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Two Donaldson Litho. Co. Newport, Ky. Bock Beer Posters,
2005, Advertising, Toys & Coin-Ops / Feb 24-25
both ca 1912-14 stone chromolithographs. Includes scene with central glass beer stein, flanked by U.S. shield at right with barley and Imperial German shield with goat head surmount at left and Bock on ribbon banner below with hanger ad along top margin, 18.5" x 25"; AND scene of lovely young lady with beer glass and arm around goat, vining hops surround and ribbon banner along bottom with Bock and hanger ad along top margin, 18.75" x 25".

Each with light even toning, VG+.
Sold: $2,530.00
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<i>Honeymoon Express</i> Tin-Windup Train by <i>Marx</i>,
Lot # 113 - Honeymoon Express Tin-Windup Train by Marx,
chromolithographed, keywind, circular track with 2 tunnels, 1 bridge and central building marked Glendale, 9.25" dia. > Item Details
Cast Iron Still Bank Mary & Little Lamb,
Lot # 3 - Cast Iron Still Bank Mary & Little Lamb,
Moore 164, American, ca 1900, in original paint, 4.65" high x 4" long. > Item Details
<i>Jaeger</i> Cast Iron Cement Mixer,
Lot # 164 - Jaeger Cast Iron Cement Mixer,
marked as above with original orange and sea green paint with chrome parts, gears, and wheels, 6.5" long. > Item Details
Gumball Machine,
Lot # 932 - Gumball Machine,
includes a cast metal body with baked metallic blue enamel paint. Squared glass globe with yellow and red acorn decal with black 1¢ denomination. Nickeled flap with engraved stylized acorn. Complete with functional key for lock on top. 14"5" high x 6" wide. > Item Details
<i>Quaker State</i> Thermometer,
Lot # 596 - Quaker State Thermometer,
factory painted It's A Lucky Day For Your Car When You Change to Quaker State Motor Oil porcelain enamaled thermometer with rectangular form, image of a four-leaf clover in white, green and black, 39" high x 8" wide, complete with two mounting screws. > Item Details
Five Early Wooden Thermometers,
Lot # 584 - Five Early Wooden Thermometers,
black-stenciled Day & Night Service Royal Electrotypes 1731 Walnut, Telephone, 4340 Main, Royal Electrotype Co. 620 Sansom Street Philadelphia wood thermometer with tombstone form, with image of Royal Quality coat of arms and crown rendered in black and white, 21" high x 5" wide; PLUS black-stencile... > Item Details
Three-Jar <i>Aridor</i> Store Display,
Lot # 782 - Three-Jar Aridor Store Display,
with one over two clear glass jars set in metal frame with embossed metal lids with Aridor on center, 19" wide x 16" deep x 20" high. > Item Details
Group of Two Tobacco Tins,
Lot # 202 - Group of Two Tobacco Tins,
chromolithographed Tiger Bright Chewing Tobacco 5¢ Packages rectangular tin with hinged lid, red, gold, black and white, 11.5" high x 8" long x 6.5" wide; AND chromolithographed Light Sweet Burley Tobacco cylindrical tin with hinged lid, yellow, red and gold, 11.5" high x 8.25" diameter. > Item Details
Lot of Early Board Games & Cast Iron Still Banks,
Lot # 32 - Lot of Early Board Games & Cast Iron Still Banks,
lot of 6, includes a solid cast iron lion, cast from a lion still bank, likely cast from Moore 756, 5" long x 4" high in original yellow paint, PLUS Lion cast iron still bank, Moore 757 Lion Ears Up in original yellow paint; PLUS boxed game Tiddledy Winks with chromolithographed box lid, 5.25" squar... > Item Details
<i>Hedden Crazy Crawler</i> Lure Polychrome Card Stock Sign,
Lot # 434 - Hedden Crazy Crawler Lure Polychrome Card Stock Sign,
tombstone shape illustrating blowup of lure in water at top and startled fisherman at bottom, kickstand back, 12" x 18". > Item Details
Horse-Drawn Cast Iron Ladder Wagon,
Lot # 153 - Horse-Drawn Cast Iron Ladder Wagon,
with 3 horses, front and rear drivers and aerial type ladder, in original polychrome paint, 19" long. > Item Details
<i>Test Your Grip</i> Machine,
Lot # 860 - Test Your Grip Machine,
steel case with chromed and red-painted parts, printed white dial, made by the Holly MFG. Co., Holly, Mich., with key, 9" x 12" x 15" high. > Item Details
<i>Coca Cola</i> Thermometer,
Lot # 591 - Coca Cola Thermometer,
chromolithographed Coca Cola Trade Mark Registered Bottle Pat'd Dec. 25, 1923 tin oval-shaped sign with image of a figural shaped Coca Cola bottle rendered in red, bronze and black, complete with two mounting holes, 15.5" high x 6.5" wide. > Item Details
Shooting Gallery Pin Ball Game,
Lot # 905 - Shooting Gallery Pin Ball Game,
cast metal case and 45 caliber-type hand gun mount, with cast buffalo mounted on top, 9.5" x 23" x 18" high. > Item Details
Magic Lantern Slide Projector with Eight Slides,
Lot # 62 - Magic Lantern Slide Projector with Eight Slides,
tin and cast white metal with bronze patina, cylindrical drum-type with brass oil burner for light source, will use both rectangular and disk-type slides, lens is braced with Old Man of the Mountain cast brace. Includes 3 disk and 5 rectangular slides, mounted on original painted wood board, 8.25" l... > Item Details
Three Early Board Games,
Lot # 35 - Three Early Board Games,
includes early Cootie by Schaper Mfg. Co.; PLUS early Milton Bradley Lotto in wooden box with chromolithographed lid; AND early Yahtzee. > Item Details
Lot of Seven Tobacco Tins,
Lot # 196 - Lot of Seven Tobacco Tins,
chromolithographed Roxy King Cigars rectangular tobacco tin with friction-fitted lid, yellow, brown and white, 5" high x 3" long x 3" wide; PLUS chromolithographed La Resta Rothenberg & Schloss cylindrical tobacco tin with friction-fitted lid, white, red, gold, blue, green and orange, 5.5" high x 4"... > Item Details
Lot of  <i>The Donaldson Litho. Co. Newport, Ky.</i> Bock Beer Labels,
Lot # 302 - Lot of The Donaldson Litho. Co. Newport, Ky. Bock Beer Labels,
lot of 8, each different. One is red and white, others are chromolithographed, all with printed ad on rear listing price for quantities from 1000-10,000, each either labeled keg or bottle label. > Item Details
<i>Army and Navy Skill Game</i> Pinball Machine,
Lot # 922 - Army and Navy Skill Game Pinball Machine,
British trade stimulator of the above title, wood case with older repaint, glass front, 12.75" x 6.25" x 36.75" high. Text on printed card along base reads:The Army $ Navy Skill Game/1 Place penny in slot when balls will be released for play/2 Press left hand lever to right to bring each ball into p... > Item Details
Lot of Three Coffee Tins,
Lot # 225 - Lot of Three Coffee Tins,
chromolithographed Hoosier Boy Brand Coffee Steel Cut The Fishback Co. cylindrical tin with hinged lid, yellow, red, blue and black, 6" high x 4" diameter; PLUS chromolithographed French Brand Coffee cylindrical tin with friction-fitted lid, red, white and blue, 6" high x 4" diameter; AND chromolith... > Item Details
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