Lot 188    

Dash Little Cigar Tobacco Pocket Tin,
2005, Advertising, Toys & Coin-Ops / Feb 24-25
chromolithographed Dash Little Cigars Manufactured by the Moonelis Cigarette Co. New York square tin with hinged lid, image of jockey mounted on a racehorse rendered in red, gold, brown and pink, 3.5" long x 3.5" wide.

With minor scratches, VG.
Sold: $126.50
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<i>Philipp-Schulz Litho. Co. Milwaukee</i> Bock Beer Poster,
Lot # 288 - Philipp-Schulz Litho. Co. Milwaukee Bock Beer Poster,
ca 1912-14, stone chromolithograph with generic Bock Beer, partying dwarfs with goat head in foreground, 22" x 31". > Item Details
Tin Lithographed Charlie McCarthy Car by <i>Marx</i>,
<i>Kicker and Catcher</i> Coin-Op Game,
Lot # 876 - Kicker and Catcher Coin-Op Game,
football trade stimulator. Maple case with reverse-painted glass front with double handles to operated the "kicker" and the ball "catcher," 13.75" x 9.5" x 17.5" high. > Item Details
<i>Lodge, Davis & Co., Cincinnati, Ohio</i> Machine Tools Sign,
Lot # 492 - Lodge, Davis & Co., Cincinnati, Ohio Machine Tools Sign,
chromolithographed scene of young well-dressed Victorian lady holding banner with industrial lathe on it and cards scattered at her feet illustrating other machine tools, in original Victorian frame, 19.75" x 32.75". > Item Details
<i>John Deere</i> Cast Iron Wall Pocket,
Lot # 699 - John Deere Cast Iron Wall Pocket,
figural cast iron with leaping deer inside buckled garter on which is embossed John Deere Molline, Ill 1847, above a pocket with embossed plow on front and scrollwork at sides, with screw mount holes at top and bottom, 10.75" wide x 17.75" long. This is either a later recast by Deere or a fake. > Item Details
Old Fortune-Teller Machine,
Lot # 967 - Old Fortune-Teller Machine,
in elaborate composition and wood case with pedestal decorated with acanthus leaves, top decorated with linen folds and cutouts, interior with composition bearded and turbaned fortune-teller with crystal ball. Front panel with selection buttons and zodiac signs, phone receiver mounted on left side ... > Item Details
Guns, Woodworking Machinery, Toys, Power Tools and Theatre Equipment Catalogs,
Lot # 768 - Guns, Woodworking Machinery, Toys, Power Tools and Theatre Equipment Catalogs,
lot of 15 includes the following 4to catalogs: The Gun Digest 1944 Edition, 162pp; Second Annual Convention and Shoe Rebuilders Show Program, June 21st, 22nd, and 23rd, Cincinnati, Ohio, 18pp; Delta Power Tools 1940 Catalog Q-3, The Delta Manufacturing Company, Milwaukee, Wisconsin, 47pp; Woodworkin... > Item Details
<i>Canada Dry</i> Stocking Stuffer, Chromolithographed Hangers,
Lot # 377 - Canada Dry Stocking Stuffer, Chromolithographed Hangers,
lot of 5, all polychrome-printed card stock with string hangers, unused, 13" long. > Item Details
Craps Table and  Birdcage Dice Tumbler,
Lot # 854 - Craps Table and Birdcage Dice Tumbler,
includes a curved shovel-head-shaped craps table with original green felt surface. Inside of guardrail complete with regimental streamlined grooves. Metal plaque with engraved lettering Mfd. by Bowman Equipment Co. 230 E. Ohio St. Chicago Telephone Superior 8149, 18" x 22"; PLUS dice tumbler with en... > Item Details
<i>Your Fortune And Ball of Gum One Cent</i> Slot Machine,
Lot # 829 - Your Fortune And Ball of Gum One Cent Slot Machine,
with case metal front and back with wood sides and top mounted coin drop/winning card, 3 reels with fruit, bells and gum, 10" x 14" x 18.25" high. > Item Details
Lot 378a: Double <i>Coca-Cola</i> Store Transom Window,
Lot # 1008 - Lot 378a: Double Coca-Cola Store Transom Window,
double rectangular panes in original wood window frame with elongated shield shaped decals that are 12" high x 22" long in red, white and black with Drink Coca-Cola with Reg. U.S. Pat. Off. and 1937 on tail of C, frame is 36.5" x 78.75". > Item Details
Bock Beer Poster with Goat and Ladies,
Lot # 281 - Bock Beer Poster with Goat and Ladies,
ca 1912-14, unmarked but likely Northwestern Litho Co., scene of lovely young lady whispering something into the ear of a goat, while second lady brings tray of beer, with Bock Beer below, 21.5" x 32". > Item Details
<i>The Boomer</i> Five Cent Chewing Gum Coin-Op,
Lot # 904 - The Boomer Five Cent Chewing Gum Coin-Op,
very early trade stimulator with bent wood case with kick stand back, printed paper dial, marked Waddel Works Greenfield, O., 13.5" diameter. > Item Details
Deco Pharmacy Display Bottle In Stand,
Lot # 746 - Deco Pharmacy Display Bottle In Stand,
molded with stepped top and original hollow stopper, mounted in original stylized floral tripod metal stand, 23" high. > Item Details
<i>National Clock Co.</i> Wooden  Clock,
Lot # 679 - National Clock Co. Wooden Clock,
includes a square wood box with brass plaque with engraved lettering The National Clock Co. Cleveland, O. Top of box with narrow aperture to insert time card. Hinged lid with inside complete with a 12 hour wheel marked in 15 minute intervals. Clock face with New Haven U.S.A. with Roman numerals. 10... > Item Details
<i>Coca-Cola</i> Cardboard Standup Santa Sign,
Lot # 381 - Coca-Cola Cardboard Standup Santa Sign,
polychrome-printed with kickstand back with Santa holding product and attempting to quiet barking dog, 48" high. > Item Details
<i>Northwestern</i> Gumball Machine,
Lot # 937 - Northwestern Gumball Machine,
includes Art Deco-influenced porcelain-enameled body with original blue paint. Glass globe mounted on octagonal base with nickeled flap marked with raised letters Northwestern Morris Illinois. Complete with functional key and lock. Circa 1933. 15.5" high 8" diameter. > Item Details
Two Washington Commemorative Hatchets and One Carrie Nation Hatchet,
Lot # 732 - Two Washington Commemorative Hatchets and One Carrie Nation Hatchet,
cast iron figurals, made to mount on wall, all 3 different, from 12.5 tp 11.5" long, in old, possibly original, paint and nickeled finish. > Item Details
<i>How to Kiss a Girl</i> Wooden Trade Stimulator,
Lot # 963 - How to Kiss a Girl Wooden Trade Stimulator,
wood case with cast iron figural mounts of cherub heads, viewer machine with revolving reel of still photographs taken sequentially to form a moving picture, 18" x 17" x 59". > Item Details
Cello Match Safes: <i>Tiffin Wagons</i> & <i>Standard Oil</i>,
Lot # 685 - Cello Match Safes: Tiffin Wagons & Standard Oil,
both nickel-plated brass with hinged lid and striking bar on base, each with illustration of Cello product on sides, 2.65" x 1.4" & 2.8" x 1.5". > Item Details
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