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Buckeye Root Beer Extract Counter Dispenser,
2005, Advertising, Toys & Coin-Ops / Feb 24-25
ca 1890-1910, of ironstone with decorative decal decoration consisting of the product name Buckeye Root Beer over an oval medallion with a foamy mug of root beer surrounded by the manufacturer's name Cleveland Fruit Juice Co. and sprigs of buckeyes. Impressed underglaze mark on bottom, illegible. Retains original pump with glass finial showing company name; 12" tall (without pump) and 16" tall (with pump) and 6.5" across the base.

Ex Collection William 'Bang' Meyer

Few minor stains and wear to gold trim; oxidation to metal, still VG.
Sold: $2,415.00
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Five Cent Panorama Viewing Machine,
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<i>John Deere</i> Cast Iron Wall Pocket,
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figural cast iron with leaping deer inside buckled garter on which is embossed John Deere Molline, Ill 1847, above a pocket with embossed plow on front and scrollwork at sides, with screw mount at top, 10.75" wide x 17.75" long. > Item Details
<i>Wm Michael & Co.</i> Gumball Machine,
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<i>Pure Milk Chocolate Grahams</i> Store Jar Plus,
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Cast Iron MCRR 152 Five-Piece Floor Train, Plus,
Lot # 115 - Cast Iron MCRR 152 Five-Piece Floor Train, Plus,
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<i>1¢ Electricity How Much Can You Stand?</i> Trade Stimulator,
Lot # 952 - 1¢ Electricity How Much Can You Stand? Trade Stimulator,
sheet steel case in original red paint and label with 2 handles and voltmeter, key present. > Item Details
Group of Six Tobacco Tins,
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chromolithographed El Cruzador Hechos Expresamente Para Personas De Gusto cylindrical tin with friction-fitted lid, brown, white, red, blue, and gold, 5" high x 5.5" diameter; PLUS paper-labeled JBM Hugunin's Mixture cylindrical tin with friction-fitted lid, blue and white, 5" high x 5.5" diameter; ... > Item Details
<i>DeLaval Cream Separator</i> Chromolithographed Tin  & Oak Cabinet,
Lot # 660 - DeLaval Cream Separator Chromolithographed Tin & Oak Cabinet,
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<i>Orange Crush</i> Drink Dispenser,
Lot # 730 - Orange Crush Drink Dispenser,
figural glass globe in form of orange in frosted glass with nickel-plated brass tap-type spicket and lid with attached agitator paddle, set on black glass tapered base with Orange Crush along bottom, 7.5" square x 16" high. > Item Details
Spool Cabinet <i>Brianerd & Armstong's Silk</i>,
Lot # 645 - Spool Cabinet Brianerd & Armstong's Silk,
oak, with cleaned finish, original stencil and 2 drawers, one glass front, 16" x 16.4" x 8" high. > Item Details
Two Match Vending Machines,
Lot # 919 - Two Match Vending Machines,
includes one with label reading Book Matches 2 for 1¢, wood case, 6.5" x 4" x 14" high; AND a heavy sheet steel example with peaked top in old blue repaint, 6" x 6" x 16" high. > Item Details
Fortune-Teller Machine,
Lot # 966 - Fortune-Teller Machine,
parts only, composition half Gypsy woman on stand with wooden basal cabinet with non working mechanism insde. > Item Details
<i>Garcia Grande Cigars</i> Tin & Glass Display Case
Lot # 561 - Garcia Grande Cigars Tin & Glass Display Case
humidor-type in original paint stencils with hinged lift lid, made to hold 3 cigar boxes, 10.4" wide x 19" deep x 14.8" high. > Item Details
Durstein's  5¢  Segars Wooden Thermometer,
Lot # 583 - Durstein's 5¢ Segars Wooden Thermometer,
Chromolithographed Flor De Durstein Hand Made Havana Cigars S.H. Durstein, Wilmington, Del. Durstein's Sen Auben Hand Made 5¢ Segars wooden thermometer with tombstone form, reverse side H.H. Schrope & Co. Annville, PA., oval shaped image of a well-dressed gentleman surrounded by medallions, roses an... > Item Details
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