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Lot of Three Animal Cast Iron Still Banks,
2005, Advertising, Toys & Coin-Ops / Feb 24-25
includes Moore 357, Boxer in original gold and red paint, PLUS Moore 582, Seated Pig in original polychrome paint, AND Moore 587, Small Turkey in worn polychrome paint.

From the Estate of John Auraden of Hamilton & Fairhaven, Ohio.

1st paint ca 50%, VG-; 2nd paint ca 90%, VG; 3rd paint ca 45%, VG-.
Sold: $138.00
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One Cent Match Dispenser,
Lot # 856 - One Cent Match Dispenser,
black with red and gold lettering. Reads matches on either side, and Samuel Cupples Wooden Bars Co. on bottom. Cost one cent. 9" x 14". > Item Details
Pip-Squeak Chicken Coop,
Lot # 172 - Pip-Squeak Chicken Coop,
wood and lithographed paper with felt- and feather-covered birds. When coop door is opened spring load activates bellows, not working, 6.5" x 4.75" x 5.75" high. > Item Details
<i>Bevo the Beverage</i> Softdrink Chromolithographed Tin Tray,
Lot # 619 - Bevo the Beverage Softdrink Chromolithographed Tin Tray,
with The All-Year-Round Soft Drink. Scene of six draft horses pulling wagon of product with landscape background, 10.5" x 13.25". > Item Details
Country Store Seed Display Counter,
Lot # 773 - Country Store Seed Display Counter,
oak and poplar, with 18 drawers, each with pulls on the rear and a glass display on the front. With old blue and white paint and a scrubbed top; 33.75" high x 89" wide x 25" deep. > Item Details
Roadside <i>BURMA - SHAVE</i> Signs,
Lot # 397 - Roadside BURMA - SHAVE Signs,
set of 6. Red painted pine boards with white lettering on both sides. Dimensions 11.5" x 40". Includes the jingle: A BIRTHDAY KISS - AWAITS - WHO GIVES THIS - BURMA-SHAVE. PLUS BURMA-SHAVE BLADES and HE NEEDED / BURMA-SHAVE (knot in board has split hole in center). All with reverse phrases of e... > Item Details
Buddy L (?) Hoisting Crane,
Lot # 137 - Buddy L (?) Hoisting Crane,
in original black and red paint, heavy-gage steel, 21" high x 10" wide and deep. > Item Details
Figural Bottle Opener,
Lot # 748 - Figural Bottle Opener,
cast iron bottle opener with figural image of an intoxicated man wearing a tophat rendered in black, beige and red. Underside marked with raised lettering Wilton Prod. Complete with two mounting holes. 5" tall x 1.5" wide. > Item Details
1933 and 1934 Greyhound Calendars,
Lot # 537 - 1933 and 1934 Greyhound Calendars,
lot of 2 each with folded tin at top and bottom, includes one entitled To the Century of Progress Exposition...and all America. Depicts Greyhound bus at the Hall of Science at the Chicago Century of Progress Exposition. 18" x 32"; AND second entitled Cherry Blossom Time In Washington D.C., 18" x 32"... > Item Details
Lenci-Type Gypsy Girl Doll,
Lot # 84 - Lenci-Type Gypsy Girl Doll,
molded felt construction with painted features and original clothing, 8" high. > Item Details
<i>Hyndman Steel Roofing Company</i> Chromolithograph Trade Sign,
Lot # 521 - Hyndman Steel Roofing Company Chromolithograph Trade Sign,
ca. late 1800's. Reads Compliments of Hyndman Steel Roofing Co., Cincinnati, O. Depicts clenched fisted young patriot bedecked in a kepi in a stylized pugnacious pose cradling an American flag rendered in brown, red, white, blue and green. In an intricately incised gilded wood frame, 17.75" x 29.5".... > Item Details
Huge Assortment of Tin Tobacco Tags,
Lot # 567 - Huge Assortment of Tin Tobacco Tags,
well over 100 different types and ca 600 individual pieces, all small. > Item Details
Cut-Out <i>Pepsi-Cola</i> Santa,
Lot # 379 - Cut-Out Pepsi-Cola Santa,
heavy card stock polychrome-printed with Santa holding product, kickstand back, 50" high. > Item Details
<i>Martin-Senour</i> Thermometer,
Lot # 595 - Martin-Senour Thermometer,
factory painted Authorized Dealer Martin-Senour Est. 1878 Pioneers of Pure Paint Monarch 100% Pure Paint Goes Farther Lasts Longer Looks Better porcelain enamel thermometer with rectangular form, image of a hand with a paintbrush rendered in black and orange, 39" high x 8" wide, complete with two mo... > Item Details
<i>Calvert Whiskey</i> Wall Clock
Lot # 366 - Calvert Whiskey Wall Clock
electric, made by the Shank Sign Co. N.Y., with stamped tin dial in original tan and brown, dial with letters of the name, rather than numbers, center is plastic hemisphere with western hemisphere in green and yellow, > Item Details
<i>Winchester Flashlights</i> Polychrome-Printed Sign,
Lot # 435 - Winchester Flashlights Polychrome-Printed Sign,
printed on heavy card stock with 4 vignettes illustrating uses of product and large image of product in center with surrounding text, 19.5" x 26.5". > Item Details
Lot of Early Board Games & Puzzles,
Lot # 44 - Lot of Early Board Games & Puzzles,
lot of 5, includes 2 early Sohio Gas boxed humorous puzzles; PLUS Mystic Tray boxed board game; PLUS Mandarins, renamed Mahjongg in original box by Piroxloid Prod. Corp, N.Y.; AND Davis Felt & Flannel boxed game. > Item Details
Victorian Chromolithographed Board Game, <i>Chiro The Magician</i>,
Lot # 34 - Victorian Chromolithographed Board Game, Chiro The Magician,
wooden box with chromolithographed paper label on lid and interior with 3 interchangeable chromo disc's and cards, with spinning hand under glass plate. > Item Details
Large Country Dry Goods Store Seed Bin Cupboard,
Lot # 778 - Large Country Dry Goods Store Seed Bin Cupboard,
oak in green paint with 3 graduated rows of slant-front drawers in six over five over three, 72" long x 18" deep x 58.75" high. > Item Details
<i>Piedmont Cigarettes</i> Porcelain Sign,
Lot # 325 - Piedmont Cigarettes Porcelain Sign,
with text above and below with product in center, mounting holes at margins on navy ground, 30" x 46.25". > Item Details
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