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Window with Nine Colored, Pressed Glass Panes,
2004 American Furniture and Folk Art July 22-23
in a white-painted pine frame. Central, orange pane has crane and palm trees (possibly Florida scene); 9.75" x 7.5". Above and below this central pane are cobalt panes with foliate decoration on a checkered background;4.25" x 7.5". Flanking the central pane are aqua panes with poppies; 9.5" X 4.5". In the corners, are pale amythest panes with a geometric design; 4.5" square. A wonderful assembly of fancy window glass, possibly by the Addison Glass Factory in Addison, NY; 23.5" x 22".

Ex. Collection of the Mary Kay Walter Family Trust

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Cherry Hepplewhite One-Drawer Stand,
Lot # 202 - Cherry Hepplewhite One-Drawer Stand,
with poplar and pine secondary woods, a single, scratch-beaded drawer, and tapered legs. Retains a wonderful old red wash. Probably Pennsylvania or Ohio, ca 1800-1825; 29.25" high x 22.25" wide x 18.75" deep. > Item Details
Two Reverse Paintings on Glass,
Lot # 4 - Two Reverse Paintings on Glass,
the first depicting a small house in the countryside, in an old painted poplar frame, 3.5" x 6.75" (w/o frame), 6.5" x 9.5" (w/frame); AND a miniature scene depicting a couple near a lake or river with a castle or large church in the background, in a gold-painted frame, 2" x 2.75" (w/o frame), 3" x ... > Item Details
Cased Silver Equestrian Motif Box,
Lot # 393 - Cased Silver Equestrian Motif Box,
silver plated steel circular box with applied silvered copper race horse and rider and larger daisy in center. Illegibly marked under horse, and with hinged lid in a red velvet, silk-lined, fitted box; 2.75" diameter; case is 4.5" diameter. > Item Details
American Appliqued Quilt,
Lot # 176 - American Appliqued Quilt,
all hand-sewn cotton, with yellow, green, and three shades of pink appliqued flowers on white ground with wreath quilting and a green border; approx. 73" x 73". > Item Details
Basket of Figural Antique Tin Cookie Cutters,
Lot # 368 - Basket of Figural Antique Tin Cookie Cutters,
lot of 31, all American and mid 19th through early 20th century. Includes 9 different birds, 6 birds in flight, 2 chickens and 1 duck; PLUS 2 men, one in profile and one front view; PLUS 1 fish; PLUS 1 lamb; PLUS 1 horse; PLUS 1 rabbit; PLUS 1 flower; AND 15 different geometric designs, various siz... > Item Details
Four American Coin Silver Teaspoons,
Lot # 151 - Four American Coin Silver Teaspoons,
includes two matching 4.75" spoons decorated with gadrooning around the edge of the rounded handles, both marked with an undecipherable maker's mark and pseudo-hallmarks (a lion, a man's head, and the letter G); AND two matching 5" spoons decorated with banding around the pointed handles, both marke... > Item Details
Carved Milliner's Model Head,
Lot # 53 - Carved Milliner's Model Head,
basswood, with a carved face and a hole on the underside of the neck for mounting on a milliner's work table. With wonderful wear to the crown of the head from years of use, and retaining a fine old patina. Probably late 19th century; 9.5" high x 5.75" wide x 7.25" deep. > Item Details
George III Mahogany Mirror,
Lot # 182 - George III Mahogany Mirror,
mahogany with satinwood string inlay and pine secondary wood. Probably a 19th-century copy of an 18th-century mirror; 21" x 43". > Item Details
American Bowie Knife,
Lot # 390 - American Bowie Knife,
anonymous 20th-century copy of Civil War-period knife with 11.5" clipped end single edged blade, oval brass bar-type guard, and 2-piece hickory grip; total length 16.4". > Item Details
Set of 8 Arrow-Back Windsor Chairs,
