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**Colt Thompson 1921A Submachine Gun
4/30/2013 - Firearms and Militaria: Richard L. Wray Collection - Live Salesroom Auction
.45 caliber, 10.5" barrel, S/N 2265 matches. Marked on the left side of gun Model 1921 and serial number in two lines.  Marked in the rear of frame Thompson Submachine gun, Caliber.45 Automatic Colt Cartridge, Manufactured By Colt Patent Fire Arms MFG. Co, Hartford Conn U.S.A. in five lines. With fifty-round Bridgeport drum. All internal parts are Colt made and original to the gun. Walnut buttstock with trap in butt; pistol grip and forward  grip.  Blued finish. Curio & Relic fully transferable.

Bore is excellent. Weapon retains ca 85% original bright blue finish; only wear is to the high points and the muzzle end.  All markings are very sharp and crisp.   Wood is excellent.  Drum magazine is excellent.  Bore is very good.
Sold: $42,550.00
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**French Model 1914 Hotchkiss
Lot # 13 - **French Model 1914 Hotchkiss
8mm Lebel caliber, S/N 43301. Matching serial numbers, manufactured in 1918. Mounted on omnibus mount with AA extension and vertical fire bracket (support pour le tir vertical), with very rare early flash hider. Curio & Relic fully transferable. > Item Details
**Chinese Type 24 Maxim Water-Cooled Machine Gun
Lot # 38 - **Chinese Type 24 Maxim Water-Cooled Machine Gun
7.92mm caliber, S/N 1202. With matching number tripod, spare lock S/N 1202B, original gun cover. Leather spare parts pouch numbered to the gun, original test target, muzzle booster soaker, original Chinese manual and range table, leather funnel and two mint Chinese-marked ammo belts. From the Winche... > Item Details
**German WWII MP 40 Submachine Gun
Lot # 69 - **German WWII MP 40 Submachine Gun
9mm caliber, S/N 8883a. Mfd. in 1942. Marked on top of the receiver MP 40 BNZ 42 in two lines. German sub-inspector's initials throughout along with Nazi markings.  Unusual color of Bakelite side panels. Curio & Relic fully transferable. > Item Details
*Swedish Lahti M/40
Lot # 95 - *Swedish Lahti M/40
.9mm caliber, 4.75" barrel, S/N D7036. Blued finish with black grips; with a reproduction shoulder stock. > Item Details
**Twin French Darne Observers' Guns
Lot # 17 - **Twin French Darne Observers' Guns
7.5mm caliber, S/Ns 6988G (gauche/left) and 7043D (droit/right).  Dated 1931. Complete with twin observers' mount, ammo boxes, aircraft sights and shoulder stocks. (See Chinn, Vol I, pg 385). Each gun is registered individually.  Fully  transferable C&R. > Item Details
*Winchester Pre-'64 Model 70 Bolt Action Rifle
Lot # 153 - *Winchester Pre-'64 Model 70 Bolt Action Rifle
.375 H&H caliber, 25" barrel, S/N 296622. Blue finish, walnut checkered stock with rubber buttpad. 1954 date of mfg. > Item Details
***Savage Lewis Gun
Lot # 60 - ***Savage Lewis Gun
.303 caliber commercial gun, S/N 12729. Manufactured by Savage Arms Co. Utica, NY. Beautiful blued finish with excellent condition walnut stock and pistol grip. Complete with a correct Savage 47-round drum. Curio & Relic fully transferable. > Item Details
*Winchester Model 59
Lot # 180 - *Winchester Model 59
12 ga., 26" glass barrel, S/N 71602. Marked on the right side of receiver Winchester M-59 12 GA.  Checkered forearm, checkered pistol grip.  Walnut buttstock with rubber recoil pad.     > Item Details
Rifle Scope by A. Jackenroll
