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Lithograph of a Woman by Georges Roualt, Dated 1938
4/11/2012 - Continental and Asian Decorative Arts

Lithograph of a Woman by Georges Roualt, signed l.l.,dated 1938; ht. 11.5, wd. 8 in.

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Chinese Porcelain Figures
Lot # 225 - Chinese Porcelain Figures
China. Two porcelain figures including a female figure standing on a lotus flower, wearing flowing robes tied in a dhoti at the waist, unmarked, and a male figure standing on a rectangular base wearing flowing robes, with four-character mark on base; tallest ht. 15.75 in. > Item Details
Japanese Chargers
Lot # 179 - Japanese Chargers
Japan. Two round chargers including one with three reserves with landscape scenes and with overglaze red four-character mark on bottom and one with figures in a landscape and impressed mark and overglaze red four-character mark on bottom; largest dia. 15.5 in. > Item Details
Pink Tourmaline Necklace
Lot # 119 - Pink Tourmaline Necklace
A large free-form polished natural pink tourmaline necklace on a 18" yellow gold square-link chain. Pink tourmaline weight, 180.50 carats. > Item Details
Chinese Jade and Hardstone Teapots
Lot # 266 - Chinese Jade and Hardstone Teapots
20th century. An assembled group of lidded teapots including one jade and two hardstone: one in the shape of a lotus flower with a frog finial; one with floral motifs in low relief with loose rings; and one with archaistic designs; all on wooden stands; tallest ht. 5.75 in. > Item Details
Cloisonné Baluster-form Vase
Lot # 231 - Cloisonné Baluster-form Vase
China. A cloisonné baluster-form vase having foo dog handles, an outset panel on each side depicting mythological beasts, with a four-character incised mark on bottom, on 20th century wooden stand; ht. 12.25 in. (without stand). > Item Details
Chinese Brass and Cloisonné Vase
Lot # 283 - Chinese Brass and Cloisonné Vase
China. A brass and cloisonné vase with band decoration depicting classical figures against a blue ground, with six character Xuande mark on bottom; ht. 6.5 in. > Item Details
Japanese Vase
Lot # 177 - Japanese Vase
Japan. A painted porcelain vase having reserves with calligraphic text and patterned designs, with six-character over-glaze red mark on bottom; ht. 7 in. > Item Details
Japanese Tea Box
Lot # 156 - Japanese Tea Box
Japan. A wooden tea box with slide out top, the sides covered with paper having scenes depicting animals and fruit, the top with four characters in a cartouche; ht. 6.5, wd. 7, dp. 5.25 in. > Item Details
French Louis XVI-style <i>Fauteuil a la Reine</i>
Lot # 65 - French Louis XVI-style Fauteuil a la Reine
France. A Louis XVI-style open armchair with a gilt finish; ht. 37 in. > Item Details
Biedermeier-style Drum Table
Lot # 64 - Biedermeier-style Drum Table
20th century. A Biedermeier-style drum table in assorted woods including oak and poplar, and having ebonized string and diamond inlay, labeled A.B. Closson Jr. Co./ Artistic Furniture/ Cincinnati; ht. 27, dia. 24 in. > Item Details
Snuff Bottles, Plus
Lot # 262 - Snuff Bottles, Plus
Asia. An assembled group including two unmarked hardstone snuff bottles, one with a metal hinged lid, plus an unmarked pipe with wooden and brass fittings with a samurai in relief; tallest ht. 3.25 in. > Item Details
Moroccan Brass Hanging Star Lamp/Light, PLUS
Lot # 94 - Moroccan Brass Hanging Star Lamp/Light, PLUS
Morocco. An assembled group of pierced hanging lights including a painted copper star lamp and a globular brass light; tallest ht. 23 in. > Item Details
Polychrome Ivory Netsukes, Plus
Lot # 133 - Polychrome Ivory Netsukes, Plus
Japan. Aan assembled group of five polychrome figural netsukes with two-character marks; plus a carved wooden figural netsuke; tallest ht. 2 in. International shipping is not available for this item. This item will only be shipped within the United States, except to California. > Item Details
Chinese Chippendale-style Chairs
Lot # 243 - Chinese Chippendale-style Chairs
Ca 1960s. A pair of Chinese Chippendale or cockpen side chairs turned to resemble bamboo, painted black; ht. 31, seat ht. 18 in. > Item Details
Chinese Inked Resin Figures
Lot # 292 - Chinese Inked Resin Figures
China. Three inked resin items including one in the shape of a tusk, one standing man, and one standing woman, all signed; tallest ht. 7.5 in. > Item Details
Porcelain Plaques
Lot # 246 - Porcelain Plaques
China. Two porcelain plaques, one with cranes and lotus flowers, the other with birds on a flowering branch, each marked with Chinese characters, each framed in a carved open-worked wood frame; one signed u.l. and the other u.r.; 21 x 6 in. > Item Details
Swiss Music Box
Lot # 113 - Swiss Music Box
Europe (Switzerland). A music box with inlaid rosewood case, having a large single comb, 8 tunes, and retains interior label; ht. 6.75, wd. 25, dp. 9.75 in. > Item Details
Jade Pendants
Lot # 117 - Jade Pendants
China. Two jade pendants, each with figures on one side and Chinese characters on the other; lg. 2 in. > Item Details
Chinese Teapot
Lot # 198 - Chinese Teapot
China. A terracotta teapot covered in a silver paint, having a jade handle and finial; ht. 4,25 in. > Item Details
Japanese Kutani Tablewares, Plus
Lot # 180 - Japanese Kutani Tablewares, Plus
Japan. A Kutani plate and demitasse cup, the plate marked Kutani and the cup with overlgaze red three-character mark, PLUS one green and one orange footed demitasse cups; plate dia. 4 in. > Item Details
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