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*Star S.A. Model F
Lot # 543 - *Star S.A. Model F
.22 L.R. caliber, 4" round barrel length, S/N 1225201. Markings on left side of barrel "The Garcia Corp., Wash DC." Star markings on left side of slide action. Right side of triggerguard marked "Spain." Blue finish with checkered grips. Grips have Star logo in the middle of each side and thumb rest on left side.
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*Smith & Wesson SW9VE
Lot # 721 - *Smith & Wesson SW9VE
9mm caliber, 4" barrel length, S/N DSW2924. Markings on right side of action "Smith & Wesson" next to "SW9VE." Top of barrel marked "9 MM."  The slide action is stainless finish. Grips and frame are black polymer. The grips have S&W logo. Three dot sights. Comes with four extra magazines.
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Assorted European Bayonets, Lot of Seven
Lot # 440 - Assorted European Bayonets, Lot of Seven
Lot includes: one French 1878 Gras bayonet; two Yugoslavian 1895 and 1944 bayonets; one Austrian 1895 bayonet; one Italian M-38 folding bayonet; Spanish bayonet; and one Argentine M-1891 bayonet. All with scabbards.
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Mamie Doud Eisenhower & Clementine Churchill Signed FDC, Plus Commemorative Churchill FDC
Lot # 42 - Mamie Doud Eisenhower & Clementine Churchill Signed FDC, Plus Commemorative Churchill FDC
Lot of two. Eisenhower, Mamie Doud  (1869-1979) First Lady of the United States (1953-1961), Clementine Churchill (1885-1977) Wife of Sir Winston Churchill. FDC. 6x3.5 in. Envelope is included. Winston Churchill (1874-1965) FDC. 5x7 in.   

A first day cover commemorating the death of Dwight D. Eisenhower has a photograph of the two statesmen speaking to one another. "Great Brtian Mourns," reads the first day cover. It is postmarked March 28, 1969 by the London Chief office. On the card the two men's widows, Clementine Spencer Churchill and Mamie Daul Eisenhower, sign their names. Both women are famed for their dedication to their husband's political careers and in their private lives. The second item is another commemorative first day cover of Winston Churchill. It is postmarked on May 13, 1965 in Fulton, MO the cover bears a facsimile signaturefrom the former Prime Minister. There also is a 5 cent Churchill stamp. 
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Queen Victoria, Signed Royal Letter of Appointment
Lot # - Queen Victoria, Signed Royal Letter of Appointment
Signed letter of royal appointment from Queen Victoria to a Oscar Malmros to be consul at "Winnepeg, British North America" in 1869. While traveling to his post by dog train, Malmros and his guide separated from their dogs. Shivering in a makeshift hole under blankets, they were found and rescued. He spent the remainder of his life in the United States. The original seal is on the document but faded.
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More Showgirls and Starlets of the 1930s
Lot # - More Showgirls and Starlets of the 1930s
Lot of 12. All inscribed to (and collected by) burlesque star, Lois DeFee.

7.25 x 9.25 – "To Lois / With Love/ Betty Hutton.” Betty Hutton (Elizabeth June Thornburg, 1921-2007) actress, comedienne, singer; “Annie Get your Gun." Some water damage at top.

9 in. max. dimension, cut-out around head and shoulders, not framed – “To Lois, one of the grandest persons I ever met. Ann.” Possibly Ann Sothern (even in b-&-w, the hair looks red, and she was originally a redhead before becoming a “bottle blonde”) (1909-2001).

7 x 9 (trimmed margins, not framed) – “To Lois: To one grand person. Best always, your ??? May your success continue always as you find it today Sincerely Marlane TEX.” On verso in pencil – “Coming Dec. 22 Mary Lane (Marlane) the Texas Glamour girl” (with Dayton, Ohio photographer's stamp). Has been written over in ballpoint, underlying ink faded.

9 x 12.5 framed – “Lois – Don’t think it ain’t been charming – Lots of love. Jackie.”

7 x 9in. “To Lois – Friendships are not formed easily – Not to be taken casually. I hope ours will last ! I do like your “Toads” (? Loads) Virginia – 1936?

7 x 9.25 – “Dear Lois because we love you very much we wish you only the best in life. Love Leon & Danny and even, Vol?[cut off].” Glamour pose with a black & white Borzoi (Russian wolfhound), who does not look amused with the photographic process.

7 x 8.75 – “For ‘Lois DeFee’ The 100% Glamor Girl & Swell person. Success to Happiness Always. Sincerely, Vicki Vigil, Jan 1941 N.Y.C.

8 x 10 – “To Lois – A girl and a half – “Love you baby” / Zorita” Miss Zorita / Kathryn Boyd (1915-2001) was famous in the burlesque world. She began dancing as early as 15, and one of her early gimmicks involved snakes in her show. She retired in 1954 and became a club owner, then retired completely and moved to Florida in 1974.

7 x 9 – “To Lois, To the best girl friend any girl could wish for – Thanks a million & I sincerely mean it – Always – Dimples Delite

8.5 x 10.5 (frame) – “'To Lois' you old bastard may you always have everything you think you want. Love Una Mae” – Una Mae Carlisle (1915-1956) Jazz singer, pianist, songwriter; had radio and TV programs in late 1940s

7 x 9.25 – “To Six foot, four of lovliness / Lois De Fee / From Delightful Dolores Dawn.”

7 x 8.75 (trimmed) – “To Lois – From the sweetest girl I know. Dian ‘Little Flower’ Rowland.”

Diane was one of the famous Rowland Sisters, along with Betty and Rose Zell. Betty was known as "The Redheaded Ball of Fire." She appeared in some films, like "The World's Greatest Sinner," and also dated such Hollywood stars as Orson Welles.

Rose Zell danced at the Paradise in New York City. Her most spectacular number in which she painted her entire body gold and stripped out of her clothing earned her the name of "Golden Girl."

DianaRowland was known as "Society's Favorite." She had scarlet fever which left her with a small leakage of the heart. When she didn't come in for work one night at a Detroit burlesque club, she was found dead in her hotel room.
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Autumn Landscape by S. Schaeffer
Lot # 37 - Autumn Landscape by S. Schaeffer
Autumn Landscape
Oil on canvas, signed l.r.
23.25 x. 35 in. (sight).
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Group of Airplane Illustrations, One Print and One Watercolor
Lot # 644 - Group of Airplane Illustrations, One Print and One Watercolor
Watercolor by Alparny Lyster (American, 20th century) Army Observation, 1937.
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**Savage Model 720 Shotgun with US Markings
Lot # 493 - **Savage Model 720 Shotgun with US Markings
12 gauge, 28.5" barrel with cutts compensator, S/N 88275. Military pasty blue finish with walnut stock and forearm.  Frame marked with US flaming bomb and "P."  Also "P" and flaming bomb on the barrel.
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Lot of Sixteen Magazines
Lot # 947 - Lot of Sixteen Magazines
Six M-1 Garand Clips, three S&W mod. .39 magazines, one S&W mag .22, one Colt Service Ace magazine, two Colt .32 magazines, three Colt .45 magazines.
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