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Scarce Eskimo Engraved Fossilized Bone Bow Guard PLUS,
2004, American Indian Art Auction / Sept 18-19
lot of 2. Includes the bow guard with geometric block motif decoration and two holes on each side for strap, length 3.75" x width 1.5"; AND a bone tool with a peg in center. Tool has parallel incised lines around edge and on top, length 3.5" x width 1.8". Carving on both pieces is early.

Ex First People's Museum of the American Indian and Eskimo

Bow guard excellent; tool very good, some old chips on bone.
Sold: $517.50
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Small Navajo Regional Weaving,
Lot # 131 - Small Navajo Regional Weaving,
ca 1920s, finely woven hand-spun wool in colors of black, aniline red, and variegated gray against a cream ground. Designed with a pop art diamond center bordered by serrated zigzags, four gray and black corner tassels, length 55.5" x width 33". > Item Details
Crow Child's Beaded Belt,
Lot # 276 - Crow Child's Beaded Belt,
strip of thick (harness?) leather beaded in colors of light blue, rose, greasy yellow, blue, green, and red, augmented with brass tacks, shoe string closure, length 26". > Item Details
Ojibwa Beaded Velvet Front Panel, Back Yoke, and Cuffs,
Lot # 710 - Ojibwa Beaded Velvet Front Panel, Back Yoke, and Cuffs,
in traditional, multicolored floral pattern; all edged in scarlet braid. Velvet sections have been applied to man's black cotton shirt; front and back yokes are stitched to shirt while cuffs are safety-pinned, chest measurement 42". Shirt has buttons under front yoke, which closes with snaps on righ... > Item Details
<i>Muyingwa</i>, Germination God Katsina,
Lot # 540 - Muyingwa, Germination God Katsina,
hand-carved from cottonwood with white case mask with clouds and sheep horns curving backwards on top of flat hat. White kilt and brocade sash complete the katsina's outfit. Muyingwa carries an ear of corn and a rattle; he possesses an in-depth knowledge of agriculture, height w/o Plexiglas base, 8.... > Item Details
Blackfoot Beaded Choker,
Lot # 273 - Blackfoot Beaded Choker,
four strands of light blue and cobalt beaded rope with eight brass beads in the center of each, leather strip washers at ends with hide ties, length (excluding ties) 14.75" x width 1". > Item Details
Acoma and Isleta Ceramics,
Lot # 69 - Acoma and Isleta Ceramics,
lot of 2, including a black and red-on-white slip Acoma bowl designed with thick lined whorling logs, crosshatched triangles, and checked diamonds, height 3.75" x diameter 6.5"; AND a black and red-on-white Isleta dish with a central stylized flower, zigzags around rim and small hole for hanging, he... > Item Details
Western Great Lakes Pictorial Beaded Knife Sheath,
Lot # 410 - Western Great Lakes Pictorial Beaded Knife Sheath,
thread-sewn hide with loom beaded central panel depicting four red and blue moose heads with red and black wool tassels at bottom, hide fringe around sheath and belt loops on back, total length 12". > Item Details
Mojave Canteen,
Lot # 92 - Mojave Canteen,
red, black and white-on-unslipped buff micaceous clay, footed vessel with four tubular spouts originating at shoulder, spotted and lined decorations on body, head with bulbous white eyes, prominent nose and carved mouth rising from center of vessel, striped handle on top of head with two small holes... > Item Details
Navajo Germantown Samplers,
Lot # 122 - Navajo Germantown Samplers,
lot of 2. Includes one in coral with purple motifs accented with cream and gray, length 19" x width 19"; AND another with diagonal eyedazzler pattern in colors of cream, teal-green, black, orange-yellow, and black, length 20" x width 19". > Item Details
Contemporary Sioux Pieces,
Lot # 340 - Contemporary Sioux Pieces,
