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Two Donaldson Litho. Co. Newport, Ky. Bock Beer Posters,
2005, Advertising, Toys & Coin-Ops / Feb 24-25
both ca 1912-14 stone chromolithographs. Includes scene with central glass beer stein, flanked by U.S. shield at right with barley and Imperial German shield with goat head surmount at left and Bock on ribbon banner below with hanger ad along top margin, 18.5" x 25"; AND scene of lovely young lady with beer glass and arm around goat, vining hops surround and ribbon banner along bottom with Bock and hanger ad along top margin, 18.75" x 25".

Each with light even toning, VG+.
Sold: $2,530.00
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<i>American Eagle</i> Cigarette Gum Ball Slot,
Lot # 846 - American Eagle Cigarette Gum Ball Slot,
cast metal case with 3 reels on which are various cigarette logos in old, likely original, aqua and gold paint, with key, 8" x 11" x 9.5" high. > Item Details
Boxed Magic Lantern Projector & Slides,
Lot # 60 - Boxed Magic Lantern Projector & Slides,
entitled Laterna Magica, made in Germany, marked with brass tag on door with E.P. under winged wheel and in original marbled paper box with chromolithographed lid and pasted instructions in German, French and English on interior of lid. Tin and brass lantern with removable oil burner, lens and chim... > Item Details
<i>Coca-Cola</i> Advertising Price List Catalog,
Lot # 751 - Coca-Cola Advertising Price List Catalog,
small 4to illustrated, in card stock boards: Coca-Cola Bottlers' Current Advertising Price List, January 1930, 16pp. > Item Details
Advertising Cello Pinbacks,
Lot # 726 - Advertising Cello Pinbacks,
lot of 7. Includes the following chromolithographed 1.25" diameter pieces: Du Pont Smokeless Powder with quail; PLUS Ceresota Flour with little boy; PLUS Smoke Union Made Cigars with union label; PLUS Strietmann Biscuit with box of product. Also includes the following chromolithographed .85" diamet... > Item Details
Two <i>Remington</i> Polychrome Card Stock Signs,
Lot # 443 - Two Remington Polychrome Card Stock Signs,
both with kickstand backs, includes Remington Klean Bore Hi-Speed 22's illustrating 3 young boys target shooting at top, variety of varmints and product in lower half, 20" x 13"; AND Remington Auto Loading & Repeating Rifle, illustrating model 24 and model 12 rifles flanked by hawk and skunk with bo... > Item Details
Cast Iron Still Bank Mary & Little Lamb,
Lot # 3 - Cast Iron Still Bank Mary & Little Lamb,
Moore 164, American, ca 1900, in original paint, 4.65" high x 4" long. > Item Details
Knowles Taylor & Knowles Whiskey Jugs,
Lot # 738 - Knowles Taylor & Knowles Whiskey Jugs,
lot of 3. Includes Merediths Diamond Club Pure Rye Whiskey Expressly For Medicinal Use East Liverpool, Ohio Jug; AND two Spring Lake Hand Made Sour Mash Bourbon Klein Bros. & Hyman, 17 Sycamore St. Cin'ti., O., all with the above transfer-printed labels in green or red with gilt, 7" high. > Item Details
<i>The Spearhead</i> and <i>Black Beauty</i> Tobacco Cutters,
Lot # 549 - The Spearhead and Black Beauty Tobacco Cutters,
includes a cast iron cutter with original red paint. Spear shaped base marked with raised lettering P.J. Sorg Co. Spearhead. Underside marked Made by the Rogers Iron Co. Springfield, Ohio.. 5" high x 16" long. AND cast iron cutter with original black paint with figural shaped lever of a horse's head... > Item Details
<i>Marx</i> Royal Van Company Moving Van,
Lot # 99 - Marx Royal Van Company Moving Van,
keywind, spring-driven truck with open sides, closed top/back & hinged rear door, 9.5" long. > Item Details
Menu Board <i>Lunch Suggestions</i> Cardboard Sign,
Lot # 527 - Menu Board Lunch Suggestions Cardboard Sign,
painted on card stock and framed with cover glass, ca 1940's, 30.25" x 46.25". > Item Details
Lot 145a: Steel Toy Delivery Truck,
Lot # 1005 - Lot 145a: Steel Toy Delivery Truck,
unmarked in light-gauge steel with original light blue and red paint with chromed grill and turned wooden wheels, 4.75" wide x 5" high x 17.5" long. > Item Details
<i>Western Ammunition</i> Sign,
Lot # 437 - Western Ammunition Sign,
folding polychrome-printed heavy card stock, interior of hunter's cabin with rocking chair and pointer seated on it, floor scattered with hunting equipment and products, kickstand back, 42" x 29.75". > Item Details
Lot of Five Cast Iron Still Banks,
Lot # 10 - Lot of Five Cast Iron Still Banks,
includes Moore 148, Roosevelt New Deal, in original copper finish, PLUS Moore 74, Biliken in original red and gold paint, PLUS Moore 842, Standing Mailbox Small in original green &X gold paint, PLUS Moore 869, Safe in original paint, AND Royal Cook Stove, not in Moore, in original silver paint, 3.2"... > Item Details
Vegetable Brush Store Display,
Lot # 695 - Vegetable Brush Store Display,
an oversized brush with real brisles and wood handle, 25" long, > Item Details
<i>Heddon No-Snag-River-Runt-Spook</i> Polychrome Card Stock Sign,
Lot # 447 - Heddon No-Snag-River-Runt-Spook Polychrome Card Stock Sign,
illustrating pair of anglers in boat with lure about to be taken by small-mouth bass with six various lures illustrated at bottom, 18" x 24". > Item Details
<i>Kyarize</i> Wood Store Display Shelf,
Lot # 779 - Kyarize Wood Store Display Shelf,
pine in original painted finish with stencils, 3 graduated shelves, 39.5" x 15" x 43" high. > Item Details
<i>Dr. Drake's Glessco Cough & Croup Remedy</i> Chromolithographed Tin Sign,
Lot # 399 - Dr. Drake's Glessco Cough & Croup Remedy Chromolithographed Tin Sign,
single flat sheet with margins folded over card stock back, wood-grained surround with above text, central scene of concerned young parents watching sleeping infant in cradle with table in foreground with product, 11.6" x 14.2". > Item Details
Store Tokens, Trade Coins and More,
Lot # 689 - Store Tokens, Trade Coins and More,
lot of 65, includes brass, zinc, copper, aluminum and steel examples, from 2.25" to .5" diameter, includes Founders Day Winchester, Ind., Union Pacific, Celluloid Starch, Cascaret and many different Hard Times tokens from both 19th and 20th century for businesses in Ohio, Ind. and Ky., plus several ... > Item Details
Stoneware <i>The Best Food Container</i> Tin Chromolithographed Sign, Plus,
Lot # 513 - Stoneware The Best Food Container Tin Chromolithographed Sign, Plus,
lot of 2, includes flat sheet with margins folded over card stock backing, with above text, scene of small boy in clean kitchen getting a donut from product with dog below, 13" x 19"; AND Baker's Delight Baking Powder polychrome printed window sign with revolving wheels advertising price of Butter &... > Item Details
Curved Front Small Wooden Showcase,
Lot # 770 - Curved Front Small Wooden Showcase,
with stamped nickel tag on front marked J. Riswig 208 & 210 Randoph St. Chicago, with mirrored and hinged rear door, 18.5" x 12.5" x 9.25" high. > Item Details
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