Lot # 139 - Rifle Scope by A. Jackenroll
4 power scope. Marked on the eye piece A. Jackenroll; on the rim and on the bevel in engraved script A. Jack.  Comes with leather case.  No mounts or rings. > Item Details
*Italian Glisenti Model 10
Lot # 98 - *Italian Glisenti Model 10
9x19mm Glisenti caliber, 3.91" barrel, S/N 1980. Blued finish with checkered walnut grips. > Item Details
**Italian Breda Model 1937 Heavy Machine Gun
Lot # 15 - **Italian Breda Model 1937 Heavy Machine Gun
8mm rebated caliber, S/N 21259. Dated 1941, complete with tripod, AA extension, AA sights, AA 4th leg for tripod and twelve feed trays. Curio & Relic fully transferable. > Item Details
**Russian BSA Lewis Machine Gun
Lot # 59 - **Russian BSA Lewis Machine Gun
Originally this firearm was 7.62x54R (for Russia), but now has an incorrect .303 caliber barrel; S/N R1785. Receiver, top cover, jacket and feed arm marked Russia or R.  Rear sight marked Russian Paces. Bolt #4029, but its extractors have Russian marks. Complete with Russian 47-round drum. Curi... > Item Details
**H&R Rising Model 50 Submachine Gun
Lot # 1 - **H&R Rising Model 50 Submachine Gun
.45 caliber, S/N 8156. Commercially blued gun, with 20-round magazine. Curio & Relic fully transferable. > Item Details
**Finnish Semiautomatic Lahti L-39 Anti-Tank Gun
Lot # 3 - **Finnish Semiautomatic Lahti L-39 Anti-Tank Gun
20mm caliber, destructive device, S/N 644. Complete with two spare magazines and 12 rounds of ball ammunition, muzzle brake and bipod mount with spiked feet for hard ground and sled-type shoes for soft ground or snow. Mfg. by VKT (Faltion Kiraaritehdas- "State Rifle Factory"). Collector&nb... > Item Details
*1920 Commercial Artillery Luger
Lot # 129 - *1920 Commercial Artillery Luger
.9mm caliber, 8" barrel, S/N 7928. All parts matching except the sideplate, Blued finish with drum magazine and wood shoulder stock. Original leather holster. > Item Details
*S&W Model 27
Lot # 135 - *S&W Model 27
.357 magnum caliber, rare 3.5" barrel, S/N S 82514. Nickel finish with blued front and rear ramp adjustable rear sight. Checkered wood grips with S&W medallions. Case colored hammer and trigger. Trigger with boot.  Rare in nickel finish. > Item Details
**U.S. Vickers Colt Model 1918 Aircraft Machine Gun
Lot # 26 - **U.S. Vickers Colt Model 1918 Aircraft Machine Gun
11mm caliber, S/N 12437. Firearm has all correct internal parts, barrel and booster. Firearm has rare return spring device in rear of crank. Mounted on wood display stand with 20 rounds of original 11mm ammunition and links. Curio & Relic fully transferable. > Item Details
*Mauser 98 Bolt Action Shotgun
Lot # 182 - *Mauser 98 Bolt Action Shotgun
12 ga., 24.75" barrel, no S/N. Blue finish, walnut stock. > Item Details
***Exploraco MK11 Sten Gun & Exploraco Model
Lot # 5 - ***Exploraco MK11 Sten Gun & Exploraco Model "S" Suppressor
9mm caliber, S/N 802 . Suppressor is S/N 736 and is 9mm caliber and mounted on the Sten gun. Nicknamed the "Tube Gun," this requires two NFA stamps, one for the submachine gun and one for the suppressor. Manufactured by Exploraco.  Comes with a fifty-round clip (not original to t... > Item Details
*WWII Inland M-1 Carbine
Lot # 176 - *WWII Inland M-1 Carbine
.30 caliber, 18" barrel, S/N 495764. Blue finish, walnut checkered sporter stock; Weaver K2.5 scope. > Item Details
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