lot of 3, interesting lot of beadwork and ceramics. Includes a pair of child's hide moccasins fully beaded in bright colors of green, cobalt, and red against a white ground with imagery of tipis and American flags on vamps, sides, and bottoms, lined with soft white cotton, length 7.5"; PLUS a small ... > Item Details
Order of the Red Man Items, & Advertising Pieces,
Lot # 450 - Order of the Red Man Items, & Advertising Pieces,
lot of 9. Includes a great silk and cello Red End pinback ribbon from "Tecumseh Tribe No 33 Miles City, Montana;" 9” x 2.6"; PLUS a second pinback silk ribbon with cast figural pewter medal in form of arrowhead with full-feather bonneted Plains Indian from 70th Great Council Imp'd O.R.M. Columbus Oh... > Item Details
Northwest Figure with Outstretched Arms,
Lot # 884 - Northwest Figure with Outstretched Arms,
possibly Nootka, carved of wood, of upper torso only, has red ochre paint on face and arms; black paint for hair and eyebrows, and with small remnant of nail in palm of right hand, height 3.25" x width 6". Arms are mortised into torso (Sturtevant 1990, 7:402). > Item Details
Tlingit Pin Cushion Whimsy PLUS,
Lot # 911 - Tlingit Pin Cushion Whimsy PLUS,
lot of 3. Includes a heart-shaped red, black, and blue wool pin cushion, with blue wool pompom tassels and lightly decorated with organic shapes beaded in cobalt, green, white, and greasy yellow, length 5" x width 7"; PLUS a Northwest Coast leopard skin and red trade cloth wall pocket with beadwork ... > Item Details
Oval California Mission Basket,
Lot # 459 - Oval California Mission Basket,
made of juncus, with natural and aniline red dyed rush forming zigzag and geometric designs around walls and bottom of basket, height 3" x length 14.5" x width 11". > Item Details
Havasupai and Mono Baskets,
Lot # 46 - Havasupai and Mono Baskets,
lot of 2. Includes a Havasupai globular bowl of diagonally coiled willow with bands in blue and red, wrapped rim, height 4.25" x approximate diameter 8.25"; AND a small Mono globular bowl of coiled sumac with repeating arches and rectangles in bracken fern root, height 2.75" x diameter 4.25". > Item Details
Salish and Klamath Baskets,
Lot # 842 - Salish and Klamath Baskets,
lot of 2. Includes one coiled oval Salish with imbricated chevron design around sides, basket rests on oval foot that is 1.6" high, total height 5.0" x length 8.75"; AND another twined Klamath with five bands of checker work design, height 4.0" x diameter 7.5". > Item Details
Large Maricopa Head Vase,
Lot # 95 - Large Maricopa Head Vase,
fantastic black-on-red stone polished vessel with interlocking frets and hollow circles on body, emerging from shoulder is a face with bulbous eyes and pointed nose, mouth slit open with black lines extending downward, height 7.75" x diameter 5.5". > Item Details
<i>Fancy Dancers</i> by John Alward,
Lot # 445 - Fancy Dancers by John Alward,
acrylic on canvas, signed lower left. An energetic piece with modern flair depicting two Pow Wow dancers, (w/ frame) 29" x 22.75". > Item Details
Tlingit Carved Pith Helmet, Signed
Lot # 903 - Tlingit Carved Pith Helmet, Signed "Cyot",
carved cedar. A unique piece, carved into a face with large abalone eyes, his bald head accentuated by two central rows of spiky black hair, probably horse, which taper to a point on back, bristly black hair mustache. He beams a row of ivory teeth, face painted in blue, red, and black, two holes ins... > Item Details
Three Painted Plates with Indian Motifs,
Lot # 454 - Three Painted Plates with Indian Motifs,
, lot of 3. Includes a small porcelain disc with portrait of Plains Indian man, marked on front "Chickasha, IT" (Indian Territory) set in silver dish with beautiful repoussé border, and marked on reverse "Paris France O'Hara Dial Co Waltham Mass USA, diameter 4.25"; PLUS an enamel tinware dish with ... > Item Details
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