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Lot of Three Animal Cast Iron Still Banks,
2005, Advertising, Toys & Coin-Ops / Feb 24-25
includes Moore 357, Boxer in original gold and red paint, PLUS Moore 582, Seated Pig in original polychrome paint, AND Moore 587, Small Turkey in worn polychrome paint.

From the Estate of John Auraden of Hamilton & Fairhaven, Ohio.

1st paint ca 50%, VG-; 2nd paint ca 90%, VG; 3rd paint ca 45%, VG-.
Sold: $138.00
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Advertising Cello Pocket Mirrors,
Lot # 725 - Advertising Cello Pocket Mirrors,
lot of 13, includes the following chromolithographed pieces: Drink Hires Rootbeer with child holding mug, 2.25" diameter; PLUS Aughe Plows, Dayton, O., 2.25" diameter; PLUS two Casahets with cherub on chamber pot, 2.25" diameter; PLUS two Old Reliable Coffee with older Dutch gentleman; PLUS another ... > Item Details
<i>Dr. Morse's Indian Root Pills</i> Chromolithographed Paper Sign,
Lot # 405 - Dr. Morse's Indian Root Pills Chromolithographed Paper Sign,
heavy card stock with scene of plains Indian village with above text at top and boxes of products lower right and left, 42" x 27". > Item Details
<i>Piedmont Cigarettes</i> Porcelain Sign,
Lot # 331 - Piedmont Cigarettes Porcelain Sign,
with text above and below with product in center, mounting holes at margins on navy ground, 30" x 46.25". > Item Details
Tin Beer Trays, <i>Kingsbury</i> & <i>Brucks</i>,
Lot # 626 - Tin Beer Trays, Kingsbury & Brucks,
text reads Aristocrat of Beer, Kingsbury Brewing Co, Manitowoc and Sheboygan, Wisconsin, red, gold and black, 12" diameter. Larger tray reads Brucks Jubilee, Over 86 Years Continuous Brewing, The Bruckmann Breweries, Cincinnati's Oldest, red, white and cream, 13.5" diameter. > Item Details
Large Group of Advertising Posters and Calendars,
Lot # 501 - Large Group of Advertising Posters and Calendars,
includes Raleigh Cigarette poster featuring a beautiful woman wearing a top hat. 20" x 30"; Field Flowers calendar for 1905 with assortment of flowers. 9" x 13.75"; W.H. Duncan & Co. advertisement depicting children and two dogs. 9.75" x 9.75"; White & Eikenbery calendar featuring two girls having a... > Item Details
<i>Fast & Lean</i> Cast Iron Lollipop Personal Weight Scale,
Lot # 817 - Fast & Lean Cast Iron Lollipop Personal Weight Scale,
with enameled blue & white dial with clover motif, ornate cast iron case with lion paw feet, foot plate marked Albert Peck & Co. Chicago and top mounted cast sign with Correct Weight 1 Cent, old silver paint 25" x 13" x 69" high. > Item Details
<i>Clark's</i> Oak Spool Cabinet,
Lot # 646 - Clark's Oak Spool Cabinet,
revolving base with 7 vertical windows on opposite sides and roll front on the other two sides, hinged doors below glass and hinged doors in top, original finish, pulls and decals, 16.5" x 21" x 22.75" high. > Item Details
<i>Marx</i> Royal Van Company Moving Van,
Lot # 99 - Marx Royal Van Company Moving Van,
keywind, spring-driven truck with open sides, closed top/back & hinged rear door, 9.5" long. > Item Details
Composition <i>Effanbee</i> Doll,
Lot # 79 - Composition Effanbee Doll,
marked on shoulder with jointed composition body, sleep eyes, closed mouth and auburn hair, dressed, 14.5" high. > Item Details
Two <i>Remington</i> Polychrome Card Stock Signs,
Lot # 444 - Two Remington Polychrome Card Stock Signs,
each with kickstand backs, includes scene of hunter shooting at mallards in flight with Models 1131 and 17 illustrated in lower half, 13" x 20"; and Remington Kleanbore Hi-Speed's with three young boys target shooting at top with variety of varmints and two boxes of shells in lower half, 20" x 13". > Item Details
