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Scarce Eskimo Engraved Fossilized Bone Bow Guard PLUS,
2004, American Indian Art Auction / Sept 18-19
lot of 2. Includes the bow guard with geometric block motif decoration and two holes on each side for strap, length 3.75" x width 1.5"; AND a bone tool with a peg in center. Tool has parallel incised lines around edge and on top, length 3.5" x width 1.8". Carving on both pieces is early.

Ex First People's Museum of the American Indian and Eskimo

Bow guard excellent; tool very good, some old chips on bone.
Sold: $517.50
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Sioux Woman's Dress with Carved Bone Elk Teeth,
Lot # 638 - Sioux Woman's Dress with Carved Bone Elk Teeth,
mounted on garment of navy stroud with typical white selvages at shoulders, sleeves, and hem and with orange-gold binding trimming sleeves and yoke. Red binding on neck, pale yellow ribbon near hem, purple ribbon at neck, length at center back 51.5". > Item Details
Plateau Rawhide Bonnet Case,
Lot # 595 - Plateau Rawhide Bonnet Case,
with lid and with painted geometric motifs in green, brown, red, yellow, and blue on natural parfleche. Length fringe hangs from lower edge, height of case 13.5" x diameter of top 5.25". > Item Details
Sioux Beaded Brain-Tanned Hide Moccasins,
Lot # 264 - Sioux Beaded Brain-Tanned Hide Moccasins,
sinew-sewn beadwork in colors of red, yellow, green, and white, against a light blue ground, designed with central tipi on vamp and lane with tipi along rawhide sole, rectangular tongues, canvas patches on soles, length 10.5". > Item Details
Miniature Pima Horsehair Baskets,
Lot # 36 - Miniature Pima Horsehair Baskets,
lot of 2. Includes a plaque of black hair with light hair stepped motif encircling rim, diameter 2"; AND a lidded basket of dark and light horsehair woven over thin wooden splints. Center of lid, woven in yellow and green thread, resembles stylized flower, height 1" x diameter 1.25". > Item Details
Maricopa Canteen and Seed Jar,
Lot # 94 - Maricopa Canteen and Seed Jar,
black-on-burnished red. Canteen depicts a bird perched on top a mesa-like structure, branch floats in air, three handles on sides and bottom, corked opening, diameter 4.5"; AND a bulbous-shaped vessel with two stirrup handles, decorated with crisscrossed zigzags and swirling lines, height 5.5" x dia... > Item Details
Navajo Child's Shirt with Silver Buttons,
Lot # 575 - Navajo Child's Shirt with Silver Buttons,
ca 1930s. Charming shirt has great fluted and plain Navajo buttons trimming the purple velvet, 63 on cuffs, 48 on collar, and 36 on plaque, 16" across chest. Blouse for a baby girl replicates a woman's 1900 style (Sturtevant 1983, 10:527). > Item Details
Tony and Juanita Peña, San Ildefonso Vase,
Lot # 519 - Tony and Juanita Peña, San Ildefonso Vase,
stone-polished black-on-black jar with gourd-shaped body and long triangular feathers extend down the attenuated neck, Avanyu slithers around base, signed "Tony & Juanita/ S.I.P.," height 12" x diameter 7.5". Both Antonio and Juanita have their work published in El Palacio Dec. 1945(12):271-72 and ... > Item Details
Sioux Beaded Child's Beaded Hide Moccasins,
Lot # 261 - Sioux Beaded Child's Beaded Hide Moccasins,
sinew-sewn beadwork in geometric patterns, with light blues, cobalt, pink, red white heart, and greasy yellow seed beads, yellow ocher on cuffs, hide ties, heal fringe, rawhide soles, length 5.5". > Item Details
<i>Beautiful Sewing</i> by Bessie Ekugina and Elizabeth Tunnaq,
Lot # 915 - Beautiful Sewing by Bessie Ekugina and Elizabeth Tunnaq,
print 12/42, 1985. Titled, dated, signed, and embossed along bottom in pencil. Delightful picture of a guy and gal dressed in their finest beaded parkas, leggings, and moccasins, highlights in orange, blue, yellow, and green, (w/o frame) 18.5" x 25", (w/ frame) 23.25” x 29.25". > Item Details
Group of Harpoon Points,
Lot # 772 - Group of Harpoon Points,
