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Chinese Export Twelve-Panel Gold Leaf Screen
7/27/2012 - Asian Art: Live Salesroom Auction
Chinese Export. A twelve-panel wooden screen with gold leaf inlay and painted design depicting cranes and floral decoration in a landscape, the reverse with painted floral designs; each panel ht. 107.5, wd. 20 in., total wd. 20 ft.

Loss of gold leaf.
Sold: $3,120.00
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Chinese <i>T&rsquot;ang Period</i> Bronze Mirrors
Lot # 5 - Chinese T&rsquot;ang Period Bronze Mirrors
Chinese, T'ang Period.  A pair of Chinese bronze mirrors, one circular and one lotus shaped, each with raised surface; largest dia. 5 in. > Item Details
Chinese Double Gourd <i>Cloisonne</i> Snuff Bottle
Lot # 105 - Chinese Double Gourd Cloisonne Snuff Bottle
Chinese, 20th century.  A combined double gourd cloisonne snuff bottle in red and blue, each side with floral motifs, unmarked; ht. 3.25 in. > Item Details
Celadon Porcelain Cabinet Vases
Lot # 1014 - Celadon Porcelain Cabinet Vases
Chinese, 20th century.  A pair of celadon porcelain cabinet vases, with subtle floral designs, having a four-character blue underglaze Chinese mark on bottom; ht. 5 in. > Item Details
Chinese Jade Dragon Carvings
Lot # 1159 - Chinese Jade Dragon Carvings
Chinese, 20th century.  Two jade dragon carvings, one of celadon jade and the other of spinach jade with white highlights, both unmarked; longest lg. 3 in. > Item Details
Korean Art & History Books and Exhibition Catalogs
Lot # 430 - Korean Art & History Books and Exhibition Catalogs
Korean.  Ten books and exhibition catalogs, including: Survey of Korean Arts:  Fine Arts - I (1971) Korean Art:  Seen Through Museums (1979) by John K. Kim, ed. Korean Celadon (1965) by G.St.G.M. Gompertz Art of China, Korea, and Japan (1963) by Peter Swann Korean Patterns (1967) by Paul S. Crane Ko... > Item Details
Chinese Ivory <i>Guanyin</i> Figure
Lot # 213 - Chinese Ivory Guanyin Figure
Chinese, early 20th century.  A carved and inked ivory standing Guanyin figure holding a flower, unmarked, on a wooden stand; figure ht. 8.25 in. International shipping is not available for this item. This item will only be shipped within the United States, except to California. > Item Details
Chinese Jade Carvings
Lot # 160 - Chinese Jade Carvings
Chinese, 20th century.  Three jade carvings including a scholarly carving with animal at the base of clouds, a beast carving of celadon tone, with single russet highlight, and a dark green jade boulder, carved to depict mythological beasts in relief; largest ht. 3 in. > Item Details
Japanese Bronze Tiger
Lot # 385 - Japanese Bronze Tiger
Japanese, Meiji Period.  A cast, bronze tiger on wooden stand, with two-character Japanese mark incised on bottom; ht. 10.5, lg. 14 in. (with stand). > Item Details
Chinese 18th Century Soapstone <i>Guanyin</i>
Lot # 305 - Chinese 18th Century Soapstone Guanyin
Chinese, 18th century.  A carved and inked soapstone Guanyin votive figure with painted details, housed in a wooden box, unmarked; figure ht. 4.75 in. > Item Details
Chinese <i>Yihsing-Ware</i> Water Cup
Lot # 101 - Chinese Yihsing-Ware Water Cup
Chinese, 20th century.  A Yihsing-ware stoneware water cup with brushed brown surface, depicting a chilong in relief and calligraphic script, having a four-character Chinese mark on bottom, on wooden stand; dia. 4.5 in. > Item Details
Fine Chinese Jadeite Gourd Pendant
Lot # 133 - Fine Chinese Jadeite Gourd Pendant
Chinese.  A finely carved and polished jadeite pendant with traces of lavender and a single emerald highlight; ht. 1.75 in. > Item Details
Small Spinach Jade Child's Bracelet
Lot # 421 - Small Spinach Jade Child's Bracelet
Chinese.  A small spinach jade bracelet, of a very dark and consistent tone, well polished and with extended rim; 2.75 in. diameter. > Item Details
Chinese Paint Brush Bench or Cabinet
Lot # 1060 - Chinese Paint Brush Bench or Cabinet
Chinese.  A wooden paint brush bench or cabinet with polychrome and carved details depicting pomegranates, bats, and floral motifs, having a dovetail constructed drawer with metal handle, the back supporting a reflective roundel under six hooks, with Chin... > Item Details
Asian Carved Box
Lot # 1109 - Asian Carved Box
Asian. A lidded red and black carved wooden box with gilding having a rectangular reserve depicting phoenix set within a border of fret molding, with faux bamboo edges and floral panels centering figures in relief; ht. 6.5, wd. 23.5, dp. 13 in. > Item Details
Chinese Bamboo Root Figural Carvings
Lot # 281 - Chinese Bamboo Root Figural Carvings
Chinese, 18th/19th and 20th century. Two bamboo root figural carvings including a 20th century seated Buddha wearing flowing robes and a beaded necklace, and a 18th/19th century carving of two scholars, both unmarked; tallest ht. 8.25 in.  > Item Details
Chinese <i>Bencharong</i> Bowl
Lot # 249 - Chinese Bencharong Bowl
Chinese, 19th century. A hand-painted Bencharong porcelain bowl made for the Thai market. With a figure on the interior surrounded by a yellow band and a brown band of floral decoration, having on the outside four lobed cartouches each featuring a mythical animal. With an iron-red cross-hatched grou... > Item Details
Chinese 19th Century White Glaze Vase
Lot # 161 - Chinese 19th Century White Glaze Vase
Chinese, 19th century.  A carved, molded monochrome white glaze baluster-form vase, having a ruyi border at the mouth, floral and leaf motifs along the neck, with mythological beast-heads and bats along the shoulder, the body having two reserves, one with... > Item Details
<i>Blanc-de-Chine</i> Figural Group
Lot # 163 - Blanc-de-Chine Figural Group
Chinese, early 20th century.  A blanc-de-chine figural group depicting a woman and suitor in robes, unmarked, and on a wooden stand; ht. 8.5 in. > Item Details
Chinese Ivory Toggle
Lot # 114 - Chinese Ivory Toggle
Chinese, Ming Dynasty. A carved and inked ivory toggle in the shape of a pumpkin attached to a chord with a jade bead, unmarked; ivory dia. 1 in. This work is published and illustrated in Treasures of the Chinese Scholar, ?Fang Jing Pei, 1997.  Fig. 365. International shipp... > Item Details
Sotheby's and Christie's Chinese Catalogs
Lot # 1291 - Sotheby's and Christie's Chinese Catalogs
Chinese.  A sixty-two-piece collection of Sotheby's and Christie's catalogs pertaining to Chinese classical, modern, and contemporary paintings and calligraphy; largest 10.25 x 8 in.  > Item Details
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