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A Very Fine Meiji Royal Satsuma Dish
9/13/2013 - Asian Art
Japanese, Meiji Period.  Stoneware tea bowl, late 19th century, Satsuma ware, decoration of women viewing cherry blossoms on interior, exterior with floral and children playing, signed Tozan; ht. of dish 2 in., ht. of box 3.75 in.  Specific provenance notes retained within box.

The bowl is in pristine condition.
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Chinese Carved Cinnabar Box
Lot # 47 - Chinese Carved Cinnabar Box
Chinese, Qianlong period. A three-color ware cinnabar box decorated with melons, having surfaces finely carved with brocade patterns and shou characters; lg. 5 in. > Item Details
Chinese White Jade Fisherman
Lot # 251 - Chinese White Jade Fisherman
Chinese. A white jade carving of a fisherman; ht. 4 in. > Item Details
A Chinese Monochrome Black Vase
Lot # 583 - A Chinese Monochrome Black Vase
Chinese, early 20th century.  A heavy glazed monochrome black vase, the black tapering to a light brown at rim; ht. 11.5 in. > Item Details
Utagawa Kuniyoshi Triptych
Lot # 680 - Utagawa Kuniyoshi Triptych
Utagawa Kuniyoshi (Japanese, 1797-1861).  A lifetime print, titled motoyoshi Yonosuke and Tsushiomaru from the series Old Tale of Sansho Dayu (Kabuki Play), dated 1852.  A group of three woodblocks, each print measuring 13.5 x 8.5 in.  Original label from M. Nakazawa. > Item Details
Chinese Jade Carving of Buddha
Lot # 108 - Chinese Jade Carving of Buddha
Chinese, 20th century.  Nephrite jade carving of seated Buddha, holding unusually large sceptor, russet markings; ht. 5.5 in. > Item Details
Chinese Carved Ivory Carp on Stand
Lot # 313 - Chinese Carved Ivory Carp on Stand
Chinese. A carved and inked ivory carp, large, on fitted stand; lg. 10 in. > Item Details
Chinese Triple Dragon Plate, Guangxu Period
Lot # 105 - Chinese Triple Dragon Plate, Guangxu Period
Chinese, Guangxu mark and period. A triple dragon porcelain plate in underglaze blue; dia. 10 in. Published in Anthony J. Allen, Introduction of Later Chinese Porcelain, page 42, plate 11 (b). > Item Details
Chinese Bamboo Root Dragon Carving on Stand
Lot # 61 - Chinese Bamboo Root Dragon Carving on Stand
Chinese, early 20th century. A bamboo root carving, heavily reticulated, depicting a dragon chasing celestial pearls, with a carved bamboo stand, all resting on circular rosewood stand; ht. of carving 13 in. > Item Details
19th Century Chinese
Lot # 542 - 19th Century Chinese "Screen" Clock
Chinese, early 19th century.  With rosewood case, highly carved base.  Double fusee movement striking the hours and quarters.  Crown wheel escapement and center seconds.  Brass dial surround includes an aperture showing Chinese calendar symbols.  Currently running, with... > Item Details
Chinese 18th Century Jade Archer's Ring
Lot # 40 - Chinese 18th Century Jade Archer's Ring
Chinese, 18th century or earlier.  Celadon green stone with dark markings. Surface carved with chilong. D-shaped; ht. 1 in. Ex Collection of Dr. Herman Charles and Jannette Groman of Hammond, IN.   Dr. Charles (1882-1954) was an Olympic athlete, winning bronze in ... > Item Details
Chinese Gilt Wood Attendant
Lot # 511 - Chinese Gilt Wood Attendant
Chinese, Ming Dynasty. A gilt and lacquer standing Buddha figure; ht. 16 in. > Item Details
Chinese Identified Republic Period Porcelain Teapot
Lot # 176 - Chinese Identified Republic Period Porcelain Teapot
Chinese, 1910-1934.  A Republic period teapot with maroon bordering, and having tiger decorated with inscription. Produced by the JiangXi YingJun Porcelain Company; ht. 3.5 in. > Item Details
Chinese Porcelain <i>Famille Verte</i> Dragon Box
Lot # 372 - Chinese Porcelain Famille Verte Dragon Box
Chinese, 19th century.  A Qianlong marked porcelain box, famille verte decoration with dragon and pearl, five-clawed; six-character archaic mark to underside; ht. 2.25 in. > Item Details
Japanese Bronze Crane on Carved Stand
Lot # 698 - Japanese Bronze Crane on Carved Stand
Japanese, early 20th century.  A cast bronze crane figure with deliberate oxidized patina, on carved hardwood stand; ht. 29.5 in. > Item Details
Chinese Household Divinity Statue
Lot # 540 - Chinese Household Divinity Statue
Chinese, late 19th century.  A wood carving of a household divinity, lacquered and gilt reside remaining; ht. 17 in. > Item Details
Collection of Japanese Carved Animal Netsukes
Lot # 659 - Collection of Japanese Carved Animal Netsukes
Japanese, early 20th century.  A group of eleven (11) carved and inked ivory netsuke, six with identifying marks; ht. of tallest 2 in. > Item Details
Japanese Ironstone Moon Flask
Lot # 739 - Japanese Ironstone Moon Flask
Japanese, 20th century.  A blue and white decorated ironstone moon flask; ht. 8.75 in. > Item Details
Chinese Celadon Jade Citron
Lot # 131 - Chinese Celadon Jade Citron
Chinese, early 20th century.  A celadon jade carved citron or Buddha's hand, having carved monkeys to sides; ht. 4.75 in. > Item Details
Chinese Ivory Fantasy Carving
Lot # 146 - Chinese Ivory Fantasy Carving
Chinese. Ivory tower carving, with clouds and several figures including goddess and farmer below; ht. 12 in. (w/stand) > Item Details
Chinese Embroidered Woman's Robe
Lot # 6 - Chinese Embroidered Woman's Robe
Chinese, ca. 1890. A mauve brocade woman's robe with floral embroidered borders; lg. 53.25 in. > Item Details
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