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Richmond Straight Cut Cigarettes Chromolithographed Sign,
2005, Advertising, Toys & Coin-Ops / Feb 24-25
in original frame and glass cover, card stock with portrait of a young lady with above text and product in lower right, 14" x 17".

Sold: $900.00
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Lot of Eight Cigar Boxes,
Lot # 219 - Lot of Eight Cigar Boxes,
wood box with paper label with La Venga Celestino Vega & Co., inscription rendered in white, gold, red, blue, green and brown, 1.75" high x 9.5" long x 5" wide, bottom side stamped Celestino Vega & Co. made in Tampa' PLUS wood box with paper label with El Macco Puritano Tabacos Superiores, inscripti... > Item Details
Cast Iron Guillotine Shaped Tobacco Cutter,
Lot # 546 - Cast Iron Guillotine Shaped Tobacco Cutter,
includes a cast iron tobacco cutter with marked raised lettering on both sides of top mount Wilson McCallay Tobacco Co. Middletown, Ohio. On both sides of blade movement wheel a stylized bell with Big Ring. Underside of cutter base marked with a raised numbered 3. Complete with two mounting holes. 1... > Item Details
<i>Grip Tester</i> Strength Measuring Machine,
Lot # 912 - Grip Tester Strength Measuring Machine,
includes cast iron body with original red paint surmounted by a nickeled coin insert with Grip Tester, and ciphered 1¢. Dial face with 0-300 lbs. increments with To Test Arms Pull Levers Apart or Push Levers Together and Mfd. By D. Gottlieb and Co. Chicago. The face also includes two zones; one for... > Item Details
Tin Lithographed German Windup Ocean Liner,
Lot # 92 - Tin Lithographed German Windup Ocean Liner,
keywind, propeller-driven, unmarked liner, 12.5" long. > Item Details
Two Fish Fertilizer Stamped Tin Signs,
Lot # 418 - Two Fish Fertilizer Stamped Tin Signs,
both light tin stamped and painted, includes Lake Eire Fish Guano, Sandusky, Ohio, in black and white with large fish in center, 6.5" x 14"; AND Fish & Bone Fertilizers...Jarecki Chemical Co., Sandusky, O. blue and white with large fish at top, 9.75" x 13.75". > Item Details
Lot of Two <i>Seeburg</i> Speakers,
Lot # 989 - Lot of Two Seeburg Speakers,
two 12" teardrop speakers with volume control with blue mirrored tile. 9" x 17.25" x 31". > Item Details
Porcelain Enamel & Painted Steel Patent Medicine Signs,
Lot # 413 - Porcelain Enamel & Painted Steel Patent Medicine Signs,
includes stamped tin Black-Caps Gonorrhoea Gleet, black lettering, yellow ground, 7" x 9.75"; PLUS flat tin Use DUFFEE'S Fifty-Fifty Laxative Tonic Tablets, black lettering, yellow ground, 9.5 x 13.5"; PLUS Lyman's Improved Throat Pastilles, chromolithographed tin with margins folded over card stock... > Item Details
<i>Steam Shovel</i> Crane Game,
Lot # 973 - Steam Shovel Crane Game,
by Chicago Coin Machine Co., polychrome-printed coin-op on legs with glass sides and two knobs to control the metal crane on interior, takes quarters, 26" x 27" x 68" high. > Item Details
<i>The Boomer</i> Five Cent Chewing Gum Coin-Op,
Lot # 904 - The Boomer Five Cent Chewing Gum Coin-Op,
very early trade stimulator with bent wood case with kick stand back, printed paper dial, marked Waddel Works Greenfield, O., 13.5" diameter. > Item Details
Two Box Games,
Lot # 41 - Two Box Games,
Spoon and Egg by Parker Bros., AND Fish Pond by Parker Bros. with chromolithographed lid, board and play pieces. > Item Details
Three Wooden Advertising Thermometers,
Lot # 569 - Three Wooden Advertising Thermometers,
includes stenciled Purina Chows Checkerboard Feed Stores, Mt. Sterling, Ohio / New Holland, Ohio / Frankfort, Ohio / West side, Circleville, Ohio / L.B. Martin & Assoc. Columbus. wooden thermometer with tombstone form, checkerboard pattern rendered in white, red and black, 11.5" high x 3" wide; PLUS... > Item Details
<i>Fidelity-Phenix Fire Insurance</i> Thermometer,
Lot # 575 - Fidelity-Phenix Fire Insurance Thermometer,
factory painted Safety First Fidelity-Phenix Fire Insurance Co. of New York porcelain-enameled thermometer with tombstone form, blue and white, complete with two mounting holes, 26.5" high x 7" wide. > Item Details
<i>Putnam Dye</i> Chromolithographed Cabinet Display,
Lot # 656 - Putnam Dye Chromolithographed Cabinet Display,
with scene of Putnam fleeing redcoats down steps in landscape setting while mounted on horse on hinged lid and back with text on sides, opens to reveal 36 labeled wooden cubby holes with dye packets in most, and printed instructions on interior of lid, 19" x 8" x 14.5" high. > Item Details
Knowles Taylor & Knowles Whiskey Jugs,
Lot # 738 - Knowles Taylor & Knowles Whiskey Jugs,
lot of 3. Includes Merediths Diamond Club Pure Rye Whiskey Expressly For Medicinal Use East Liverpool, Ohio Jug; AND two Spring Lake Hand Made Sour Mash Bourbon Klein Bros. & Hyman, 17 Sycamore St. Cin'ti., O., all with the above transfer-printed labels in green or red with gilt, 7" high. > Item Details
Group of Two Tobacco Tins,
Lot # 202 - Group of Two Tobacco Tins,
chromolithographed Tiger Bright Chewing Tobacco 5¢ Packages rectangular tin with hinged lid, red, gold, black and white, 11.5" high x 8" long x 6.5" wide; AND chromolithographed Light Sweet Burley Tobacco cylindrical tin with hinged lid, yellow, red and gold, 11.5" high x 8.25" diameter. > Item Details
Tin Westside Barbershop Sign,
Lot # 481 - Tin Westside Barbershop Sign,
single piece of sheet tin with black ground and free-hand white lettering West Side/Barber/&/Beauty Shop/Phone 4046R; double sided; 30" high x 48" wide. > Item Details
<i>Duplex Log Cabin</i> Gumball Machine,
Lot # 934 - Duplex Log Cabin Gumball Machine,
includes a cast iron body with original chromium-plated finish. Squared globe with chromolithographed decal 1¢ Duplex Log Cabin Products with image of a log cabin. Base stamped with two ciphered V¢. Hinge with two ciphered 1¢. 15" high x 7" long x 5.5" wide. Complete with original mounting board. > Item Details
Oversized Store Counter Perfume Bottle,
Lot # 716 - Oversized Store Counter Perfume Bottle,
frosted finish clear glass with faceted stopper, 23.5" high. > Item Details
<i>Black Diamond Files</i> Card Stock Display Sign,
Lot # 524 - Black Diamond Files Card Stock Display Sign,
polychrome printed on heavy card stock, mechanical with clown pulling product from top hat, battery operated with wood framing in rear, 26" x 37.5". > Item Details
<i>National Cash Register Model 317</i>
Lot # 812 - National Cash Register Model 317
ornate nickel-plated brass with milk glass shelf, and registry tap printer on right side, 10" x 16" x 17" high. > Item Details
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