Lot 199    

Group of Nine Tobacco Tins,
2005, Advertising, Toys & Coin-Ops / Feb 24-25
chromolithographed Piper Heidsieck Chewing Tobacco Champagne Flavor squared tin with hinged lid, blue, gold, white and black,.5" high x 3" long x 3" wide; PLUS chromolithographed Allen & Ginther Imperial Straight Cut Cavendish square tin with hinged lid, green, yellow, black, 1.5" high x 3.25" long x 2.5" wide; PLUS chromolithographed Columbia Mixture rectangular tin with hinged lid, red, gold and black, 2" high x 4" long x 2.5" wide; PLUS chromolithographed Hiawatha Straight Cut Tobacco rectangular tin with hinged lid, yellow, red, and black, 2" high x 5" long x 3" wide; PLUS chromolithographed Manhattan Cocktail You Smoke a Plug Perique Mixture rectangular tin with hinged lid, green, black, gold and red, 1.5" high x 4.25" long x 3" wide; PLUS chromolithographed Emerson Mild and Mellow rectangular tin with friction-fitted lid, grey, green, gold, white and red, 1.5" high x 5" long x 3.5" wide; PLUS chromolithographed Three States Mixture Kentucky, Virginia, Louisiana, Harry Weissinger Tob.Co. rectangular tin with hinged lid, red, silver, blue, black and gold, 2.5" high x 4.5" long x 3.5" wide; PLUS chromolithographed Chamber Commerce rectangular tin with hinged lid, yellow, gold, red, and green, 1.5" high x 5" long x 3.5" wide; AND Chromolithographed Webster rectangular tin with hinged lid, 1.25" high x 5" long x 3.5" wide.

From the Estate of John Auraden of Hamilton & Fairhaven, Ohio.

