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<i>Map of Merrimack County, New Hampshire,</i> 1858
Lot # 380 - Map of Merrimack County, New Hampshire, 1858
Walling, Henry F. Map of Merrimack County New Hampshire. Boston and New York: Smith and Peavey, 1858. 58 x 63 in. Linen backed, varnished, two rollers still attached. Acanthus border.

Vignettes: Residence of the Late Major Caleb Stark, Dunbarton; Res. Of John G. Hooks, Prospect Hill, Concord; Res. Of Dr. Robt. Lane, North Sutton; Insane Asylum, Concord; Boscawen Academy; New Court House, Concord; Res. Of W.C. & L.W. Kimball, Contoocookville; Contoocook Academy; F. Daniels Residence, Franklin; Pembroke Academy; Central Block, Pittsfield; State House, Concord; Concord Rail Road Depot; Ex Governor Colby’s Residence, New London.

Insets: Andover Center; Wilmot Center; Wilmot Flat; Newbury; Sanbornton Bridge, Northfield; South Factory Village, New London; Melvin’s Mills, Warner; Bradford Mills; Henniker & West Henniker; Cilleyville, Andover; East Andover; North Sutton; Canterbury Center; East Concord; Warner Lowerville; West Concord; Dunbarton center; Concord (city) & Business Directory; Hopkinton; Shaker village, Canterbury; West Boscawen; Davisville; Suncook Village; Warner Center; Contoocookville; Waterloo (Warner); Fisherville; Pembroke Street; Epsom Center; Hookset; Boscawen Plains; Sutton Mills; West Andover; South Salisbury; Loudon Village; Hills Corner, Canterbury; North Dunbarton; Chichester & Parade; Bradford Center; Franklin; Salisbury Center; Pittsfield Village; plus tables of statistics, etc.
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Collection of Lithographed CDVs of Union Generals and Admirals
Lot # 50 - Collection of Lithographed CDVs of Union Generals and Admirals
Lot of 36 CDVs of Union Army generals and U.S. Navy officers. Lithographic images (all, no photos) of: Genl. Prentiss; Maj. Gen. Halleck; Genl. Curtis; Genl. O.M. Mitchell (Martien, Philadelphia); Genl. Mitchell (Prank & Co., Boston); Lieut. Genl. Scott; Capt. David Porter; Gen. MItchell (Dexter, NY); A.H. Wanley(?), clk; Gov. Sprague; Maj. Gen. butler; Com. Foote; Maj. Gen. Pillow; Brig. Gen. Hardee; Com. Farragut; Gen'l. Kelly; Brig. Genl. Polk; Comr. Maury; Maj. GEn. McClellan; Genl. Wool; Gen. Shields; one unidentifed, probably European, with Dresden backmark; O.O. Howard; Gen;l. Sumner; Genl. Shields; Genl. McDowell; Gen. Rosecrans; Brig. Gen. Rosencrans [sic]; Com. Farragut (Martien, Phila.); Genl. FitzJohn Porter; Genl. Buell; Maj. Gen. Banks; Com. Foot; Gen. Pope; Genl. McClellan (Martien); and Genl. Price. These are from series published by Wm. S. & A. Martien, Philadelphia (19); Dexter, New York (11); Chas. Magnus, New York (4); and Prang & Co., Boston (1).
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Hard Rubber Whiskey Flasks, Lot of Two
Lot # 442 - Hard Rubber Whiskey Flasks, Lot of Two
Lot of 2 glass whiskey flasks with brown, hard rubber coverings. Each with a 2-piece, smooth body including a removable cup and screw-on cap. Top of each cap marked Ind. Rubber Comb Co. Goodyear's Pat. 1865. Manufactured between 1865-1872. The first 7 in. tall, the second 8 in. tall.
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Abraham Lincoln Framed Portrait, Plus Additional Print
Lot # 346 - Abraham Lincoln Framed Portrait, Plus Additional Print
Lithograph of a seated Lincoln, framed to oval, approx. 7.75 x 9.75 in. No publisher visible in this matting. In oval wood frame. The engraver's license has smoothed out his features a bit, so he does not look nearly so worried and war-worn.

The second article shows Lincoln standing with a sheet of paper, likely making a proclamation. Approx. 4.25 x 7.25 in. (sight) The article reads: "Lincoln makes it official. Abraham Lincoln made Thanksgiving a national holiday. But he never would have done it without the help of a determined woman from New England." It then goes on to give a brief history of the holiday (including the declaration by Adams that a day of thanksgiving should be a fast day - which we don't think would go over well today!).
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Group of Wright Brothers and Aviation-Related Photographs
Lot # 449 - Group of Wright Brothers and Aviation-Related Photographs
Lot of 9 black-and-white images. One is a view of Wilbur and Orville Wright in front of their bicycle shop, front half of bike in window behind them, 7.5 x 9.75 in.

7 x 9 in. image with publisher's cropping marks. On back is Associated Press Photo stamp, and small newspaper article indicating that this is the Wright memorial near Kitty Hawk, erected by the government to commemorate the Wright brothers' first flight.

Also a 5 x 7 in. image of a rock with a plaque indicating that this was placed where Orville took off on that historic flight at Kitty Hawk, this monument erected by the National Aeronautic Association to commemorate the 25th anniversary of that flight.

5 x 7 in. photo who appears to be Johnny Moore (based on the only photo we can find of him online). There is a loose note with the last photo with International News Photo identification: "He saw 'man's first flight / Kitty Haw, N.C.... The only living man who witnessed the historic flight of the Wright Brothers when they became the first to fly in a heavier than air machine, Johnny Moore, a fisherman of Kitty Hawk,... will be present when the Wright plane "Kittyhawk" is installed in a place of honor at the Smithsonian Institution on December 17...."