Lot # 198 - Set of 8 Arrow-Back Windsor Chairs,
mixed woods, with 4 arrow-shaped spindles, "rabbit ear" posts, and bamboo-turned legs and stretchers. American, ca 1815-1840; seat height 17", overall height 33.5". > Item Details
Louis XVI Gilt and Painted Mirror,
Lot # 183 - Louis XVI Gilt and Painted Mirror,
carved wood and gesso. Pierced and scrolled crest with beaded and reeded central plinth surmounted by 2 small birds, and surrounded by laurel wreath, flanked by floral decoration scrollwork with central rosettes and spiral torch surmounts. Sides with laurel leaf and pineapple-carved drops. Bottom wi... > Item Details
Federal Miror with Reverse-Painted Tablet,
Lot # 186 - Federal Miror with Reverse-Painted Tablet,
gilt frame with turned half columns and rosette corner blocks. Retains its original mirrored tablet and a 19th-century replaced reverse-painted tablet of basket of flowers; 13" x 27.5". > Item Details
Four Early Sheffield Candlesticks,
Lot # 134 - Four Early Sheffield Candlesticks,
includes a pair with round, foliate-decorated bases, reeded baluster columns, and reeded, bulbous sockets. Appear to retain their original bobeches; 8" high x 4.5" diameter (base). Also included are two single sticks, one with a round, repousse base and plain column, 9.5" high x 4.5" diameter (bas... > Item Details
Square-Back Windsor Chair,
Lot # 108 - Square-Back Windsor Chair,
mixed woods, with scooped seat, bamboo-turned posts terminating in "rabbit ears", 6 plain spindles, and swell-turned legs and stretchers. American, ca 1800-1825; seat height 17.5", overall height 34". > Item Details
Miniature Leeds Pitcher and Basin,
Lot # 287 - Miniature Leeds Pitcher and Basin,
ca 1830-1850, with overlapping, ovoid, cobalt decoration around the shoulder and rim and with a cobalt floret in the center of the basin. Pitcher is 3" tall & basin is 4" diameter. > Item Details
Fine Set of Cincinnati Coin Silver Spoons,
Lot # 144 - Fine Set of Cincinnati Coin Silver Spoons,
includes 2 8.25" table spoons and 4 5.75" teaspoons, with twist handles and engraved decoration. All marked STERLING 825/1000 DUHME & CO. (Cincinnati, Ohio, working 1842-1896). Total weight approx. 6 ozt (190 g). > Item Details
Two Rockingham Seated Dogs,
Lot # 327 - Two Rockingham Seated Dogs,
both from the same mold with sgraffito-detailed tails, one likely post-dates the other by a few years as molded details not quite as sharp. Mid-19th century on yelloware bodies; 6.2" wide x 8.25" long x 10" high. > Item Details
Five Pieces of Rockingham Pottery,
Lot # 329 - Five Pieces of Rockingham Pottery,
all mid-19th century. Includes a large-shoulder mixing bowl with strong color and pattern, 13" diameter x 6" tall; PLUS a shoulder mixing bowl with vertical paneled & scalloped mold, strong color & iridescence to glaze, 11.5 diameter x 5.5" tall; PLUS a large, oval, open vegetable bowl with rolled r... > Item Details
Two Staffordshire Silver Luster Sugar Bowls
Lot # 314 - Two Staffordshire Silver Luster Sugar Bowls
both ca 1830-40, on redware bodies with embossed floral and basket weave bottom or roped margins with domed lids with floral finials, 5.75" x 4.25" x 5.35" high; AND 5" x 3.75" x 5" high. > Item Details
21 American Coin and Sterling Silver Spoons,
Lot # 148 - 21 American Coin and Sterling Silver Spoons,
includes 3 matching, unmarked 8.5" serving spoons; PLUS 6 matching 5.75" teaspoons with pseudo-hallmarks; PLUS 3 unmatched 7" tablespoons with pseudo-hallmarks; PLUS a 5.75" and a 6.25" teaspoon with pseudo-hallmarks; PLUS a 5.5" and a 6" teaspoon with illegible marks; PLUS a 5.5", a 5.75", and 2 6"... > Item Details
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