Lot 299    

Two Donaldson Litho. Co. Newport, Ky. Bock Beer Posters,
2005, Advertising, Toys & Coin-Ops / Feb 24-25
both ca 1912-14 stone chromolithographs. Includes scene with central glass beer stein, flanked by U.S. shield at right with barley and Imperial German shield with goat head surmount at left and Bock on ribbon banner below with hanger ad along top margin, 18.5" x 25"; AND scene of lovely young lady with beer glass and arm around goat, vining hops surround and ribbon banner along bottom with Bock and hanger ad along top margin, 18.75" x 25".

Each with light even toning, VG+.
Sold: $2,530.00
Price includes
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1933 and 1934 Greyhound Calendars,
Lot # 537 - 1933 and 1934 Greyhound Calendars,
lot of 2 each with folded tin at top and bottom, includes one entitled To the Century of Progress Exposition...and all America. Depicts Greyhound bus at the Hall of Science at the Chicago Century of Progress Exposition. 18" x 32"; AND second entitled Cherry Blossom Time In Washington D.C., 18" x 32"... > Item Details
Coin-Op Miniature Pool/Billards,
Lot # 939 - Coin-Op Miniature Pool/Billards,
miniature mahogany pool table with spring shoooting steel marbles, unmarked, 15" x 26" x 10" high. > Item Details
Lot 378a: Double <i>Coca-Cola</i> Store Transom Window,
Lot # 1008 - Lot 378a: Double Coca-Cola Store Transom Window,
double rectangular panes in original wood window frame with elongated shield shaped decals that are 12" high x 22" long in red, white and black with Drink Coca-Cola with Reg. U.S. Pat. Off. and 1937 on tail of C, frame is 36.5" x 78.75". > Item Details
<i>Vernors Ginger Ale</i> Wood Display,
Lot # 374 - Vernors Ginger Ale Wood Display,
made from a real wood barrel cut in two vertically and with wood back, interior with grate near top for displaying bottles of product, stenciled text reads Flavor Mellowed in Wood 4 Years Vernors Ginger Ale, 20.5" wide x 11" deep x 30" high. > Item Details
<i>Fountain Brand Hams-Bacon</i> Cincinnati  Back-Lit Sign,
Lot # 387 - Fountain Brand Hams-Bacon Cincinnati Back-Lit Sign,
with chromolithographed scene of the Tyler-Davidson fountain in Cincinnati, behind glass front, mounted on sheet steel box that houses light, 17.5" wide x 10" deep x 28.4" high. > Item Details
<i>Winchester Flashlights</i> Polychrome-Printed Sign,
Lot # 441 - Winchester Flashlights Polychrome-Printed Sign,
printed on heavy card stock with 4 vignettes illustrating uses of product and large image of product in center with surrounding text, 19.5" x 26.5". > Item Details
Wire Sack and String Holder,
Lot # 806 - Wire Sack and String Holder,
pyramidal form with string holder at top and bag slots along sides, 36" high. > Item Details
Paper <i>Lee's Gizzard Capsules</i> Sign,
Lot # 415 - Paper Lee's Gizzard Capsules Sign,
polychrome-printed heavy card stock cut-out of child carrying basket of eggs with above text, kickstand back, 17.75" x 40.5". > Item Details
Lot of Five Lard Tins,
Lot # 253 - Lot of Five Lard Tins,
lithographed Schroth's 20lbs Open Kettle Rendered Pure Lard Fountain Brand The J. & F. Schroth Packing Co. Cincinnati, Ohio cylindrical tin with friction-fitted lid, white and red, 9" high x 10" diameter; PLUS lithographed Fountain Brand Two Pounds Open Kettle Pure Lard The J. & F. Schroth Packaging... > Item Details
<i>Solar Horoscope and Forecast</i> Gypsy,
Lot # 971 - Solar Horoscope and Forecast Gypsy,
sheet metal case in black and chrome with polychrome labeling on front. Top-mounted curved glass enclosed gypsy woman fortune-teller doll with traditional cloth outfit, seated atop column of zodiac symbols, gives your fortune and weather forecast for a dime, 17" x 19" x 78" high. > Item Details
Tin Litho <i>Champion Bowling Alley</i>,
Lot # 110 - Tin Litho Champion Bowling Alley,
marked Gotham Pressed Steel Corp., N.Y., chromolithographed tin and pressed board bowling alley with spring-driven Euro-American as bowler and African-American painted on back as pin boy, 30" long x 8" wide. This game used a marble as a bowling ball and undoubtedly had wooden pins now missing. > Item Details
German Bisque Doll with Clothing,
Lot # 74 - German Bisque Doll with Clothing,
marked on rear of head S & C/Germany/9 1/2, sleep eyes, open mouth with real hair wig, jointed composition body, wearing period clothing and boots, 23" high. Also includes a wide assortment of period and later clothing. > Item Details
Cast Iron Match Vendor & Cigar Cutter,
Lot # 949 - Cast Iron Match Vendor & Cigar Cutter,
in original copper-plated and black-painted finish with side lever handle which drops shield over cover glass and opens bottom tray in which matches are stored. Small cigar cutter mounted in front, 7" x 5.5" x 8.5" high. > Item Details
<i>Old Pepper Whiskey</i> Chromolithograph Tray,
Lot # 617 - Old Pepper Whiskey Chromolithograph Tray,
tray depicts product in the center, surrounded by colonial soldiers drinking. American flag border that reads Established 1780, Jas. E. Pepper & Co. Lexington, Ky. 13.75" x 16.75". > Item Details
<i>Sunkist Naval Oranges</i> Santa Cut-Out,
Lot # 373 - Sunkist Naval Oranges Santa Cut-Out,
corrugated and double-sided, Santa on roof with text above, hinged in middle, 48" high. > Item Details
<i>Philipp-Schulz Litho. Co. Milwaukee</i> Bock Beer Poster,
Lot # 288 - Philipp-Schulz Litho. Co. Milwaukee Bock Beer Poster,
ca 1912-14, stone chromolithograph with generic Bock Beer, partying dwarfs with goat head in foreground, 22" x 31". > Item Details
<i>Piper Heidsieck</i> Tobacco Cutter,
Lot # 560 - Piper Heidsieck Tobacco Cutter,
includes a cast iron cutter with original black paint with a nickel-plated base. Lever marked with raised lettering Champagne Flavor on one side Louisville, KY. on opposite side. Side mounts marked with raised lettering on a stippled field with undulating patterned boarder Piper Heidsieck Tobacco op... > Item Details
Six-Drawer Walnut <i>Clark's</i> Spool Cabinet,
Lot # 647 - Six-Drawer Walnut Clark's Spool Cabinet,
with poplar secondary wood, molded base and cornice, and paneled ends. 7 drawers, each with foil-backed ruby glass panels, read, CLARK'S / SPOOL COTTON / GEORGE A. CLARK / SOLE AGENT / CLARK'S / NEEDLES BUTTONS, 22.5" high x 29" wide x 18.5" deep. > Item Details
Walt Disney Tin Chromolithographed Pinocchio Crayon Box,
Lot # 108 - Walt Disney Tin Chromolithographed Pinocchio Crayon Box,
rectangular, illustrated with Pinocchio painting a picture, 5.75". > Item Details
<i>Skookum</i> Indian Doll,
Lot # 81 - Skookum Indian Doll,
child, molded composition head with hair and original clothing, original label on foot, 9.5" high. > Item Details
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