Lot 299    

Two Donaldson Litho. Co. Newport, Ky. Bock Beer Posters,
2005, Advertising, Toys & Coin-Ops / Feb 24-25
both ca 1912-14 stone chromolithographs. Includes scene with central glass beer stein, flanked by U.S. shield at right with barley and Imperial German shield with goat head surmount at left and Bock on ribbon banner below with hanger ad along top margin, 18.5" x 25"; AND scene of lovely young lady with beer glass and arm around goat, vining hops surround and ribbon banner along bottom with Bock and hanger ad along top margin, 18.75" x 25".

Each with light even toning, VG+.
Sold: $2,530.00
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Group of Two Tobacco Tins,
Lot # 201 - Group of Two Tobacco Tins,
chromolithographed Tiger Bight Sweet Chewing Tobacco , cylindrical with friction-fitted lid, red, gold, and black, 12" high x 8.25" diameter; AND chromolithographed Dark Sweet Burley Tobacco, cylindrical with hinged lid, red, gold, and black , 11.5" high x 8.25" diameter. > Item Details
<i>Webster's High Grade Coffee</i> Tin,
Lot # 233 - Webster's High Grade Coffee Tin,
chromolithographed Webster's High Grade Coffee Steel Cut cylindrical tin with friction-fitted lid, image of a lady pouring coffee rendered in red, orange, black and white, 6" high x 4" diameter. > Item Details
<i>Brucks Beer</i> Tray, Cincinnati,
Lot # 615 - Brucks Beer Tray, Cincinnati,
rectangular in red, black and white, 10.75" x 13.5". > Item Details
<i>Merrick's</i> Revolving Double Spool Cabinet,
Lot # 644 - Merrick's Revolving Double Spool Cabinet,
oak, with glass ends containing revolving spool holders, and mirrored front and back. The glass ends are both labeled twice, MERRICK'S / SIX CORD / SOFT FINISH / SPOOL COTTON, and the sides are labeled under the mirror, MERRICK'S SPOOL COTTON. Access to the spool holders is gotten through doors on... > Item Details
<i>Winchester Flashlights</i> Polychrome-Printed Sign,
Lot # 435 - Winchester Flashlights Polychrome-Printed Sign,
printed on heavy card stock with 4 vignettes illustrating uses of product and large image of product in center with surrounding text, 19.5" x 26.5". > Item Details
Wilder <i>Combination</i> Boxed Board Game,
Lot # 37 - Wilder Combination Boxed Board Game,
with chromolithographed lid and board, two games in one with reversible board, auto and airplane racing. > Item Details
Men's and Women's  1¢  Coin-Op  Scale,
Lot # 819 - Men's and Women's 1¢ Coin-Op Scale,
includes cast iron pillar with metal planchet with three columns Men, Height, Women and Patented 11-23-30 & 8-23-32 Others Pending. Another planchet with instructions Stand on Platform and Then Drop Coin. Weight registers from 1-280 lbs. 41" high x 21" long x 11" wide. > Item Details
Lot of Three Bock Beer Advertising Posters,
Lot # 273 - Lot of Three Bock Beer Advertising Posters,
all ca 1912-14, stone lithographs or chromolithograph. Includes Northwestern Litho. Co. Milwaukee with scene of goat head, yellow and green ground flanked by Bock Beer and with hanger ad above, 21.75" x 31.8"; PLUS Philipp-Schulz Litho. Co. Milwaukee in black and white with large goat head with Bock... > Item Details
<i>Wow Tobacco</i> Thermometer,
Lot # 602 - Wow Tobacco Thermometer,
chromolithographed Relax and Enjoy it Chew Wow Tobacco tin thermometer with rectangular form, rendered in red, white and yellow, complete with two mounting holes, 39" high x 8" wide. > Item Details
Chromolithographed Tin Fairy Soap Tip Tray,
Lot # 609 - Chromolithographed Tin Fairy Soap Tip Tray,
chromolithographed Have You a Little Fairy in Your Home? tip tray with circular form, image of a little girl sitting on a tablet rendered in orange, yellow, purple, beige, white, and green, 4" diameter. > Item Details
<i>Vacuum Harness Oil</i> Chromolithograph Advertising Poster,
Lot # 468 - Vacuum Harness Oil Chromolithograph Advertising Poster,
image of William H. Vanderbilt driving a harness pair in a Phaeton with driving whip in hand past a brick mansion. Print entitled Small Hopes and Lady Mac, Fleetwood Park Sept. 11th 1877, Owned and Driven by Wm H. Vanderbilt 2.23 published by the Vacuum Oil Company Rochester, NY.. Inscription Vacuum... > Item Details
Group of Eight Cookie and Biscuit Tins,
Lot # 248 - Group of Eight Cookie and Biscuit Tins,
chromolithographed Dayton Biscuit Company Ask for Idylwild Butters rectangular tin with friction-fitted lid, yellow, green and red, 5.5" high x 8" long x 4.5" wide; PLUS lithographed Crispo Graham Dainties Wawyer Brown Biscuit Co. Chicago rectangular tin with hinged lid, blue and white, 7.5" high x ... > Item Details
<i>Fast & Lean</i> Cast Iron Lollipop Personal Weight Scale,
Lot # 817 - Fast & Lean Cast Iron Lollipop Personal Weight Scale,
with enameled blue & white dial with clover motif, ornate cast iron case with lion paw feet, foot plate marked Albert Peck & Co. Chicago and top mounted cast sign with Correct Weight 1 Cent, old silver paint 25" x 13" x 69" high. > Item Details
Lot of  <i>The Donaldson Litho. Co. Newport, Ky.</i> Bock Beer Labels,
Lot # 302 - Lot of The Donaldson Litho. Co. Newport, Ky. Bock Beer Labels,
lot of 8, each different. One is red and white, others are chromolithographed, all with printed ad on rear listing price for quantities from 1000-10,000, each either labeled keg or bottle label. > Item Details
<i>The Micrometer</i> Scale,
Lot # 821 - The Micrometer Scale,
ornately embossed nickeled brass and iron with white marble platform and removable brass pan, 21" x 8" x 16". > Item Details
<i>Mills</i> Early One Cent Draw Poker Machine,
Lot # 878 - Mills Early One Cent Draw Poker Machine,
slot-type trade stimulator made by the Mills Novelty Co., Chicago. Oak case with 5 wheels, with chromolithographed playing cards, top mounted instruction card that lists winnings for each hand and extra card, 12.75" x 8" x 22.25". In original finish. > Item Details
Tin Westside Barbershop Sign,
Lot # 481 - Tin Westside Barbershop Sign,
single piece of sheet tin with black ground and free-hand white lettering West Side/Barber/&/Beauty Shop/Phone 4046R; double sided; 30" high x 48" wide. > Item Details
Three Early Boxed Games,
Lot # 46 - Three Early Boxed Games,
includes Chicken in the Door Yard; PLUS Table Croquet by Milton Bradley; PLUS Touring card game by Parker Bros.; AND Man-Chu card game by The United States Playing Card Co., Cincinnati. > Item Details
<i>Dayton Toy & Specialty Co., Sonny</i> Moving Van,
Lot # 129 - Dayton Toy & Specialty Co., Sonny Moving Van,
ca 1920-30, made of heavy-gage auto steel like Buddy L, in original red and black paint with decals, working tailgate on covered bed, 26" long > Item Details
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