and pseudo frame surround in gold with White Sewing Machine Co., Cleveland, O. along bottom margin, 27.75" x 38.75". > Item Details
Cincinnati <i>Moerlein Barbarossa Beer</i>  Canvas Sign,
Lot # 304 - Cincinnati Moerlein Barbarossa Beer Canvas Sign,
chromolithographed oil on canvas with wood stretcher, early 19th century street scene of stagecoach pulling up in front of a tavern with wooden shingle that reads Moerlein Barbarossa Beer with poster of Gambrinus on building to right, 12" x 16". > Item Details
<i>E.B. Miller & Co.Excelsior Spice</i> Hanging Store Oak Display,
Lot # 665 - E.B. Miller & Co.Excelsior Spice Hanging Store Oak Display,
oak with original gold and black stencils with 6 vertical shelves and hinged lid at top, 31" x 6" x 26.5" high. > Item Details
Apothecary Counter Display Bottle,
Lot # 719 - Apothecary Counter Display Bottle,
made in four pieces, clear glass with worn cranberry flashing on main section, 26" high. > Item Details
<i>Hudepohl Brewing Co.</i> Chromolithographed Tin Sign,
Lot # 318 - Hudepohl Brewing Co. Chromolithographed Tin Sign,
single piece of stamped tin with margins in wood grain and The Hudepohl Brewing Co./Cincinnati, Ohio along bottom margin. German tavern scene with a couple seated on patio being served by waitress, two bottles of product in foreground and Hudepohl crest on side of tavern in background, 22.5" x 28.5... > Item Details
Marked  <i>Streamline</i> Train Set in Box,
Lot # 117 - Marked Streamline Train Set in Box,
electric engine, tender and 3 cars including black New York Central engine and tender, Pennsylvania hopper car #738701, Northern Pacific General Coal Co. car #554 and red, white and black New York Central caboose #556. Total length, 35", includes 8 pieces of track. > Item Details
Group of Ten Household Products Tins,
Lot # 260 - Group of Ten Household Products Tins,
lithographed Daniel Boone Axle Grease Manufactured by Stoll Oil Co., Incorporated Louisville, KY discoidal tin with friction-fitted lid, yellow and black, 2" high x 5" diameter; PLUS chromolithographed $1000 Guaranteed Bed-Bug Killer Chicago Insecticide Laboratory, Inc. B. Heller & Co. cylindrical t... > Item Details
U.S. Zone  Germany Tin Lithographed Singing Bird in Cage,
Lot # 106 - U.S. Zone Germany Tin Lithographed Singing Bird in Cage,
with original birdcage stand, keywind with Stop/Start. Bird chirps and bobs back and forth on perch, 7.75" high. > Item Details
Cast Iron Toy, <i>Bad Accident</i>,
Lot # 152 - Cast Iron Toy, Bad Accident,
rare as mechanical toy, rather than the bank version. Comic racial imagery based on a series of Currier & Ives prints of African-American eating watermelon in mule-drawn cart. When lever is triggered cart is thrown back. In original polychrome paint, 10.2" long. > Item Details
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