3.75 (trimmed) x 7 in. photo of a flyer in the air. Note on verso "The wright Brothers' Model A. The first airplane purchased by the U.S. Army. (1909)." UPI photo stamp on verso, also.

8 x 10 in. photo of a photo with typed note: "Kill Devil Hills, N.C.: In the shadow of the monument dedicated to the Wright Brothers and their famous flight in 1903, Ken Kellett of Boulder, Colo., flies his exact reproduction of the Wright Brothers' plane off the end of the ramp on his third try 12/17 on the 75th anniversary of the brothers' flight. Kellett flew less than 60-ft., and for 2.5 seconds. UPI   bfc/Bill Cranford." UPI photo stamp on verso.

6.26 x 9 in. portrait of Orville Wright, with Underwood & Underwood, Washington attribution lower left.

8 x 10 in. image of "Wright EX 'Vin Fiz'" according to label on verso. "Right front view as exhibited in aircraft building (1960) / National Air Museum Specimen" and credited to the Smithsonian Institution. Neg. No. 46679. This is the first aircraft model, a modified Wright B called an EX, to fly coast-to-coast. In need of a support crew, Calbraith Perry Rodgers convinced Ogden Armour (of meatpacking fame) to sponsor his attempt to make the flight, and named the plane after Armour's new grape drink, Vin Fiz. The product name appeared on posters and fliers associated with the flight, giving Armour much advertizing during the 3-month flight. It was acquired by the National Air and Space Museum in 1934 and restored, going on display in 1960.

Plus an 8 x 10 in. copy of the famous photo of the Wrights in and by the flyer, which is off the ground. With publisher's notes on verso and attribution of ACME Roto Service, 12/2/49.
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Elmer Ellsworth, Two Lithographs, Including Currier & Ives, <i>Death of Col. Ellsworth</i>
Lot # 162 - Elmer Ellsworth, Two Lithographs, Including Currier & Ives, Death of Col. Ellsworth
Chromolithograph, 10.25 x 13.5 in. Death of Col. Ellsworth, After hauling down the rebel flag, at the taking of Alexandria, Va. May 24th 1861. Publ. by Currier & Ives, New York, 1861.

Second chromolithograph is Col. Elmer E. Ellsworth. 1st. Regt. New York Fire Zouaves. Assassinated at the Capture of Alexandria, May 24th 1861. Full-length portrait of Ellsworth leaning on his sword, Silbey tents in the background.
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Ninth Plate Ferrotype of Two Young Women Playing Chess
Lot # 257 - Ninth Plate Ferrotype of Two Young Women Playing Chess
Ninth plate ferrotype of two young women concentrating on a chess game on the table between them. The young, fresh-faced woman at right looks at her opponent, who is partially visible along the left edge of the plate, as she contemplates her next move. Housed in full, patriotic Union case.
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Edmund Randolph, DS as Governor of Virginia
Lot # 303 - Edmund Randolph, DS as Governor of Virginia
Edmund Randolph (1753-1813).  1st US Attorney General (1789-1794), 2nd US Secretary of State (1794-1795), and 7th Governor of Virginia (1786-1788).  Partially printed document. Land grant as Gov. of Virginia, 12.75 x 14 in. With large signature in lower margin near seal.

Edmund Jennings Randolph (1753-1813) was a lawyer, seventh Governor of Virginia, second Secretary of State and first US Attorney General. Born to the prominent Randolph family of Virginia, he was a young law student at the start of the Revolution. His father remained Loyal to the crown and returned to Britain. Edmund remained in America and became an aide-de-camp to Washington. He returned to Virginia on the death of his uncle, and became one of her representatives to the Virginia Convention. One of his sons, Peyton, would also become governor of his home state.
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Antique Playing Cards, Including <i>The American Indian</i> Souvenir Playing Cards by Lazarus & Melzer
Lot # 150 - Antique Playing Cards, Including The American Indian Souvenir Playing Cards by Lazarus & Melzer
Lot of 4 decks, including (l-r):

Michaud's Transparent Cards, by Jean Michaud et Fils, Paris; full deck of 52 cards, with gilt edges.  Accompanied by part of the cover of the original box, which has been cut and affixed to a later cardboard sleeve.

The American Indian Souvenir Playing Cards, copyright 1900 by lazarus & Melzer, Los Angeles, CA.  Complete set of 54 (including one joker and one title card), housed in the original box with a small pamphlet with brief descriptions of the scenes and people featured on each card.

Excelsior, by A. Dougherty, New York; full deck of 52 cards; no box.

American Transparent Playing Card Co., New York; full deck of 52 cards; no box.
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Jimmy Carter Political Ephemera, Including Document, Election Night Pennant and Buttons, and Brass Peanut
Lot # 372 - Jimmy Carter Political Ephemera, Including Document, Election Night Pennant and Buttons, and Brass Peanut
Lot of 5, including:

Brass peanut desk piece, 9.25 x 3.5 x 3.0 in. high, featuring a caricature of Carter.  The piece is hollow and opens for storage.

Two 1976 Carter campaign buttons, 3.5 in. diameter, affixed with ribbons for an election night event at the Georgia World Congress Center in Atlanta.

Jimmy Carter for President pennant.

State of Georgia document acknowledging Dewey Jones' participation the the Study of the Coordination of State and Local Government Services, signed in felt pen by Carter as governor and his future White House Chief of Staff Hamilton Jordan as Secretary, Executive Department; 14 x 17 in.
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