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Scarce Eskimo Engraved Fossilized Bone Bow Guard PLUS,
2004, American Indian Art Auction / Sept 18-19
lot of 2. Includes the bow guard with geometric block motif decoration and two holes on each side for strap, length 3.75" x width 1.5"; AND a bone tool with a peg in center. Tool has parallel incised lines around edge and on top, length 3.5" x width 1.8". Carving on both pieces is early.

Ex First People's Museum of the American Indian and Eskimo

Bow guard excellent; tool very good, some old chips on bone.
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Small Navajo <i>Yei</i> Rug,
Lot # 533 - Small Navajo Yei Rug,
ca 1930s, hand-spun wool woven in colors of natural browns, aniline-dyed red, orange, and green against a cream ground. Designed with five Yei figures, one holding a corn plant, length 41.5" x width 29". > Item Details
Labrador Eskimo Baskets,
Lot # 744 - Labrador Eskimo Baskets,
lot of 3. All bundle coiled of wild grasses with decorative elements of aniline dyed grasses or seal gut. Includes a small, round basket with geometric motifs of dyed seal gut, height 3.25" x diameter 5.5"; PLUS another lidded basket with a carved fossilized bone ring on top and geometric motifs spa... > Item Details
Navajo Doll PLUS,
Lot # 165 - Navajo Doll PLUS,
lot of 3. Includes a pair of miniature Navajo hide moccasins with three fluted silver buttons on each, length 2.75" x height 2"; PLUS a miniature brick-stitched steer head pendant beaded in black, white, and red, length 1.5" x width 3.25"; AND a Navajo muslin doll wearing a black velveteen shirt, pa... > Item Details
Pima Basket,
Lot # 37 - Pima Basket,
ca 1880-1890, exceptionally tight coiling of willow with bold motif of an outlined central five-pointed star executed with devil's claw, accession number on bottom, height 3" x diameter 13.25". > Item Details
California Twined Basket,
Lot # 12 - California Twined Basket,
twined with full-twist overlay in pleasing arrangement of light and dark stepped bands filled with vertical bars with "wings" or with crosses. Base and narrow upper rim are medium brown, height 7" x diameter 7.5". > Item Details
Plains Doll,
Lot # 342 - Plains Doll,
with carved, wooden face covered in leather and beaded, thread-sewn features; body is muslin. Doll wears traditional fringed, beaded, white leather dress with red ribbon tie and beaded, leather leggings and moccasins. Remnants of horsehair remain on top of head, height 13". > Item Details
Three Basket Dance Rasps and Southwestern Dance Wands,
Lot # 173 - Three Basket Dance Rasps and Southwestern Dance Wands,
lot of 5. Rasps made of carved soft wood, one set with turquoise paint, one notched and other plain, with carved figured at ends. First has a woman holding a basket, length 12.5", second has a man with red painted face wearing a headdress and holding a rattle and prickly pear leaf, length 12.25", bo... > Item Details
Eastern Woodlands Moccasins,
Lot # 699 - Eastern Woodlands Moccasins,
thread and sinew-sewn, with vamps beaded in amber, black, cobalt, light blue, greasy yellow in a stylized flower against a white ground, black velveteen tongue with red ribbon edging and backed with striped cotton, cuffs with curvilinear couched beadwork in colors of pink, greasy yellow, light blue,... > Item Details
Reycita Naranjo Wedding Vase,
Lot # 108 - Reycita Naranjo Wedding Vase,
highly polished blackware with squat body and her signature twisted handle connecting the sleek tubular spouts. Body deeply carved with a slithering Avanyu and interlocking frets or "kiva steps," signed on bottom "Reycita Naranjo/ Santa Clara Pueblo/ N.M.," height 13" x diameter 8". Similar vessel p... > Item Details
Early Eskimo Snow Goggles,
Lot # 797 - Early Eskimo Snow Goggles,
carved from wood with raised area for bridge of nose and extended shield for eyes, length 5" x width 1.25". Truly a great pair with terrific patina. > Item Details
Eagle and Human Figure Totem Pole by Ellen Neel and Mortuary Pole,
Lot # 905 - Eagle and Human Figure Totem Pole by Ellen Neel and Mortuary Pole,
Includes a pole, possibly Tlingit, carved and painted in shades of red, green, yellow, and black, and signed on rear, height 9.5", AND a raven pole depicting the legend that the raven at flood time flew up to heaven with three children in his arms to save them from the flood, height on stand 13.25".... > Item Details
Eastern Woodlands Pipe Tomahawk,
Lot # 686 - Eastern Woodlands Pipe Tomahawk,
illustrated in Peterson 1971, Fig 211. Late 18th century, with dovetailed steel bit, shallow rounded bowl decorated with chevron wreath around top and base and raised horizontal moldings across eye. Starburst and floral engraving on each face of eye, teardrop eye with pointed end towards bit, width ... > Item Details
Northwest Coast Painted Cradle Exhibited World’s Fair, 1893,
Lot # 888 - Northwest Coast Painted Cradle Exhibited World’s Fair, 1893,
created from boards of cedar, two rockers on bottom, and sides painted with large-eyed creatures in red and black. Label states that this cradle was exhibited at the World's Columbian Exposition, Chicago, with an infant inside. Cradle was purchased from Canadian Cabin Crafts, Vancouver, BC in 1963. > Item Details
Pump Drill Mouthpiece PLUS,
Lot # 776 - Pump Drill Mouthpiece PLUS,
lot of 5. Includes a hand-carved wooden mouth piece with slate disc with hole for inserting drill, length 5" x height 2"; PLUS a fossilized ivory fishing weight carved to resemble a kayak, length 5.5"; PLUS a carved fossilized ivory fox(?), length 2"; PLUS a sophisticated hand-carved, fossilized ivo... > Item Details
Plains Trade Silver Armbands,
Lot # 289 - Plains Trade Silver Armbands,
pair, made of German silver, an ally of copper, zinc, and nickel. Bands have finely stamped and engraved designs typical of those found on Plains parfleches, length 12.5" x width 1.5". > Item Details
<i>Shalako</i> Katsina by Jimmy Koots,
Lot # 556 - Shalako Katsina by Jimmy Koots,
signed, ca 1960. Shalako is hand-carved from cottonwood with a white mask and an elaborate tableta with cloud symbols. The chin is painted with various colors radiating out from the center of mouth; towering body wears a robe painted with eagle feathers. Neat features include a carved "turquoise nug... > Item Details
Hupa Basket Tray,
Lot # 464 - Hupa Basket Tray,
twined with half-twist overlay decoration of dark stepped triangles divided horizontally by a dark band that follows pattern. Outer rim has numerous triangles and elements that repeat the stunning design, diameter 25". > Item Details
Paiute Beaded Baskets,
Lot # 42 - Paiute Beaded Baskets,
lot of 2. Includes one with overall southwest blanket designs in maroon, black, orange, and blue on a white ground. Even the bottom is beaded on this gem, height 2.5" x diameter 4.25"; AND finely coiled, footed vessel with elegant flaring sides and domed lid. Lid and basket with leather handles bead... > Item Details
Jicarilla Apache Basket Tray,
Lot # 477 - Jicarilla Apache Basket Tray,
coiled of sumac with fine, false braided rim and with aniline-dyed wefts creating a stepped lineal pattern, height 4.25" x diameter 15.75". > Item Details
Bannock/ Shoshone Parfleche,
Lot # 597 - Bannock/ Shoshone Parfleche,
with a lineal pattern of connected triangles and diamonds painted in red, orange, green, and blue-black. Unpainted on the reverse side, length 15" x width 8.5". > Item Details
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