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Dash Little Cigar Tobacco Pocket Tin,
2005, Advertising, Toys & Coin-Ops / Feb 24-25
chromolithographed Dash Little Cigars Manufactured by the Moonelis Cigarette Co. New York square tin with hinged lid, image of jockey mounted on a racehorse rendered in red, gold, brown and pink, 3.5" long x 3.5" wide.

With minor scratches, VG.
Sold: $126.50
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<i>Enterprise Stove & Ranges</i> Illustrated Painted Steel Sign,
Lot # 454 - Enterprise Stove & Ranges Illustrated Painted Steel Sign,
with above text and product in lower left, double-sided, in black & yellow, 19.75" x 13.75". > Item Details
Large <i>Woolson's Coffee</i> Tin,
Lot # 237 - Large Woolson's Coffee Tin,
lithographed Woolson's Fresh Roasted Coffee The Woolson Spice Co. Toledo, Ohio Famous for Coffees for Fifty Years. cylindrical tin with friction-fitted lid, yellow and navy blue, 20.5" high x 15.5" diameter. > Item Details
<i>Pioneer's Island Creek & Raymond City</i> Coal Signs,
Lot # 511 - Pioneer's Island Creek & Raymond City Coal Signs,
lot of 3 includes matched pair of stamped tin Pioneer Island Creek, 13.75" x 19.75"; AND porcelain-enameled on heavy-gauge steel Raymond City Coal, red lettering on white ground with mounting holes at the margins, 14" x 20". > Item Details
<i>Philipp-Schulz Litho. Co. Milwaukee</i> Bock Beer Poster,
Lot # 288 - Philipp-Schulz Litho. Co. Milwaukee Bock Beer Poster,
ca 1912-14, stone chromolithograph with generic Bock Beer, partying dwarfs with goat head in foreground, 22" x 31". > Item Details
<i>Radio Optican</i> Electric Projector,
Lot # 61 - Radio Optican Electric Projector,
bronze finished tin with 3" lens, turned wood feet and two light bulbs, designed to project post-card-sized image mounted on interior, 9.75" wide x 11" high and deep. > Item Details
Lot of Early Board Games & Cast Iron Still Banks,
Lot # 32 - Lot of Early Board Games & Cast Iron Still Banks,
lot of 6, includes a solid cast iron lion, cast from a lion still bank, likely cast from Moore 756, 5" long x 4" high in original yellow paint, PLUS Lion cast iron still bank, Moore 757 Lion Ears Up in original yellow paint; PLUS boxed game Tiddledy Winks with chromolithographed box lid, 5.25" squar... > Item Details
<i>Saratoga Sweepstakes</i> Horse Racing Game,
Lot # 941 - Saratoga Sweepstakes Horse Racing Game,
includes a field of six numbered horses and their riders on a six lane racing track with three iron starting gates, finish line and marker all under a glass dome. Inside chromium axle displays number of winning horse along side the finish line. Wood base marked on 2 sides with silver and black metal... > Item Details
Two Bisque Jointed Dolls,
Lot # 78 - Two Bisque Jointed Dolls,
includes one unmarked German, with wig, 4.5" high; AND one marked Made In Japan, 6.25", both dressed. > Item Details
<i>Smiley</i> Clown Coin-Op,
Lot # 925 - Smiley Clown Coin-Op,
pinball-type with glass front in polychrome reverse painting of clown, wood case, 15.5" x 7.75" x 25.25" high. > Item Details
<i>LaAzora The Cigar of Cigars</i> Chromolithographed Tin Round Sign,
Lot # 327 - LaAzora The Cigar of Cigars Chromolithographed Tin Round Sign,
Lilenfeld Bros. & Co., Makers, Chicago, Ill. with beautiful scene of Moorish harem ladies in golden boat on river, with original kick stand back, 24" diameter. > Item Details
<i>JNO. T. Barbee & Co.</i>  Round Whiskey Tray,
Lot # 622 - JNO. T. Barbee & Co. Round Whiskey Tray,
depicts old man and women in front of distillery with background with product in barrels and boxes. Border reads JNO. T. Barbee & Co. Louisville, Ky. 13" Diameter. > Item Details
<i>Banister Shoes, Newark, N.Y.</i>  Embossed Brass Sign,
Lot # 430 - Banister Shoes, Newark, N.Y. Embossed Brass Sign,
with paired medals in center flanked by various fairs at which they won medals and above text above and below, black lettering on brass ground, mounting holes in corners, 14" x 20". > Item Details
<i>Adler-Rochester Clothes</i> Figural Sign,
Lot # 422 - Adler-Rochester Clothes Figural Sign,
reverse-painted glass with above text in white with Wedgwood blue ground in boxed wood frame with paper mâché spread-winged eagle atop, 17.5" wide x 7" deep x 16" high. > Item Details
<i>Elgin Pocket Watch</i> Chromolithographed Sign on Wood,
Lot # 523 - Elgin Pocket Watch Chromolithographed Sign on Wood,
oak panel with figure of young Tom Sawyer-type boy, holding product and ribbon, entitled My Elgin's All Right, in original frame, > Item Details
Vending Machine Girly Cards & Cover Glass From Machine,
Lot # 940 - Vending Machine Girly Cards & Cover Glass From Machine,
two boxes full of unused cards, most from the late 1940s, early 1950s with photomechanical prints of minimally clad young ladies. Also includes large assortment of movie actresses, nice groups of early U.S. military jet aircraft and a large assortment of humorous cards, likely over 800 in total, in... > Item Details
Century of Progress Pinball Game,
Lot # 881 - Century of Progress Pinball Game,
entitled World's Fair Jig-Saw with wood case and various Chicago Fair Buildings illustrated, 16.5" x 40" x 10.25" high. > Item Details
<i>Old Continental Whiskey</i> Racial Advertising Photo Sign,
Lot # 365 - Old Continental Whiskey Racial Advertising Photo Sign,
early silver print, laid on card stock, as issued and in original oak frame with mat, scene of southern African-American church wedding with product name on mat below, > Item Details
<i>Favorite Stoves and Ranges</i> Exterior Iron Sign,
Lot # 452 - Favorite Stoves and Ranges Exterior Iron Sign,
sheet steel exterior hanging sign with original brackets, circular with raised riveted rim in original polychrome and gilt decoration, double-sided, 40" dia. with brackets extending 5" above. > Item Details
Lot of Advertising Ashtrays,
Lot # 563 - Lot of Advertising Ashtrays,
lot of 5, includes Fatima Turkish Cigarettes, transfer printed ceramics, 5" x 6" x 3.5" high, PLUS Bailey Walker China Co. Bedford, Ohio, transfer printed ceramics with logo on side and Regards From Ale G. Hiller on reverse, 5" x 6" x 3.5" high, PLUS Century of Progress Firestone Chicago 1934 emboss... > Item Details
<i>Calvert Whiskey</i> Wall Clock
Lot # 366 - Calvert Whiskey Wall Clock
electric, made by the Shank Sign Co. N.Y., with stamped tin dial in original tan and brown, dial with letters of the name, rather than numbers, center is plastic hemisphere with western hemisphere in green and yellow, > Item Details
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