lot of 11. These great points illustrate Eskimo technical ability and decorative creativity. Each point has its own personality and each exhibits wear, length ranges from 2.5" to 5.5". > Item Details
Large Mesquawkie Ribbon Work Blanket,
Lot # 730 - Large Mesquawkie Ribbon Work Blanket,
beautifully machine-sewn using various zigzag stitches on a United States Air Force navy wool blanket, three wide bands of white, pink and yellow ribbon border three sides, blue, light and dark purple, green and brown ribbons cut into organic shapes are appliquéd over the three base ribbons, pinked ... > Item Details
<i>Plains Woman</i> by Dave Van Voorhis,
Lot # 442 - Plains Woman by Dave Van Voorhis,
gouache on paper, signed "D.A. Van Voorhis '88" in lower right. Profile of a woman dressed with dentalia shell dress gazes out contemplatively. A snake, reminiscent of a halo, floats above her head. Executed in warm brown tones, paper taped to board, 20.25" x 15". Biography included. > Item Details
Miniature Cradles,
Lot # 257 - Miniature Cradles,
lot of 2. Includes thread-sewn hide teardrop-shaped Ute cradle, beaded at top with cobalt and pink lane, green and cobalt cross in center where doll's head rests. Doll made of blue patterned calico, hide lacing up front, fringe, and hanging loop on back, length 7" x width 3"; AND a Pomo basketry cra... > Item Details
<i>Human Fish in Our Camp</i> by E. Tunnaq/ Iquaginnaaq,
Lot # 914 - Human Fish in Our Camp by E. Tunnaq/ Iquaginnaaq,
print 12/60, 1985. Titled, dated, embossed, and signed in pencil along bottom, embossing on lower right. Black and white images of varying perspectives depict a man in an "overturned" sled with two dogs, a merman swimming above (or below) him, a yellow bear catching an enormous fish, and another man... > Item Details
Sea Lion and Walrus, and Seal OH MY!
Lot # 830 - Sea Lion and Walrus, and Seal OH MY!
lot of 3, Eskimo. Includes a carved soapstone sea lion with large flippers resting on his back, on bottom "Alex P./ 79/ FJ/ #5-109346," length 6.5" x width 3.5"; PLUS a hefty walrus resting on a rock, bottom signed "Lucassie," height 3.25" x length 4.75" x width 2.25"; AND a sleek speckled soapstone... > Item Details
Cheyenne(?) Beaded Blanket Strip,
Lot # 274 - Cheyenne(?) Beaded Blanket Strip,
thread-sewn on cotton. Designed with three hourglass shapes alternating with fretted rectangles in colors of blue, black, orange, and pink against a white ground, one hide tie at end, two cloth ties at opposite, length 34.5". > Item Details
Lot of Southwestern Pueblo Pottery,
Lot # 98 - Lot of Southwestern Pueblo Pottery,
lot of 3. Includes small cylindrical Hopi vessel decorated with alternating geometric patterns and black rim, bottom signed with incised triangular marking, height 4" x diameter 3"; PLUS small Santa Clara stone-polished red ware vessel, accession number on bottom, height 3" x diameter 3.5"; AND Sant... > Item Details
Navajo Regional Weaving,
Lot # 129 - Navajo Regional Weaving,
tightly woven hand-spun wool in natural colors of brown, gray, cream, and aniline red. Designed with checkered border and central repeating design of four connected parallelograms intersected in center by a straight line, length 52" x width 34". > Item Details
Ring Toss Games,
Lot # 883 - Ring Toss Games,
includes one Plains-style game made from a forged metal pin with curled end, four perforated metatarsals decorated with clear beads and attached to pin by a blue beaded strand of sinew with loop fringe at end, length of pin 7.5" x beaded sinew string 12.5"; AND a Northwest Coast-style game made from... > Item Details
Paiute Beaded Baskets,
Lot # 42 - Paiute Beaded Baskets,
lot of 2. Includes one with overall southwest blanket designs in maroon, black, orange, and blue on a white ground. Even the bottom is beaded on this gem, height 2.5" x diameter 4.25"; AND finely coiled, footed vessel with elegant flaring sides and domed lid. Lid and basket with leather handles bead... > Item Details
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