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**Colt Army Special
Lot # 1482 - **Colt Army Special
.38 caliber, 4" round barrel, S/N 454120. Blued finish with hard rubber grips. In the original box.
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Silver Singing Bird Music Box
Lot # 1070 - Silver Singing Bird Music Box
French, 19th century. An .800 silver singing bird music box, the front and side panels depicting lovers and floral garlands, the hand-painted lid decorated with cherubs and musical instruments. An oval section of the lid opens to reveal an automated bird on gold filigree plate, housed in faux leather case, with French hallmark and an obscured mark; box ht. 1.5, wd. 4, dp. 2.5 in.
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*Smith & Wesson 1955
Lot # 1685 - *Smith & Wesson 1955
.45 caliber, 6.5" barrel length, S/N 75512. Blue finish with checkered walnut grips and Smith & Wesson logo. Case color hammer and trigger.
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*Norinco SKS Hunter
Lot # 1436 - *Norinco SKS Hunter
7.63x39 caliber, 19.5" barrel, S/N 4397. Blue finish, checkered wood stocks. Canvas sling. black recoil pad.
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*Smith & Wesson Model 27-2
Lot # 1002 - *Smith & Wesson Model 27-2
.357 magnum caliber, 8.375" barrel length, S/N N375254. Blue finish with checkered walnut grips and Smith & Wesson medallion logo.
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Titanic Survivor, Dickinson Bishop, Endorsed Check
Lot # 204 - Titanic Survivor, Dickinson Bishop, Endorsed Check
Check from Army and Navy Headquarters, Sept. 20, 1918. Endorsed by T. Kusling, Capt. Infy., Dickinson Bishop, and S.Y.(?) Silke Captain. Dickinson (1887 - 1961) was a businessman in Dowagiac, MI. His first wife, who died just days after giving birth to their daughter, left him a significant share in the Round Oak Stove Company.

He remarried the following year, and they spent several months in Europe and North Africa for their honeymoon. They delayed their return so they could sail on the maiden voyage of the Titanic. When the ship struck the iceberg, Mrs. Bishop decided (according to her testimony) to get dressed. By the time she did this, all was quiet and she decided to lay down. She was aroused by a stewardess, and told to go on deck.

There were few people on deck at that time, and she told investigators that she and her husband were talking to Mr. and Mrs. John Jacob Astor. When the captain came to speak to Mr. Astor, a crew member quietly told Mrs. Bishop to get into Lifeboat #7. Shortly after, she claims someone shoved her husband onto the boat. There were also three crew members and 11 women and 12 men other than the Bishops. This turned out to be the first boat lowered and one of the first picked up by the Carpathia.

Much later, Mr. Bishop was accused of dressing like a woman to get on the boat. The conflict led in part to the separation of the couple later, with Mrs. Bishop accusing him of cruelty and drunkenness.

Mrs. Bishop died two months later of a fall at a friend's home. Ironically, Dickinson Bishop had remarried two days before, and both stories ran on the front page of the Dowagiac paper together.

When WWI broke out, Dickinson Bishop enlisted in the Army. This check is from that period. This marriage "stuck," and the couple remained together until her death in 1950. Bishop died of a stroke in 1961 in Ottawa, Illinois, where he moved some time before.
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Folk Art Painted Bootstool and Lamp Base
Lot # 1284 - Folk Art Painted Bootstool and Lamp Base
American, 19th century. A painted boot stool with boot jack ends and a folky wooden lamp base, depicting an owl in a tree, peering down at a mouse; painted stool ht. 8, lg. 13.5 in, and lamp base ht. 8.5 in.
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Oil on Canvas Framed Portrait of Kaiser Wilhelm II
Lot # 837 - Oil on Canvas Framed Portrait of Kaiser Wilhelm II
49" x 31.5" frame, canvas measures 42.5" x 24.5". Depicts a three-quarter image of the German Kaiser dressed in the wartime field gray uniform of a General with several orders, draped in a fur collared cloak.  Signed Atelier Henninger on the lower left corner. Sculptured wood frame finished in gold wash.
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Portrait of a Young Man in a Forest Setting
Lot # 847 - Portrait of a Young Man in a Forest Setting
English, mid-19th century. Oil on canvas, housed in a gilt frame. A full-length portrait of a young man with long, untied hair in a forest setting. Unsigned; 19.25 x 15.25 in. (sight).
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<i>Coca-Cola</i> Lighters
Lot # 632 - Coca-Cola Lighters
American, ca 1960. A group of four Coca-Cola lighters, each pulling apart to reveal a lighter mechanism, caps marked Drink Coca-Cola Reg U.S.Pat Off; each ht. 2.5 in.
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Spanish American War Collection of Photographs, Including Views of Maj. Gen.
Lot # 107 - Spanish American War Collection of Photographs, Including Views of Maj. Gen. "Fighting Joe" Wheeler (CSA)
About 50 images that document CSA Lieut. General and Span-Am War Maj. General Joseph "Fighting Joe" Wheeler. Wheeler attended the funeral of General Henry Ware Lawton, the highest ranking officer killed in the Philippine Insurrection of 1899. Lawton had a distinguished career from the Civil War through the Indian Wars and the Spanish American War. General Lawton's casket was taken by local oxcart to the port, and was carried onto a small tugboat by his men who asked to be his pallbearers. The casket was then transferred to the USS Thomas for the journey home and burial in Arlington National Cemetery.

Lot includes photos on card mounts ranging from one cdv-sized tintype, to twelve 4 x 5 in. (mount sizes); fourteen 5 x 5 in.; five 3.5 x 5 in.; one 4 x 5.75 in.; two 4.25 x 6 in.; one 5 x 7 in.; one 5.25 x 8.5 in. (Puerto Rico view); seven 7 x 8.75 in. (Philippine Isl.); one 7 x 10 in. (probably Span-Am); and five 7 x 9 in. (most Puerto Rico). Also included is an approx. 8 x 16 in. map, "Bird's Eye View of San Juan and Vicinity." Charles Ourand, 1898. Printed in blue ink.
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