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Dash Little Cigar Tobacco Pocket Tin,
2005, Advertising, Toys & Coin-Ops / Feb 24-25
chromolithographed Dash Little Cigars Manufactured by the Moonelis Cigarette Co. New York square tin with hinged lid, image of jockey mounted on a racehorse rendered in red, gold, brown and pink, 3.5" long x 3.5" wide.

With minor scratches, VG.
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Triple Nickel-Plated Counter Top Display Case,
Lot # 789 - Triple Nickel-Plated Counter Top Display Case,
with oak secondary wood, 3 hinged and mirrored rear doors, double panes at top and front, 46.5" x 28.5" x 15" high. > Item Details
Lot of Two Peanut Tins,
Lot # 241 - Lot of Two Peanut Tins,
lithographed Mammoth Brand Salted Nuts Manufactured by the Kelly Co. Cleveland, Ohio. cylindrical tin with hinged lid, white and black, 11" high x 7.5" diameter; PLUS chromolithographed Elephant Good Enuf For Me Salted Peanuts The Superior Peanut Company Cleveland, Ohio cylindrical tin with hinged l... > Item Details
Lot of Three Advertising Tins,
Lot # 268 - Lot of Three Advertising Tins,
includes chromolithographed Campfire the Original Food Marshmallows Made by the Campfire Co. Milwaukee, Wis., Cambridge, Mass. discoidal tin with friction-fitted lid, rendered in white, red, and blue, 7" high x 10" diameter; PLUS chromolithographed Butternut Malt Milk Biscuits, Delicious, Healthful ... > Item Details
Collection of Advertising and Other Stickpins, PLUS,
Lot # 687 - Collection of Advertising and Other Stickpins, PLUS,
lot of 30 includes the following brass pins: 2 different John Deer, both with leaping deer and plow; PLUS Indian Motorcycle with Indian Head; PLUS 2 IHC monogram; PLUS 2 different cash registers; PLUS Hampton Watches; PLUS P. & O. Canton Plows; PLUS Case Plow Works; PLUS Buster Brown; PLUS Round Oak... > Item Details
<i>Sunkist Naval Oranges</i> Santa Cut-Out,
Lot # 373 - Sunkist Naval Oranges Santa Cut-Out,
corrugated and double-sided, Santa on roof with text above, hinged in middle, 48" high. > Item Details
Lenci-Type Gypsy Girl Doll,
Lot # 84 - Lenci-Type Gypsy Girl Doll,
molded felt construction with painted features and original clothing, 8" high. > Item Details
<i>Day & Night</i> Tobacco Tip Tray,
Lot # 608 - Day & Night Tobacco Tip Tray,
chromolithographed Day & Night Tobacco 3oz 5ยข tip tray with circular form, image of a lady holding up the product rendered in blue, beige, pink, brown, black and white, 5" diameter. > Item Details
Soda Ads,
Lot # 380 - Soda Ads,
lot of 2, includes a chromolithographed hanger for Royal Amber Ginger Ale with portrait of lovely young lady with tin hanger and strip at top and bottom, 14.75" x 19"; AND printed Drug Store/Soda Fountain ad on card stock, generic, printed by Mahon Novelty Co., Kenton, Ohio, 14" x 20". > Item Details
<i>Ferrygo</i> Tin Chromolithographed Side-wheeler,
Lot # 97 - Ferrygo Tin Chromolithographed Side-wheeler,
mechanical friction driven, polychrome lithographed tin and painted wood of the above name, marked Go-Toy Manufacturers Inc Bklyn, N.Y., 12" long x 4" wide x 5.5" high. > Item Details
<i>William Tell</i> Mechanical Bank,
Lot # 26 - William Tell Mechanical Bank,
ca 1895-1915, designed and patented by Russell Frisbie of Cromwell, Conn., on June 23, 1896. Manufactured by JE Stevens; 10" long x 2.8" wide x 7" high. This bank appears to be a marriage of the "William Tell" Figure from one old bank and the base of a "Creedmore Rifleman Bank", likely done at the ... > Item Details
<i>Cottolene</i> Racial Advertising Tip Tray,
Lot # 605 - Cottolene Racial Advertising Tip Tray,
chromolithographed tin with African-American mother and daughter picking cotton with cottage in background, printed inscription around rim in yellow on black The Source of Cottolene "Nature's gift from the Sunny South"; reverse with can of Cottolene and The N.K. Fairbanks Company; 4.25" diameter. > Item Details
<i>The Home Insurance Company</i> Chromolithograph Sign,
Lot # 487 - The Home Insurance Company Chromolithograph Sign,
litho by Prang & Co., Boston, entitled The Chicago Building of the Home Insurance Co. of New York, mounted in original Victorian frame, 30.4" x 37.6". > Item Details
Early Iron Stenciled Clamp Sewing Machine,
Lot # 168 - Early Iron Stenciled Clamp Sewing Machine,
child's type in original black paint with gold stenciled scrollwork and name of maker, unreadable, 9" high x 8" long x 6" wide. > Item Details
<i>The L. Hoster Brewing Co, Colombus O.</i> Chromolithographed Tin Beer Tray,
Lot # 612 - The L. Hoster Brewing Co, Colombus O. Chromolithographed Tin Beer Tray,
oval with above inscription. Arial view of factory with marbelized border decorated with hops, marked Standard Avd Co Coshocton, O, 13.5" x 16.5". > Item Details
<i>Drink Hire's It is pure</i>  Ceramic Dispenser,
Lot # 700 - Drink Hire's It is pure Ceramic Dispenser,
white glaze with red lettering, outlined in black with original nickeled brass push down spicket-type pump, marked on base Patent Applied for Loaned by and the property of the Charles R. Hire's Co. Philadelphia, 7.75" diameter x 13" high. > Item Details
Premier Barber Shop Towel <i>Premier Sterilizer</i>,
Lot # 791 - Premier Barber Shop Towel Premier Sterilizer,
natural gas-fired nickel-plated brass and porcelain-enameled iron floor model used in barber shops to sterilize towels, with top-mounted embossed sign, 56" high. Includes a nickel-plated brass rack for towels removed from sterilizer, 13" diameter x 30" high. > Item Details
<i>Sterling Beer</i> Figural Beer Counter Display,
Lot # 313 - Sterling Beer Figural Beer Counter Display,
cast white metal in original polychrome-painted finish, figure of young lady in '50s drive-through restaurant car-hop uniform with arms raised above head on plinth base with above text. When you lift and shake the figure a bell rings in base, 15" high. > Item Details
Store Counter Mustard Tin,
Lot # 262 - Store Counter Mustard Tin,
chromolithographed Mustard Dilworth Bro's Pittsburgh, PA tin storage bin with hinged lid, image of Eastern European dressed young lady rendered in white, green, red, gold, and brown, 13" high x 10.5" long x 8" wide. > Item Details
<i>Hedden Crazy Crawler</i> Lure Polychrome Card Stock Sign,
Lot # 434 - Hedden Crazy Crawler Lure Polychrome Card Stock Sign,
tombstone shape illustrating blowup of lure in water at top and startled fisherman at bottom, kickstand back, 12" x 18". > Item Details
<i>Bagley's Old Colony Tobacco</i> Pocket Tin,
Lot # 187 - Bagley's Old Colony Tobacco Pocket Tin,
chromolithographed Bagley's Old Colony Mixture Smoking Tobacco rectangular form tin with hinged lid, image of a side profile of lady in a bonnet rendered in gold, blue, red, and white, 3" high x 1.75" long. > Item Details
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