<i>Sterling Super-Bru</i> Tin Chromolithographed Tin Sign,
Lot # 319 - Sterling Super-Bru Tin Chromolithographed Tin Sign,
single piece of flat tin with margins folded around card stock backing. Copy of a Hagenbeck Wallace Circus Poster with clown standing atop a bareback horse, lead by second clown in big top tent. This version is slightly modified from the original in that the clown on the horse holds bottle of produ... > Item Details
Cincinnati <i>Moerlein Barbarossa Beer</i>  Canvas Sign,
Lot # 304 - Cincinnati Moerlein Barbarossa Beer Canvas Sign,
chromolithographed oil on canvas with wood stretcher, early 19th century street scene of stagecoach pulling up in front of a tavern with wooden shingle that reads Moerlein Barbarossa Beer with poster of Gambrinus on building to right, 12" x 16". > Item Details
<i>National Cash Register Model 317</i>
Lot # 812 - National Cash Register Model 317
ornate nickel-plated brass with milk glass shelf, and registry tap printer on right side, 10" x 16" x 17" high. > Item Details
<i>Orange Crush</i> Drink Dispenser,
Lot # 692 - Orange Crush Drink Dispenser,
figural glass globe in form of orange in frosted glass with nickel-plated brass tap-type spicket and lid with attached agitator paddle, set on black glass tapered base with Orange Crush along bottom, 7.5" square x 16" high. > Item Details
Tin Chromolithographed <i>Moerlein</i> Beer Sign,
Lot # 311 - Tin Chromolithographed Moerlein Beer Sign,
in original oak frame with gilt liner. Scene of lovely young lady with sleeveless dress carrying a tray with product and oysters on the half shell with lemon, text above reads The Worlds Triumphant Master Brew, tin is 20" x 28", frame with original finish is 25" x 33". > Item Details
Two Coin-Drop Trade Stimulators,
Lot # 866 - Two Coin-Drop Trade Stimulators,
includes one entitled 1¢ Never Lose in wood case with glass front, vertical board with numbered slots at bottom and set pins to deflect dropped coin, 16" x 6" x 20" high; AND a cast iron and sheet metal coin drop similar to above, 2.5" x 9" x 9.5" high. > Item Details
<i>Columbus</i> Gumball Machine,
Lot # 938 - Columbus Gumball Machine,
includes cast iron body with original chromium-plated finish. Globe with embossed five-pointed star marked with raised lettering Columbus Registered plus chromolithographed paper decal with Columbus Vendor Quality Chewing Gum Kind to the Breath Insert One Penny Then Pull Lever Mfd by the Columbus Ve... > Item Details
<i>Nebo Cork Tip Cigarettes 5¢</i>, Chromolithographed Sign,
Lot # 343 - Nebo Cork Tip Cigarettes 5¢, Chromolithographed Sign,
on card stock with above text and Entirely New above and Satin Wonder In Each Package below, products in upper left and lower right, each showing different trade card in package, 11.5" x 17.5". Framed with glass on front and rear. > Item Details
Counter Top Wood & Glass Potato Chip Display,
Lot # 667 - Counter Top Wood & Glass Potato Chip Display,
mixed woods with circular wood lid in top and lift door at front, 12" wide x 17" deep x 12.75" high. > Item Details
<i>Estate Stove Heatrola</i> Gas Globe Lighted Sign,
Lot # 458 - Estate Stove Heatrola Gas Globe Lighted Sign,
two domed glass circular panels set in sheet steel frame with polychrome reverse painted text with product at top, metal frame in original brown, 19.5" wide x 22" high x 8" deep. > Item Details
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