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Scarce Eskimo Engraved Fossilized Bone Bow Guard PLUS,
2004, American Indian Art Auction / Sept 18-19
lot of 2. Includes the bow guard with geometric block motif decoration and two holes on each side for strap, length 3.75" x width 1.5"; AND a bone tool with a peg in center. Tool has parallel incised lines around edge and on top, length 3.5" x width 1.8". Carving on both pieces is early.

Ex First People's Museum of the American Indian and Eskimo

Bow guard excellent; tool very good, some old chips on bone.
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Athapaskan Dog Sled,
Lot # 782 - Athapaskan Dog Sled,
fashioned from bent spruce bound together with cord. Runners/ sidewalls use the natural branches of log as side posts, plank slant-back storage bed with lashed crossbar handle, runners projected far enough in rear for driver to mount, total length 85" x width 32.5" x height 35.5". > Item Details
Ute/ Shoshone Beaded Hide Moccasins,
Lot # 628 - Ute/ Shoshone Beaded Hide Moccasins,
ca 1885, with thread and sinew-sewn beadwork in colors of white, green, shades of blue, rose, greasy yellow, dark green, and mahogany in a style associated with woman's wear. Moccasins have been rubbed with yellow ochre, length 10.25" x height 9.75". > Item Details
Sealskin Goose and Cree Twig Decoy,
Lot # 779 - Sealskin Goose and Cree Twig Decoy,
lot of 2. Includes hand-stitched goose with leather feet, beak, and eyes, length 9.25" x height 7.25"; AND a decoy of numerous twigs bound with brown thread and fashioned like a quail, length 7" x height 5.5". > Item Details
Great Lakes Men's Half Leggings,
Lot # 703 - Great Lakes Men's Half Leggings,
possibly Ojibwa, thread-sewn, smoke-tanned hide beaded in blues, green, amber, black, and red. Design reminiscent of Pennsylvanian folk art with birds nestled in vegetation. Lined with canvas, five hooks and eyes, leather ties on outside, patterned fabric edging, length 16" x width 7.5". > Item Details
Cheyenne Quilled and Beaded Doll,
Lot # 655 - Cheyenne Quilled and Beaded Doll,
beautifully crafted with cloth body, painted and beaded hide face, and buffalo hair. Doll wears traditional clothing and ornamentsÂŻquilled and beaded smoked hide dress, leggings, and moccasins and dentalia shells earrings. Beaded belt holds knife sheath with bone knife, height 18". > Item Details
Eskimo Implements,
Lot # 761 - Eskimo Implements,
lot of 14. Includes four fossilized bone pieces of a kayak or sled, one with 7 holes, length 10.5"; PLUS a broad piece with notched holes on each short end, length 6"; PLUS a curved piece with 6 holes, length 6.5"; PLUS a heavier piece with 6 holes, 7.75"; PLUS a narrow shuttle, length 4.75"; PLUS a... > Item Details
Hupa Basket Tray,
Lot # 464 - Hupa Basket Tray,
twined with half-twist overlay decoration of dark stepped triangles divided horizontally by a dark band that follows pattern. Outer rim has numerous triangles and elements that repeat the stunning design, diameter 25". > Item Details
Navajo Loom Sampler,
Lot # 118 - Navajo Loom Sampler,
with eyedazzler design still on traditional loom, has brown cord warps and Germantown yarn in colors of navy, pink, red, green, maroon, and white, length 21" x width 13.25". > Item Details
Chippewa Hair Roach,
Lot # 391 - Chippewa Hair Roach,
ca 1930s, possibly deer hair, in colors of red, white, fuchsia, and chrome yellow, designed with circular upper section and long rectangular piece extending downward, hide thong chin strap, length 15.75". > Item Details
Large Hopi Vase,
Lot # 84 - Large Hopi Vase,
red and black-on-creamy orange decorated with feathers or rainbird designs, hole in bottom for drainage, height 8" x diameter 6". > Item Details
Lot # 412 - "Watching the Dance", Allan Houser Bronze,
1978, 7/20. Illustrated in Barbara H. Perlman’s, Allan Houser (Ha-o-zous) (1987:191), height 17.5" x width 11.5" x depth 16". Houser (1914-1994), the recipient of numerous fellowships and awards, is an internationally renowned artist who has left a unique legacy. This sculpture illustrates Houser's ... > Item Details
Cree Embroidered Hide Gauntlets,
Lot # 397 - Cree Embroidered Hide Gauntlets,
delicately executed in baby blue, green, reds, and purple thread into images of leaves and flowers; purple cotton flannel lining; with index card stating "Dr. Travis came from England - Elsie, Mich," length 15.5". > Item Details
Dentalium Shell Necklaces,
Lot # 251 - Dentalium Shell Necklaces,
lot of 3. Includes 2 single string shell necklaces with large shell pendants, edges ground and a hole in each for stringing, length of necklaces 14.5" and 12", shell pendants 1.5" and 2.25" AND a sinew-strung partial band with leather spacers, length 9". > Item Details
Acoma Tall-Necked Vase,
Lot # 507 - Acoma Tall-Necked Vase,
ca 1950, black and red-on-white. Elegant form with conical neck, flared rim, and two small, grooved strap handles on body. Decorated with rain bird imagery, feathers, and checked squares, accession number on bottom, height 10.5" x diameter 8". > Item Details
Iroquois Beaded Cap,
Lot # 383 - Iroquois Beaded Cap,
seven panels of dark brown velveteen beaded in colors of blue, light blue, amber, red, white, clear, and green into lush floral designs underscored by multicolored bands of undulating lines and a row of continuous leaves, dotted with metal sequence, red ribbon top knot, muslin lined, diameter 7.5". > Item Details
Pair of George F. Harris Silver Gelatin Prints,
Lot # 415 - Pair of George F. Harris Silver Gelatin Prints,
both portraits, one of Bull Head with his son in a Sioux camp and the other of a woman believed to be his wife standing in the same place. Note the identical backgrounds. The image of Bull Head reads "Copyright Feb 1903," "George F. Harris," "Bull Head," and "Sioux Ca..." in faded white ink. The pho... > Item Details
Seal Gut Parka,
Lot # 794 - Seal Gut Parka,
created from hand-stitched strips of intestine; pink and magenta wool yarn make hood drawstring that passes through denim loops on garment front. Label states that parka was purchased from Cecil Okitkun at Quiguk, Yukon River in 1960. > Item Details
Large Northern California Twined Basket,
Lot # 463 - Large Northern California Twined Basket,
with bold geometric design of negative and positive triangles rotating around body and near rim. Two lattice twined rods reinforce body and add interest; rim warps are cut flush, height 7" x diameter 11.5". Weaver placed six rows of three twined stitches near rim. > Item Details
Pair of Model Northwest Coast Paddles,
Lot # 860 - Pair of Model Northwest Coast Paddles,
cedar(?) painted in black, red, and blue with possible raven depicted on both sides of both paddles, length 27". > Item Details
Haida Carved Wood Pipe,
Lot # 878 - Haida Carved Wood Pipe,
ca 1910, from Queen Charlotte Island, cedar. With raven facing a bear and connected by a tongue, painted in green and black, abalone inlaid eyes and wings, brass bowl with inlaid white seed beads, tag with description and accession numbers on bottom, length 10". > Item Details
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