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**Colt Thompson 1921A Submachine Gun
4/30/2013 - Firearms and Militaria: Richard L. Wray Collection - Live Salesroom Auction
.45 caliber, 10.5" barrel, S/N 2265 matches. Marked on the left side of gun Model 1921 and serial number in two lines.  Marked in the rear of frame Thompson Submachine gun, Caliber.45 Automatic Colt Cartridge, Manufactured By Colt Patent Fire Arms MFG. Co, Hartford Conn U.S.A. in five lines. With fifty-round Bridgeport drum. All internal parts are Colt made and original to the gun. Walnut buttstock with trap in butt; pistol grip and forward  grip.  Blued finish. Curio & Relic fully transferable.

Bore is excellent. Weapon retains ca 85% original bright blue finish; only wear is to the high points and the muzzle end.  All markings are very sharp and crisp.   Wood is excellent.  Drum magazine is excellent.  Bore is very good.
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**Vickers Mark I Water-Cooled Machine Gun
Lot # 35 - **Vickers Mark I Water-Cooled Machine Gun
.303 caliber, S/N C1455. Old style rear sight, milled out right side plate, fluted jacket. Mfd. by VSM, Cincinnati, Ohio. Mounted on WWI Mk IV H2390. Fully transferable. > Item Details
U.S. Marked Flare Pistol
Lot # 141 - U.S. Marked Flare Pistol
Marked on the frame in a triangle M and S.W.C. U. S. Property Pistol Pyrotechnic.  Parkerized finish with black plastic grips. > Item Details
Four Boxed Bren Gun 100-Round Drums
Lot # 191 - Four Boxed Bren Gun 100-Round Drums
.303 caliber Bren gun drums. Included in this lot is the loading device and the adapter that allows the gun to use the drum. All parts are stored in the original carrying chest. > Item Details
*S&W Victory Model U.S. Navy Marked
Lot # 132 - *S&W Victory Model U.S. Navy Marked
.38 caliber, 4" barrel, S/N 235189. Parkerized finish with walnut grips with lanyard ring.  Marked on the top left side of frame U.S. Navy. Case colored hammer and trigger.  > Item Details
*Egyptian Hakim Semi-Auto Rifle
*Galesi Model 9
Lot # 116 - *Galesi Model 9
.25 ACP caliber, 2.5" barrel, S/N 170333. Blued finish with black grips. > Item Details
*Winchester Pre-'64 Model 70 Bolt Action Rifle
Lot # 153 - *Winchester Pre-'64 Model 70 Bolt Action Rifle
.375 H&H caliber, 25" barrel, S/N 296622. Blue finish, walnut checkered stock with rubber buttpad. 1954 date of mfg. > Item Details
** German LMG 15 Na Bergmann
Lot # 67 - ** German LMG 15 Na Bergmann
7.92mm caliber, S/N 1786. All matching numbers; weapon is dated 1917. Complete with belt drum and mounting bracket. Firearm is mounted on a very rare MG 08/15 AA tripod. This firearm uses standard German 08 Maxim belt. Curio & Relic fully transferable.  > Item Details
*M-1 Garand Semi-Auto Rifle
Lot # 185 - *M-1 Garand Semi-Auto Rifle
.30-06 caliber, 24" barrel, S/N 5296662. Parkerized finish, unmarked. 6535448 12 53 A26 National Match op rod. > Item Details
**Original Browning Model 1917A1 Machine Gun
Lot # 32 - **Original Browning Model 1917A1 Machine Gun
.30-06 caliber, S/N 701543. Manufactured by Rock Island Arsenal Co. Correct 1917A1 tripod with serial number 195760.  Included is an early latch style ammunition can for mounting directly on the M1917A1 tripod, an oil can,  M1A1 water chest/condensing can and a clinometer with leather carr... > Item Details
*Japanese Type 99 Light Machine Gun
Lot # 61 - *Japanese Type 99 Light Machine Gun
7.7mm caliber,  S/N 7959. Complete with flash hider, magazine, optical sight, buttstock, monopod, front bipod and correct bayonet with scabbard.  With original magazine. Fully transferable as a Curio & Relic. > Item Details
**H&R Rising Model 50 Submachine Gun
Lot # 1 - **H&R Rising Model 50 Submachine Gun
.45 caliber, S/N 8156. Commercially blued gun, with 20-round magazine. Curio & Relic fully transferable. > Item Details
*Winchester Pre-'64 Model 94 Lever Action Rifle
Lot # 155 - *Winchester Pre-'64 Model 94 Lever Action Rifle
.30-30 caliber, 20" barrel, S/N 2251967. Blue finish, walnut stocks. > Item Details
*Hi-Standard Riot Shotgun
Lot # 181 - *Hi-Standard Riot Shotgun
12 ga., 18" barrel, S/N 323175. Blued finish, walnut buttstock and forearm.  PPD markings on brass tag on the pistol grip. > Item Details
**Twin French Darne Observers' Guns
Lot # 17 - **Twin French Darne Observers' Guns
7.5mm caliber, S/Ns 6988G (gauche/left) and 7043D (droit/right).  Dated 1931. Complete with twin observers' mount, ammo boxes, aircraft sights and shoulder stocks. (See Chinn, Vol I, pg 385). Each gun is registered individually.  Fully  transferable C&R. > Item Details
*Russian Makarov Semi-Auto Pistol Vietnam
Lot # 146 - *Russian Makarov Semi-Auto Pistol Vietnam "Bring Back"
9x18 Makarov caliber, 3.75" barrel, S/N A78686. Blue finish, brown plastic grips. Leather holster with cleaning rod and marked inside with G.I. identification. > Item Details
*Model 1906 Swiss Luger
Lot # 131 - *Model 1906 Swiss Luger
.30 Luger, 5" barrel, S/N 16502. No banner on the top of breech; Swiss cross markings on the barrel and frame.  Top of toggle marked in three lines with Swiss cross Waffenbrink Bern. Blued finish with checkered wood grips. > Item Details
*WWII Japanese Type 99 Bolt Action Rifle with Bayonet
Lot # 162 - *WWII Japanese Type 99 Bolt Action Rifle with Bayonet
7.7 Japanese caliber, 25.5" barrel, S/N 56014. Blue finish, mismatched numbers, ground mum; aircraft sights, monopod, dust cover, bayonet, no scabbard. > Item Details
*Mannlicher Schoenauer Model 1925 Bolt Action Rifle
Lot # 177 - *Mannlicher Schoenauer Model 1925 Bolt Action Rifle
7x64 caliber, 23.6" barrel, S/N 5305. Blue finish, walnut checkered stock, three-leaf rear sight, double-set triggers; receiver drilled and tapped and is set up for detachable scope. > Item Details
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