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Chinese Export Twelve-Panel Gold Leaf Screen
7/27/2012 - Asian Art: Live Salesroom Auction
Chinese Export. A twelve-panel wooden screen with gold leaf inlay and painted design depicting cranes and floral decoration in a landscape, the reverse with painted floral designs; each panel ht. 107.5, wd. 20 in., total wd. 20 ft.

Loss of gold leaf.
Sold: $3,120.00
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Chinese Blue and White Bowl and Plate
Lot # 180 - Chinese Blue and White Bowl and Plate
Chinese.  Two blue and white porcelain items including a bowl with a six-character Daoguang mark and a plate with a six-character Xianfeng mark; plate dia. 8.25 in., bowl dia. 6.75 in.  > Item Details
Sotheby's and Christie's Chinese Export Catalogs, Plus
Lot # 1286 - Sotheby's and Christie's Chinese Export Catalogs, Plus
Chinese export.  A nine-piece collection of Sotheby's and Christie's catalogs pertaining to Chinese export porcelain and art. PLUS Chinese Export Porcelain:  Chine de Commande by D.F. Lunsingh Scheurleer; largest 10.5 x 8.25 in. > Item Details
Chinese Brass Shoe-Form Stirrups
Lot # 1018 - Chinese Brass Shoe-Form Stirrups
Chinese. A pair of brass shoe-form stirrups, each stamped E.L. on base; lg. 11.5 in. > Item Details
Chinese Carved Panels, Plus
Lot # 1140 - Chinese Carved Panels, Plus
Chinese. Two carved decorative panels in high relief in red and gilt, one depicting the gods of longevity, good fortune and prosperity, set within a carved frame, the other depicting phoenix amidst flowers, set within a red and black lacquered frame, PLUS two small carved figural and floral panels; ... > Item Details
Chinese Dragon Ink Stone
Lot # 1121 - Chinese Dragon Ink Stone
Chinese.  An ink stone having carved dragons and wispy clouds surrounding it, sandwiched in a removable rosewood top and bottom, unmarked; lg. 14, wd. 10.5 in. > Item Details
Chinese Ceramics Books
Lot # 1290 - Chinese Ceramics Books
Chinese.  Eleven books pertaining to Chinese ceramics and pottery; largest 11.75 x 9 in. > Item Details
Chinese <i>Cloisonne</i> Vase
Lot # 108 - Chinese Cloisonne Vase
Chinese, early 20th century.  A medium bulbous-form vase with a tapered neck, having a blue ruyi border at the mouth and the shoulder, the body with floral motifs, all on a yellow ground, unmarked; ht. 8.5 in. > Item Details
Ivory, Bone, and Resin Items
Lot # 1217 - Ivory, Bone, and Resin Items
20th century. An assembled group of ivory, bone, and resin items including an ivory top, a bone turtle, a French ivory puzzle ball, a resin totem pole, a carved bone animal figural group, and a resin foo dog; tallest ht. 6 in. International shipping is not available for ivory items. These items wil... > Item Details
Sotheby's and Christie's Chinese Art Catalogs
Lot # 1293 - Sotheby's and Christie's Chinese Art Catalogs
Chinese.  A two-hundred-piece collection of Sotheby's and Christie's catalogs pertaining to fine and important Chinese ceramics, porcelain, and works of art; largest 10.75 x 8.25 in. Photo does not include all catalogs. > Item Details
Chinese Bamboo Brush Pot
Lot # 285 - Chinese Bamboo Brush Pot
Chinese, 20th century.  A carved bamboo brush pot having a continuous scene of women in palace garden carved in medium relief along the exterior, unmarked; ht. 6.75 in. > Item Details
Chinese Books on Art and Culture
Lot # 1284 - Chinese Books on Art and Culture
Chinese.  A twenty-piece collection of books pertaining to Chinese art and culture; largest 11.25 x 9.5 in.  > Item Details
Japanese Ivory Figural Box
Lot # 355 - Japanese Ivory Figural Box
Japanese, 20th century.  A carved and polychrome figural box, the top having a seated man, with kinetic head, holding a scepter and peach, with a foo dog by his side, the interior bottom having an inked erotic scene, the bottom of the box with a two-character Japanese mark, on a wooden stand; ht. 8.... > Item Details
Chinese Wooden Painted Screen
Lot # 1141 - Chinese Wooden Painted Screen
Chinese, ca 19th century.  A ten panel wooden screen meant to be placed on an opium bed, each having inserted painted panels, one side depicting a continuous mountainous landscape and the other depicting the Eight Immortals carrying their signature weapon or musical ins... > Item Details
<i>Kangxi</i> Bee Hive Water Pot
Lot # 62 - Kangxi Bee Hive Water Pot
Chinese, Kangxi mark and probably of the period.  A porcelain bee hive water pot in peach bloom "ashes of liver" glaze, having three central reserves each depicting archaic dragon designs, marked with a six-character blue underglazed Kangxi mark on bottom, on a wooden stand with a wooden top; ht. 2.... > Item Details
Chinese Export Art Books, Plus
Lot # 435 - Chinese Export Art Books, Plus
Chinese Export.  Two books including: Willow Ware:  Ceramics in the Chinese Tradition (1995) by Leslie Bockol Chinese Export Porcelain in North America (1986) by Jean McClure Mudge PLUS Sources of Chinese Tradition (1960) by Wm. Theodore de Bary, ed.... > Item Details
Chinese <i>Blanc-de-Chine</i> Vase
Lot # 164 - Chinese Blanc-de-Chine Vase
Chinese, 20th century.  A blanc-de-chine vase of unusual and fine modeling, atop a base depicting crashing waves; 15.5 in. > Item Details
Chinese Yuan Period/Ming Period Libation Cup
Lot # 126 - Chinese Yuan Period/Ming Period Libation Cup
Chinese, Yuan period to early Ming period.  A celadon jade with russet and dark brown highlights footed libation cup, having two handles, each carved in the shape of a chilong in high relief, unmarked; ht. 3.25, wd. 5.5 in. Special Provenance Note: In July of 1900, General Adna R. Chafee of the U.S... > Item Details
Chinese Jade Figural Grouping
Lot # 78 - Chinese Jade Figural Grouping
Chinese, early 20th century.  A spinach jade carving depicting a standing female and a phoenix; ht. 4 in. > Item Details
Chinese Ivory Towers
Lot # 239 - Chinese Ivory Towers
Chinese, early 20th century.  Two ivory towers, including a reticulated and hollowed tusk with figures in a landscape and miniature pagodas and a tower with bells draped, figures at base; ht. 13.5 in. International shipping is not available for this item. This item will only be shipped within the Un... > Item Details
Chinese Carved Gilded Wall Panels
Lot # 1129 - Chinese Carved Gilded Wall Panels
Chinese. An assembled group of five carved wood wall panels in red with gilding. Four having floral decorations and one having figures in a landscape all carved in high relief. Three with mirror backs and all in a red cloth and gilded frame; largest ht. 7, wd. 23 in., ht. 12, wd. 28.25 in. (framed).... > Item Details
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