Each with minor scratches, Webster and Three States Mixture tin with oxidation, VG.
Sold: $46.00
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<i>Mentholatum</i> Thermometer,
Lot # 600 - Mentholatum Thermometer,
stenciled After Shaving Mentholatum Cooling Refreshing Mentholatum Relieves Headache and Catarrh All Druggists wood thermometer with tombstone form, regimental stripes rendered in white, red and black, reverse side Dorfman Bros Corona, N.Y. 20.5" high x 5" wide, complete with two mounting holes. > Item Details
Three <i>Dr. E.L. Welbourn's Vegetable Medicine</i> Signs,
Lot # 402 - Three Dr. E.L. Welbourn's Vegetable Medicine Signs,
painted heavy gage steel angled signs, made to mount on wall so sign hangs at right angle to wall with above text, 6.4" x 13". > Item Details
<i>Drive Coast to Coast</i> Coin-Op Game,
Lot # 960 - Drive Coast to Coast Coin-Op Game,
video-arcade game presenting map of the United States with multicolored states with Dive Coast to Coast banner above map. > Item Details
Two Uncut Tobacco Tins,
Lot # 215 - Two Uncut Tobacco Tins,
chromolithographed Tennyson 5¢ unassembled rectangular tobacco tin, gold, red and black, 12" long x 5.75" wide; AND chromolithographed Hauptmann's Hand Made Mild and Fragrant Now 5¢ unassembled rectangular tobacco tin, red, white and black, 13.5" long x 6" wide. > Item Details
<i>A.J. Hamilton</i> Framed Calendar,
Lot # 530 - A.J. Hamilton Framed Calendar,
includes elaborate lime green motor car heaped with roses. Outline of car framed with white garland of flowers and four wheels encrusted with blue wildflowers. Side of car with Compliments of A.J. Hamilton Eldorado, Ohio. Paper calendar in bottom middle with 1907 date. Motor car applied to burlap b... > Item Details
<i>The World Type Writer</i> Advertisement,
Lot # 169 - The World Type Writer Advertisement,
marked Pope MFG. Co Makers of Columbia Bicycles and Tricycles, Boston, New York, Chicago patented Oct. 12, 1886. Nickeled steel and brass mounted on oak base, base is 12" x 6". > Item Details
<i>Your Fortune And Ball of Gum One Cent</i> Slot Machine,
Lot # 829 - Your Fortune And Ball of Gum One Cent Slot Machine,
with case metal front and back with wood sides and top mounted coin drop/winning card, 3 reels with fruit, bells and gum, 10" x 14" x 18.25" high. > Item Details
Telephone-Type Dial Jukebox in Old Wooden Cabinet,
Lot # 981 - Telephone-Type Dial Jukebox in Old Wooden Cabinet,
art deco-style with two lower doors to change records, 37" x 21" x 54" high. > Item Details
<i>Chein</i> Tin Chromolithograph Toy, <i>Hubley</i> Truck in Box , Plus,
Lot # 176 - Chein Tin Chromolithograph Toy, Hubley Truck in Box , Plus,
lot of 4. Includes die cast Hubley Stake Truck in original illustrated paper box, with 5 plastic tools in bed of truck, truck is 6.75" long; PLUS Magnus hard plastic miniature electric organ, 8.5" long x 4.5" deep x 6.5" high, working; PLUS chromolithographed tin Bunny Train, by Chien, 14.5" long, e... > Item Details
Tabletop <i>Enterprise MFG</i> Coffee Grinder,
Lot # 795 - Tabletop Enterprise MFG Coffee Grinder,
store-type counter top cast iron mill with original red and gilt paint, stenciled American shields, ornate scrollwork, and stenciled gold medallions from world expositions. Urn-shaped hopper with pivoting domed lid. Mill base marked with raised letters Enterprise M.F.G. Co. Philadephia U.S.A. Two fl... > Item Details
<i>Seeburg Artists of the Week</i> Jukebox,
Lot # 985 - Seeburg Artists of the Week Jukebox,
Model AQ160 Seeburg Artist of the Week Jukebox. Has a picture of Harry Truman in the display. Features artists like Elvis, Eric Clapton, and Rod Stewart. 24.5" x 32.5" x 62". Weighs 360lbs. > Item Details
<i>Prince Albert</i> Chromolithographed Tin Round Sign,
Lot # 335 - Prince Albert Chromolithographed Tin Round Sign,
with bust portrait of older gentleman smoking corn cob pipe with open pocket tin of product to right, 24" diameter. > Item Details
Curved Front Small Wooden Showcase,
Lot # 770 - Curved Front Small Wooden Showcase,
with stamped nickel tag on front marked J. Riswig 208 & 210 Randoph St. Chicago, with mirrored and hinged rear door, 18.5" x 12.5" x 9.25" high. > Item Details
A&M Bisque Doll,
Lot # 72 - A&M Bisque Doll,
with sleep eyes, open mouth and auburn hair wig, jointed composition body, dressed, 20" high. > Item Details
<i>How to Kiss a Girl</i> Wooden Trade Stimulator,
Lot # 963 - How to Kiss a Girl Wooden Trade Stimulator,
wood case with cast iron figural mounts of cherub heads, viewer machine with revolving reel of still photographs taken sequentially to form a moving picture, 18" x 17" x 59". > Item Details
<i>Peters</i> and <i>Klean Bore</i> Ammunition  Signs,
Lot # 436 - Peters and Klean Bore Ammunition Signs,
both polychrome printed on heavy card stock includes Peters illustrating a variety of rifle and pistol cartridges with original mounting hole top center, 13" x 20", and ballistic chart printed on rear, AND Remington Klean Bore Short Rimmed Fire with illustration of young boy with 22 pump clutching b... > Item Details
<i>The Rex</i> Five-Set Pinball Machine,
Lot # 958 - The Rex Five-Set Pinball Machine,
insert a nickel in slot and try to shoot balls into hole. Game of skill, still works. 36.25" x 17.25" x 37.75". > Item Details
<i>Green River Straight Whiskey</i> Tin Chromolithograph Tray,
Lot # 638 - Green River Straight Whiskey Tin Chromolithograph Tray,
tin chromolithograph depicting an African American man next to a mule with a jug of whiskey strapped to it. Reads She Was Bred in Old Kentucky. Border reads Green River Straight Whiskey. 12" diameter. > Item Details
Lot of Cardboard Boxes  & Tin Product Boxes,
Lot # 270 - Lot of Cardboard Boxes & Tin Product Boxes,
chromolithographed Dime-Lax Chocolate Flavor Pleasant and Effective Laxatives rectangular cardboard box, white, yellow and brown, 1" high x 5.5" long x 4" wide; PLUS chromolithographed Kroger Fres-shore Oysters Fresh From the Sea to You cylindrical cardboard container, yellow, blue, orange and brown... > Item Details
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